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Name:Northeastern Wind
First off: I am NortheasternWind, though you may call me Northeastwind, Amihan, North or Northy. Whichever suits you XD

I have little attention span, don't think before I speak, am entirely incapable of thinking fast enough to think before I speak anyway, and often find myself realizing after the fact that something I said or did was either stupid or really, really selfish/mean.

However, if you are willing to put up with all this, then I am an avid videogamer and fanfiction writer. We can have funzies together! :D

Hm, where did the rest of my profile go? XD Oh well.

WARNING. METRIC TON OF LOVEBARS. They're old, but hey.

You've been warned X3





Because forget the cliche Mary-Sue-ness, I love Colette.

Symphonia, Symphonia, Symphonia, Symphonia, Phantasia. LOL.

In later versions, when you come back to save him after gaining like 30 levels, whenever you sleep at an inn you get a cutscene where he goes out and trains until he levels up to your level *hugs*

And now the Abyss. LOL.

All of the above made by Valor over at ^0^

Tales of Symphonia is Love

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