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but that place seems a little empty right about now :D;;;

Anyway, even if you haven't seen Frozen, you've probably heard Let It Go, and deal is [personal profile] countercolette WROTE ME A LET IT GO PARODY FOR DHAOS AND IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL


Angie really knows how to make presents sob, I am going to make regular card-sending a thing and it'll still take me like a year to build up this much awesome.

Everyone please listen to it and then tell Angie she is a lovely lovely person and a quality human being okok

I was also thinking of streaming today but FRIDAY... but I have nothing to do for the rest of today, so if I get the charger that is a thing that I can do. WE COULD PLAY PHANTASIA OR WATCH FROZEN IN CELEBRATION.
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First things first: [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me a belated Christmas present!

And so Luceti canon leaves the realm of Luceti-only. Also to be found under this cut: life and fandom things! )
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Today, I got some stuff my sister and I bought in the mail, including the original score for Arkham City and this FRIKKIN' ENORMOUS book with like a jillion pages of Batman stuff ICly written by Bruce Wayne himself, allegedly as a guide for whoever his successor would be.

Seriously, look at how big this thing is. )

But that's not the point.  The point is, I was inspired to finish Arkham City today.  And apparently this is the week of Traumatizing Video Game Endings.

Obviously major spoilers in that link and under this cut. )

...Anyway, since the best track in the game isn't on the soundtrack ( usual? XD) I took the liberty of recording it for myself.  It plays during a terribly sad little Easter egg in Park Row, where Bruce's parents died.  The song is only about a minute and a half long and doesn't have a title, but I feel like it deserves a spot on my playlist.  Even with the stupid sound effects playing in the background >__>
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I, um, just finished Revelations.

Ubisoft apparently really likes ending the AC games with AKSDFLKAJSDHFKJSDHF things.

Yeah don't worry, it's just Video Game Serious. )
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I turned IM sound notifications off because they annoyed me and interrupted music, and then discovered I missed a whooole lot of stuff.  Whoops.

Day Eighteen: The Saddest Scene )

...Does anyone know how to change my tag list from cloud to list?  >__> /doesn't tag this properly to prevent Phantasia tag from becoming an all-devouring black hole of doom


Oct. 9th, 2010 12:16 am
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Katararezaru Rekishi.

It's a side-novel to Tales of Phantasia that apparently has only come out in Japan-- that no one has translated to English yet!  How have I not heard of this?!  Ugh!

Poor Dhaos! )

;___;  I feel horrible for him now!  Seriously!  Now I GOTTA do something!


Sep. 13th, 2009 02:57 pm
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First of all, my little sister is now officially taller than I am ;_____;

Second, I apparently need to take much better care of my games than I am doing.  Now missing is about half my DS library (including TWEWY), my PSP and with it Crisis Core, Radiant Dawn, and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.  I don't know how the heck that happened.  One day I know where everything is and the next... POOF.

After having a look at my Wii message board one can see that the last time I played Radiant Dawn was... the day before school started, which was also the last full day my cousins were staying over.  I don't think they took it (they didn't have a Wii at the time), but yeesh.  Sounds like a kiddy-fied mystery.  Maybe something from the Kids Next Door.
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And how did I spend it?

At Holy Hill.  Yes, again.  Those 176 stairs don't get any easier to climb...  But I have an awesome postcard of the place surrounded by autumn trees and all the red and orange and it's so pwetty!  And I have two inspirational cards.  One is titled "Desiderata".

But anyway, there are mah-jong people over at my house, again, and they still expect me to go to sleep at ten and wake up at six.  Feh.  And I have absolutely no supplies, so I hope my mechanical pencil has plenty of lead in it >_>

Oh, by the way.  4-E-3, I love you.  You're fun.

Even though I've restarted about ten times...  Sometimes not even because someone died, but because I realized that I forgot to equip someone's best weapon, supports, BXP up Soren to lv 20...  If I BXP him, he ends up with all stats maxed :D  But having to restart over and over again is irritating.

And my cousins are now into the Phoenix Wright series, yay.


Aug. 10th, 2009 09:27 am
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I NEVER post two journals ten minutes apart, but I believe this warrants an exception.

Apparently the western part of my state got hit by a hurricane?! I thought it sounded wrong.  My brother meant that the winds were strong enough to produce a hurricane. XD But I heard him telling our grandmother that it was a hurricane, so... Yeah.  Feeling kinda dumb now XD >_>

And not only that, but so did the province of the Philippines where the rest of my family lives!  I heard the words "Zambales" and "Tubig", Zambales being the province where everyone lives and tubig meaning water.  There's flooding, and they showed pictures... and I remember driving past those spots.  *shiver*

They're not close enough to the flood to be too affected, but I'm still worried...
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Of one Former President of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino.

I feel a little ashamed; upon hearing her name and being told that she'd died the only thing I really knew about her was that she was somehow related to Kris Aquino, who hosted a Filipino game show I still watch despite not understanding the language XD  The funny sound effects and various other things made up for it.  I was right, she's her mother.

For the uninformed, Cory Aquino came to power after the death of her husband Ninoy; he'd been running for president against the then-dictator Ferdinand Marcos when the latter ordered a hit on him and tried to blame it on someone else.  Of course, no one believed it for a minute, and there was a huge uprising of not only the people but the freaking military as well.

You know you've really screwed up when your own army abandons you.

So Cory overthrew Marcos with the help of the citizenry and appointed people to draft a constitution for the Philippines.  A lot of people say that she was a weak and indecisive president, as the reporters on tv put it, but she cemented her spot in history by overthrowing a dictatorship.  Not on her own, but still.

She died in the hospital at 3:18 in the morning, which means it was about 2:18 in the afternoon over here.  Which means I'd just seen Mom off to work and had gone back to doing whatever I was doing.  The funeral is on Wednesday.

...And you know, the convoy is really a sight.  School is out, everyone's been given an impromtu day off and the streets are just PACKED and PACKED with people.  And the moment the convoy rolls around, the crowd parts like the Red Sea.  And behind the convoy, there are a lot of civilian cars.

It gets me thinking...  Wouldn't you be so touched, if your death caused the entire country to rise up and rebel, or if everyone dropped everything and stood out in the rain and searing heat to pay their respects?  I'm smiling for some reason.

Rest in peace.

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Noooooooo! ;__;

It's either somewhere along the shore of Lake Taghkanic or in the hands of some random beach-goer who decided to take it along with my slippers and my little sister's shoes >_>

It was the sweater that I swear was gray when I got it, but it got bleached and now if I ask anyone what color it is they say it's pink. In other words, it's the sweater I'm wearing in my profile picture on FB. I've had that thing since the sleeves were way too long for my arms, and I'm really going to miss it. If you know me in real life, you also know that I never go anywhere without a sweater of some sort. I think I have some sort of aversion to showing my skinny friggin' arms to the world XD I need to eat more.

"And the moral of the story is, don't wear sweaters in the summer." -[ profile] helsayx. My little sister has an LJ now, but she doesn't use it. Ah well.

And we didn't even actually go swimming, but I can't complain because I didn't want to.  My sis and I skipped stones instead, which became even more fun when a trio of kids near us went, "What're you doin'?" and we taught them how to skip stones ^^  And we spent our time skipping stones with them.  Must spread the knowledge!

So we went home without shoes. Bleh. I didn't use the computer when we got back because my sister, cousin and I spent the night watching Deadliest Catch. The things those guys get into! It's a pretty interesting show. And our parents went to go see fireworks, because it was the fourth. Me/sister/Cousin happened to know that it was just random people illegally setting off fireworks, but no.

"Okay. I'm going to school to become a police officer, and this--- Here is the best advice I can give you. If you get arrested, don't--say--ANYTHING. They'll say, 'Tell the truth and I can help you--' No. Don't say anything. Just go, 'I want my attorney.'" - Cousin. The younger one.

And no, we did not get the chance to go see Public Enemies bowling. I think the adults planned that XD

Driving from New York to Wisconsin = not fun. I wish this were Germany, where there is no speed limit.   We left for home at about 12:10 the next morning, lunchtime.  I'm pretty sure this was the last time we're going to stay in my cousins' house in New York, because I've been told that they have to move to Florida pretty soon.  The younger cousin has promised to come over here in a year/after December when he gets out of school so he can watch out for us.  Read, beat up any boys that come within three feet of us.  Not that he needs to do that for my sister, she's got it covered on her own.  Still, I'm going to miss them both... 

We got home at 5 this morning, and it was very annoying when I had to change my bedsheets before going to sleep >_> Should've done it before we left. But I'm home!  Woke up at 12 today which is actually par the course whenever I don't have school XD and had nothing to do.


BUTBUTBUT my best friend/neighbor came home from North Carolina two days before we did and we are in the same place for the first time in like a month! ^.^ And she has a sand dollar! And it's so cool! Andandand we are a trio once more! And I ended every sentence in this paragraph with an exclamation point!

...But of course, we emptied out the fridge before leaving, so my sis spent most of today whining about how there was absolutely nothing in the house to eat until Mom and Dad came home from grocery shopping. We had ramen and mac/cheese for breakfast.

Phone: *aringadingding*
Sis: Hello?
Mom: Hi, what's for dinner today?
Sis: Well, that's a good question, Mom!

My sister's whining is usually funny enough for me to put up with, and of course I got to share it with best friend/neighbor, so it was all good.  Best friend/neighbor spends like 50% of her wake time here, so we're all used to each other ^^

I'm home, I have access to all my stuff, I have food, my friend is back, I'm happy, and I can finally say something I'm sure many of my classmates have wanted to hear since I announced it had to be postponed due to the New York trip.

Who wants to go to the Dells with me?!


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