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First things first: [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me a belated Christmas present!

And so Luceti canon leaves the realm of Luceti-only. Also to be found under this cut: life and fandom things! )
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Our good friends over at Artix Entertainment once made an announcement that I believe is very expressive of the way I feel right now.  Here, lemme copypasta that for you.

Cut because I realize that parodies of well-known Bible passages are not always looked kindly upon. )

I am, of course, not in the beta testing stage of creating a new online RPG, but this is pretty much how I feel.  In my infinite wisdom I have managed to miss the birthdays of literally every single friend I have this year-- including my offline friends-- and resolved, as I have before, not to post until I had EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY PRESENT I'd planned done.


You know what, screw this, I'mma just whip up like a million oneshots for y'all.  ACTUAL ONESHOTS.  NOT THESE LAME BLURBS I'VE BEEN DOING.  Don't bother wishing me luck, just boot me in the pants whenever you see me online and say GET TO WORK, MISSY.

Yes, the guys at AE did actually post that.  Here, look for yourself.

...Um.  So, uh, thanks everyone! 8D In lieu of presents for you guys, I suppose I must list my own presents.  SO.  Have some photos:

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I'm sick.  All the usual symptoms: runny nose, inability to breathe properly due to runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, slight headaches here and there.  At least I'm fulfilling my yearly illness quota before the Wisconsin winter kicks in, though, LOL.  Got infinitely worse last night, resulting in REALLY getting sick and then feeling much better afterwards, so hopefully that was the Obviously Ill portion of it and I'll be fine tomorrow. XD

My sister did her usual run to the library in order to find the movies she wants to watch, and she brought home one called Sunshine.  ...I think live action trauma is a little more difficult for me to swallow, now that I think about it XD It's not even that bad, I'm just wimpy.  LOLOLOL.  She also got Batman Begins again, probably due to her excitement for Arkham City (she's more excited for that than Revelations, which is understandable as it comes out first), and then I realized I have never seen that movie in full either.  WHAT THE.  HOW.

And now, the things you may or may not actually care about. )


Apr. 24th, 2011 10:21 pm
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You know that thing I used to complain about all the time?  That thing where my brother or father would go "Oh, there's a virus on the computer!" and proceed to reset the computer to factory settings, thus deleting everything?

My poor little sister T__T She's more upset than I am.  She had a ton of stuff.

*sighs, goes to find everything again*

EDIT: Was looking through old entries for stuff, and found this:

Click to see image~ )

I was looking for this! >3 You might have seen a part of it from my icons.  The artist's Deviantart (Black-fire-Limstella) was suspended, and this one is in storage anyway, but amusingly the embed code you can get from the picture's page still displays an image of it. LOLOLOL. Thieves be warned, for this is nowhere near full size.
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Just thought you guys should know.  >___>  That is all.

ANYWAY, ganking a meme from [ profile] rose_of_pollux  because it looks FUNZIES.  Post an extract from each work-in-progress you have. No context, no explanations.

Does this not already sound like fun? You get to see what crazy crap goes on in my head where no one is looking!  Feel free to ask for explanations if you want.  And before you ask, yes, some of this was written quite some time ago XD

Troubled Waters, FFVII )Danse Macabre, Tales of Phantasia )Blurry, Tales of Symphonia )The Broken Manas and My One and Only, Tales of Symphonia )It Isn't Heaven, Castlevania )Princess Tutu/Tales of Phantasia Crossover )

I have half of the fourth chapter of Clockwork Mansion done, but I'm too lazy to run upstairs and grab another notebook.  I already have four sitting next to me as I type!
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You know, if you don't think a human in a washing machine is weird, I wonder if I want to know what you think is weird. LOL.

I remember a certain cartoon show I absolutely could not bear to watch as a little kid. Over at my friends' houses, we'd often watch whatever happened to be on tv at the time while we took turns with the computer/other tv outside, but if this show came up, I would BEG them to change the channel. Often they'd convince me to watch it for a few minutes, but after that they'd be as creeped out as I was and we'd all agree to watch something else.

I absolutely cannot stand Courage the Cowardly Dog.

I know it's supposed to be scary, but I personally think they overdid it.  There was this one episode where the old man was... eaten by his foot or something, and he was inside his foot and there was a couch and everything in there and aklasjdhfj.  And the stuff that happened to Eustace!  I had to force myself to watch it, and then I'd flee the room for a good thirty minutes.  And I remember the marathon they had a few years ago when I was at a friend's house...  That was boring, because there was nothing else on and I didn't want to watch that <_<

The one episode I remember the best was the one where Courage was getting "perfect" lessons, which I believe was the episode that creeped me out the least.  At the end, the professor said something like, "Draw a perfect six."  Courage pulled out a pencil and some crayons and drew this weird abstract drawing that took up the whole paper, and showed it to her.

Then he folded it up so the pictures formed a six, which I thought was absolutely awesome.  The lady melted, shrieking, "THAT"S NOT PERFEEEEECT" <_<

And there was a big talking fish that convinced Courage that no one was perfect.  it was just....  hanging out in his bathtub.  And waay at the end of the episode, the fish showed up cooked on the dinner table, and it was STILL able to talk o.0

I still don't want to watch it .___.


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