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Today, I got some stuff my sister and I bought in the mail, including the original score for Arkham City and this FRIKKIN' ENORMOUS book with like a jillion pages of Batman stuff ICly written by Bruce Wayne himself, allegedly as a guide for whoever his successor would be.

Seriously, look at how big this thing is. )

But that's not the point.  The point is, I was inspired to finish Arkham City today.  And apparently this is the week of Traumatizing Video Game Endings.

Obviously major spoilers in that link and under this cut. )

...Anyway, since the best track in the game isn't on the soundtrack ( usual? XD) I took the liberty of recording it for myself.  It plays during a terribly sad little Easter egg in Park Row, where Bruce's parents died.  The song is only about a minute and a half long and doesn't have a title, but I feel like it deserves a spot on my playlist.  Even with the stupid sound effects playing in the background >__>
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I, um, just finished Revelations.

Ubisoft apparently really likes ending the AC games with AKSDFLKAJSDHFKJSDHF things.

Yeah don't worry, it's just Video Game Serious. )
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This is the third day I've spent at a house I am not living in.  Whyyyy.  I want my internets back.

So Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two came out in the Philippines today. Guess what we went to go see?

...Transformers 3! ^0^

Unfortunately, they weren't playing that anymore, so we ended up seeing Harry Potter instead anyway. LOLOLOL.


/cool story bro )

So in the end, my childhood ended quite happily and despite not getting to see Transformers I got my explodey fun times.


Jun. 29th, 2011 09:44 pm
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YOU GUYS BEST FRIEND/NEIGHBOR CAME BACK TODAY OMG SUCH AWESOME TIMING 8DD Except now we will not see her again for a mooonth. Aaaaw. But yes, I didn't think I'd even get to see her before we left! ^0^

My sister and I spent today with our dad at Holy Hill. Yes, again. I love that place, man, it's probably the highest spot in our part of the state, and in flat, flat Wisconsin, you can see everything from the top of the Scenic Tower. I've ranted about this place a lot, so I'll just say that we saw an ADORABLE BABY CHIPMUNK and leave it at that.

So yesterday my sister and I went on a GRAND QUEST to go see the third LotR movie at the mall.  Quest because we had no money and no ride, both of which we managed to procure by pleading with our older brother to watch it with us and our grandmother somehow being a psychic and deciding to lend us money.

And so, at seven o' clock, my sister, brother and I set out to watch an awesome four-hour-long movie that we didn't even know existed back when it first came out.  And it was so awesome.  Dude, man, there were tons of extra scenes and the battle of Pelennor Fields and you guys, Theoden's final charge was so epic I could have cried.

Also, my sister has apparently been way more obsessed with Thor than I thought, as she found a pair of awesome fanfics apparently written by Terry Pratchett's Jedi Apprentices, as well as a TON of GIFs.  She's saved a lot of GIFs that have nothing to do with Thor, too, so I have brought them here for you today to enjoy as a farewell gift.  Three guesses who her favorite character is, LOLOLOL.

Cut for LOLs )

I'm leaving the house at eight in the morning tomorrow, so until I arrive in the Philippines I shall be MISSING BAAAW.

See you guys later!
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I've been doing a lot of sleeping this week >__> Note to self, body associates bedroom with sleeping.  Please refrain from doing anything that requires effort in there.

So I got the latest issue of Game Informer in the mail.  ...Yes, I know, it's a bunch of 'professional opinions' which tend to be a waste of time, but when they have articles on games I like, it's pretty interesting.  Unfortunately, so few of the games I like are ever even mentioned in GI, and I pretty much just got the subscription because it was a free bonus.  I mean, it can't hurt, right?

So guess what was on the cover of this month's issue?

In which no one shares my fandoms and I am too impatient to use special characters correctly. Chance of editing is imminent. )
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I'd forgotten that the IRL Artix is a black belt. LOLOLOL.

In other news, Student/Faculty basketball game yesterday. ...Yes, we still have those. XD It wasn't as rough as it was rumored to be last year (I didn't go, but someone told me it was more like football than basketball), but still fun.  I'd spent the entire day feeling a little down for various reasons, but after that it was all peachy and awesome. ^^

In more other news, my sister got The Batman vs. Dracula from the library yesterday.  LOL.  I love that movie, as well as the rest of the latest Batman show, and was very much surprised to hear that the fandom apparently doesn't like it very much.  Indeed, there were a lot of cheesy moments.

Case in point. )

But there were also a lot of awesome moments!

Tons of images, a lot of them scary. )
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I don't mean to spam everyone's F-lists, really .__. I'm just... really talkative this week, I guess...

Anyway, I officially love the world.  I loved it before, but now it's official.  Love.

So something awesome happened.  If you google the name of a certain user on the Tales forums that I have quoted before, and add 'tales of phantasia' to it, my LJ appears on the first page.  Apparently her French roommate was searching for one of her old posts... and found my journal.

She contacted me on and sent me a rip of the Tales of Phantasia Drama CD track where Dhaos narrates.


I love strangers, you guys.

'Scuse me while I FANGIRL. And weep. )

All I need now is someone who knows Japanese.  LOL.  Apparently Dhaos and Karion use an old and high type of Japanese that's harder to translate.  Oh well.  You can tell a lot just from how their voices sound.
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First day of Driver's Ed and I forgot my handbook.  Fail.  Pretty good thing I got the nicer teacher...

At this rate, I'm going to need another notebook soon! )

Driver's Ed handbook is now safely in my bookbag, where it is staying regardless of whether I am at Driver's Ed or not.  That's not going to happen again.
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Mmmkay.  Eventful day at school today.

In which students misbehave, I have a narrow miss, and I run into a middle school teacher who offers to be awesome. )

So all in all, very eventful day.  I enjoyed it XD
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I... I had no idea this existed!

Look at it!  It's freaking gorgeous! *___*  This is the PSX opening to Tales of Phantasia... and I think I like this two minute video as much as the entire OVA!  Klarth and Suzu and Arche and Dhaos all look so much more awesome!  And Dhaos looks even more like a girl, LOLOLOL.  Besides also looking much skinnier than he already was.  Dude, all the Tales games have such epic openings...  Even the 2D ones have anime openings with fully voiced songs!  The SNES version of Phantasia had a fully-voiced song like this, but it wasn't anime.

It's kinda funny that the SNES opening for Phantasia is called The Dream Will Never End, while the OVA opening is called The End of the Dream.  LOL.

Also, I revised and reposted the Hold Me Now AMV I made.  Because it made me feel better.
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Could you throw your weapon away while surrounded by two pissed off armies just to prove a point?

No?  I didn't think so.

I brought myself up to 3 - 10 last night, and watching the cutscene this morning made me remember how awesome it is.  You know what I didn't notice the last dozen or so times I saw it?  They brought back Beautiful Princess Elincia from the last game instead of just playing this game's version, Queen Elincia.  I loved that song from the moment Elincia announced her identity in Path of Radiance.  I am a teenage girl, which makes me really bad at being able to tell why I love things, but it's just... more epic.  I mean, I don't know, Queen Elincia is probably better as a theme song, but----alskhfalsdfjh I'm so glad they brought it back.  It let you know that she really meant business when she said "OUT OF MY COUNTRY.  NAO."

And ROFL at Tibarn.  And of course, his conversation with Elincia later on and how Bastian chooses to interrupt it.  I love how Elincia talks as if he's not flirting XD  I love Tibarn.  Mostly for this and his appearance.  A shallow girl is I.

And ugh, Valtome.  VALTOMEEEEEE.  His Japanese name was apparently Baruterome, or something like that.  Wow...  He's just such a vain, arrogant, snobby jerk.  With a Kefka laugh.  And he loves to rub things in.  Andandandugh.  Which level do we get to off him again?  I can't wait...  He's my least favorite senator, and to hell with politics, I wish Zelgius DID snap his neck.

And speaking of Generals, the "follow orders no matter how foolish" thing with Micaiah and Zelgius annoys me >_>  Zelgius less, because in the end he chooses to respect Elincia for being awesome and refuses the order to come help Valtome hunt her down/prevent her understandably pissed off soldiers from hunting HIM down.  Micaiah, though, is in the middle of helping her country rebuild itself after a revolutionary war when she receives the extremely suspicious order to come to the aid of the country they just won independence from, to hunt down laguz.  When Sothe points out that they've "gone from freedom fighters to bigots in the blink of an eye," she responds:

"You think I like this?!  I'm the general of this army!  It doesn't matter what I think! ... My duty ultimately lies with [Pelleas and the soldiers].  I'm sorry."

Yes, that's right Micaiah.  You could at least ask why you're sending your men off to fight and die in a pointless war.  I mean, Pelleas gives a reason that more than makes sense, but you never know.  She should've taken more initiative.  She knows Pelleas isn't the strongest person on Tellius.

...Can't hate him, though.  *hugs Pelleas*

*and tvtropes*


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