Sep. 21st, 2014 08:30 am
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Well, if I haven't fallen asleep by eight in the morning, I'm not likely to ever fall asleep, so JOURNALING.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I've been slightly queasy trying to sleep, too. Knowing me, that's just my eating habits coming back to haunt me.

I, er, got a new sweater. I need a faceless pic of it to post here, which I will get when it's not super-early, but it is adorable and I love it.

I went to my Youtube channels (remember, I have two because of copyright trouble with the first one) and switched the privacy on all my videos to 'unlisted'. If I gave you the link or if there's an embed somewhere on my journal then you should still be able to watch them! My second channel is now Tales of Phantasia: The Vlog, and it'll be Phantasia the Let's Play Channel if I can muster the energy to, uh. Find a decent video editor. No, I still haven't yet.

I was also looking for a bunch of my old Phantasia stuff to post, but I ran out of motivation before that got anywhere, either. Someday.

In the meantime, I am finding other ways to keep myself entertained while my attention span is failing (I totally forgot to respond to your comment about it Faye but YES I also delay getting into new fandoms and watching new stuff because I want to focus on my current stuff. I am the exact same way). Generally nothing holds my attention for long, but I have bursts where I can accomplish something or other-- I made Grand Duchess in the Battle Chateau of Pokemon Y, collected all the starters with [personal profile] vyctori's help (THANK), got some money on Flight Rising (I'm saving up for a full set of holiday sprites familiars. I only have three left, but they're the three most hideously expensive!), and I'm waiting for Kerbal Space Program to finish up with Experimentals.

... Not that I'll be able to actually play once the update is released, because I have to wait for my mods to update, too, but by then the hype will be real. Yes.

I discovered that I actually have two shows with bi-weekly releases (? I know bi-annual means twice a year while biennial means once every two years...) on alternating weeks, so that's something! One is of course Sailor Moon and the other is the web animation series RWBY, by Monty Oum. Considering there are six animators, it's really good! Although, you can tell they used their tiny budget on the fight scene animation, and the first season's episodes are only like, five minutes long each... XD But so far every episode of the second season has been at least ten minutes, and mostly fifteen to twenty, so I think they're not as concerned with deadlines anymore, LOL. The voice acting's gotten better, too.

I'M GONNA TRY TO SLEEP AGAIN. I shall see everyone... later! G'night!


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