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Was it a dream, or was it me imagining things in my head while I was trying to get to sleep?  I dunno...  But last night, I had a maybe?dream where the 17-year-old Ami from Syukuzen no Teishi was being badly beaten by Hades somewhere in the desert while Dhaos was forced to watch.  Dhaos eventually agreed to go back to the demonic realm with Hades if he let Dhaos take Ami back to town where she would be cared for, and her friends could find her.  Hades then made him drink a potion that drove him insane and made him back into the Demon King from Phantasia D: ...But Dhaos had suspected Hades would go back on his word and attack the town, so he'd warned someone when he took Ami there.

The potion thing is terribly reminiscent of the story of Rajaion and Almedha, Kurthnaga's older siblings from FE9/10.  As you'll see below, I've been thinking about Kurthnaga lately, so that's what makes me think it was me imagining instead of just dreaming.  Why does it matter, you ask?  Because if I was just dreaming, I could blame the unoriginality on my subconscious XD;

I've been thinking...  Do gratuitously large headers annoy anyone?  I mean, the point is the journal, not the image on top of it.  Maybe they would just get in the way.  They don't annoy me at all-- I love looking at huge pretty pictures!-- but I wondered if I should have chosen a smaller header.

But then I looked at my current one and decided that even if it's impractical, I'm going to keep it.  It's beautiful!  Who says the desert has to be endless and desolate and boring?  And it's a fanart that you can enjoy without knowing the fandom.  Let's face it, Kurthnaga is too hard to see to recognize unless you know to look for him from the title ("Like Giant Swells in the Ocean" is a quote from a base conversation where Micaiah finds Kurthnaga just staring out at the desert).  I just love the rainbow sky.  Compare to the reference apparently used.
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Last night, I had a dream where Dhaos was Macbeth.  It was the scene where Macbeth is awaiting the arrival of Malcolm and Macduff's army from England, but instead of Macbeth's huge rollercoaster of emotion and ALSDKJFH, Dhaos was just "I do not even care anymore."  When he called for Seyton, the guy who showed up looked suspiciously like how I imagine the captain of his Royal Guard in my headcanon (Kent from FE7...), and he was going all "Pull yourself together! ><"

And then when I woke up, I remembered that my last exam was British Authors.  LOLOLOLOL...

Also, LOLOLOL at Phoenix opening up a portal right in Chi's shower.  He's still wearing his clothes (he's really shaken up from the full-color two-page spread I linked to earlier...), so it ends up just being dramatic and "Ohhh where is she taking him?"  I wanna know what's inside Alby's vault!

You guys, I'm sick again.  What the heck?  I was just sick in... what, September?  I've filled my quota for this year!  And it's made taking exams really annoying, too.  It seems to be going around the school, as I wasn't the only one.

Hey look, it's a Phantasia/Princess Tutu crossover blurb!  Not the one I've been alkfdjhd-ing over for exactly a month now, but it's something.  ...Excuse the lameness, I'm ill? T__T

Hey look, it's a really lame blurb! T~T )
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I want my laptop back.  School starts on either the 16th or the 17th, I forget (I'm betting on the 16th, it's a Monday).  FB people, I'll try to get my schedule up, but trust me: none of you have math with me.  ;__; And I need to find out where to show up for my bus, LOL.

...That'll actually be good for my output, since I usually write in class.  LOL.

Three dreams recently.  That's a lot more than usual!

Ice cream = win. )

Oh yeah, Las Vegas cousins visiting, so we're going to Six Flags.

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"Vista Guardian" keeps pestering me to register, and my laptop is either overheating or else doing something that causes it to shut off while I'm not looking.  Guess it's time for another system restore...

In which I have a most curious dream, and watch a movie about a girl having a most curious dream. )

Ugh, laptop overheating problem is back, ugh. If you're ever talking to me on IM, remind me not to leave the thing unattended lest it shuts off in my absence...
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Nothing to do with anything, but I realized last night that the song I was thinking of while writing the blurb yesterday was the Thank You version of Reset XD  It works with the theme better than The Sun Rises, but that one is pretty awesome too ^^  Most of the Okami soundtrack is.

The only fandom dream I really remember having was this Sonic one where we were all in a volcano and there was a red hedgehog...  I don't remember it much, except for those details.

Anyway, I had one last night X3  And, despite my latest Castlevania/Fire Emblem/TWEWY obsession, it was for FFVII, LOL.

At first it was just a normal dream in some sort of alternate reality where my dad is apparently a really bad driver XD (I mean, IRL he rarely goes near the speed limit, but he's not a bad driver).  So we accidentally hit someone else's car and we all got out of the car.

You know how in dreams you magically jump to another location and pick up where you left off without anyone noticing?  Yeah, all of a sudden we were in a garage, I think, and the FFVII crew was there.  Just Zack, Cloud, Seph, and I think Angeal, though.  In other words, the guys XD  We were waiting for something and Seph ordered pizza.

...But apparently this was some sort of other universe where they either never met Seph or someone is tampering with memories, because at the end of the dream I got a solo Sephiroth reflection on how he'd forgotten to extend the "cold" part of his personality and ended up being unusually nice and normal to Zack and co. ^^ Woke up right then... at eight in the morning?!  I'm proud of myself.  I never wake up early when school isn't in, and I should probably start now.

Cousins from Los Vegas in two days!  I always wondered why all my cousins are either older or younger than myself and my sister; these guys are younger.  The youngest brother is the only one that can get annoying, though, so there will be fun.  Maybe it's because their dad is strict when it comes to respect...  Remember when I was talking about "Ate" and "Kuya"?  We use those for cousins too, and he scolded them sharply for not calling my sister and I "Ate" when we were visiting them.

....Ohohoh And speaking of my uncle, he's one of eight children, and a twin (Romeo/Juliet XD).  When he lived in Wisconsin with us he used to have a car he called the Romeobile XD.  And he helped us write our names and the names of our cousins on the wooden wall we erected in the basement to separate it into two rooms.  And it was fun, and I hope when we move out other people will write their names on the wall ^^.

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Homemade cheesecake is tasty.

According to a friend who tagged me on a Tag My Pals dot com picture, I'm the "extremely cheerful one" XD People tell me that I have a permanently sad look on my face unless I'm smiling, but I suppose in our circle of friends I fit the bill best.

Now importing my journal to Facebook. Yay! Now you guys can comment without getting LJs ; ) Remember the Literary Magazine short story, "Breaking the Ice"? I've rewritten that like three times, it's longer and you get to read about Gackt and Inoke beating each other up. Unless I take it out again while I'm typing it up, and I'm known to be a very un-decisive person >_> But yeah. Gonna put that up here, and work on the rest of the stuff.


YES, I WILL,  I SWEAR.  I'm lazy, I'm a bad time-management person, and things will probably get posted before I have the patience/motivation to revise them, but things will get done.  Ugh, when did I get so lazy?

Funny thing about Rose's name )

Inoke/Gackt/Rose is for the 90% of my female classmates who like love stories >_> Iolani/Shiida/Amber/Singing Rain is friendship and adventure. I always liked "band of three/four/five" stories. I once wrote a Dragonfable story about my character, my sister's character, my awesome tree friend's character and her brother's character. And then there's the pre-Crisis Core stuff I write in my notebook when I'm bored at school.

And in other news, I have the format for the Game from Lead Me to Heaven all figured out, so I'm just going to go rewrite the email and edit the first chapter.  This Game has the potential to be WAY more taxing than the Seven Missions format.

Cut because for some reason the dream part became long )

I need to stop eating before I go to bed. Or did I not eat when I had those dreams? I should keep track...


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