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First of all, look at what [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me!

Click for picture! )

Um, what else?  ...I've made absolutely no progress in Arkham City.  I never get the TV and the laptop at the same time >__>

Also lol I just realized that not everyone uses 'ugly' as a synonym for 'stupid'.  Oh well, people will just assume I was talking about the moon XD

And now, the Ebay Saga. Cut because it managed to get really long. )
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My word processor won't let me modify or even copy off any of the documents on my computer, so now I have to upload them to FF and do it from there.  Annoying!

In other, happier news, I refound the Phantasia artbook scans I didn't want to admit I'd lost in the whole computer business a few months ago. And because I like dem magic circles, I ripped them out and removed the background, so they are now free to be randomly slapped onto other images if you wish. XD;

Cut for like six huge images )

The first one, I believe, is Mint's; the second one is definitely used for Indignation, but I think Arche uses it as well, so it's probably just the offensive spell circle; the third on is Klarth's; the fourth one I believe is used for the mana cannon, and contains all the other ones, and... I can't remember where the rest came from. But magic circles! They're so fun ^0^

And as long as I'm posting images, here's my desktop:

Yeah, I love this webcomic. Is it obvious? )


May. 23rd, 2011 10:34 pm
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I had a huge post that was not about Tales typed up, and somehow did that thing with the backspace button that's like hitting the back button on your browser, and when I opened up the entry post page again and restored my saved draft it had two lines saved.

Guys, am sad now.

For those of you who were not around a year ago... )

In other... slightly belated news, bad luck with headphones continues. Remember how my little sister lost the fuzzy thing that goes on those headphones that are not earbuds? Well, on the same pair, she was using it when she realized that only the unfuzzied side works. The next time I buy a set of headphones with a mic attached, I'm not letting anyone listen to music on them XD;

Well, summer for me officially begins about noon on Friday, so hopefully after that I shall have time to finish up the things I should have finished ages ago, as well as start other things that I will hopefully finish sooner than I am at the moment.
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FFFF.  I epic fail at coloring, but I redownloaded and thus lately have found myself wanting to color everything.  'Everything' mostly meaning the beautiful illustrations of This Pendent Heart drawn by [ profile] mangaka_chan .  I already have the chapter 12 one done, and it actually looks marginally pretty, but when I am actually capable of reaching the fanartist and asking for permission I think it'd be rude to post colorings.  And as I have happily proven several times in the past, I fail at working up the courage to contact people I don't know, despite the fact that both she and Luna Sphere have proven to be very friendly.  You can find all of her beautiful PT fanart at her deviantart, if you want!

Must not get plunnied for evil!Cress fic.  Must not. I'd have to finish Danse Macabre first anyway, because then I could do more with Evil!Cress' new sword >__>

Speaking of Princess Tutu, the Dreaming Together on a Moonlit Night doujin and translation is one of the things I lost-- I still have the download link, but due to people abusing the generosity of the PT community here everyone is trying to keep track of how many times the link is used and by whom, and I'd rather not complicate things for them.  LOL.  Even though I know that's not what they mean.  I just love the PT community, they're all so awesome and it's just a doujin.

And I'm just going to start up again where I left off on that meme, because doing the rest of it all at once would be lame:

Day Sixteen: Your Favorite Scene )

...Oh yeah, and I found my notes and the first draft of Danse Macabre: Ch. 3!  PHEW.  Now I can go back and make it... not as lame. >__>


Apr. 24th, 2011 10:21 pm
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You know that thing I used to complain about all the time?  That thing where my brother or father would go "Oh, there's a virus on the computer!" and proceed to reset the computer to factory settings, thus deleting everything?

My poor little sister T__T She's more upset than I am.  She had a ton of stuff.

*sighs, goes to find everything again*

EDIT: Was looking through old entries for stuff, and found this:

Click to see image~ )

I was looking for this! >3 You might have seen a part of it from my icons.  The artist's Deviantart (Black-fire-Limstella) was suspended, and this one is in storage anyway, but amusingly the embed code you can get from the picture's page still displays an image of it. LOLOLOL. Thieves be warned, for this is nowhere near full size.
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They changed the rules at the mall. You need an adult present even just to watch movies now.  I'm guessing it's because of that incident from the day before winter break ended where about fifty kids completely wrecked the Boston Store, but geez.  Now what are all the bored kids supposed to do on their weekends?

I got Arkham Asylum for the XBox 360.  And it is fly.  You guys, I love being Batman!  It's almost as fun as playing Assassin's Creed!  ...I haven't gotten very far, so hopefully they will be equals before I'm done.  the only thing is, my older brother watched playthroughs of it online, and now he insists on telling me everything.

"You know Killer Croc is in that thing?"
"That's not really Gordon."
"That guy you just scanned up there? That's Bane."

I love you, Kuya, but please do me a favor and stop spoiling everything...?

Days Thirteen Through Fifteen )
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Just thought you guys should know.  >___>  That is all.

ANYWAY, ganking a meme from [ profile] rose_of_pollux  because it looks FUNZIES.  Post an extract from each work-in-progress you have. No context, no explanations.

Does this not already sound like fun? You get to see what crazy crap goes on in my head where no one is looking!  Feel free to ask for explanations if you want.  And before you ask, yes, some of this was written quite some time ago XD

Troubled Waters, FFVII )Danse Macabre, Tales of Phantasia )Blurry, Tales of Symphonia )The Broken Manas and My One and Only, Tales of Symphonia )It Isn't Heaven, Castlevania )Princess Tutu/Tales of Phantasia Crossover )

I have half of the fourth chapter of Clockwork Mansion done, but I'm too lazy to run upstairs and grab another notebook.  I already have four sitting next to me as I type!
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It was -5 degrees out this morning, with -20 degree windchill.  That did kinda suck-- Mom let my little sister stay home, but I had a Physics test, so I had to go.  It was pretty cold; my classmates and I were joking around, saying "They say it's going to warm up five degrees in the afternoon."  "Yep, and then it'll be ZERO degrees out! >3"

What really sucked was when I missed my bus in the afternoon (hey, it wasn't parked where it usually was-- I went up and down the street looking for it!) and got to stand outside in aforementioned very cold weather while I searched for a cell phone and called home.  Seriously, I had my hands in my pockets while I was walking, and when I took my right hand out to dial the number I felt my fingers going numb before I even had the phone at my ear XD;

We're not supposed to go back inside the building, as it pretty much goes on military lockdown after school, but a bunch of nice students waiting for their rides in the stairs in front of the lobby let us in ^o^ Anyway, my dad had to walk out to where my brother was with the car, and they came and rescued me.  Yay!

Believe me, it could have been much worse: while everyone from our bus was waiting, another bus pulled up to our bus's usual spot.  I got on, but noticed that a bunch of people I didn't recognize were also getting on, so I asked the bus driver if the bus went down my street, and he was like "Nope, this bus goes to the South Side."  So I got off, and the bus left.  The six other people from my bus who joined up with me as I got off later told me they saw other people from our bus get on, and NOT get off ._____. I feel guilty...

One of my other stranded busmates went to the office to go see what happened, and apparently it DID come, and just wasn't parked in the right spot/on the right street XD; So it looks like the joke's on us...

So, I was stranded outside in freezing weather at school for 20 minutes, but it could have been worse: I could have been stranded outside in freezing weather at school for 45 minutes, or I could have been stranded outside in freezing weather on the complete opposite side of town for like an hour. But I am safe and hopefully Mom doesn't explode when I tell her the story XD;

...No, I don't think the poor kids who got on the other bus were dumped on the last stop, as the bus driver seemed reasonable enough when I asked him where the route went.
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And all of my classmates on Facebook are probably going "NO $%@#." right now.

See, we got seven and a half inches of rain in two hours, which is more than what we generally get in two months.  Besides several lakes (some waist deep) springing up in the middle of the street all over the state and even a giant sinkhole, a lot of people's basements flooded.  Luckily our house is a little higher up on the block, so we got mostly leaks (next to the computer, though T__T;), but if you look down the block you can see the ruined contents of everyone's basements piled up in front of the houses.

Moar rain stuff, and then Phantasia again. )

Would totally talk more, but gotta split. Good night and hopefully it will not rain again XD;


Jul. 21st, 2010 11:09 pm
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I love this icon! ^0^ It's from the beginning of Symphonia's intro.  Dem is some pretty wings, Yggdrasill!

So I spent today trying to get some headway on my entries for the Princess Tutu AMV contest, and I... got almost nowhere!  I keep downloading the episodes and they keep disappearing and it's DRIVING ME INSAAAANE.  Argh...  It's worked for two episodes so far, but headache you guys.  Headache.

The music is making me happy however, so we'll focus on that.  Yaaay...

I watched the episode I tried to download and have come to the conclusion that Mytho's frilly prince outfit is awesome, and I want it.  All their clothes are so cool-looking!

Oh yeah, saw Despicable Me, which is the movie whose preview originally led me to believe it was a Carmen Sandiego movie X3 It was so cute, and funny.  For one thing, Gru's space suit gets washed in the same load as the girls' tutus and turns pink, but he still wears it.  LOL.

And all this is sorta overshadowed by return of Best Friend/Neighbor omg.

She goes to North Carolina every year to see her dad, and it's been really boring around here without her T__T Mostly because she's not around to be awesome with and "deal with my [sister's] bull" as my sister puts it, but also in small part because she took our DS, which I forgot to take our copy of Tales of Phantasia out of.  Yes, that means I haven't finished it yet.  Stupid Mars, jacking my equipment.  BUT SHE'S BACK and the rest of the summer will be massive funzies.
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Hey gaiz I need to come up with a backstory for Dhaos.

...Well, no, I don't, but I want to.  Other than the whole "king of a nation on Derris-Kharlan" thing.  Like, how did he become king, what kind of family does he have, do his people love him (I think they do, the entire planet agreed to send him to go get a Seed, so...), and most importantly did he ever know Kratos?

I've already established by way of that profile I wrote and linked to earlier that he did know Kratos as a child, and he's acquainted with Norn, who I believe is like the Martel of Derris-Kharlan's tree.  I used Norn's power as a handwave for his resurrection; in Narikiri Dungeon, she reincarnates Meltia and Dios into Mel and Dio, so why not?

Ahem, anyway.  Here's what I got so far.

...Crap, I actually trapped myself. )

...And, uh, for the record:

Yggdrasill is Mithos and Martel's surname.
Yggdrasil is the Giant Kharlan Tree's name.

Though I'm not picky about it, I just hate people hating on other people for adding that extra L when they actually have some basis for it.
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Today was the last full day of school before exams.  Hooray!  But it was so hot...  Anyway, you know how you can get away with crazy stuff on the last day of school?  Yeah.

One of my friends brought his electric guitar to school.

That alone is gutsy, but we actually spent lunch hour listening to him play-- and he can play!-- and passing the guitar around to other people who knew how to play.  We're obviously not supposed to do stuff like that, but the assistant principle walked by and didn't stop him, and even listened to him play for a while.

So lunch was about to end and he hadn't packed up yet, when another one of my friends suggested he take the amp and clip it to the back of his pants.

He walked through the hall playing the electric guitar for the entire school to hear.  And everyone around us was saying, "Where's that music coming from?" and they'd see him and smile, and grin, and laugh, and cheer, and everyone was just talking and being happy and oh man it was so much fun.  Even the teachers!  He stopped outside his class and played for a little while, and other teachers were at their doors listening and grinning-- not smiling, like "Kids these days..." but grinning like "That, my friend, is how you end a school year."  And he walked into class playing, and the teacher was just like "XD XD XD"

Epic win. Just... epic win.

On a less epic win note, my intelligence halved itself for the duration of most of Thursday.

Here's how. )
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But first off, some bad translation irony.  "Do I look like a tree-hugger to you?"  ...Well, yeah.

Not entirely sure what to think about this. ) 

Tales of Fandom :D )
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So my parents let me buy FFVII from the Playstation Network yesterday, and I immediately got to downloading it. Ten hours. Okay. Annoying, but hey, what can you do?

Five hours in the connection reset. 

I left it overnight and it stalled at 96% for over an hour and a half, and the time estimate just kept going up and up, so I stopped it and downloaded Media Go and the PSN Downloader to my PC to download it that way.

Media Go doesn't work on the desktop.  Downloaded to laptop.

Laptop, as expected, overheats.  Twice.  At this point I resort to filling a ziplock bag with ice (and putting it in another ziplock bag as a safety caution) and slapping that on the stupid thing to keep it cool.  Somehow I don't consider that desperate at all o.O

Connection resets twice.

So after wasting all my time today and yesterday, I still have not played the game that launched the fandom I have written the most for thus far.  Which you'll have to take my word for, as the majority of my writing is lying around on my dresser.  This is frustrating, to say the least.

At least I have no school tomorrow.

City Champions and Brotherly Love )
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Yes, for the third time, which is why I'm randomly disappearing a lot.  This is getting annoying.

In other random news, my biology teacher found this tiny house mouse in a sink at school and he put it in a clear plastic container, and whenever he turned around to write on the board it started jumping to try and escape.  Which was pretty funny when it hit the top and bounced right off X3  He said he was going to release it outside after school, so hopefully he didn't hurt himself too bad...

Great >_>

Oct. 10th, 2009 06:47 pm
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First of all, Nyquil.  Ew.

My laptop issues are getting really, really annoying. It seriously overheats every hour now no matter where I put it, and the relatively new charger is already shot T__T Mom says that it's our fault and she's not going to buy a new laptop if this one goes kaput.

I was thinking about that when my wallpaper came to mind. Hey, I should probably save that somewhere just in case. And I kinda wanted to put it on the desktop too X3

It's not on the Wallpaper page on Dragonfable's site.

Figuring it had to at least be in the design notes somewhere I went to the archive page and sorted through it-- July 2008 to January 2008 (Yes, I went backwards. I know generally when things were added)

1024 x 768

1280 x 768

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Or, trying to.

Yes, that is the infamous overheating laptop.  I have another video of my sis booting it up for the first time and going "WTH" when it goes really really fast XD

By the way, I swear it wasn't that dark where I was recording.

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Breaking the Ice was an idea I'd had for some time before I wrote it-- but it was written for my school's literary magazine, which had a max two-page limit. So this is the super short version, the very first version I actually went and typed up and sent to the staff. It was even shorter because I had to include the title and my name on the document, blech -.- I read over it and I despise it and I have like five much better versions in my multiple notebooks, but it was typed up, so here you go.  The crappy magazine draft, as promised.

School people, the whole reason this is here and not in the recycling bin is for you!  Feel free to use this for the short story project-- though you might want to nudge me and go, "REVISE IT SOME MOAR, FOOL" and wait for that version first. It's not like I'm starting from scratch, I just need poking T__T

Breaking the Ice )
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I asked Dad if we had a credit card yet this morning-- we don't, but I wanted to buy some sheet music.  I was looking for the Mulan songbook because that is my favorite Disney animated movie ever and "I'll Make a Man Out of You" is totally awesome and found it online, which was why we needed the credit card.  Dad suggested we go look for it after dropping Mom off at work.

So we did.  Never in stock ):

But, I did get Micheal Jackson sheet music! ^0^

I've got Beat It and Billie Jean, and a version of Bad I don't like, because I wasn't looking at it properly T__T  Later, at another store, I found a collection that I probably should have gotten.  But I have MJ sheet music and I am happy, and we ordered the songbook and it should come in a few days and SKLEE.  "Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooooon!"

Can play most of the first page of Beat It.  Maybe I'll actually finish a song for once and post a video bragging about my progress >_^

I'm planning on buying Dance of Pales and Bloody Tears/Simon's Theme soon.  Never gonna be able to do Dance of Pales, but it's really pretty and I want it anyway.

...And I swear, my laptop has started overheating way more often since yesterday o.0 ;__;  It used to only happen when it was laid on a bed, but it was given good ventilation and it shut off anyway >_<  I'm starting to think it's more than just overheating, even though that's a problem.
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Have I done one of these before...?  *goes to check*

1. Liars.
2. Cheaters.
3. People who make fun of me for not looking Asian.  (So far people have asked my sister and I if we were Brazilian, Arabian, Egyptian, Mexican, and/or Indian >_<)
4. When my geometry teacher calls me out for writing in a notebook that is clearly not math and upon being told I was finished responds; "No you're not."  He might have just been impressed, though >_> And I guess I should've been doing something that at least LOOKED like math.
5. My tendency to make an idiot out of myself.
6. My paranoia over the above, causing it to happen often.
7. The fact that I care about it at all.
8. Lack of protractor.
9. Check that, lack of a GOOD protractor.  I was halfway through the first section of today's test when I added up the angles to check, saw that they didn't equal 180 and realized that I'd been measuring wrong >_<
10. Feeling a little shy about being one of two freshmen in aforementioned geometry class.
11. Heavy books.
12. Large quantities of heavy books.
13. The fact that napping after I get home from school often causes me to stay up late.
14. My sister being mean sometimes ):
15. I learned recently that it is impossible for me to stop smiling for more than five seconds when I am amused, which makes Acting class a little difficult XD
16. Walked up three floor's worth of stairs only to realize that I'd left my sweater in the gym.  Powerwalked the rest of the way, dumped my stuff on my desk, ran down, grabbed it, ran back up and was in my seat by the time the four minute passing period was up.  Go me.
17. Mondays.
18. The fact that I've made about one new friend so far .____.  Am I just shy...?
19. World History?  Third floor.  Biology?  First floor.  Locker?  Opposite side of building.  Meh.
20. School lunch.  School breakfast, on the other hand, is usually awesome.

Aaand fandom things no one cares about. )

You know I'm bored when this is all I can say.


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