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Sep. 29th, 2012 07:22 pm
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The NFL got their refs back! \o/

I'm going to play ACII, Brotherhood and Revelations in Spanish. \o/ Besides celebrating the release of ACIII, it's also the only way to get any of that 15 minutes of daily foreign language you're supposed to do in >> That's going to be fun, LOLOLOL. I got the idea after realizing I'd accidentally picked up a whooole lot of words from the Cuban teams on Black Ops' multiplayer >.> Hopefully they speak modern Spanish and not, say, 17th century Spanish, LOLOLOL.

Speaking of Black Ops, I have to get into multiplayer proper one of these days. It intimidates me too much, since I am not known for being particularly talented at first person shooters, but my aim is half-decent and now I'm good enough that setting my killstreaks to ALL DE CHOPPERS is practical (I don't though, because spy planes and Blackbirds \o/ I stick to spy planes usually because killstreaks and I tend not to get along). I did, however, die 23 times against AI bots on Recruit difficulty during my first match somehow o.0 Oops.

Boooks. And, er, my sister's predictions about The God of Small Things. )


Sep. 18th, 2012 06:03 pm
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Suddenly work. XD I got stuff to do, which is why I've been restricting myself to places that take no effort to update, but here I am!

Stuff that happened this weekend. )

...Getting back to the Wii, I need the super three-pack Metroid Prime trilogy. XD; I absolutely cannot play Echoes on the Gamecube, you guys.  I'm too used to Corruption's controls!
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London knew it couldn't possibly top the amazing that is Beijing, so they went in the complete opposite direction and ended up being infinitely more entertaining for the exact opposite reason XD

And what, is gymnastics cursed this time around? The gold medalist for the men fell off the high bar, the gold medalist for the women didn't even make the all-around qualifications, everyone was all stepping out of bounds and falling off balance beams and pommel horses and my sister and I were getting kind of sad >>

And now we have school and movies and videogames and... Nazis. >> )

WOW I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. School starts on the 13th, so I have until then to get freetime-related stuff done.

...What is my life.
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[personal profile] ay_16r got hold of Tales of Phantasia: Katararezaru Rekishi somehow, and is working on transcribing the whole novel! You can find what she's got so far here.

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So has anyone read that one Sherlock Holmes parody by one of ACD's friends?  The one he says is the best parody he's ever read? Here, I've even got a link for you! But for those not in the mood for reading/who want a backstory written by a simpleton, the story is in "The Truth About Sherlock Holmes": ACD cowrote a play with one of his friends, and the whole thing flopped really badly.  Aforementioned friend then wrote the best Sherlock Holmes parody ever, where two playwrights visit 221B Baker Street and Holmes recognizes the uglier one as the guy who has been taking the credit for all his hard work (XDDDD), and when they say that it's Holmes' fault their writing has suffered, Holmes vanishes in a poof of smoke with the best final words ever:

"Fool, fool!  I have kept you in luxury for years.  By my help you have ridden extensively in cabs where no author was ever seen before.  Henceforth you will ride in buses!"

It's called "The Adventure of the Two Collaborators", and includes such gems as Watson hitting the ceiling every time Holmes makes a deduction (as well as a hilarious note after fictional!Doyle tells him to stop), Holmes shooting a profile of Watson into the wall instead of the initials V.R., and the single most anticlimatic Climax Deduction in any short story ever. XDDD

I still have yet to even drudge up a decent source for my essay on MAZA and 3GAB, so I was going through the smaller of my Giant Books of Holmes when I rediscovered the parody.  I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED.  BEST PARODY.  EVER.

And speaking of Sherlock Holmes and LOLOLOLing forever, poor Sidney Paget XDD Um, Sherlock, I think you need to go over your names again...


Whelp, that's the best thing about Sherlock Holmes: it's got the most fanfiction of any published work ever.  LOLOLOL.
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First of all, look at what [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me!

Click for picture! )

Um, what else?  ...I've made absolutely no progress in Arkham City.  I never get the TV and the laptop at the same time >__>

Also lol I just realized that not everyone uses 'ugly' as a synonym for 'stupid'.  Oh well, people will just assume I was talking about the moon XD

And now, the Ebay Saga. Cut because it managed to get really long. )
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Our good friends over at Artix Entertainment once made an announcement that I believe is very expressive of the way I feel right now.  Here, lemme copypasta that for you.

Cut because I realize that parodies of well-known Bible passages are not always looked kindly upon. )

I am, of course, not in the beta testing stage of creating a new online RPG, but this is pretty much how I feel.  In my infinite wisdom I have managed to miss the birthdays of literally every single friend I have this year-- including my offline friends-- and resolved, as I have before, not to post until I had EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY PRESENT I'd planned done.


You know what, screw this, I'mma just whip up like a million oneshots for y'all.  ACTUAL ONESHOTS.  NOT THESE LAME BLURBS I'VE BEEN DOING.  Don't bother wishing me luck, just boot me in the pants whenever you see me online and say GET TO WORK, MISSY.

Yes, the guys at AE did actually post that.  Here, look for yourself.

...Um.  So, uh, thanks everyone! 8D In lieu of presents for you guys, I suppose I must list my own presents.  SO.  Have some photos:

Read more... )
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Title: Tales of Phantasia Presents Macbeth
Fandom: Tales of Phantasia, Macbeth
Rating: M (Come on, it's Macbeth!)
Word Count: 1140
Main Characters: Klarth F. Lester, Chester Barklight, Cress Albane, Ami Barklight, Arche Klein, Suzu Fujibayashi, Dhaos, Edward D. Morrison, Trinicus D. Morrison, Brambert.  Don't make me list them all again next time.
Summary: In which the Tales of Phantasia characters put on their own production of Macbeth.  Casting issues, commentary, personal grudges, and general cluelessness abound.

Once upon a time, the night before my British Authors exam, I had a dream that Dhaos was Macbeth. (And most of you have heard that story at least twice by now.) Dhaos does not play Macbeth, but the dream did inspire this nonsense. I may rewrite it in prose form and submit it to in the future. Either way, tips and comments are appreciated. Please enjoy the first part!

Dialogue in italics indicates that the speaker is offstage.

Disclaimer: The Tales of Phantasia and Macbeth characters are not mine. Macbeth belongs to our good friend Shakespeare, though it's so well known that I'd laugh at anyone who tried to plagiarize it.

'I love how he adds an ellipsis to every line.' )


Sep. 11th, 2010 11:02 pm
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Obligatory fic-posting ramble. )

Going to change the title when I think of a better one. Overcome Difficulties or Go Over Adversity?  Both of them sound too epic for this one.  LOL.  Anyway, hopefully my writing juices will come back in full now!


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