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Wanted to get this up before I went to bed.  Three guesses who features in this one! >> This was written while waiting for replies to tags, but then I... got distracted.  These crossover blurbs, man.

In which Autor meets a mysterious composer and they have a little chat.  Enjoy!  Here is the song dude plays, along with video of the flowers blooming.

If only one wish comes true, life will sing )
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Title: Tales of Phantasia Presents Macbeth
Fandom: Tales of Phantasia, Macbeth
Rating: M (Come on, it's Macbeth!)
Word Count: 1140
Main Characters: Klarth F. Lester, Chester Barklight, Cress Albane, Ami Barklight, Arche Klein, Suzu Fujibayashi, Dhaos, Edward D. Morrison, Trinicus D. Morrison, Brambert.  Don't make me list them all again next time.
Summary: In which the Tales of Phantasia characters put on their own production of Macbeth.  Casting issues, commentary, personal grudges, and general cluelessness abound.

Once upon a time, the night before my British Authors exam, I had a dream that Dhaos was Macbeth. (And most of you have heard that story at least twice by now.) Dhaos does not play Macbeth, but the dream did inspire this nonsense. I may rewrite it in prose form and submit it to in the future. Either way, tips and comments are appreciated. Please enjoy the first part!

Dialogue in italics indicates that the speaker is offstage.

Disclaimer: The Tales of Phantasia and Macbeth characters are not mine. Macbeth belongs to our good friend Shakespeare, though it's so well known that I'd laugh at anyone who tried to plagiarize it.

'I love how he adds an ellipsis to every line.' )
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Last night, I had a dream where Dhaos was Macbeth.  It was the scene where Macbeth is awaiting the arrival of Malcolm and Macduff's army from England, but instead of Macbeth's huge rollercoaster of emotion and ALSDKJFH, Dhaos was just "I do not even care anymore."  When he called for Seyton, the guy who showed up looked suspiciously like how I imagine the captain of his Royal Guard in my headcanon (Kent from FE7...), and he was going all "Pull yourself together! ><"

And then when I woke up, I remembered that my last exam was British Authors.  LOLOLOLOL...

Also, LOLOLOL at Phoenix opening up a portal right in Chi's shower.  He's still wearing his clothes (he's really shaken up from the full-color two-page spread I linked to earlier...), so it ends up just being dramatic and "Ohhh where is she taking him?"  I wanna know what's inside Alby's vault!

You guys, I'm sick again.  What the heck?  I was just sick in... what, September?  I've filled my quota for this year!  And it's made taking exams really annoying, too.  It seems to be going around the school, as I wasn't the only one.

Hey look, it's a Phantasia/Princess Tutu crossover blurb!  Not the one I've been alkfdjhd-ing over for exactly a month now, but it's something.  ...Excuse the lameness, I'm ill? T__T

Hey look, it's a really lame blurb! T~T )
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Spent most of the past few days at the hospital playing the piano, but was left at home today.  Without a laptop.  But anyway, that's why I've been slow/quiet lately.

Today my sister went on the same Dells field trip that I went on about a year ago, and apparently had as much fun as I did.  There was a slight snag, though: one of the buses popped a tire, so the passengers had to crowd on to all the other buses.  My sister says it sounded like a gun went off.

I finally came up with a title for that crossover thing: Clockwork Mansion, the name of a song from Super Castlevania IV.  Now, I know clockwork reminds one of things running smoothly, but the clock tower levels in Castlevania are usually the penultimate stage, and come with the whole penultimate stage package: Death boss fight that's actually harder than Dracula himself, moving gears as platforms, those infernal Medusa Heads that turn you into stone if you touch them, complicated background art and what is usually the best music in the game.  So, Clockwork Mansion, even though Castlevania is most definitely larger than a mansion.

I was introduced to a bunch of videos by the same guy who did YGO Abridged.  My favorite is the flash Bad Romance remix, with Marik singing and Yami Bakura grudgingly following along.  "I am a criminal, and he is a thief; But we're still hooooooot.  HOT-- HOT-- HOT-- We are quite sexyyyyy--"  "Marik, that doesn't rhyme--" "SHUT UP ITS LADY GAGA."

Aaaand finally, a Dhaos fic is in the works.  About time.
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So, uh, yeah. Summer vacation. Yay!  You'll be tired of me by August XD;  So I finally got the next part of that silly crossover written, but first!  Something I found.

I really like this fanart... )

YES OKAY.  Crossover tiemz.  In this episode, my writing ability is shot and Denzel's friends start asking questions.  Enjoy!

People meet people. Yeah, that's about it. )

...Yeah, I promise my writing ability will return when things start actually happening.  It's off in Phantasia somewhere, giggling at Klarth's epic "I got teh powahs" laugh in the OVA when he summons Maxwell and blows about half of Dhaos' monster army to pieces.  Can you believe this guy is pushing thirty?  That's absolutely ancient when it comes to playable characters in JRPGs! XD

...Ahem.  Anyway.  Yay, TWEWY cast makes an entrance!  About time.  I don't believe I've written for anyone other than Joshua so far.  I've decided to resurrect the Reapers erased in Week Three, as that never sat well with me.  I loved 777...
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No school today.  Yay!

Yesterday was probably the most disrupted day of school ever.  There was a planned tornado drill, so we all knew about that, but then this morning a bunch of students from another high school showed up and beat the living crap out of one of our students with a padlock ;___; It was right at the beginning of the day, so they must have gotten in by pretending they were our students.  One party went to the hospital, the other to jail...  Scary.  I happened to have made my way to the third floor in time to miss the whole thing, but a bunch of my classmates told me there was blood all over the place.  We were told not to leave our classrooms when the bell rang while they got the police and cleaned everything up.  I hope the girl is all right...

If I get any more Tales of games, I'm going to end up replacing the separate games' tags on my LJ with just Tales Series. )

And now, crossover rambling. )
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It's hard to make a story set in Demon Fortress Dracula funny XD; Especially when your character prefers to hide his sense of humor.  LOL.  Hopefully it'll get funnier when Lloyd and Seph meet, ha.  Having a little trouble with that, though...

I should probably think of a title XD; Something from a TWEWY song's lyrics, I think...  I love Three Minutes Clapping's lyrics ("I know you can stop its flow on a whim/So I have learned to swim!") But none of them really fit/are too long.  It'll end up being something ridiculous like "Attack of the 50 Foot Whatever," watch X3

Also, my file on TWEWY erased itself D: D: D: All my hard work, gone...  Again!  Now I have to rely on the script alone, and it's just not the same without the sprites to go with it.

Bah, I lost a few paragraphs somehow...  They just disappeared!  Don't you hate it when that happens?  It's like the first version is always the better one when it does happen.  And only when it does happen.

NOT in a New York cemetary, I'm afraid. )
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Using the Symphony of the Night castle with a variation or two where needed, mostly because that's the one I remember the best.  Order of Ecclesia's castle is so copypasta I can barely remember any of it >_<

Not properly titled yet because I have to add more, it's so rushed XD

Gravity STILL Ain't an Excuse. )

Aw, Yuan...

Apr. 9th, 2010 10:34 pm
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In which Mithos plays with gravity and I ramble some more about that silly crossover. )

...I think I have too many characters.  LOLOLOL.  This is going to turn out like Salamandastron at this rate...


Apr. 7th, 2010 08:54 pm
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I en oo a enist's an i outh i sti nu fo da nohicane.  I ca'n heel i hace!

Nah, just kidding, that was yesterday.  But seriously, I would like to refrain from ever again receiving a dental procedure that requires an injection of Novocain.  It was just a filling, why did you have to give me two injections on each side of my mouth?  And now my teeth hurt whenever I eat something crunchy.  That sucks.

Various random things. )

My idea of Death and Dracula arguing. )

And my sister got Pride and Prejudice (and the 2005 movie) from the library, and now I love that too.  Now there's a romance I can believe.

More crack.

Aug. 4th, 2009 02:20 pm
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This one isn't in chronological order, but I doubt that any following installments will be XD

Everyone has been gathered and they are receiving information from one of the maid enemies from A/DoS. Lolz ensue.

Kratos Aurion is from Tales of Symphonia, if you were wondering.

And we're off to see the wizard. Or, er, reaper. )


Aug. 4th, 2009 01:25 pm
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This is an idea I've had for a while.  It has no real plot and the giggles come mostly from the next part, which is coming up in a few minutes.

Basically, three people from my fandoms as well as Soma and Alucard wake up inside Castlevania.  It's still in the 'between' world it goes to between Dracula's resurrections, and it appears to be a time rift. 

Castlevania is upset for some reason and it's not going to let them leave until they get rid of the source of its anger.

This part includes Soma, Stefan and Sephiroth waking up and the latter two meeting.  lolalls's

What's an angry demon fortress to do? Kidnap some help, of course! )


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