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but that place seems a little empty right about now :D;;;

Anyway, even if you haven't seen Frozen, you've probably heard Let It Go, and deal is [personal profile] countercolette WROTE ME A LET IT GO PARODY FOR DHAOS AND IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL


Angie really knows how to make presents sob, I am going to make regular card-sending a thing and it'll still take me like a year to build up this much awesome.

Everyone please listen to it and then tell Angie she is a lovely lovely person and a quality human being okok

I was also thinking of streaming today but FRIDAY... but I have nothing to do for the rest of today, so if I get the charger that is a thing that I can do. WE COULD PLAY PHANTASIA OR WATCH FROZEN IN CELEBRATION.
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I went paintballing last week! We wanted to get ten people so it would be a private party, but we could only get seven, and then two people backed out because of the increased cost and one person wasn't feeling well T__T But it was still fun!

Sobs for my wallet )
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Maaany many images under this cut. BUT IT'S WORTH IT I SWEAR. )

Also Juan drew everything else except Stalin and our teacher's face, both of which were drawn by another physics classmate of mine. He did draw the random mustaches though.

Also he still hasn't graded our IAs yet rofl.
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But first, COD:BO2 news! )

Developments on the whole exam thing have been hilarious. The staff have gone from all saying full price to half saying they've never heard of it, and one teacher outright going NOPE, while the other half still says full price. So what I'm guessing will happen is we'll be paying half price and everything will be cool \o/

I still hate the fifth floor.  There aren't a lot of things in this world that I hate (Scott Walker is actually not one of them, which should give you an idea), but I do hate stairs, and the fifth floor seems to consist entirely of stairs.  And I hate stairs.

The warranty on my speaker toy hasn't run out yet. Muahaha...

The Avengers poster DID fall down, though not on my face. It's lying on the ottoman bench thing in front of my piano until we can figure out how to get it to stick. Since that's not likely to happen, it'll probably lay there forever/until the next time I practice. LOL.

I have decided for the fifty-first time that POTC:TCOTBP (or just Pirates 1, LOLOLOLOLOL) is the best movie ever.  Ever.  It is not up for discussion.  And boy am I glad I posted that Sherlock Holmes crossover fic link in here, or I'd have to go looking for it again.

ROUND 14 GOT DIS. \o/ And Kino 4 is going to be jacked up. Just sayin'.


Mar. 17th, 2012 07:13 pm
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I missed a lot during my giant RP hiatus.  ...Because again, let's face it, I've pretty much been gone since October.  Alexei and Leonhardt's posts in particular have made me realize just how much: Nadia expressed interest in introducing Leonhardt to Dhaos in Dhaos's last post, and Alexei...

This post, it is TL;DR. ...Man, it feels good to say that again. LOLOLOL. )

What I have been doing, in the meantime, is contriving in my head a million different plotlines and circumstances and developments which require either castmates who don't exist or the cooperation of way too many people at once to be realistically hoped for.  But as everyone probably knows by now, imagining impossible things is one of my favorite pastimes and the reason I took up fandom in the first place, so I have no intention of stopping. XD; I would write fic for some of them if the ideas weren't so hideously incomplete and my own knowledge of many of the characters involved so... also hideously incomplete. XD As of right now, they only warrant REALLY SHORT BLURBS.
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First of all, everyone give a big welcome to rethira! This unfortunate soul made the grave mistake of doing one of those Abandoned Fic Project memes, including a tiny tidbit from a Phantasia fic while mentioning Dhaos being pretty, and must now pay the consequences 8D

And now, witness why even offhandedly mentioning Tales of Phantasia where I can see you is a bad idea. )

Oh yeah, finally got into BBC Sherlock. I was going to recommend it to my sister and see if she liked it, but she beat me to it and is demanding I watch it. It's awesome, guys, go see it if you haven't already. XD
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...'Dem is El Shaddai spoilers! )

Aaaanyway, 'tis Amnesty Week up in [community profile] tales_100 , except it is also Back To the Drill week sob, but only a hundred words guys. I could whip up a hundred words right now if I really wanted to >__> So hopefully there'll be that, and then I gotta tag a bunch of stuff in Luceti (that Joshua post is just BEGGING for a Dhaos reply, seriously), allow Grune to sadface all over Dhaos, fix up some of the text and links in Dhaos' journal (I... don't think there are links on the right anymore. LOL.), aaaaand derp around with other stuff before I have to head back to THE GRIND tomorrow. Baw.

...Amusingly, my body seems to have automatically reset itself. I've been going to bed at about the same hour every day, but despite waking up past noon for the past few days, I inexplicably awoke at five today-- the time I usually wake up in the morning. LOL. It knoooooows.

My mom and grandmother were upset about Best Friend/Neighbor for coming over to our house to bake cupcakes yesterday ><; They were all BUT WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO DO IT HERE AND WHY DIDN'T SHE GIVE YOU ANYYYYYYY.  Not angry about it, but taking a little more issue with it than I really like.  I baked two whole cheesecakes by myself once, you guys.  Baking alone is lonely T__T; No word from her how it went yet, still at school-- but we have to go get a couple dishes we used to get the cupcakes over to her house when she gets home, I think maybe that was the thing that tipped Mom into the Disapproving state about the whole thing.  LOL.
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Let it be known that literally the very first thing I did in the new year was break a glass.

Our combination New Year's celebration and birthday party for my mom was awesome, besides the fact that I BROKE A GLASS SOB, and there were grapes and it was amazing 8D

Also, LOLOLOL YESTERDAY'S PACKER GAME. Since the Packers already have the number one seed in the playoffs, they let all their 'star' players-- Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson, etc. (not Donald Driver, though)-- take a rest, and let all their backups play.

Matt Flynn set a Packers record for most touchdown passes and yards in a game.



RP stuff. But, um, not for Luceti. Also cupcakes 8D )
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What better subject for a test entry than something largely pointless but fun? :D

life - 76 uses
tales of phantasia - 70 uses
lol - 69 uses

That sounds about right. LOLOLOL.

The Packers won and I got chocolate and PJs, and as you all know I really like chocolate and PJs, and so this has been a happy Christmas 8D I hope all of you guys have had happy Christmases too, and equally happy Sundays if you don't celebrate Christmas! It is good to be happy whether you celebrate Christmas or not, mmyes.

...The Packers are playing on New Year's, too. I think they're the only team in history to play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's in the same year. LOLOLOL.

I went over a bunch of Dhaos and Grune's old threads today or tried, because you can't even find a thread if it's underneath an enormous one, which... a lot of Dhaos and Grune's threads are, sob, and realized that yes, I have, in fact, somehow managed to pull off the 'developing slowly' thing. XD Although I have also managed to contradict things I said two tags ago, because I have awesome memory like that. It's just, d'aaaaw, these two. They are so cute. My personal favorite thread would have to be the Sleeping Beauty log, though, because alskdjaksjd despite my epic term fail and insistence upon using the words absolutely not it ended up being so hilarious and I just die laughing whenever I read it you guys. So much love.

I need to wriiiiiite something for these two again. Something not hideously sad.  Also you guys, I found a themeset comm centered around one party not speaking.  Lol I should try this.

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Oh, hey, look!  I am trying to get back into the habit of posting! XD

I saw the draft details and I was like YES LOL DHAOS CAN TRAP HIMSELF/OTHERS IN A DEPLETED MINE OR SOMETHING AND SPEND THE LAST FEW HOURS CURSING HIMSELF.  And then I was like oh yeah, he can teleport.  LOLOLOL.  He could just get out himself or rescue his poor victims, unless they were buried alive.  But I would still giggle if he brought an entire chamber down, despite knowing the mods would never let me do so XD

But anyway, gotta sort out the draft details, then gotta sort out the mind control plot details, then I gotta sort out the vampire plot details... lol I am behind.  Well, at least I'll be free soon!

Aaaand life stuff! )

Uh what else.  THINGS.  REMIND ME OF THEM.
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I had a ton of things to say earlier this week, did not say them and forgot.  Baw.  So it is random anecdote day!

Random Anecdote Day! )

So yes!  All I need is a Manny Pacquiao victory, and I'm all set!  ...Hopefully! >>;
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First of all, look at what [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me!

Click for picture! )

Um, what else?  ...I've made absolutely no progress in Arkham City.  I never get the TV and the laptop at the same time >__>

Also lol I just realized that not everyone uses 'ugly' as a synonym for 'stupid'.  Oh well, people will just assume I was talking about the moon XD

And now, the Ebay Saga. Cut because it managed to get really long. )
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Our good friends over at Artix Entertainment once made an announcement that I believe is very expressive of the way I feel right now.  Here, lemme copypasta that for you.

Cut because I realize that parodies of well-known Bible passages are not always looked kindly upon. )

I am, of course, not in the beta testing stage of creating a new online RPG, but this is pretty much how I feel.  In my infinite wisdom I have managed to miss the birthdays of literally every single friend I have this year-- including my offline friends-- and resolved, as I have before, not to post until I had EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY PRESENT I'd planned done.


You know what, screw this, I'mma just whip up like a million oneshots for y'all.  ACTUAL ONESHOTS.  NOT THESE LAME BLURBS I'VE BEEN DOING.  Don't bother wishing me luck, just boot me in the pants whenever you see me online and say GET TO WORK, MISSY.

Yes, the guys at AE did actually post that.  Here, look for yourself.

...Um.  So, uh, thanks everyone! 8D In lieu of presents for you guys, I suppose I must list my own presents.  SO.  Have some photos:

Read more... )
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So this was originally going to be a giant post about something that happened like two months ago at Ad Lib, but I decided to hold off on posting it after typing it all up. And then my friend list came to the rescue with awesome things for me to post instead XD First of all! If you happen to like the actor Simon Oakland, [ profile] rose_of_pollux and [ profile] insaneladybug have a tribute website up! They've got a blogspot blog thing going at the bottom, too, so Simon Oakland fans should definitely check it out.

Second!  If anyone is looking for an LJ RP (...unlikely, LOLOLOL), apps open at [ profile] luceti tomorrow!  And someone made an awesome AMV with all of the Luceti characters in it!  Those are all the characters that are already taken, of course, but it's much more fun checking for castmates this way than looking at the Taken Characters page.  LOL.


Read more... )


Happy. I am happy today.
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RL Stuff! )

...Also, while we were driving to the mall, my sister burst out "OH MY GOD" and then promptly shut up.  We asked her what was up, and she said she thought the tiny little dog with ridiculously long fur walking by was a bear.  LOLOLOLOLOLOL.  We laughed about this right up until we reached the theater.

Fandom stuff! )
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I got a new laptop. Yay!  The mousepad is kind of killing my finger, but hopefully after a little while of using it I'll be used to it again.  But yes, that is good news ^^

ALSO ALSO Everyone must totally go here and squee at all the awesome images! ^0^ Hugs, I wish to give them.  Seriously.  Look at all of them!  They're all so... plunny inducing!  Be prepared for a ton of lame, lame, inaccurate and weird blurbs in the near future. Or not, who knows.

The admin from the site where I met Emil tracked me down here on LJ today.  LOL.  And the site she directed me to has the same Duke-mun I played with on the Last Words meme!  It's less of a coincidence and more of an inevitability, since she apparently searched specifically for Vesperia people, but still funny.

I was playing around in Assassin's Creed, and finally finished destroying all of Leonardo's machines. He gave me a parachute! I've been climbing up to high places and jumping off to test it. I'm such a dork >__> But you can get down much faster and just as safely from most high perches using a leap of faith, which is way cooler. If unrealistic. LOL.  I know in the last game there was at least one viewpoint you couldn't Leap of Faith from, though, which I... sort of learned the hard way.  I realized just too late, too, I jumped off and went "...Wait, aren't there usually more birds hanging out on viewpoints?"  Since birds mark things like viewpoints and places where you can Leap of Faith and so on.

Four of my recruits are full-fledged assassins! They grow up so fast.  And geez, they're all but indestructible now.  I remember when I would accidentally kill off a recruit because I left a fight and no one else did and didn't notice until the game told me a recruit was dying o.o I always felt so bad...  But now they probably know better than I do.  LOL.  The only danger is if they fall off a cliff, then they'll still die.

And now to bed. Why am I even still awake?


Jul. 21st, 2010 11:09 pm
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I love this icon! ^0^ It's from the beginning of Symphonia's intro.  Dem is some pretty wings, Yggdrasill!

So I spent today trying to get some headway on my entries for the Princess Tutu AMV contest, and I... got almost nowhere!  I keep downloading the episodes and they keep disappearing and it's DRIVING ME INSAAAANE.  Argh...  It's worked for two episodes so far, but headache you guys.  Headache.

The music is making me happy however, so we'll focus on that.  Yaaay...

I watched the episode I tried to download and have come to the conclusion that Mytho's frilly prince outfit is awesome, and I want it.  All their clothes are so cool-looking!

Oh yeah, saw Despicable Me, which is the movie whose preview originally led me to believe it was a Carmen Sandiego movie X3 It was so cute, and funny.  For one thing, Gru's space suit gets washed in the same load as the girls' tutus and turns pink, but he still wears it.  LOL.

And all this is sorta overshadowed by return of Best Friend/Neighbor omg.

She goes to North Carolina every year to see her dad, and it's been really boring around here without her T__T Mostly because she's not around to be awesome with and "deal with my [sister's] bull" as my sister puts it, but also in small part because she took our DS, which I forgot to take our copy of Tales of Phantasia out of.  Yes, that means I haven't finished it yet.  Stupid Mars, jacking my equipment.  BUT SHE'S BACK and the rest of the summer will be massive funzies.


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