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But first, my return to America!

So here's the final tally for travel time:

-4 hour drive to Manila
-5 hour wait in airport
-3.5 hour flight to Nagoya
-1 hour wait in airport
-11.5 hour flight to Detroit
-8 hour wait in airport
-+1 hour due to delay
-1 hour flight home

The rest is negligible due to it feeling like I was already home. So add that all up, and you've got... 35 hours of traveling! The worst parts were the wait in Manila and the monster flight, though, as Detroit's airport is enormous. The one hallway I was confined to was a mile and a quarter long, with over a hundred stores, and that was just Concourse A.  But that flight!  You guys, why does the Pacific Ocean have to be so big?

Also, it was 1 AM on the 30th when I arrived in Manila, and 10 PM on the 30th when I arrived in the airport at home. Longest day of my life!

Haru-Sari and lolz. )
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Title: Tales of Phantasia Presents Macbeth
Fandom: Tales of Phantasia, Macbeth
Rating: M (Come on, it's Macbeth!)
Word Count: 1140
Main Characters: Klarth F. Lester, Chester Barklight, Cress Albane, Ami Barklight, Arche Klein, Suzu Fujibayashi, Dhaos, Edward D. Morrison, Trinicus D. Morrison, Brambert.  Don't make me list them all again next time.
Summary: In which the Tales of Phantasia characters put on their own production of Macbeth.  Casting issues, commentary, personal grudges, and general cluelessness abound.

Once upon a time, the night before my British Authors exam, I had a dream that Dhaos was Macbeth. (And most of you have heard that story at least twice by now.) Dhaos does not play Macbeth, but the dream did inspire this nonsense. I may rewrite it in prose form and submit it to in the future. Either way, tips and comments are appreciated. Please enjoy the first part!

Dialogue in italics indicates that the speaker is offstage.

Disclaimer: The Tales of Phantasia and Macbeth characters are not mine. Macbeth belongs to our good friend Shakespeare, though it's so well known that I'd laugh at anyone who tried to plagiarize it.

'I love how he adds an ellipsis to every line.' )

More crack.

Aug. 4th, 2009 02:20 pm
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This one isn't in chronological order, but I doubt that any following installments will be XD

Everyone has been gathered and they are receiving information from one of the maid enemies from A/DoS. Lolz ensue.

Kratos Aurion is from Tales of Symphonia, if you were wondering.

And we're off to see the wizard. Or, er, reaper. )


Aug. 4th, 2009 01:25 pm
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This is an idea I've had for a while.  It has no real plot and the giggles come mostly from the next part, which is coming up in a few minutes.

Basically, three people from my fandoms as well as Soma and Alucard wake up inside Castlevania.  It's still in the 'between' world it goes to between Dracula's resurrections, and it appears to be a time rift. 

Castlevania is upset for some reason and it's not going to let them leave until they get rid of the source of its anger.

This part includes Soma, Stefan and Sephiroth waking up and the latter two meeting.  lolalls's

What's an angry demon fortress to do? Kidnap some help, of course! )

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Homemade cheesecake is tasty.

According to a friend who tagged me on a Tag My Pals dot com picture, I'm the "extremely cheerful one" XD People tell me that I have a permanently sad look on my face unless I'm smiling, but I suppose in our circle of friends I fit the bill best.

Now importing my journal to Facebook. Yay! Now you guys can comment without getting LJs ; ) Remember the Literary Magazine short story, "Breaking the Ice"? I've rewritten that like three times, it's longer and you get to read about Gackt and Inoke beating each other up. Unless I take it out again while I'm typing it up, and I'm known to be a very un-decisive person >_> But yeah. Gonna put that up here, and work on the rest of the stuff.


YES, I WILL,  I SWEAR.  I'm lazy, I'm a bad time-management person, and things will probably get posted before I have the patience/motivation to revise them, but things will get done.  Ugh, when did I get so lazy?

Funny thing about Rose's name )

Inoke/Gackt/Rose is for the 90% of my female classmates who like love stories >_> Iolani/Shiida/Amber/Singing Rain is friendship and adventure. I always liked "band of three/four/five" stories. I once wrote a Dragonfable story about my character, my sister's character, my awesome tree friend's character and her brother's character. And then there's the pre-Crisis Core stuff I write in my notebook when I'm bored at school.

And in other news, I have the format for the Game from Lead Me to Heaven all figured out, so I'm just going to go rewrite the email and edit the first chapter.  This Game has the potential to be WAY more taxing than the Seven Missions format.

Cut because for some reason the dream part became long )

I need to stop eating before I go to bed. Or did I not eat when I had those dreams? I should keep track...


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