Jul. 4th, 2011 06:21 am
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 Why am I awake at six in the morning.

So yesterday we drove for like an hour and a half to get to the nearest grocery store (no, seriously) in Subic Bay Freeport.  And ate lunch there.  Some questions I never thought I would have to ask (again):

"If this island is smaller than Lake Michigan, why is it taking so long to drive across?
"Are speedbumps usually a foot and a half tall?"
"You mean your dogs will eat your goats if you don't tie them up?"
"Why won't they eat your chickens instead?"
"Why the heck did they put all the chips in the American Food section?"
"So your speedometer is broken?" 
"Why isn't there a speed limit?"
"Was that a 13-year-old kid on a motorcycle just now?"
"But he doesn't have a license...?"
"What, so that's legal?"
"Can I drive yours? 8D"
"Why do they put signs with such blatant lies around here?"
"They don't refrigerate milk in the grocery store?"
"How come cell phones are like a hundred dollars cheaper here?"
"...Wait, why are the prices in American dollars in the first place?"
"So in this country, it's legal to walk into a public restaurant in full military uniform carrying a machine gun bigger than you are?"

Yes, lunch was... kinda distracting with those soldiers around.  LOLOLOL.  My sister ended up taking a photo of them for laughs when we got home, but yeah. XD

Also, being attacked by mosquitoes! XD; Tropical islands in the Pacific, man.  I'll try to have photos of things up later.


Jun. 29th, 2011 09:44 pm
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YOU GUYS BEST FRIEND/NEIGHBOR CAME BACK TODAY OMG SUCH AWESOME TIMING 8DD Except now we will not see her again for a mooonth. Aaaaw. But yes, I didn't think I'd even get to see her before we left! ^0^

My sister and I spent today with our dad at Holy Hill. Yes, again. I love that place, man, it's probably the highest spot in our part of the state, and in flat, flat Wisconsin, you can see everything from the top of the Scenic Tower. I've ranted about this place a lot, so I'll just say that we saw an ADORABLE BABY CHIPMUNK and leave it at that.

So yesterday my sister and I went on a GRAND QUEST to go see the third LotR movie at the mall.  Quest because we had no money and no ride, both of which we managed to procure by pleading with our older brother to watch it with us and our grandmother somehow being a psychic and deciding to lend us money.

And so, at seven o' clock, my sister, brother and I set out to watch an awesome four-hour-long movie that we didn't even know existed back when it first came out.  And it was so awesome.  Dude, man, there were tons of extra scenes and the battle of Pelennor Fields and you guys, Theoden's final charge was so epic I could have cried.

Also, my sister has apparently been way more obsessed with Thor than I thought, as she found a pair of awesome fanfics apparently written by Terry Pratchett's Jedi Apprentices, as well as a TON of GIFs.  She's saved a lot of GIFs that have nothing to do with Thor, too, so I have brought them here for you today to enjoy as a farewell gift.  Three guesses who her favorite character is, LOLOLOL.

Cut for LOLs )

I'm leaving the house at eight in the morning tomorrow, so until I arrive in the Philippines I shall be MISSING BAAAW.

See you guys later!
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RL Stuff! )

...Also, while we were driving to the mall, my sister burst out "OH MY GOD" and then promptly shut up.  We asked her what was up, and she said she thought the tiny little dog with ridiculously long fur walking by was a bear.  LOLOLOLOLOLOL.  We laughed about this right up until we reached the theater.

Fandom stuff! )


May. 20th, 2011 09:50 pm
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After about three months of delay while my mom tried to convince my sister to come, we finally bought plane tickets to the Philippines!  Apparently all of my aunts and uncles living in the US are coming this time around, like a huge family reunion, and it's going to be awesome.  I really enjoyed our last trip (was that two years ago already?) and had a lot of fun with all my cousins and their friends, and I'm looking forward to it.  We're leaving on the 30th of June, and returning on the 30th of July.  But I'll probably neglect to do anything until like the second of August, because the last time we went to the Philippines I slept for twenty straight hours after the return trip.  LOL.  Classes tend to start around the 15th of August for me, so that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for... well, summer.  But that's alright!  Tropical islands in the Pacific are worth it!

I had internet access last time, but I'm sure this time everyone will be dragging me away from their computer, LOL.  So no month-long disappearances here, but I might be scarce.  Might.  Knowing myself, I'll find a way.  And after that, instead of being seven hours behind everyone, I'll be six hours ahead of everyone.  LOLOLOL.

Seriously, all of my LJ friends live in Europe except for Faye, Crystal and Kathleen.  No really, go check.  Excluding the people who never use their LJs, who are mostly my RL classmates and Keiiii XD

Anyway, exams from the 25th-27th.  I need to get all the stuff I lent out to my classmates back before then: one of my friends is borrowing my PSP so he can play FFVII.  LOL.  He's known for finishing games ridiculously quickly, so my main concern is that we only have one class together.

Fandom stuff )
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State Fair on Wednesday, Six Flags yesterday, tons of mah-jong people tomorrow. Too many things going on, and then school starts on the eighteenth (lol, neither of my guesses were correct) and wow.

Both State Fair and Six Flags were massive funzies, except for when my youngest cousin ran off and disappeared in Six Flags right while we were going to leave for the night, causing us to stay and look for him for at least an hour.  Much more of an ordeal than I make it sound, but I'd much rather remember the good parts.  Six Flags is ftw!

What is this I don't even )

Oh yeah... Remember those Egyptian Store pictures I promised way back in April? They accidentally got downloaded to my friend's computer, which is why it took so long. LOL. But here they are!

I'm sure I had more, but my friend had to send me these by email, so I'm not surprised I didn't get all of them.  Anyway, there you go.  You may now tell me I have the best mall ever.
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I've just decided that I absolutely adore mythology gags.  But first, the past two days.

TL;DR: Weekend was five kinds of Fly. )

Catching up on stuff and leaving to play DotNW.  I certainly hope it's better than the LJ community's reviews would imply.

Oh, before I forget, there's a store called "Egyptian International Art" at our local mall.  Gotta get the pictures up soon.
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Give you a clue: I've ranted about it at least three times now.

Bought some postcards to send to my cousins in the Philippines, and I picked up one of the maps.  Front and back.

No creepy ghost stories surrounding the place, just about how motorists always have accidents because it's, you know, on a hill.  I know this place like the back of my hand though, and I'd love to write a story set here sometime.  It's just that none of my muses live anywhere near Wisconsin.  LOL.

There weren't as many people there as I thought there'd be, and everyone there who wasn't Hispanic was Filipino, which was nice.  And I saw a classmate there! :)

Also, I must remember that whenever I scan something, my scanner likes to save it in absolutely huge sizes (3300+ pixels tall/wide) which makes the upload frustratingly slow.
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"Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne'er succeed
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need."

- Emily Dickinson, "Success is counted sweetest"

You should see the live feed on my Facebook. It's full of my friends' commentary on the Superbowl. My congratulations go out to the Saints! I bet New Orleans is going relatively insane right now-- relatively because I've heard it's always going insane over there.

Another mall visit, and I discover what is probably going to become another one of my favorite book series. )
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After over 24 hours of driving, I am finally in my home away from home in Beacon, New York.  Spent most of the drive sleeping.  And playing a card game with my sister.  How are you supposed to spell that?  Tong-it?  My mom and her friends spend most of their party time playing either that or mah-jong, so it was nice to finally learn what they're doing.

It only took 24 hours because we took a detour to Niagara Falls, though.  Wow.  You come up on the observation deck, and you see the nearest part of the falls, and you say "Well that's not SO impressive."

And then you take the Maid of the Mist boat tour.  They give you these weird blue raincoat things, and in the summer it's like you're wearing a garbage bag!  And my dad took his hat with him, lol  They take you to the real Niagara Falls, and holy frogzard droppings Batman.  My hood fell off and I got drenched.

Those falls are much more impressive when you're looking up at them from the bottom.

And there was this big rock that we got to climb yay.

We bought a yo-yo at the gift shop, along with a vial of 24 karat gold.  It isn't much, but it sure looks pretty.

And there is internet, yay!  So there will be fun.  Except that we didn't bring any game systems this time around, so FE will have to wait until we get back.

...Okay, I can't think of anything else to say >_>  But my cousin's house has been my New York home for five years, at least, at I'm going to be sad when they move away.

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Organizing this into cuts, as it's a looong entry.

Yeah, just got back.  Yeah, the Dells as in the waterpark capital of the world.  Yeah, my school is just awesome when it comes to end of year fieldtrips, usually.  Went to Mt. Olympus!

Waking up and transportation issues. )

Stuff we did and the Zeus )

The Hades: The Monster Rollercoaster That Puts Six Flags to Shame )

Lunch and Waterslides )

Poseidon's Rage )

Bad time management )

The ride home was much quieter, and here I am.  Ah, if we get the chance, we are definitely coming back for the summer...

Holy Hill

May. 4th, 2009 03:52 pm
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So yesterday I went to Holy Hill.  Always a great place to go when you're bored and have time to spare.

Holy Hill is the highest point in southeastern Wisconsin (unfortunately forcing me to reveal my status as a Wisconsinite, which actually should have been obvious when I mentioned WKCE [Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination] testing sometime before, I think), which probably isn't saying much, as Wisconsin is pretty flat XD  I think it's about 20 minutes from Milwaukee.
History Lesson )
As the name implies, it's a church on top of a hill.  A biiiig hill.  There are two ways to get to the church; drive up the hill, or drive up part of the way, take a left onto this old dirt road and walk half a mile the rest of the way.  The latter is my favorite way to go; there are fourteen "Stations of the Cross" on the way up.  There's a lot of stuff once you get up there; they've got a gift shop, an eatery, the Chapel of St. Therese, the main church (which is pretty impressive, by the way) and my favorite attraction; the Scenic Tower.

The church has two identical towers; one is the belltower, I think, and the other is the Scenic Tower.  After dropping 50 cents into the little tollbox at the base (no one tends it, but you wouldn't begrudge your church 50 cents, would you?), you can climb 178 steps to the top of the tower.  The last flight is absolutely frightening.  It's one of those towers where it's a huge, open space; windows, no glass.  Seriously, you could climb out and leap to your doom if you wanted to.  The fire-escape style staircase goes right past the open part.  A stranger randomly mused about what it would be like to be up there in a thunderstorm; my sister suggested a tornado.  Anyway, at the top, the windows have bars on them, and you can see over flat Wisconsin forever.  Really.  Remember when I said the hill was 20 minutes away from Milwaukee?  You can see the city from up there!  And Lake Michigan, if you look hard enough!  Really!

My friend, my little sister and I went up three times; we ran down to grab the camera from my parents (which promptly ran out of battery on the way up >_>  Fortunately, if you open the battery cover and shut it again, the power lasts a couple seconds, so we did get some photos), and ran into Dad on the way down.  So we went up again XD  My legs are still tired.

I labelled the wrong tower, but here's what it looks like:  http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg254/NortheasternWind/ScenicTower.jpg

...So yeah.  Best church ever.
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The Gamer's Writer's Block and a conversation got me thinking about the fun times my sister and I used to have at my friend's house.  Their house wasn't in the city, and they had a half acre backyard, which was fun ^^  This is one of my favorite growing up story for some reason, probably because I remember it so well.  Feels like yesterday!

Anyway,  my friend and her brother own an NES and a copy of Mario 3.  So we'd go to her house and, owning a Sega Genesis and Sonic 2 myself, I'd always hang around when they fired it up.  I usually played as Luigi with the brother as Mario, and my sister/friend would go to the adjacent kitchen to make popcorn.  There was more to it than that, but now that I'm telling the story I seem to have forgotten it >_>

More videogame memories were made at the same time when we started bringing our Gamecube over to play Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.  My friend is not a strategy game person, but she fell in love with the characters and story.

Oh yeah.  And they also had a stereo and a CD with John Cena's theme music on it.  We'd do this "Monkey-Frog" dance thing to the music where you kinda... jump up and down like a frog doing that driving pantomime with both hands XD  I remember the grown-ups were all in the recreation room/bar downstairs and my friend said, "No, we all have to do it at the same time so downstairs everyone just hears 'THUMP!  THUMP!  THUMP!  THUMP!'" Eventually we got the one guy who smokes outside and we locked him out. XD We were in single-digit ages, we hardly knew better.

And yes, the parents did eventually tell us to go outside.  So you know what we did?  We roleplayed the characters from Fire Emblem.  And my friend LOVED to roleplay them out of character, which led to some amusing situations, though it was kinda annoying.  She was usually Lethe, the token girl from the cat race who really hates humans, so making paper claws was kinda fun.  Oh yeah, and for swords, we used these metal tent poles about an arm and a half long XD  We never hurt each other, but we did have some fun swordfights.

And my favorite part ^^  Our tree.  it was actually two trees that grew ridiculously close to each other; it was a pine tree, and some other type of tree that grew within reach of the pine tree's branches.  There was an opening on the west side of the tree were you could go in, and it was pretty cleared out in there- while still keeping plenty of branches for climbing.  We found a nest of (bluebirds?) with eggs in it.  ^^  One didn't hatch, but pretty soon we'd climb up there to say hi.  They were so small and cute ^^  We split the grounded part of the tree into "rooms" based on where the branches were.  My sword tent pole was hung on a nail in my "room."  We went back after my friend was kicked out of the house and it was still there; I like to think that it's still there right now.  Not likely, but it hasn't been THAT long.

Ah, yes.  My friend's mom had actually rented the house from one of her lady-friends who'd moved to Hawaii.  She decided that she wanted to sell the house, and kicked my friend out ;__; At least that's what I was told.  I should ask again...

And they sent people to cut down our tree ;__;  They cleared out all the lower branches and cut down the second tree.  The nest survived, though ^^

And apparently I'm an accessory, because the brother eventually started vandalizing the guy's truck >_>  We're not even sure it was his; it was a broken down old thing that randomly appeared in their driveway when he came, as far as I'm aware.  I didn't exactly want to stop him, but he didn't do anything extreme.  Just trying to break off the D in Ford and poking holes in the filter thing in front <_<

Oh yeah, and there was a hill we'd go sledding down a lot.


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