Dec. 7th, 2014

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I had totally forgotten about Sonic Boom for months and months, and I saw a playthrough of the first hour or so of Rise of Lyric and... it's not very good. XD; So far it feels like they've treated Amy's personality with more respect than she's seen in other games, but Knuckles gets even more over-the-top unintelligent, up to and including having to do the left-hand trick to determine the difference between left and right. And also I've heard that Amy spends the 3DS game kidnapped, which is. Well.

Haven't seen enough of Sonic and Tails's characterizations to judge them, but the writing is not that great? And the gameplay looks really tedious. Meh.

Shadow is mysteriously not redesigned, and while he hasn't done more than make a brief cameo in the playthrough I saw I heard that he was stripped of all his sympathetic qualities and his motivation for hating Sonic boils down to "because people who like friendship are silly" >__>

Also Knuckles looks weird??

I'm actually getting Christmas presents this year, so happy! Of course I don't know what they are yet, hahaha. One thing I need is more lamps, everywhere-- it's so dark and unhappy in this house. Oh, and I got a computer chair yesterday! Now I can sit at my desk without hurting myself!

I've realized that I have exactly one OT3, and that's Shepard/Nihlus/Saren. LOLOLOL. Together they could make a pretty functional and healthy relationship, assuming a No Reapers AU or something. And of course it's a lot more likely than, say, Shepard/Saren by themselves. Saren would despise Shepard without Nihlus's intervention, and even a Paragon Shepard's diplomacy couldn't change that. XD;

Some time I have to do a truly aro/ace playthrough of Mass Effect. Apparently all the places in the plot with designated love interest scenes get replaced by reminiscences of whoever died in the first game, which I can live with, even if I would like to have had non-romantic scenes with other characters. I also have to do a playthrough with Kaidan instead of Ashley, but like. I love Ashley so much... XD; I can't get rid of her. Which is a terrible thing to say, that I would rather have her than Kaidan, but she's fabulous. Yes.

As long as I haven't got the patience to play Mass Effect again, though, I'll stick to all the stuff I have yet to finish, like, uh. Dragon Age Origins. SPEAKING OF WHICH THERE IS A TRANS MAN IN INQUISITION WHO CANONICALLY BINDS HIS BREASTS AND YOOOOOO YOU GO BIOWARE. And he's voiced by Jennifer Hale! It'd be better if they actually got a trans man to voice him, but getting a cis woman might be the next best thing? Hm, I'll have to think about that... Now I have to get into the Dragon Age series, and money... ...Of course I still have problems with all the other irritating things Bioware has done, but this is a step up, man.

Speaking of Jennifer Hale, I have to make an entry complaining about Other M sometimes. It's one of those things I actually enjoy complaining about, without anger, so it'll be fun.

Also, the Beta of Kerbal Space Program is in experimentals! There's so much new stuff, I'm so excited! SPACE! \o/

I'm going to be so happy when this semester is over. I am so ready to not have some of these classes anymore.

EDIT: OH ACTUALLY, I forgot to mention! I watched Revolutionary Girl Utena! It's definitely up there with Princess Tutu as one of the best animes I've seen. I love it so much, laksdjljsd, but this post is long enough so I'll talk about that later.


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