Jun. 1st, 2011 12:03 am
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I made like a ton of Haru-Sari icons today. All crops, but dude. Keiiii's style is tough for my extremely-inexperienced-self to color. LOLOLOL.

Icons mainly feature a character whose entire existence is a huge spoiler, so if you plan on reading H-S and haven't gotten to Chapter 16 yet, don't look!

...I think some of these might be repeats, actually. )
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More Homecoming Week fun. )

Without a laptop, and a crap image editing program, there's not much I can do with icons, but there've been so many new pages that I had to make some T__T;  The last four icons before the colored pages were all the same page: Alby lamenting on how his sister doesn't have much time left ;___;

I love how only the first one and some of the colored ones don't feature either Alby or Phoenix.

Haru-Sari Icons~! )
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Not necessarily in that order. )
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The one thing I regret about restarting my TWEWY save file is that I have to face this monstrosity all over again.  He has an earthquake move that knocks Joshua out of the air.

Awesome tattoos, though.

Lunch today: school gives out tiny, tiny oranges-- like, marble sized-- as a "fruit serving."  My friend had several.  Name has been replaced for privacy reasons.

Other Friend: Where did you get those?
Friend: *points*
Other: *looks* Jonathan?
Yet Another: *amused* Yeah, from Jonathan's underground orange market.

Also at lunchtime!  I was facing a friend in Dissidia; circumstances led to a Sephiroth (Me) vs Cloud (Her) match, where I then proceeded to defeat her and add insult to injury by doing an Ex Burst when she hit 0 HP.  Everyone watching us pretty much went "Oh yeah, you're dead."

And then someone said, "This never happened in Final Fantasy VII."  LOLOLOL.  I love my classmates.

At the beginning of the year, someone pointed out that our school looks like a prison.  Today, someone made the same comment about another school in our city.  I decided to make a Facebook group about it today, and it already has 50+ members XD I guess Wisconsin schools look like jails.

Speaking of our school, end of mark period tomorrow!  Yay!  But it kinda sucks that everyone else has no school tomorrow XD; Laugh while you can!  We get out of school half a month earlier than you do!

Icon dump.

Feb. 19th, 2010 06:36 pm
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Just got finished rewatching Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.  The animation is beautiful, but the English voice acting is juuuust a little Narmy.  Especially Leila's.  I must say that D's introduction to the Marcus Brothers was really freaking cool, especially when the music started up.

Actually, any time the music starts up is cool.  Why do vampire franchises seem to have really good music?

Anyway, had no school today, and my sister is going to be gone at forensics until about ten at night, so it looks like I'm pretty much free to do whatever I want.  Let's see...  Icon dump?  Sure, why not.

Icons and Spoilers for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Haru-Sari, and TWEWY )


Sep. 26th, 2009 02:57 pm
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The laptop overheated --thrice-- while I was making this post.


Anyway, I got some icons for ya!  Half of them are Espio from Sonic X-- made the regular ones while talking to [livejournal.com profile] insaneladybug, made the animated ones today.  Yoinked off her idea to use the actual Objection!  image.  

   Because these are cool and don't involve TWEWY spoilers >_>

TWEWY Spoilers! And LOL Espio. )
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Any more Haru-Sari icons I make will be posted here as well as the Haru-Sari forums.  Not that I need to XD  Credit and use them as you wish-- some of them are pretty even when you don't know the characters.

Updated as of 10/7/10.  Wow, this has gotten big...


Jul. 9th, 2009 12:28 pm
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Whoa, what?  School starts on August the 17th at the latest?!  At 7:30?!  The time is perfectly reasonable, despite being a full hour earlier than what I'm used to, but come on.  I'm really starting to reconsider my choice of school.  They don't even have a PLTW class, goshdarnit.  And my PLTW teacher said that his son had a hard time getting anywhere with his IB certificate.  Ugh.  I might actually switch despite the fact that all my friends are going to my current school...

I made an icon for myself that doesn't have any characters in it and looks pretty, so hopefully this is the last time I'll change my default icon for a while >_>  <_< This one is the image from the cover of Chapter 21: A Name and a Word from Haru-Sari, though, so the art credit has to go to Keiiii.  I'm guessing the red feathers represent Phoenix, and the white feathers represent Cygnet.  They're not actually birds, it's just the way the research facility names their test subjects, so...

ANYWAY.  I use that word a lot *__*

I just saw The Land Before Time again for the first time in ages.  My favorite scene has to be the hatching scene in the beginning.


D'AAAAW!  Baby Littlefoot has the cutest yawn ever...  And it's so sad when his mother dies!  What really made me tear up was when he crawled into her footprint and cried in there ;__; Baaaaaw....

And Ducky was adorable too!  Aw, I love them all...

But the sequels weren't made by the same people, which sucks.


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