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And apparently there's also a hidden voice clip of Dhaos going WHAT THE HECK IS THAT too! XDD  Excuse me a moment while I search for a rip of that.

Also, this person telling Lion these things at the end of this thread is like someone telling Meowzy to "actually play" Tales of Symphonia.  Of course there´s no way for this person to know that Lion actually HAS a cross-Tales RP, but seeing this makes me irrationally upset.  They´re not even being rude, they´re just... extremely uninformed. XD I spent a lot of yesterday sadfacing over it as always, but it´s sort of in a character application thread and there´s no place for me in it.  And Lion doesn't need my help anyway XD

...I need an actual screenname for Lion-tachi and Emil-tachi.  I feel weird talking about "that one time Emil, Klarth, Jay and I were talking."  It's certainly a good thing they know MY screenname, though, because most of them know me primarily as "Yuan/Dhaos/Wonder Chef" XD

All the Phantasia/Utena crossover discussion over on a certain other journal is making me LOL my head off.  Dhaos as the Rose Bride and Grune as Utena, you guys.  I'm not even terribly familiar with the show and it's still funny.

I must not claim Dhaos for [ profile] 30_quills. Must not. Everyone, talk me out of this. I still have to finish Lloyd and Kratos!  I should do that while I'm here, actually, even though all the beginnings of those oneshots are at home.  It kinda looks like I'll just have to post blurbs instead of oneshots if I ever want to get them done, because I've had that claim for a year and I'm sure other people are going to want it >__> But I don't want to drop it, because those prooompts.  They just fit Kratos and Lloyd so perfectly.

Once again being dragged off to go swimming, except being a woman is not a problem this time, so I'll probably be getting off early and going to have fun instead!  Good thing I was on early in the first place. And I've got videos of kitties playfighting and being tickled, as well as chickens hanging out in trees for the lulz, so hopefully I'll have those up later. If I can, uh, figure Youtube out. I don't think I've uploaded there since the Phantasia Håll om Mig AMV from last year...

EDIT: While looking at my old videos, I saw my first recorded WLAN Dissidia match, and man did I suck. But I did have a couple XD moments, like 1:17-1:30. LOLOLOL. I remember my friend's reaction to that, it was priceless.
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...Oh, it's the seventeenth.  Crap, Christmas is only eight days away!

Currently eating a truffle. It's friggin' tasty. )


Sep. 26th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Sis: What's a synonym for "badass?"
Dad: Awesome?
Me: That's too generic.
Dad: ...Stupendous.
Sis: No, it has to be, like, a person...
Dad: Vince Lombardi.

Video game music for the wiiiiin. )
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As it turns out, I was using the wrong warp in Welgaia.  Whoops.

RP stuff. )

Haru-Sari? Where did that come from? )
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So I stayed up until one last Monday night to finish and process a video I had to do as a group project, and then the due date was pushed back to today XD; I was ready to go, too!  And I ended up having to redo it because a groupmate sent me pictures and I didn't get them, and I redid my part while I was at it, and the laptop overheated XD; Fortunately WMM was awesome and saved the project instead of junking it.  Hooray!  The only thing is, I made the music too loud on the remake, and forgot a bunch of stuff on the credits XD;  Watch it here if you want.

Got FFVII to download and man, Cloud is just adorable XD "Pfft, I was in SOLDIER! And I'll prove it to you by telling you what I know!" and then saying he's never had to run away from fights despite the fact that I'd just done it to save time XD I already knew how because of that funny flash video "All About Random Battles" by Legendary Frog. "Press the two shoulder buttons and run away like a little giiiiiiirl~"

Long staircase is long.  I counted 115 flights, but 118 would make more sense, so my counting skills must need work XD

Apparently I've gotten a lot better at Dissidia; besides Inward Chaos not being so intolerable anymore, I've beaten pretty much every person who owns Dissidia at lunch, including my hacker friend.  Fun.

Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime is, once more, giving me Dissidia plunnies!  It's just perfect-- "I'm going to any world you're coming from; Anyplace, anywhere, anytime!"

And the German chorus is my favorite line ever: "Give me a hand; I'll build you a sandcastle; somehow, someplace, sometime." :D *hugs it*  Here are the lyrics:

Because none of the lyrics sites agree, I just grabbed the German from somewhere and wrote the English myself. )
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Woo, finally!  Schedule selection for next year!

Okay, let's see...  US History is required, Algebra 2/Trig is really my only option since I'm already taking Geometry, there are like a billion (three) different science paths... I guess as a kinda-aspiring engineer I'd better take physics.  English is gonna be British Authors.

KK, so that's four credits down.  I was a genius this year and didn't take two semesters of mandatory Fine Arts, so I have to do something this year...  I dunno, Textile Arts...  Gym is required.  That's six credits.

...Aaaaaand those are all my requirements!  Hey, look, I can double up in a class! :D

So, should I take Chemistry, Journalism, Robotics, Computer Programming or German? XD I would double up in math, except that I don't think they would let me take pre-IB calculus, LOLOLOL.  Sis wants to take German (curse the School Board, cutting the French program!  It's insanity! >0<), so I guess I could leave that alone...  Ah geez.  I have to decide by the tenth.

Or I could just take another .5 credit class and get myself a study hall, but I don't like any of the other options.

And I really shouldn't, but I would totally take Pre-IB Biology II just so I could have Mr. Machut as a teacher again in senior year, LOL.

I got bored and randomly started drawing some magic sigil thing using the ancient-looking Malaysian alphabet thing I found in the Tagalog book and the ancient tongue font from FE.  It's fun, but I wish I had my compass.

In which it becomes apparent that I am somehow capable of splitting my attention between three or four fandoms at once despite not being able to multitask IRL. TL;DR = Fandom crap. )

Things have been quiet lately.  Barring a desk breaking, a fossil shattering (you'd think he'd've learned after the wolf cub and blackout incidents), forgetting lunch money, and scheduling.  That will probably change, as grades are due next week.  Oooh.

EDIT: One more thing.

This has got to be some sort of monstrous early April Fools joke. )
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What the heck? I had a dream last night where Clark Kent and Lois Lane were getting married and this villain dude showed up and Clark blew his top o.0 It's a lot weirder than I'm making it sound, trust me.

Every time I plan on writing a ToS thing, something else catches my attention XD  Maybe I should write that in school too.

Dissidia, and FFVIII. )

Oh yeah, shark dissection on Friday!  Except that my printer is out of ink/prints in nearly illegible bright pink when I force it to print, so as of yet we have no instructions.  LOL.  I'll probably email it to myself and just pay to print it out at school.


Jan. 3rd, 2010 04:22 pm
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On New Year's Eve I forgot to mention that Best Friend/Neighbor was sleeping over :D  She rang our doorbell, and I greeted her with "YOOO FINNA RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH US?"  To which she answered "Proba-OMG I SHOULD ASK MOM IF I CAN SLEEP OVER."

Her mom said yes.  Which, frankly, I cannot believe considering the occasion >__>  But hosnap it was funzies.  We ate food and rang in the new year and made funny videos where my sister was being hilarious and made ourselves so tired that we conked out.

You know what?  This entire vacation, I've barely been on AIM or MSN.  I must rectify this before I have to go back to school.  Ugh, the fourth, it looms.  Actually, I don't have to go to school until the fifth.  Yay!

Also, I can't believe I didn't find this site earlier.  Lots of good stuff.  Like hee, I was right!  Genesis and Angeal are older than Sephiroth-- which makes sense, since G is Seph's "prototype."  Genesis is older than Angeal, used the mako mine from the final dungeon of CC as a playground, and when they broke the VR Training Room in that one cutscene, the amount of money required to fix it is equal to "what Zack would receive for 24 pay periods."

I find this hilarious.

The Dissidia section states that in order to have retained your memories of past cycles, you have to have been alive at the end of the conflict.  Since the heroes lost and Sephiroth killed himself, they didn't remember what happened in the last cycle.

And on Sephiroth again, it states that Sephiroth's goal was probably the death of Chaos, so that he and the others could return to their original worlds-- free to control his own destiny.  So he led Cloud to his crystal, and while he indirectly tells Golbez that he knows Golbez is really working for Cosmos ("Do you miss the light?"), he doesn't stop him or actually tell anyone.

Of course, they also say that this is so Sephiroth can go back to Gaia and take over the world, and that the game is actually a completely canon installment of the FF series.  Can't have it all.
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In the Philippines, at least XD  The awesome thing here is that the Filipino midnight shows are on at noon over here in the US.  Happy New Year to all my cousins in the Philippines!  ENJOY YOUR PERPETUALLY WARM WEATHER.

And, even more importantly, it's my mother's birthday!  *hugs her*  Happy Birthday, Mom!  Even if she'll never end up reading that XD  My sister and I got her some incense from Yankee Candles.  I wanted to get her one of the candles, but my sister was the one with the money, so we ended up getting the stuff on sale.  It smells fruity~

Dissidia gameplay crap, FFVIII and an old flash video )

Whelp, back to school on the fourth...
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Third entry today XD; Last post, I promise. 

Obviously dialogue must be the bane of my existence: whenever it shows up, everything else disappears!  Bah.

In which the Warriors of Harmony receive the Blessing of Chaos. )
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Me:I think I'm forgetting something... Oh yeah! Mom told me to eat after I got out of the shower! Well, I can just finish reading this real quick...
Laptop: *runs out of battery*

A friend of mine was over yesterday :) We always end up staying awake for hours and hours on end-- it used to be playing Fire Emblem, and then it was just playing any old thing, and now I don't know what we do, LOL. Caffeine is usually involved. We were fooling around with the photo channel on our Wii, solving puzzles and such. I suggested we take a picture of an empty wall and try to put the puzzle together XD; I don't think we'd have the patience.

Random Dissidia observations and ranting about continuing Child of Chaos. )
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Title: Child of Chaos
Fandom: Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Rating: K
Word Count: 760
Main Characters: ???
Summary: In a far-off world disconnected from all the fighting, someone has a very different idea of what chaos is.

...Yes, I know I should be working on that essay, but I needed a break and this came out. Header from [ profile] insaneladybug , and I do not own Dissidia or even the main character here.

Chaos is always the "dark god," it seems. )
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Besides the FFVII characters, Terra is turning into my main. She's a bit of a... wimp, but apparently that's exaggerated, so I'll just have to deal with it T__T Aside from-- well, FFVII-- she's the highest level character at lv. 49, all legitimate leveling. Emperor is lv. 47, but only because of ExDeath XD;

Meltdown ftw.

Uh, anyway. Shade Impulse is clearable with any of the Cosmos Warriors, so I was going through it with Terra and got to Kefka's boss fight.

Dude, Kefka. )

It's surprisingly touching when you add voices.

You know I'm a wimp when I'm feeling sorry for Kefka. His voice actor gets my kudos. He's still nothing but a destructive psycho (because honestly, that's no excuse to make fun out of killing people and destroying things) which is part of what makes him a cool villain, but... man, way to make him into a human for a few moments there.

Of course, the lines about Life, Dreams and Hope are copied from the FFVI final boss cutscene XD


Nov. 28th, 2009 06:51 pm
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*New inventory in shop!*

So of course I went to check it out. New weapon? Sexy Cologne.

...Okay, I should have recognized it right there, but as it was all I thought was "o.0 That's an odd weapon."

So I moved onto the gloves/arm stuff.

Member's Card. That's hardly something you can use to defend yourself with.

And then I got to the head gear. Blonde Wig. And my brain went:


Yes, the armor is called Silk Dress XD The four items, when equipped together, give an effect called Allure of Honey, but I'm not sure what it does. The only characters that can equip them are the girls and Cloud. And Kefka. LOLOLOL. Square, we love you.

In other news, I had a dream last night where Kefka was being extra crazy and was giving the villains his backstory... which was completely different from his FFVI backstory. In fact, even though I wasn't present in the dream (for once) I recognized it as Joker's story, with toothpaste and a little sister involved somehow o.0 I remember it was sad, but kinda overshadowed by the fact that he didn't seem at all bothered and was generally being a Kefka-Class Dick. And then for some reason he somehow made all the air disappear and none of the villains could breathe :o

And then it suddenly cut to a group from the heroes' side consisting of Cloud, Tidus and... Zack! Cloud was being down, Zack was sober trying to cheer him up and Tidus was all "Why you guys sad huh ):"

The funny thing here is that this part happen with the story mode map in the background and they spoke in little text boxes with their faces next to them, just like if it were a scene in the game. LOL.

Aaaand more proof that Kefka is crazy insane. As if we needed it. )
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My Geometry teacher is suspended with pay. The kiln in the art room set off the fire alarm yesterday at 8:30 am (which is second hour), sending the whole school outside into the cold, cold Wisconsin morning to wait 20 minutes for the fire department to show up and sweep the school, and today a window in our Geometry class flew open. Which is rather unimpressive typed out, but it was one of those windows that opens up. And this thing is five by seven. By my crummy eyeball measuring skills. Probably smaller than that.

My sister's friends were going to see New Moon, and sis wanted to go, but Mom said I'd have to go with her. So I got to see it :) It's not really exciting, but it made me switch to Team Jacob. And was funny, LOL. Especially a lot of things Jasper said.

"Jasper that's not fair, with the emotion control thing!" "Sorry, Bella. Happyyyyyyyyyy... Nevermind."
"I vote yes. It would be nice not to want to kill you all the time."

And when Jacob took off his shirt, sis's friends and various other people in the theater squealed, and my sister and I and anyone who didn't laughed at the reaction XD

T'was better than Twilight.

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I spent most of class today working on a plunny I've recently gotten... The Warriors of Chaos aren't really that "chaotic" when seen from a certain perspective. One Goddess of Chaos is not impressed with their idea of the term. She ends up following the one she finds the most interesting-- three guesses who >_>-- and getting him to release her from Lehran's Medallion. And then cool stuff happens.

And now, a partial list of the characters and my opinions on them. And an edited video of one of my battles, but it's probably not worth watching since I didn't really do much to it except switch battle cams and pull some Advent Children camera stuff whenever either Black Materia or Starfall was cast.

BTW, I changed my mind. Sephiroth is the easiest villain to use T__T
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Sephiroth: Such a good boy. You've come back to me-- where you belong.
Cloud: What are you talking about?
Sephiroth: You cling to me because you can't stand the despair.
Cloud: I don't remember clinging to you.
Sephiroth: Hmph. Relax, Cloud. This disease called hope is eating you alive. The world of suffering was born out of such half-baked ideals.
Cloud: If that's the case, I have to endure the suffering. There's no moving on if I run from it.
Sephiroth: If that is what you wish for... You shall drown in the pain.
*draws sword*
On your knees! I want you to beg for forgiveness.

<after battle>

Sephiroth: What is it that drives you?
Cloud: Only myself.
Sephiroth: You don't exist anywhere.
Cloud: Enough! Looking for a reason to fight, wandering around for an answer...
*points sword at Sephiroth*
They're all my decisions. I'm not tied to you anymore!
Sephiroth: *lightly pushes Buster Sword away... with his left hand, which for some reason is no longer holding the Masamune XD;*
Yet my shadow is burned into your heart. We'll meet again, Cloud. I'll keep coming back-- as long as you are who you are.
*Sephiroth disappears*
Cloud: No thanks. The one I really want to meet is...

My thoughts and interpretation. )

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Apparently Sephiroth is skilled at all manner of long pointy objects, including lances. Quite lucky, too since there's like one katana-type weapon in the shop >_> He's got a javelin right now, while Cloud is all over here holding a Zweihander I got in story mode XD  I can actually see this.  Sephiroth wielding a lance in my head looks a lot like a horseless Titania, LOL.

Learned "Octaslash (midair)!"

YES.  Finally, some new moves >_> I'm tired of accidentally nosediving when my opponent is above me.

I like using Cloud better, though.  He learns more moves, faster, and is generally all kinds of awesome.  My friend thinks he should have had an alternate costume that would transform him into Zack XP  And if you activate Ex Mode when he's wearing his Advent Children outfit, he gets the fully-assembled First Tsurugi and his Ex Mode changes from "Ultima Weapon" to "The Power of Mako."  And it's cool.

And battle replay editing is fun.

And I had a random plunnie about one Goddess of Chaos popping up and confusing everyone XD  I already have a fun concept in my head concerning people born with the Spirit/Essence of Order/Chaos.  If you can be born with the spirit of order, why can't you be born with the spirit of chaos?

Basically, people born with the spirit of order are well-attuned to... well, order and balance and harmony and such.  They can touch Lehran's Medallion without fear of going insane, and have a tendency to pass out in situations with extreme amounts of chaos in the atmosphere, depending on how used to it they are.  People born with the spirit of chaos feel right at home in aforementioned situations, though like any other person enough of it will cause them to not think/see straight.  They can also touch the medallion without -completely- losing their minds.  I imagine it still clouds their judgment, but they don't go on an omgkilling spree.  An atmosphere with gratuitous amounts of Order causes them to go stir-crazy, no matter their disposition.

Been bringing my PSP to school lately to fight my friend(s).  Dude has twenty minutes of gameplay and everyone is at lv 100, which means he either cheated or learned of the infamous Exdeath exploit XD; I might keep one character at lv. 1 just to see if that really works.  I lost thrice, but only because we spent the first three battles trying to see if I could beat him anyway.  Though I admit I lost that third one fair and square.  Then we evened out our levels and I won until his PSP ran out of battery.  After which the following occurred:

Friend: *returns from trash can, sits down*
PSP: *runs out of battery*
Friend who was playing: Dang.  *hands it back to owner*
Owner: *jokingly* Hey, Friend, why'd you do that?  This never would have happened if you'd never come over here.
Friend: *also jokingly* No, you just can't afford electricity.
Owner: ... Touche.

And while all this is happening the guy who brought his PSP also brought his DS so he could Pokemon battle another friend, so we were all "Oh crap Ex Burst" and "Dude where the heck are you" and "lololol your darkrai sucks."  We're such geeks.

REMINDS ME.  There's this teacher who won't let us get out of our seats until he looks behind him and sees that the other students are already leaving.  So this was happening as usual when one of my friends said, "Everyone!  If we join forces we can overrun him!" XD  And then we're all like, "We're so weird." and my friend slammed his hands on the table and went "This table is not normal!"

I wuv my friends.

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First of all, isn't this icon cool? Another page of Haru-Sari finally came out and I just had to make an icon out of the image. 13yearold!Alberich looks pretty cool XD;

Uh, anyway. Saturday was really my sister dragging me and Dad around the mall looking at stuff, until she realized this and went "HEY YOU WALK IN FRONT." My purchases included Dissidia, cookies and pizza, LOL.

Aaaand today was my best friend's birthday! I thought he was going to be gone today but he did come to school T__T I got nothing, so I told him he doesn't owe me money anymore and resolved to get something else for him. Since he's a guy he got punched like sixty times today X3

And two of my friends brought their DS's to school and battled Pokemon against each other at lunch, which was fun to watch. For some reason, we're allowed to bring any electronic device that isn't a cell phone as long as our using it doesn't disrupt class, which is a policy I'm not used to XD I beginning to wonder about the "highest ranked high school in the state" thing, LOL.  I get less homework than I did in middle school if only because I had Mr. Xiong last year T__T  My sister has him, and she agrees that he gives out gratuitous amounts of it.  She often gets more homework than I do.

I have decided that Dissidia is less hard than complicated, but once you get it you go "OOOOH." and it gets funner ^^ But the AI is a crapshoot T__T Why can the computer equip level 20 equipment at level 5...?

And funny lines ftw.

Tidus: [Thinking] Suddenly, I felt the urge to scream. [Suddenly starts running past Firion]: "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!"
Firion: [no reaction at all]

And even if it's really short, I like the cutscene where Sephiroth muses to Garland.

Watching him, sometimes I wonder... Maybe we are born knowing everything, but are only allowed to live after that knowledge has been sealed away.

...The Onion Knight's voice actor does Joshua from TWEWY :D And the Emperor is Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia


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