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Classes and exams are all over! I'm not sure I did so well, but for a season I am free! And my sister is back from her dorm until August, so that is always nice. She's moving out into her apartment with her friends. Such a big girl.

I did end up getting my meds back, finally. I'm on half dose for two weeks while I get used to it all over again, in an attempt to prevent the whole Five Days of No Sleep thing that happened last time. Man, I've known not being able to sleep, but I don't think I'd known the true meaning of the word "insomnia" until that week. Dealing with it on a regular basis must be awful.

I continue to fall out of Tolkien trees and hit every branch on the way down, this time due to Shadow of Mordor, which I got because it was on sale with the Season Pass for $25 (without the Season Pass was $24. I think that's not a bad deal!). It's about an original character named Talion who's captain of the Rangers of the Black Gate, and takes place after The Hobbit but before The Lord of the Rings. Talion and his son and wife die in an orc attack on the gate, but Talion wakes up in Mordor with the help of an amnesiac elven wraith, who claims they were cursed by the Black Hand of Sauron and banished from death. They share Talion's body and go on a quest to release the curse, but then, well, spoilers.

You eventually find out that the wraith is in fact Celebrimbor, the elf who was tricked by Sauron into forging the rings of power. The game's canon fits better into the movies than the books, and things happened a little differently: Celebrimbor also had a wife and daughter who were captured alongside him when Sauron showed his true colors, and instead of just plain torturing him Sauron uses the One Ring to corrupt Celebrimbor's mind.

He succeeds, but only about halfway: Celebrimbor finishes the One Ring for him (he engraves the writing on it) and while Sauron is holding it up admiring it, Celebrimbor snatches it out from three inches under his nose. WHAT A BOSS. Of course it then fully corrupts him and he gets recaptured and his story proceeds as normal, with his family sharing his fate. This is about the same time in the story where you learn that it was actually Celebrimbor who cursed Talion, and he can release him at any time.

Naturally they stick together to finish off the Black Hand anyway, and Celebrimbor suggests they go off to their respective afterlives, but Talion makes a heartwarming speech about how they couldn't really rest if they knew they'd had the means to stop Sauron but didn't try. Except then his eyes change color and he says "it's time for a new ring."


Through ingame pickups and some DLC you find out that Celebrimbor was lying through his teeth about having amnesia and is still thoroughly corrupted by the One Ring, even in death, and probably orchestrated all this, so clearly I need to write an AU where Talion can see that and is just faking it until he can drag him back to the good side. /cries

It was a really fun game, though! The gameplay is basically exactly like the Arkham Asylum series crossed with some Assassin's Creed. The DLC is about what happens after Celebrimbor steals the One Ring, and you get to fight Sauron. Which is about as easy as it sounds. Ahaha. But while I sort of dread the inevitable unhappy ending that's bound to happen if they ever get a sequel out, I'm really glad I got it. I really enjoyed it.
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