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But first, THOR. )

/le cutscene

Charles Lee: Hey bro, this is Boston, we should go get some horses.
Player: Cool aight
Dog: /walks past
Puppeteer: Pet Animal



AAAAND Assassin's Creed spoilery stuff. )



Mar. 11th, 2012 10:19 pm
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Fangirling. )

...Anyway, I'mma gank a meme from Rethira now. WITING, I MUST HAS IT. I have reached that horrible stage where I want to write something but I'm having trouble deciding whether or not I want evidence of the fact that I've written it to exist upon this earth, so maybe this will help. XD;

Needz Moar Fic )
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First things first: [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me a belated Christmas present!

And so Luceti canon leaves the realm of Luceti-only. Also to be found under this cut: life and fandom things! )
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Well, so much for that real life update, huh? )
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I, um, just finished Revelations.

Ubisoft apparently really likes ending the AC games with AKSDFLKAJSDHFKJSDHF things.

Yeah don't worry, it's just Video Game Serious. )
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I was recording more of AC:R (I couldn't resist <__<) when something funny happened.  Watch as I fail to notice the crowd behind me running away until it's too late.  Before you ask, yes, I have had too much Phantasia in my system and apparently my first reaction to anything shocking is PAUSE BUTTON PAUSE BUTTON.

I'm recording the audio and the video separately, so the timing may be off, and the mic is too loud and aaall these issues, but it's fun.  Right after that, I went around stealing from people and was about to shut the system off when some guy punched me in the face, resulting in me somehow managing to fill an entire street with people writhing on the ground after Ezio beat them up for attacking him for stealing from people.  I have video of that, too, but it took ten minutes and I'm not sure anyone would want to sit there for ten minutes and watch me beat people up.

And now my customary pseudo-review thing that is mostly me fangirling. )
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...Boxing and videogames, what else. )

I have no life or RP news, so I shall end this entry wiiiith... another complaint about how I'm not creating any life or RP news for myself.  XD  I was planning to tag Raine's post, but I can't think of a way to make it interesting, and I want to tag Genesis but there is literally nothing for Dhaos to do there, and.  It looks like I just have to go around tagging random action posts XD

Ganondorf's entry makes me think, actually-- without his angelic strength, Dhaos may not actually be all that strong.  So I'll probably end up giving him a hideous run-in with a Shifter at some point and having him decide to take a leaf out of Ganondorf's book and train in the Battle Dome after he recovers.  I don't like to get rid of one of his few weaknesses, but it's something to do, LOLOLOL.

...Um, also, YAY CHOCOLATE WAFER STICKS.  Oh geez I haven't had these in such a while.
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I had a ton of things to say earlier this week, did not say them and forgot.  Baw.  So it is random anecdote day!

Random Anecdote Day! )

So yes!  All I need is a Manny Pacquiao victory, and I'm all set!  ...Hopefully! >>;
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The faucet in our bathtub has gone from 'slightly leaky' to 'never completely shuts off', which I predict is going to be the source of another fit from Mom when our bills show up XD;

Videogames, RP, and the usual inability to actually write. )
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I have the perfect GIF to describe how I feel right about now.

Read more... )

Don't worry, you have not just been spoiled for The Avengers.  LOLOLOL.

My little sister and I reserved Batman: Arkham City and Assassins' Creed Revelations last weekend. We put $25 down total for them, and my sister paid off another $20 for Batman this week. We got the $100 edition of Batman (mostly because it comes with a BATMAN STATUE LOL) and the $80 edition of Assassins' Creed, but only because preordering gave you $20 off. LOL. So we have two games to look forward to!

...Unfortunately, this'll probably use up all the money I specifically did not spend on the trip to the Philippines, unless I can convince our parents to pay the rest of the Batman price for my birthday. XD; Or if I simply don't eat lunch for the next couple of weeks.

Usual fandom things. )

...Dude, I just discovered something that no one will care about but is awesome.

Walter Wireless from Spy Fox is voiced by Tom Brokaw. LOLOLOL. I will never be able to listen to him without giggling again.
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I can already tell this year is gonna be a lot of work XD; The other day, I accidentally fell asleep for an hour until about 9 PM, and didn't sleep again until that time the next day.  Internal clock, please work properly.  LOL.  Hopefully if it does next week won't be as long.  Classes, I am not ready for them.  And lunch is 45 cents more expensive.  Terrific.  SCOTT WALKER I SWEAR.

Dude, I just realized I haven't finished Arkham Asylum yet.  This must be rectified before Arkham City comes out!  CATWOMAN IS IN IT.  And I also have to get everything I missed in Brotherhood, man.  I can't wait for Revelations.  I'd seriously believed Brotherhood was the end of Ezio, but NOPE.  MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED.  My only beef is Ezio's new potential love interest.  I never liked the romance thing in Assassin's Creed, but obviously all of the characters have to have had children, otherwise Desmond would never have been born.  LOL.

...Everyone is so excited for new consoles and new JRPGs, and here I am geeking out about Arkham City and Assassin's Creed.  Ehe.

I had a dream where Grune died fighting Schwartz, and Dhaos decided to just screw everything and seal away his memories because FFFFFF I GIVE UP, and of course True!Grune came back and found him like that.  And it was a strange combination of sad and kind of adorable. XD; Because while Dhaos was the same serious, linefaced stoic guy as always, he was still all sad and lonely... and had obtained some Grune-like tendencies.  Like wandering off randomly while Grune wasn't looking. XD

I hope Dhaos gets drafted again.  Poor guy XD

Also, an awesome Thor/Avengers doodle by [ profile] aceryth !

Loki and Steve. LOL. )
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I fail anonymity forever, everyone.  Just so you know.

Cut for irrelevent )

As a random question, a friend of mine (the same friend I've been having Black Ops funzies with) posted a video on Youtube of him making orange juice (yes, this is the same friend who makes the Pikachu's Adventures videos XD), and someone commented with: "sink water?"

...Uh, so, how many of you can't drink your sink water?  I was completely unaware that it was possible to have unsafe sink water until a friend moved out of town when we were little and complained about the "evil water" she drank from that house's sink.
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No, seriously, no one. )

Complaining about maybe good things...? )

...In other news, aforementioned add-on is awesome.  So squeeable!  Though Salai kinda angers me, LOL.  I love Ezio and Leonardo's conversation about him, though:

Leonardo: I suppose Salai is out having fun with my hard-earned florins.
Ezio: ...He is safe at home.
Leonardo: *sighs* ...I am glad.
Leonardo: ...About the florins, of course.
Ezio: Do not worry.  You two are a good fit for each other.  I approve.



Ezio and Leonardo have the best bromance ever.  Ever.  I just love it.  They're such good friends!  And so adorable, LOLOLOL.  I'm very sad Leonardo is unlikely to be in the next game, as I very much doubt he ever made it to Constantinople in real life XD;
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I got a new laptop. Yay!  The mousepad is kind of killing my finger, but hopefully after a little while of using it I'll be used to it again.  But yes, that is good news ^^

ALSO ALSO Everyone must totally go here and squee at all the awesome images! ^0^ Hugs, I wish to give them.  Seriously.  Look at all of them!  They're all so... plunny inducing!  Be prepared for a ton of lame, lame, inaccurate and weird blurbs in the near future. Or not, who knows.

The admin from the site where I met Emil tracked me down here on LJ today.  LOL.  And the site she directed me to has the same Duke-mun I played with on the Last Words meme!  It's less of a coincidence and more of an inevitability, since she apparently searched specifically for Vesperia people, but still funny.

I was playing around in Assassin's Creed, and finally finished destroying all of Leonardo's machines. He gave me a parachute! I've been climbing up to high places and jumping off to test it. I'm such a dork >__> But you can get down much faster and just as safely from most high perches using a leap of faith, which is way cooler. If unrealistic. LOL.  I know in the last game there was at least one viewpoint you couldn't Leap of Faith from, though, which I... sort of learned the hard way.  I realized just too late, too, I jumped off and went "...Wait, aren't there usually more birds hanging out on viewpoints?"  Since birds mark things like viewpoints and places where you can Leap of Faith and so on.

Four of my recruits are full-fledged assassins! They grow up so fast.  And geez, they're all but indestructible now.  I remember when I would accidentally kill off a recruit because I left a fight and no one else did and didn't notice until the game told me a recruit was dying o.o I always felt so bad...  But now they probably know better than I do.  LOL.  The only danger is if they fall off a cliff, then they'll still die.

And now to bed. Why am I even still awake?
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I've been doing a lot of sleeping this week >__> Note to self, body associates bedroom with sleeping.  Please refrain from doing anything that requires effort in there.

So I got the latest issue of Game Informer in the mail.  ...Yes, I know, it's a bunch of 'professional opinions' which tend to be a waste of time, but when they have articles on games I like, it's pretty interesting.  Unfortunately, so few of the games I like are ever even mentioned in GI, and I pretty much just got the subscription because it was a free bonus.  I mean, it can't hurt, right?

So guess what was on the cover of this month's issue?

In which no one shares my fandoms and I am too impatient to use special characters correctly. Chance of editing is imminent. )
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I officially love the Haru-Sari fandom.  There aren't a whole lot of us, but we're awesome.

Haru-Sari spoilers/grotesque things, Assassin's Creed musing, and rambling about Phantasia fic ideas. )
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And again, happy holidays! ...But they're over now.  Baw.  Today was my first day back at school, and I forgot my calculator (which kinda sucks when you take Trig and Physics) and was sleepy, but otherwise went well.  I hope everyone can get back into not-holiday-season-anymore moods without trouble... XD;

Why the heck didn't I do this, you know, just after Christmas? )

Nemici, 1/1

Jan. 3rd, 2011 10:31 pm
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And this is how I spent the last day of my winter vacation.

Title: Nemici
Fandom: Assassin's Creed II (No, really.)
Rating: T (Italian swearing, mostly)
Word Count: 4,471
Main Characters: Ezio Auditore, Leonardo da Vinci (Gah, writing that feels so weird...)
Summary: Ezio and Leonardo discuss what it means to be an Assassin, what it means to be a Templar, and what it means for them.

Here on Fanfiction!

'Yes. I was wondering when we would be having this conversation.' )
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A jumble of random stuff. )


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