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First, TV. )

And then, webcomics. )

...Anyway, wow, not getting anything done. Tomorrow we're probably going to go see Sherlock Holmes 2, which I've heard a lot of good and bad things about. And also spoiled myself. But I don't know the general plot, just one giant thing, so it should be good. I know everyone is tired of Sherlock Holmes by now, but I'll have my usual IT WAS AWESOME post tomorrow maybe and we shall all be happy again.

Also you guys, it makes me sad that Dreamwidth only gives inbox notifs for very specific comments. I have two different emails for both of my journals, guys XD
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But first, my return to America!

So here's the final tally for travel time:

-4 hour drive to Manila
-5 hour wait in airport
-3.5 hour flight to Nagoya
-1 hour wait in airport
-11.5 hour flight to Detroit
-8 hour wait in airport
-+1 hour due to delay
-1 hour flight home

The rest is negligible due to it feeling like I was already home. So add that all up, and you've got... 35 hours of traveling! The worst parts were the wait in Manila and the monster flight, though, as Detroit's airport is enormous. The one hallway I was confined to was a mile and a quarter long, with over a hundred stores, and that was just Concourse A.  But that flight!  You guys, why does the Pacific Ocean have to be so big?

Also, it was 1 AM on the 30th when I arrived in Manila, and 10 PM on the 30th when I arrived in the airport at home. Longest day of my life!

Haru-Sari and lolz. )


Jun. 1st, 2011 12:03 am
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I made like a ton of Haru-Sari icons today. All crops, but dude. Keiiii's style is tough for my extremely-inexperienced-self to color. LOLOLOL.

Icons mainly feature a character whose entire existence is a huge spoiler, so if you plan on reading H-S and haven't gotten to Chapter 16 yet, don't look!

...I think some of these might be repeats, actually. )


May. 27th, 2011 05:15 pm
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It is now summer for me!  I only had three exams for some reason, now that I think about it-- a lot of my teachers gave them early.  Which lead to a hilarious moment during the physics exam when a classmate asked if he could exempt halfway through the whole thing.  LOLOLOL.

Something I neglected to mention Monday because I thought it was a one time thing happened again Tuesday: weapons check.  Apparently someone found bullets somewhere in the building, so instead of spending the last two days before exams going over stuff we've been taking an hour (or two) out of each day to screen everyone in the building.  Despite my tone here, I'm not particularly upset, but it is annoying.

Just to give you an idea of how long it took the first day, that was the day my friend gave me my PSP back; I opened up his last save, beat FFVII, and watched the ending and the credits before it was my turn.  And then they only checked the pocket that I never put anything in for some reason. Aaaand yesterday I wasn't checked at all: they let me through without searching my bag or anything, presumably to save time.

...That's kind of worrying.  XD;  One of my classmates pointed out that it could have just been a really dumb person who hunts like every other male citizen of my city and brought the bullets to school for some reason, but you really gotta wonder.

Also, uh. I walked out of the building and saw a good friend standing around with other friends, so I walked on out and went "Hey! =D" ...And stepped right into a photo another friend was taking of two people I had not seen on the other side of the path. .__.; I'M SORRY YOU GUYS. Now I'm randomly grinning like a dork all on the edge of the photo, so at least you have blackmail on me now? XD

'Crap, I left my fridge open!' )
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I officially love the Haru-Sari fandom.  There aren't a whole lot of us, but we're awesome.

Haru-Sari spoilers/grotesque things, Assassin's Creed musing, and rambling about Phantasia fic ideas. )
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Last night, I had a dream where Dhaos was Macbeth.  It was the scene where Macbeth is awaiting the arrival of Malcolm and Macduff's army from England, but instead of Macbeth's huge rollercoaster of emotion and ALSDKJFH, Dhaos was just "I do not even care anymore."  When he called for Seyton, the guy who showed up looked suspiciously like how I imagine the captain of his Royal Guard in my headcanon (Kent from FE7...), and he was going all "Pull yourself together! ><"

And then when I woke up, I remembered that my last exam was British Authors.  LOLOLOLOL...

Also, LOLOLOL at Phoenix opening up a portal right in Chi's shower.  He's still wearing his clothes (he's really shaken up from the full-color two-page spread I linked to earlier...), so it ends up just being dramatic and "Ohhh where is she taking him?"  I wanna know what's inside Alby's vault!

You guys, I'm sick again.  What the heck?  I was just sick in... what, September?  I've filled my quota for this year!  And it's made taking exams really annoying, too.  It seems to be going around the school, as I wasn't the only one.

Hey look, it's a Phantasia/Princess Tutu crossover blurb!  Not the one I've been alkfdjhd-ing over for exactly a month now, but it's something.  ...Excuse the lameness, I'm ill? T__T

Hey look, it's a really lame blurb! T~T )


Dec. 10th, 2010 10:29 pm
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Alrighty, school ends on the 22nd.  And after that, funzies!  And freetime!

Just random catching up. )
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A jumble of random stuff. )
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First off: Sephiroth apparently has crap luck with dice.

Ahem.  Alright, so, guess what happened to my computer again?  It's been freezing a lot lately-- when my sister was using it this morning, it froze for a few seconds every time she clicked.  It's cleaned up now for some reason, but I'm not expecting it to last long... Dad rebooted the computer again-- erasing everything, again, though I'm not angry this time as I had the sense to save everything on my flash drive when I discovered the computer going bonkers-- and now my backup computer is being lame.

Sad, you guys ;~; But I can still use it, which is a massive relief.

More fangirling-- but not for the Tales Series this time. )

I guess I'd better get working while I still have an edge, huh? X3
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First day of Driver's Ed and I forgot my handbook.  Fail.  Pretty good thing I got the nicer teacher...

At this rate, I'm going to need another notebook soon! )

Driver's Ed handbook is now safely in my bookbag, where it is staying regardless of whether I am at Driver's Ed or not.  That's not going to happen again.
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More Homecoming Week fun. )

Without a laptop, and a crap image editing program, there's not much I can do with icons, but there've been so many new pages that I had to make some T__T;  The last four icons before the colored pages were all the same page: Alby lamenting on how his sister doesn't have much time left ;___;

I love how only the first one and some of the colored ones don't feature either Alby or Phoenix.

Haru-Sari Icons~! )
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What... the... heck?!

How the heck am I supposed to feel about that?!  Ph-Phoenix...? Are you serious?  I mean, clearly Alberich is planning something extremely malicious, but... Phoenix?  You're serious?  Whooooooa.  I wonder what she could possibly want so much that she would do that...  Looks like things are going to REALLY start hitting the fan soon.  I gotta redownload Paint.NET and make some icons... I haven't in a while, and there are so many new, wonderful pages to make them from!

Dude, Phantasia needs a fandom.  Like, soon.  Like, as in, Namco needs to release Tales of Phantasia X and Narikiri Dungeon X in the US.  When it comes out.  I hear that apparently Milard leaves Klarth's place for some reason (apparently it's to help him somehow, I've got no details...) and apparently Klarth... gets so lonely he gets friggin' drunk!  DUDE KLARTH.  ...Though, I'm finding myself morbidly interested now T__T;

I love how all my favorite pairings are off-screen, by the way.  Kratos/Anna, Yuan/Martel, Klarth/Milard...

Also, in the trailer, Dhaos looks so bored sitting there on that throne with a fist on his cheek XD; But I know that he's dead when Mel and Dio go see him, so he's probably a ghost who hasn't got much to do...  I feel so sorry for him!  The GBA game didn't even have voiced dialogue and I still felt sorry for him.

"Even if I go back in time, I can't... change it back.  .... ...Truly... if there is evil in this world... it lurks in the hearts of men."

It's just so sad, hearing him use that same phrase he used to say to Cress and co. to describe himself.  I dun want him to be a tree forever, even though that's kinda how Martel ends up...  But Martel doesn't mind at all.  She actually tells Team Symphonia not to worry about her and germinate the Great Seed, while poor Dhaos was tied to the Mana Seed by accident.


Sep. 11th, 2010 11:02 pm
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Obligatory fic-posting ramble. )

Going to change the title when I think of a better one. Overcome Difficulties or Go Over Adversity?  Both of them sound too epic for this one.  LOL.  Anyway, hopefully my writing juices will come back in full now!
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As it turns out, I was using the wrong warp in Welgaia.  Whoops.

RP stuff. )

Haru-Sari? Where did that come from? )
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So my parents let me buy FFVII from the Playstation Network yesterday, and I immediately got to downloading it. Ten hours. Okay. Annoying, but hey, what can you do?

Five hours in the connection reset. 

I left it overnight and it stalled at 96% for over an hour and a half, and the time estimate just kept going up and up, so I stopped it and downloaded Media Go and the PSN Downloader to my PC to download it that way.

Media Go doesn't work on the desktop.  Downloaded to laptop.

Laptop, as expected, overheats.  Twice.  At this point I resort to filling a ziplock bag with ice (and putting it in another ziplock bag as a safety caution) and slapping that on the stupid thing to keep it cool.  Somehow I don't consider that desperate at all o.O

Connection resets twice.

So after wasting all my time today and yesterday, I still have not played the game that launched the fandom I have written the most for thus far.  Which you'll have to take my word for, as the majority of my writing is lying around on my dresser.  This is frustrating, to say the least.

At least I have no school tomorrow.

City Champions and Brotherly Love )

Icon dump.

Feb. 19th, 2010 06:36 pm
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Just got finished rewatching Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.  The animation is beautiful, but the English voice acting is juuuust a little Narmy.  Especially Leila's.  I must say that D's introduction to the Marcus Brothers was really freaking cool, especially when the music started up.

Actually, any time the music starts up is cool.  Why do vampire franchises seem to have really good music?

Anyway, had no school today, and my sister is going to be gone at forensics until about ten at night, so it looks like I'm pretty much free to do whatever I want.  Let's see...  Icon dump?  Sure, why not.

Icons and Spoilers for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Haru-Sari, and TWEWY )
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I apparently really like AU and crossovers; I was wondering in class today what might have happened if the FFVII crew had lived in Yileria instead of Gaia.  I don't know, maybe Cloud would be a hunter with the ECA, Zack could stay with the army while Sephiroth's life story would be similar to one Francis Alberich's.  Of course Seph would have been raised in a lab, which raises the question of what his name might have been.  The research facilities in Yileria name their subjects after a scheme.  For example, the Island Research Facility named their subjects after birds.  A pink-haired subject would be Flamingo, and blue-haired subject would be Jay, and a red-haired cubject would be named Parakeet.

Now, in the same class, I was trying to come up with a naming scheme for a possible H-S RP the gang over at the forums are talking about, and came up with weather names.  Sun, Sky, Rain, etc.  So what would this facility name Sephiroth?  Think about it.  What's the first weather-related term that comes to mind when you think silver, or white?


By the time the two met Sephiroth would have changed his name, of course, but imagine how strange that would be for Seph.  He'd probably get on Cloud's back even more, for reminding him of himself...
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Any more Haru-Sari icons I make will be posted here as well as the Haru-Sari forums.  Not that I need to XD  Credit and use them as you wish-- some of them are pretty even when you don't know the characters.

Updated as of 10/7/10.  Wow, this has gotten big...
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1. Homework.
Self explanatory.

2. Got off my butt and visited Keiiii's deviantart.
Found her on a fanart topic on the FE boards at GFAQs. Seriously, her FE fanart is just beautiful.

3. Got off my butt and read me some Haru-Sari.
Of course after practically stalking Keiiii for her FE fanart, I heard about her webcomic and went OMG MUST READ. But I didn't get around to it until like March, I think. Glad I did, I joined just in time to watch things hit the fan XD

Seriously, the forums there have like 300+ users, but the people posting are the same dozen or so. It's less, "Hey we all like the same webcomic, let's talk about it" and more, "Hey we're all super duper good friends and one of us just happens to be writing a webcomic so we shall talk about that". Everyone is really friendly and welcoming.

4. Got off my butt and watched me some Code Geass.
Was bored, read one of RD's posts about it (the one about Euphemia) and I went to go watch some for myself.

Haven't even seen a full episode yet (*shakes fist at school and two siblings*), but whoa. Must get around to it soon.

...Probably right now, as I currently have nothing to do except the remainder of my homework.

5. Finished Baten Kaitos Origins.
Because now I'm right at the final dungeon's door and I CAN'T, because my disk has a little chip in it and crashes anytime I:

-Try to enter the final dungeon
-Finish the Champion Battle in the Colliseum
-Try to start up the game with the second disk in the GC/Wii. I get around this by starting with the first disk and switching, but...


6. Took German lessons.

Because seriously, German is awesome and I can't take it if I want a full IB certificate. )

7. Learned Tagalog from Mom and Lola.
Because I really, really want to now.

8. Actually sat down at my piano.
Because since ganking the sheet music for "Blow Bugle Blow" from choir class two or three years ago, I've gotten much better.  I'm still not very good, though.  But thanks to my choir instructor I know most of the key signatures and how to read sheet music and all that jazz, so I COULD get better with practice.  Go me.

EDIT: Ooooh, forgot something!

Well, she sneaks around the world, from Kiev to Carolina... )

AndnowImsickugh.  How'd I get a cold in the middle of summer...?


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