Jun. 29th, 2011 09:44 pm
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YOU GUYS BEST FRIEND/NEIGHBOR CAME BACK TODAY OMG SUCH AWESOME TIMING 8DD Except now we will not see her again for a mooonth. Aaaaw. But yes, I didn't think I'd even get to see her before we left! ^0^

My sister and I spent today with our dad at Holy Hill. Yes, again. I love that place, man, it's probably the highest spot in our part of the state, and in flat, flat Wisconsin, you can see everything from the top of the Scenic Tower. I've ranted about this place a lot, so I'll just say that we saw an ADORABLE BABY CHIPMUNK and leave it at that.

So yesterday my sister and I went on a GRAND QUEST to go see the third LotR movie at the mall.  Quest because we had no money and no ride, both of which we managed to procure by pleading with our older brother to watch it with us and our grandmother somehow being a psychic and deciding to lend us money.

And so, at seven o' clock, my sister, brother and I set out to watch an awesome four-hour-long movie that we didn't even know existed back when it first came out.  And it was so awesome.  Dude, man, there were tons of extra scenes and the battle of Pelennor Fields and you guys, Theoden's final charge was so epic I could have cried.

Also, my sister has apparently been way more obsessed with Thor than I thought, as she found a pair of awesome fanfics apparently written by Terry Pratchett's Jedi Apprentices, as well as a TON of GIFs.  She's saved a lot of GIFs that have nothing to do with Thor, too, so I have brought them here for you today to enjoy as a farewell gift.  Three guesses who her favorite character is, LOLOLOL.

Cut for LOLs )

I'm leaving the house at eight in the morning tomorrow, so until I arrive in the Philippines I shall be MISSING BAAAW.

See you guys later!
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My word processor won't let me modify or even copy off any of the documents on my computer, so now I have to upload them to FF and do it from there.  Annoying!

In other, happier news, I refound the Phantasia artbook scans I didn't want to admit I'd lost in the whole computer business a few months ago. And because I like dem magic circles, I ripped them out and removed the background, so they are now free to be randomly slapped onto other images if you wish. XD;

Cut for like six huge images )

The first one, I believe, is Mint's; the second one is definitely used for Indignation, but I think Arche uses it as well, so it's probably just the offensive spell circle; the third on is Klarth's; the fourth one I believe is used for the mana cannon, and contains all the other ones, and... I can't remember where the rest came from. But magic circles! They're so fun ^0^

And as long as I'm posting images, here's my desktop:

Yeah, I love this webcomic. Is it obvious? )


Jun. 1st, 2011 12:03 am
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I made like a ton of Haru-Sari icons today. All crops, but dude. Keiiii's style is tough for my extremely-inexperienced-self to color. LOLOLOL.

Icons mainly feature a character whose entire existence is a huge spoiler, so if you plan on reading H-S and haven't gotten to Chapter 16 yet, don't look!

...I think some of these might be repeats, actually. )
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Dude, I found a digital copy of the Phantasia OVA artbook!  80 pages of extra Phantasia goodness!  I'm like, bouncing right now.  Have some of my happiness!

Fun and useful images! )

I'll upload a ton of the other stuff that has nothing to do with Dhaos when I have time.  But if you happen to want a Phantasia artbook, ring me up.  LOL.
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More Homecoming Week fun. )

Without a laptop, and a crap image editing program, there's not much I can do with icons, but there've been so many new pages that I had to make some T__T;  The last four icons before the colored pages were all the same page: Alby lamenting on how his sister doesn't have much time left ;___;

I love how only the first one and some of the colored ones don't feature either Alby or Phoenix.

Haru-Sari Icons~! )
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In other words, school is being strange and I love Tales of Symphonia.  LOL.

As you can see, I did in fact end up making Tales Series its own tag XD But I'll still use the individual tags for when I'm talking about just one series.

This cut contains truth. )


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