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This is... really kind of long? )

...So, um, in a nutshell, nothing is getting better, maybe Imperial Saga, and I'm so sorry >> Take comfort in the fact that I'll stop letting you guys down by September one way or another, LOLOLOL.

...In brief fandom news, TWO NEW CASTLEVANIA GAMES WITH ALUCARD IN THEM YESSSS.  I'VE ALWAYS WANTED GABRIEL/ALUCARD INTERACTION.  Now all we need is to get Crispin Freeman to do his voice somehow, sob sob that's never going to happen.
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Video! )

I tried testing out a way to record both my voice and the game's audio at the same time, and it didn't work so well. I mean, it did record my voice, and it did record the game audio, but it seems to have recorded a bunch of other things too. Also I breathe too loudly. I'm guessing this is a problem with the Stereo Mix option I used to record the audio, or that I have too many things being 'listened' to at once or something, because I've never had this problem before. I'll try again next time I have the TV and the laptop at the same time.

Under this cut: videogames, DVDs, RP, and links. )

...Did I mention this before? My friend has a device that turns anything hollow into speakers, so he drew a stereo on a flap from a cardboard box and walked around blasting music from it on his shoulder. XD And we tested it on things like milk cartons and tissue paper boxes and ahaha want you guys.


Apr. 12th, 2012 10:20 pm
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>Replay the PSP version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
>Reach Dracula as Richter
>Man, I don't care how crappy they were, I wish they kept the old lines and voi--


I got Lords of Shadow the other day, and felt like taking a nostalgia trip, and ahahahaha dying you guys. Dhaos why you always gotta hate humans so much.

In which I repeat myself. )

In other news, I was kidnapped two days in a row to go do things and gallivant about the city with my sister 8D; I bought absolutely nothing (except, um, Castlevania) but DELICIOUS COOKIES AND CINNABONS AND FOOD, but it was fun. And tasty. But it was also a little colder than usual, which sucks because it is nice out right now and we should have gone today T__T BUT WHATEVER.

I NOW HAVE A REASON TO POST WITH DHAOS. He's going to House 8 to ask after Martel, and shall of course be traipsing around running other errands that don't warrant their own post to let other people poke him. I keep saying I'll post and then I don't, BUT I WILL. I'll try to get it up today or tomorrow, then. Looking more like tomorrow at this rate >>;;;;;

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I've never talked about this song, have I?  If you sit in a certain chair in Symphony of the Night with a certain Fairy familiar out, Alucard will fall asleep and the fairy will sing him a lullaby.  And you get to hear it! Apparently the lyrics are a very good translation of the original Japanese, while at the same time keeping the rhythm and melody of the song.

Lyrics~! )

Also, I finally have a name for Kele that isn't suspiciously similar to Keele's: Eirian!  It's Welsh, just like Ailis ^^ And, I also finally decided on the name of Dhaos' country: Fimbulvetr, the event immediately preceding Ragnarok.  Fimbulvetr is three harsh winters with no summer inbetween... and the country's winter lasts three two Aselian years. (I assume Derris-Kharlan has a bit of a wider orbit than Aselia.  XD; Also, I forgot how to do basic math. Blech.)  That gives me the problem of what to name the spell I originally named Fimbulvetr, though... Maybe I'll have it take on Cymbeline's role: the spell that can supposedly only be used by the royal family.

In the "music" section of the journal entry page, where you put whatever you're listening to, I misspelled "Symphony" as "Symphonia" XD;
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As it turns out, I was using the wrong warp in Welgaia.  Whoops.

RP stuff. )

Haru-Sari? Where did that come from? )
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So, uh, yeah. Summer vacation. Yay!  You'll be tired of me by August XD;  So I finally got the next part of that silly crossover written, but first!  Something I found.

I really like this fanart... )

YES OKAY.  Crossover tiemz.  In this episode, my writing ability is shot and Denzel's friends start asking questions.  Enjoy!

People meet people. Yeah, that's about it. )

...Yeah, I promise my writing ability will return when things start actually happening.  It's off in Phantasia somewhere, giggling at Klarth's epic "I got teh powahs" laugh in the OVA when he summons Maxwell and blows about half of Dhaos' monster army to pieces.  Can you believe this guy is pushing thirty?  That's absolutely ancient when it comes to playable characters in JRPGs! XD

...Ahem.  Anyway.  Yay, TWEWY cast makes an entrance!  About time.  I don't believe I've written for anyone other than Joshua so far.  I've decided to resurrect the Reapers erased in Week Three, as that never sat well with me.  I loved 777...
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Using the Symphony of the Night castle with a variation or two where needed, mostly because that's the one I remember the best.  Order of Ecclesia's castle is so copypasta I can barely remember any of it >_<

Not properly titled yet because I have to add more, it's so rushed XD

Gravity STILL Ain't an Excuse. )

Aw, Yuan...

Apr. 9th, 2010 10:34 pm
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In which Mithos plays with gravity and I ramble some more about that silly crossover. )

...I think I have too many characters.  LOLOLOL.  This is going to turn out like Salamandastron at this rate...


Apr. 7th, 2010 08:54 pm
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I en oo a enist's an i outh i sti nu fo da nohicane.  I ca'n heel i hace!

Nah, just kidding, that was yesterday.  But seriously, I would like to refrain from ever again receiving a dental procedure that requires an injection of Novocain.  It was just a filling, why did you have to give me two injections on each side of my mouth?  And now my teeth hurt whenever I eat something crunchy.  That sucks.

Various random things. )

My idea of Death and Dracula arguing. )

And my sister got Pride and Prejudice (and the 2005 movie) from the library, and now I love that too.  Now there's a romance I can believe.
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In Biology, our (student) teacher was showing us an actual horseshoe crab fossil, and we were passing it around, and the guy right next to me dropped and broke it >_> XD; This was the same person who tried to pet wolf cubs and possibly started a blackout.

And I have failed to lose a Dissidia match to my friend yet.  And I have made absolutely sure to adjust my level this time! XD;

First, a short note: as my sister found Radiant Dawn recently *hugs her* I went back to it and remembered, only a little to my dismay, that I had left off at 4-E-3, which is the infamous Dragon battle-- every single enemy on the map is a dragon laguz with at least 70, and the boss is the king with 100 hp.  (Comparatively, all "regular" player units seem to have an HP cap of about 50) After about five restarts I got frustrated enough to not save Haar when he died, because I was so close there was no way I was starting over.  I'd make a horrible tactician.

NOTE: Forget the Vague Katti.  If you want Stefan to have the slightest chance of surviving that cursed dragon map, give him Alondite!  But I guess you can feel free to bless Vague Katti if you want.

And while you're at it, if you're planning on bringing down a goddess, bring lots of healing items.  And Resistance stat raisers.  And have Tibarn lug your heron around.

And now, back to Castlevania. )

By the way, I went back to playing the Dracula X Chronicles.  I have concluded that I am not man enough to finish the game as Richter, and must do so as Maria.


Feb. 24th, 2010 10:27 pm
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First and foremost: my little sister found Radiant Dawn.  JOY~

Comment on this post saying you want to do this. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

I got Sherlock Holmes, Kingdom Hearts, Mulan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phoenix Wright, Yu-Gi-Oh, and FFVII from rose_of_pollux!

Meme stuff. And an awesome fanart drawing. )
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Behold my true form-- IN 'DIS CHAIR! )

Also, I love how Dracula's first words upon his resurrection are "Well met, my son!  It's been a long time."  In the PSP version he's just the usual evil overlord, but in the original he sounds like he's genuinely happy to see Alucard and only slightly exasperated with his son's repeated attempts to kill him XD Though he does get angrier when he rhetorically asks Al whether he's forgotten what a bunch of humans did to his poor mother.  There's a saying, that no one plays Castlevania for the story, but I love Drac and Al and their dysfunctional relationship.  It's like...  They'd get along just fine if not for the whole War on Humanity argument.  I'm feeling a Adrian/Lisa/Dracula family moment plunnie coming on.  Great, and now I have to drag poor Death into it again, too.

Hee, SotN's monster library thing says that Death and Dracula are close friends.  It's only natural, after almost a millennium of hanging out together.

Science fair project went relatively well, now focusing on that poetry analysis essay thing due Wednesday.  Of course the rough draft was due Thursday last week, so it's all good-- I just have to get a hard copy of my poem.  Thank goodness our teacher accepts song lyrics as poetry, or I'd never have it memorized XD Reading Live and Learn, by Crush 40.  Jun Senoue DOES write the lyrics for their songs, right...?

Also, I got a cable to play the PSP on my TV! :D Happy happy!  FF/Castlevania/music in general sounds so much better on the TV, and it's bigger and allows someone to watch without having to look over my shoulder.  I should grab my friends and have a Dissidia party sometime.
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I had a group presentation in Health today, which kinda sucked, because I had done the Powerpoint on someone else's account and forgot T_____T Whoops. Pretty good thing she remembered, or we would have been really screwed. (I'm never lazy if there are other people counting on me, it bothers me too much XD)

I have decided that I love sophomores. My Geometry and Spanish classmates are so amusing. The Biology kids who take out the trash every once in a while came around, and my classmates were all "Teacher look they're stealing our trash!" XD

One of my middle school classmates got Dissidia, by the way! :D So far it's a ridiculously unfair matchup especially that one fight where I forgot to adjust my level down from 100 XD, but I predict future funzies!

And again with SotN bosses somehow being more horrifying on a PSP than my computer! I ran into Beelzebub in the Black Marble Gallery. It's basically a giant rotting corpse about two screens tall, surrounded by giant flies that drop maggots when killed and is suspended from the ceiling by meat hooks. Including one coming from the back of its throat, sticking out through its mouth. Can't find any full pictures, but maybe that's for the best.

You know, with Beelzebub, Granfaloon/Legion and The Forgotten One, as well as Dracula, Death (who, thanks to Falconpain, is now my favorite character XD) and various monsters and Succubi/etc., it's a wonder Castlevania isn't considered a horror series. Though the Liliths in Order of Ecclesia ended up being a little Narmy due to their death cry ("Lord Draculaaaaaaaaaa ;___;" as though he would do anything but laugh and pull up a chair).

And you know you had to put the DS on sleep mode and gather yourself when Death and Dracula teamed up for a joint boss battle in Portrait of Ruin. And when you've almost got them beat, Death goes "My lord, use my power!" and Dracula gets an upgrade. The idea of Dracula and Death as best friends is awesome, don't lie.  I actually wrote a thing about how Dracula has to sleep in the day, which leaves poor Death to look after the guy's half-human orphaned son in the daytime.  When a castle as tall as the Empire State Building is populated by thousands of mindless minions perfectly willing to give the young Master whatever he wants, you know looking after the little tyke has to have been at least a little difficult, even for the Grim Reaper.  Especially for the Grim Reaper XD

On Castlevania's size...  Have a look at this.  Each square on the map is about three characters tall and wide.  The castle in SotN is, at its widest, 61 squares, which we shall shorten to 60 squares for simplicity's sake and to account for any errors I made while counting.  Putting the average Belmont height at about six feet, we multiply 60 * 6 * 6 = 2160 feet.  Since the map is a side section of the castle, we're going to assume that the bottom floor, at least, is pretty much square.  2160 * 2160 = 4665600 square feet.

As for the height, a respected member of a certain Castlevania forum has said that the whole thing, from the bottom of the Catacombs to the top of the highest tower, is about the height of the Empire State Building.

That's a big castle. 

I'm feeling a little lazy to calculate the height right now, so we'll go with that.  Combine this with the fact that the castle changes every time it's reincarnated, and you've a pretty effective maze right there.

Uh. Well.

Jan. 18th, 2010 10:48 pm
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Mom works, little sister is easily bored, Kuya doesn't understand and Dad is annoyed, so I spent 6pm to 1am yesterday interpreting between Lola and the staff.  Apparently my grandmother and other people speak two different kinds of English.  Proud of self~

Meanwhile, my sister was wandering the place and watching cable in the lobby.  She said she even went to the mental ward, but didn't get past the door as the sounds scared her T__T She's really something else.

Best Friend/Neighbor is awesome.  'Nuff said.

KK enough real life stuff, I'll have plenty of that tomorrow.  In school Friday, I was trying to write that thing about the Bat Familiar, but it turned into... a Dracula/Death friendship fic.  LOLOLOL.  The problem was that I wrote it from Death's point of view and had to explain why he was babysitting Dracula's son, and that most sayings require both the people talking to have skin and organs, meaning that I had to point out that said sayings do not apply to Death XD

In other words, I cannot write a serious Death.  And that is a very bad thing, if amusing.

Practice tiemz.

So, uh, I also discovered that I know absolutely nothing about CPR, which is making the next chapter of Troubled Waters a little hard to finish.  Otherwise it's all done.  In need of some serious revising, but done.  Yay!

Meanwhile, my second disk of Baten Kaitos is still broken, which means I can't go any farther on this playthrough D: Ah, and it was just getting good, too...  I didn't realize how tragic the story of Marno and his siblings was until this playthrough, actually watching the opening movie.  And Naos is such a sad place to grow up!  But I love how the game says his siblings' magic is so much stronger than everyone else's because they grew up and learned it together ^o^ In the game, magic is cast from the power of your heart.

Found the Tales of Wiki recently, and while most of the stuff there was stuff I knew already, I did learn about Tales of Fandom ^^ Yuan is now officially my second favorite character.

But, uh, more on that tomorrow.  Should get some sleep now.
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In the Philippines, at least XD  The awesome thing here is that the Filipino midnight shows are on at noon over here in the US.  Happy New Year to all my cousins in the Philippines!  ENJOY YOUR PERPETUALLY WARM WEATHER.

And, even more importantly, it's my mother's birthday!  *hugs her*  Happy Birthday, Mom!  Even if she'll never end up reading that XD  My sister and I got her some incense from Yankee Candles.  I wanted to get her one of the candles, but my sister was the one with the money, so we ended up getting the stuff on sale.  It smells fruity~

Dissidia gameplay crap, FFVIII and an old flash video )

Whelp, back to school on the fourth...
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Merry Christmas/Happy Frostval! XD I hope everyone had a great day today.

I... am the one who went with my parents for the presents, so I knew what everyone got XD; Bought my sister some Converse shoes, a hair straightener, and Scribblenauts.  Funzies.  I got Pikmin for the Wii (because we had the first game but gave it to our cousins, who broke it), some clothes (including a pair of boys jeans, which I asked for because they have much deeper pockets, LOL) and the Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP!  *hugs it*  I've wanted it for forever, and not just because Symphony of the Night comes with it!  I've never played a "classic" Castlevania, and Rondo of Blood is about the closest I'll probably get.

I'm still getting used to Richter's inability to change directions mid-jump (even if that's how it works in real life) and the way he absolutely insists on walking, even when he's inside Dracula's Castle.  LOL.  When I heard the fan nickname for the Belmont Clan's tendency to do this I was disproportionately amused.  After much toil and hardship, I unlocked SotN and started another file-- because you can't unlock SotN and save Maria in the same game ;___; Playing as the twelve-year-old  is, indeed, much easier XD

As for Pikmin and Scribblenauts? (Not sure how you spell that last one, actually XD)  Pikmin is -much- more fun now that I'm old enough not to be frightened and understand what's going on XD

And Scribblenauts is hosnap funzies.  My sister and I are currently working on a level where the Macguffin is hanging over some lava and going anywhere near it makes it fall-- we are trying to get in onto safe ground first by making an anvil (I suggested a piano, but Sis says it won't fit.  LOL), making some rope and tying the two together XD  It's not working out, so we're going to try gluing it to a pterodactyl instead.  Or something.  We'll figure it out.

Anyway, merry Christmas everyone!  Now we wait for the new year ^^

More crack.

Aug. 4th, 2009 02:20 pm
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This one isn't in chronological order, but I doubt that any following installments will be XD

Everyone has been gathered and they are receiving information from one of the maid enemies from A/DoS. Lolz ensue.

Kratos Aurion is from Tales of Symphonia, if you were wondering.

And we're off to see the wizard. Or, er, reaper. )


Aug. 4th, 2009 01:25 pm
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This is an idea I've had for a while.  It has no real plot and the giggles come mostly from the next part, which is coming up in a few minutes.

Basically, three people from my fandoms as well as Soma and Alucard wake up inside Castlevania.  It's still in the 'between' world it goes to between Dracula's resurrections, and it appears to be a time rift. 

Castlevania is upset for some reason and it's not going to let them leave until they get rid of the source of its anger.

This part includes Soma, Stefan and Sephiroth waking up and the latter two meeting.  lolalls's

What's an angry demon fortress to do? Kidnap some help, of course! )


Aug. 3rd, 2009 10:07 pm
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First of all, I gots me an AIM: AmihanMonsoon. Because Northeast(ern)Wind was taken.

And due to being accepted, it is now my duty to advertise Takane No Hana. SO.

Go to[ profile] takanenohanamod to read up, and apply. If you have the time. It'll be fun! I'm[profile] tragic_adrian (because Tragic Prince and all its variations were taken >_> This week is Pact Week, so you still have time to apply and have funzies with us!  And if you need a simpler explanation for something from the wiki they link to, you could always ask me.

And thanks to Takane, inspiration for Lead Me to Heaven has hit hard!  Ooooooh, Denzel is going to have a lot on his back when this Game is over...  But life makes up for it, I promise!

And he's going to have an awesome deck too.

And ♥ STEFAN ♥ is going to be in it ^^  And maybe a friend of his ancestor's... or two.

This is going to be fun.


Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:33 am
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Somehow I failed to notice a multi-fandom Reaper's Game comm ([ profile] takanenohana_rp ) that happens to be just the kind of thing I've been looking for.

It starts today (or, uh, yesterday. I need to readjust my sleeping schedule.), so I have a week to scrape together an application and forge a pact before I have to wait a month and join the next game. The application part shouldn't be too hard.

Except that my character (one Alucard Tepes) is six hundred years old and has an alter ego, but whatever.

Only thing is that the only other rp I'm involved in is a dressingroom with no real plot where I play a madman/king/Mad King who enjoys provoking the resident irate dragon, so I'm a little nervous. Added nervousness because the only first-hand Alucard experience I have is from Symphony of the Night (The opening cutscene, by the way, is five kinds of awesome), and that took place two hundred years ago. In 1795, I believe. I should probably be someone I know more about, but it felt like an interesting idea.

Rambling about Al and who else I could be. )

After I join there will be five of us without pacts, which is... quite inconvenient. It would suck if I joined only to be erased on the first day because I don't have a pact. Who's going to inherit Castlevania prevent Dracula's reincarnation in 2035?

I really, really hate to ask, but they seriously need players.

And one person is going to need a partner.  You don't want poor Al to be erased on the first day, do you?


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