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Classes start on the fifth. I have officially wasted away an entire summer.

I gave my two-weeks notice at that job I mentioned... once... a year ago, and I'm going to miss making money. But I can tell from how last semester went that I'm not going to survive having a job and going to class at the same time, lol. My coworkers keep asking my dad to convince me to stay, which is actually kind of nice! It's good to know they want me around!

I got good grades last semester, by the way, so no need to worry about that. BUT BOY WAS I UNHAPPY.

Tales of Berseria is still terrific, I've been wasting my time with No Man's Sky (which has improved significantly!) and I'm excited for Death of the Outsider and the next Shadow of Mordor game. I have developed a truly unfortunate fixation with Feanor, the elven king who died in his very first battle because he tried to fight every single balrog in existence at the same time, and am now searching for all fic depicting him as a complex guy.

Shout out to This Taste of Shadow, which has now managed to shape most of my Feanorian headcanons. HECK.

I also got and played Dream Daddy! Setting aside the Joseph route for a moment, it was super inclusive and so well-written and touching and :O It showed such a good grasp on people that the creators' comments on Joseph's route were pretty surprising. YES I AM SALTY ABOUT JOSEPH, ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE. There's been so much said about it that there's no point in adding my voice, but yep, I do not approve of the decisions the team made there.


Game of Thrones became wild, Fury Road was great, and I am so tired of Overwatch's plot moving along so slowly! I AM GETTING OLDER BLIZZARD. I AM NOT GOING TO WAIT THREE DECADES. ...I still want my Gabe redemption arc. Give it to me.

I'm going to sleep goodnight.
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It's getting better though! On Tuesday Tales of Zestiria comes out for the PC, which I have preordered. That means I also get Symphonia PC for free, so I shall livestream it and get all my other friends into the Tales series as well. Muahahaha. Anyway, I'm really, super excited for Tales of Zestiria-- my first Tales since Vesperia! ...I also watched about five minutes of Tales of Xillia 2, and now I want to play that as well HAHAHA sob I need a PS3.

I made an RP account for Uriel from Darksiders (an arbitrary choice, since there are already like five of each Horseman around) and my regard for her skyrocketed accordingly. She spends the entire game doing nothing but getting in your way and trying to kill you, and then in about two seconds in the ending she solves every single problem she helped create alongside several she had nothing to do with.

Out of context it sounds hilarious: she murders the hero and then starts the apocalypse, and it's one of the most triumphant moments in the series XD She swore a Death Oath against War earlier in the game because she thought he'd started the apocalypse and gotten her crush killed, and when War informs her that it was in fact her crush who did that (and then became a demon haha sob) she does a complete 180 and never looks back. She gets over that guy so quickly XD; And then she fulfills her Death Oath while the Watcher is torturing War, and then shatters the Seventh Seal, starting the apocalypse properly and resurrecting War/giving him his power back. It's great. Uriel is great.

ANYWAY an idle thought resulted in a full-blown AU fanfic about Uriel and her crush basically re-enacting the tale of Beren and Luthien from Tolkien mythos, which I am still in the process of writing. Fortunately the tale gives me a pretty good outline, which makes writing the thing a whole lot easier, ahahahaha. Should be 16 chapters. I'm on chapter 6. It's 9000 words long. I'm really on a roll here. It's so nice to be writing again.

Hm, what else... Provided I pay attention, I should have less trouble keeping my grades up than usual this semester. XD; So that's good! I think things have been going pretty well for me lately. The big thing happening is Tales of Zestiria right now, so if I post again expect some of that next time XD;


May. 18th, 2015 02:09 pm
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Classes and exams are all over! I'm not sure I did so well, but for a season I am free! And my sister is back from her dorm until August, so that is always nice. She's moving out into her apartment with her friends. Such a big girl.

I did end up getting my meds back, finally. I'm on half dose for two weeks while I get used to it all over again, in an attempt to prevent the whole Five Days of No Sleep thing that happened last time. Man, I've known not being able to sleep, but I don't think I'd known the true meaning of the word "insomnia" until that week. Dealing with it on a regular basis must be awful.

I continue to fall out of Tolkien trees and hit every branch on the way down, this time due to Shadow of Mordor, which I got because it was on sale with the Season Pass for $25 (without the Season Pass was $24. I think that's not a bad deal!). It's about an original character named Talion who's captain of the Rangers of the Black Gate, and takes place after The Hobbit but before The Lord of the Rings. Talion and his son and wife die in an orc attack on the gate, but Talion wakes up in Mordor with the help of an amnesiac elven wraith, who claims they were cursed by the Black Hand of Sauron and banished from death. They share Talion's body and go on a quest to release the curse, but then, well, spoilers.

Shadow of Mordor spoilers! )
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I've been in a pretty good mood recently-- I mean, I've descended into WEH at night more often since I RAN OUT OF MEDS AND DIDN'T GET A NEW PRESCRIPTION LIKE A MONTH AGO (I found my old one like three days ago though so that's good) but my motivation doesn't seem to have suffered. das is good.

Probably because I'm taking two of my electives this time around, class is a little more relaxed. Why can't it always be this way. Wah.

Interests, computer building, dergs )

Hm, what else? Ashley is home! She is on Spring Break! And also Flight Rising is having the Wind Festival, and I am of the Wind Flight, and EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL I NEED TEN OF ALL OF IT
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I, er, misplaced my prescription, so I have to get a new one. I've been without my meds for a couple weeks now, I think? So far no disasters (I almost had a panic attack, but I didn't! I was so glad!) but my inability to motivate myself to do even fun things I want to do has returned, and I'm not looking forward to handling actual responsibilities without them. So maybe I'll actually make myself go take care of it. XD;

I got a popcorn popper glass thing to put in the microwave for Christmas, but Mom forgot the whole Glass Is Fragile thing and put it in cold water before it had a chance to cool down and now we don't have it anymore. XD;

My dad got me a SEGA GENESIS! One of the ones with like 80 games programmed in! I was so excited, I can finally play Sonic games with a Genesis controller again! ...Because you know I'll only ever play the Sonic games. It also comes with ones I didn't have already, along with a bunch of other stuff, so more to do on a rainy day.

We got a Cless in Luceti! Oh man! I can finally have my hero villain duo shenanigans! Super excited for that. I hope it turns out with A WHOLE LOT OF DRAMA and the Cless and Dhaos becoming friends. Best ending to Dhaos's character arc in Luceti.

Hm, what else... I got Omega Ruby! I didn't realize the Pokemon Coliseum music was from the Hoenn games, so that was such a nice surprise! There are a whole lot of other post game surprises, too, so be excited for those? Hint: use Extreme Speed instead of Dragon Pulse to make your life easier XD; Also if you enter the code POKEMON497 on the mystery gift menu you get a free Serperior. With its Hidden Ability! I've been having a lot of fun with the game, and my brother has Alpha Sapphire, so we've been able to have things you can only do with both versions. Yesssss.


maybe i should like put it under a cut )


And then the same sort of thing happening with May's other pokemon bringing stuff to other people she's met to tell them she's in danger, including Brendan. By the way, I was relieved to find that their "date" was entirely platonic. I WAS DECEIVED AND I WAS HAPPY ABOUT IT. Norman, of course, would have to be involved and he'd demand to come along because... he's a Gym Leader, you can't stop him from coming to help his child. XD

And then May would have to have something to do while waiting to be rescued. Maybe she can befriend the mistreated pokemon of her enemy and then battle her way out somehow to meet them halfway.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I have to kill someone and then bring them back somehow. Can't forget that. XD Maybe Archie, so that Maxie can be extra sad and then extra happy once he's back, LOLOLOL. Yaaaaaas.

I guess I'll just throw that onto the pile of fic I have to write myself someday if I ever want to read it XD; I DON'T NEED MORE FIC PROJECTS, BUT I WANT TO READ FIC SO...

Lastly, Dwarf Fortress allows you to rename and re-title dwarves! So instead of Iden Crystalletter, Hammerlord, for example, it would say Amihan, Terrible Person or Angie, covered in bees XD So if you would like to make it easier for me to keep track of my dwarves and take part in the adventures of my forts then I have a form for you!

PREFERRED GENDER (male or female)
PREFERRED SKILLSET (with the most preferred one first, no guarantees you'll get any of the other ones)

And I will try to do a better job of posting so you guys can see the results of your dwarves' antics. Warning: you are likely to die in a very bloody and unintelligent manner-- the dwarves aren't very smart, and I'm not actually omniscient, so.

...It's one in the morning. Oops.


Dec. 20th, 2014 02:26 pm
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I have been super busy because group projects and exams but I AM DONE NOW YES. I am already dreading next semester, though, bleh.

My sister came home the day of the Korra finale, and she made me watch it and


ANYWAY I am super excited to go to all the planets in KSP and see all the new biomes, I installed a new visual pack (but it only works in 64 bits. Oops. Might have to remove some parts, or use OpenGL) and all my mods, I AM GOOD TO GO.

/lays down I am trying to enable Birdy into apping as Winona at Luceti. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. GO BIRD. I think the apps intimidate them though, hahaha.

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I had totally forgotten about Sonic Boom for months and months, and I saw a playthrough of the first hour or so of Rise of Lyric and... it's not very good. XD; So far it feels like they've treated Amy's personality with more respect than she's seen in other games, but Knuckles gets even more over-the-top unintelligent, up to and including having to do the left-hand trick to determine the difference between left and right. And also I've heard that Amy spends the 3DS game kidnapped, which is. Well.

Haven't seen enough of Sonic and Tails's characterizations to judge them, but the writing is not that great? And the gameplay looks really tedious. Meh.

Shadow is mysteriously not redesigned, and while he hasn't done more than make a brief cameo in the playthrough I saw I heard that he was stripped of all his sympathetic qualities and his motivation for hating Sonic boils down to "because people who like friendship are silly" >__>

Also Knuckles looks weird??

I'm actually getting Christmas presents this year, so happy! Of course I don't know what they are yet, hahaha. One thing I need is more lamps, everywhere-- it's so dark and unhappy in this house. Oh, and I got a computer chair yesterday! Now I can sit at my desk without hurting myself!

I've realized that I have exactly one OT3, and that's Shepard/Nihlus/Saren. LOLOLOL. Together they could make a pretty functional and healthy relationship, assuming a No Reapers AU or something. And of course it's a lot more likely than, say, Shepard/Saren by themselves. Saren would despise Shepard without Nihlus's intervention, and even a Paragon Shepard's diplomacy couldn't change that. XD;

Some time I have to do a truly aro/ace playthrough of Mass Effect. Apparently all the places in the plot with designated love interest scenes get replaced by reminiscences of whoever died in the first game, which I can live with, even if I would like to have had non-romantic scenes with other characters. I also have to do a playthrough with Kaidan instead of Ashley, but like. I love Ashley so much... XD; I can't get rid of her. Which is a terrible thing to say, that I would rather have her than Kaidan, but she's fabulous. Yes.

As long as I haven't got the patience to play Mass Effect again, though, I'll stick to all the stuff I have yet to finish, like, uh. Dragon Age Origins. SPEAKING OF WHICH THERE IS A TRANS MAN IN INQUISITION WHO CANONICALLY BINDS HIS BREASTS AND YOOOOOO YOU GO BIOWARE. And he's voiced by Jennifer Hale! It'd be better if they actually got a trans man to voice him, but getting a cis woman might be the next best thing? Hm, I'll have to think about that... Now I have to get into the Dragon Age series, and money... ...Of course I still have problems with all the other irritating things Bioware has done, but this is a step up, man.

Speaking of Jennifer Hale, I have to make an entry complaining about Other M sometimes. It's one of those things I actually enjoy complaining about, without anger, so it'll be fun.

Also, the Beta of Kerbal Space Program is in experimentals! There's so much new stuff, I'm so excited! SPACE! \o/

I'm going to be so happy when this semester is over. I am so ready to not have some of these classes anymore.

EDIT: OH ACTUALLY, I forgot to mention! I watched Revolutionary Girl Utena! It's definitely up there with Princess Tutu as one of the best animes I've seen. I love it so much, laksdjljsd, but this post is long enough so I'll talk about that later.


Nov. 17th, 2014 05:03 pm
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I finally caught up on Sailor Moon! ...Until the latest episode came out! I really like episodes eight and nine! *__* Awwww, Mamoru and Usagi.... Also, I was really surprised to see Queen Beryl in that flashback. I know about the four kings already pretty much, but I didn't expect to see her there. I wonder where Metalia came from, then...

Also, shout out to Minako for being a fantastic actor and handling everything alone for so long. BABY ;__;

My old journal RP Luceti is ending in a few months! The mods made the announcement about a week ago. Returning characters can come back without an app, so I'm bringing Dhaos back to finish up my Luceti bucketlist and participate in the endgame.

I should feel sad that I'm losing my chance for new Luceti story developments, but I'm also excited because so many people I'd missed are coming back for the finale! I can finally finish up some of the things I wanted to do and have Dhaos talk to people I had no reason to before. It'll be the end, but it'll also be so much fun. And I'm trying to get other people to play Phantasia characters with me so I won't be a lone canon warrior >__> Oh well.

I would really love to try Dungeons and Dragons or something similar sometime, but I'm too shy to try anything new without friends by my side and the only Game Master I know is Angie, who is frequently too busy to spend as much time as we'd need for a single session. But I mean. RP and playing with friends! And speaking of that, I want to get Minecraft because my sister leased an apartment with her friends and Stephanie moved away, so we need something to do together online.

Last week I went five whole days without sleep! But I slept in my sister's bed and then it got better, so hopefully that'll stop now. XD;

I'm also writing a Mass Effect/Metroid crossover. It's tough because Metroid is clearly intended for younger audiences while Mass Effect is more detailed when it comes to the sciencey aspects of the game, but I'm really excited because their main characters share a voice actress despite being much different characters.  It'll be fun!

...If I can think of a plot. Oops.

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Yesterday I discovered why I shouldn't take my meds without eating first, and that is because crushing chest and neck pain.  Which lots and lots of water fixed, but it was very unpleasant and interrupted my otherwise delicious dinner, which is sitting in the fridge waiting for me to eat it.

...What's that? You didn't know I was on meds? Oh yeah, that's right, I haven't posted in over a month >_____>

OKAY SO WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS I got put on a tiny dose of fluoxetine (Prozac) and have since felt SO MUCH BETTER (ie: I feel normal. I'd forgotten what normal felt like!) but lol side effects, including:

loss of appetite
increased anxiety (I HAD A PANIC ATTACK IT WAS AWFUL)
nausea sometimes. I already had problems with this beforehand so I don't know if it's the medicine or me though.

Loss of appetite in particular is pretty irritating because I barely ate in the first place. I think it's gotten better, but I'm still going in to talk to my psychiatrist about it. Because yo, I know I slept too much but now sleep is just not a thing sometimes. ...I had sleep paralysis after trying to get some sleep after my last post, by the way. That was kind of scary.

I am one of two girls in my engineering class, which is discouraging because there's a group evaluation thing at the end of the semester and that means I will inevitably be docked points both because of subconscious discrimination and because literally everyone in the class but me has built their own car. It has gotten better lately! But I still dread that class. weh. Calculus is a lot better.

I fell behind watching Sailor Moon (I AM SO EXCITED TO WATCH VENUS'S INTRODUCTION EPISODE but I haven't been in the mood lately for like a month. Oops) and got into Dwarf Fortress. That is a terrible idea, don't ever do it.

(it's super complicated, has an unintuitive interface, and unless you happen to know the names of the ores that iron and copper come from and how to turn them into steel then you're going to need either the wiki or a geology textbook. But it's really fun, and can be made funner by the tradition of ruling the fortress for a year, then passing the save file to someone else without telling them what's going on, and writing an IC log about what happens.)

I've come to terms with the fact that I have an enormous crush on Thane Krios from Mass Effect. I didn't like him at all at first, because he seemed to me to be altogether too sure of his morality for an assassin >__> Also his face was really uncanny and his voice is super gravelly.  But he was so polite and friendly and gentle and adorable. He's so grateful for everything Shepard does for him, and if he confesses his feelings and she turns him down he's not disappointed or upset at all and continues to support her and never mentions it again. HE'S SO NICE ;__; It eventually overcame everything I didn't like about him. Now I'm trapped >__>

The writers really did wrong by him by only giving him one scene in the third game. No one even acknowledges him, even if he and Shepard are supposedly a couple and he sacrificed his life saving the Councilor (he's sick, he was always dying, everyone knew he'd die in the third game). In fact, literally minutes after his death, you get at least two (possibly four) people trying to ask you out on a date! What the heck, writers 8| That's not how it works for the rest of the romances. An hour previous, all your friends were consoling you on the death of one of your other comrades. The writers even admitted that they literally forgot about him while they were writing the game. Thanks, guys.

I also think they did wrong by Jacob, but I've already talked about that. Ugh. There were so many ways to forcefully end his relationship with Shepard if they absolutely had to, and they did it by making him cheat on her. BIOWARE STOP.

Hopefully I get back into writing so I can add this to the giant pile of things I have to write about.  Oops.


Sep. 21st, 2014 08:30 am
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Well, if I haven't fallen asleep by eight in the morning, I'm not likely to ever fall asleep, so JOURNALING.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I've been slightly queasy trying to sleep, too. Knowing me, that's just my eating habits coming back to haunt me.

I, er, got a new sweater. I need a faceless pic of it to post here, which I will get when it's not super-early, but it is adorable and I love it.

I went to my Youtube channels (remember, I have two because of copyright trouble with the first one) and switched the privacy on all my videos to 'unlisted'. If I gave you the link or if there's an embed somewhere on my journal then you should still be able to watch them! My second channel is now Tales of Phantasia: The Vlog, and it'll be Phantasia the Let's Play Channel if I can muster the energy to, uh. Find a decent video editor. No, I still haven't yet.

I was also looking for a bunch of my old Phantasia stuff to post, but I ran out of motivation before that got anywhere, either. Someday.

In the meantime, I am finding other ways to keep myself entertained while my attention span is failing (I totally forgot to respond to your comment about it Faye but YES I also delay getting into new fandoms and watching new stuff because I want to focus on my current stuff. I am the exact same way). Generally nothing holds my attention for long, but I have bursts where I can accomplish something or other-- I made Grand Duchess in the Battle Chateau of Pokemon Y, collected all the starters with [personal profile] vyctori's help (THANK), got some money on Flight Rising (I'm saving up for a full set of holiday sprites familiars. I only have three left, but they're the three most hideously expensive!), and I'm waiting for Kerbal Space Program to finish up with Experimentals.

... Not that I'll be able to actually play once the update is released, because I have to wait for my mods to update, too, but by then the hype will be real. Yes.

I discovered that I actually have two shows with bi-weekly releases (? I know bi-annual means twice a year while biennial means once every two years...) on alternating weeks, so that's something! One is of course Sailor Moon and the other is the web animation series RWBY, by Monty Oum. Considering there are six animators, it's really good! Although, you can tell they used their tiny budget on the fight scene animation, and the first season's episodes are only like, five minutes long each... XD But so far every episode of the second season has been at least ten minutes, and mostly fifteen to twenty, so I think they're not as concerned with deadlines anymore, LOL. The voice acting's gotten better, too.

I'M GONNA TRY TO SLEEP AGAIN. I shall see everyone... later! G'night!
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College is as bleh as expected. It has been bleh-er than it should be, but that is hopefully me being a poopyface and not class actually being terrible. I DUN WANNA WORK D8

Apparently version .25 of KSP is already in QA? It's not quite experimentals, but that feels ridiculously fast compared to last time! .24 got to experimentals and was pushed back, though, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. I went and installed a bunch of mods to make Kerbin look prettier, but now I'll have to wait for them to update before playing again, aw.

I also got a recording program that lets me record fullscreen without having to pay or jump through hoops, so LIVESTREAMS! Also the return of video-making for me, if I can find some decent video-editing software. Videowave just plain gave up on me and only sporadically works now, baw.

Throw Harvest Moon on the list of things I am trying to get back into. I must farm all the things. Yes.


JIMINY CHRISTMAS this photo is huge on Dreamwidth. It looks normal on Livejournal for some reason? )

I'm looking for a pair of jeans that are longer, but those are 29x32s and I don't think I'm going to have much luck there, LOLOLOL. Looks like I'm just going to have to resort to the age-old solution of SAGGING. SAGGING ERRYWHERE

I was slightly bummed by how huge the sweater was (it's a small. I have the enviable problem of being way too tiny to wear what I want to) but it sort of grew on me and now I think it looks fine. N7 SWEATER AW YISSS. The best thing is that it's big enough to hide the fibrous mass sticking out of my head, so it doesn't even look silly if I'm wearing my hair in a ponytail.

The only problem now is, since I bought that sweater, they've come out with a new women's one that is INFINITELY CUTER and I want that too...

(Watch, I'll get it and then wear one on top of the other. I am a tiny little nerd)
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Not really looking forward to going back to class. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I like having nothing to do even if it also means I have... well, nothing to do or eat half the time. I saw someone on Tumblr make a joke about being in an abusive relationship with education and man, I can relate. Go away, college.

...Except I have this irritating breathing problem that I get the feeling is caused by me sitting down too much (and having terrible posture besides), and college would probably help with that. It's like I can never draw a full breath-- I yawn more often too, but my yawns are kind of like failed sneezes. My lungs are like "No, you have not yawned deeply enough!" It's an old problem I used to have that went away, but I can't remember exactly when it went away so I don't know for sure what's causing it T__T Hopefully it really is just me sitting around too much. It seems to be getting a little better already!

Fandom )
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Oh, uh, my bloodwork came back normal by the way! So that is definitely a good thing. Should probably have mentioned that.

If you follow me on Tumblr (or if you spotted my post from earlier) then you know that I've been getting my jimmies REALLY rustled by Mass Effect, and Irikah, and the comics and writing decisions in general, but I think I have reached my emotional irritation quota and hopefully there will be no more bad feels about those things. But I mean, if they had to have one character cheat on you-- exactly one character-- why did they have to make it the black guy? Really? COmE oNNNNN... And then there's the games treatment of Ashley vs. Kaidan >___> Mass Effect does a lot of things right, but it also does a lot of things wrong, and I think I'm just going to. Not romance anyone next time.

...If I can resist Garrus's hilarious ME3 dialogue. And Thane's adorable puppy eyes. I am also mad that they were originally going to make him a gay option and didn't do so. Same with Miranda. I would totally romance Miranda! I've always considered myself a non-shipper, but some of these guys are ruining me >__>

In other news, new Sailor Moon anime. Love it. I only saw a couple episodes of the 90s one when I was a kid, and I don't have an eye for animation mistakes unless it's pointed out, so quite frankly it looks absolutely gorgeous in every way to me XD Except the transformations look a little out of place, but Lexi assures me that Xaolin Chronicles is significantly worse in that regard, so I'll forgive them that.

(I did see all the silliness with Sailor Mars, though. Oops. But I was seriously legit surprised to find people had complaints with non-transformation animation. My sister always did say I have awful taste... I'll probably change my tune later, though >___>)

Kerbal Space Program added money, which I would be enjoying if I could stop waffling about everything, and also my BFF came over today to play Minecraft! I built a wall around a village and she is building us a fortress. It will be amazing.
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I have decided that I am angry about For Ashes being a Day One DLC, because JAVIK.  It's not like with Kasumi and Zaeed in ME2 either, he actually gets interaction with the other squadmates and adds things and is comedy gold in general.

Also I want to sob and hold him ): Imagine going through ME2 except with Javik's ordeal instead of the one you got. That would have been absolute torture. I am totally willing to look past Javik's prejudices and general racism because all things considered, he's been pretty fair and reasonable about it! Like he complains about how he is SURROUNDED BY PRIMITIVES, but he takes orders and tells things like it is (or at least like he sees it, which of course could never quite be 'like it is') and it's easy to see that he was once a leader, too. It's okay Javik, Shepard is a licensed Warrior Therapist. NO BUT REALLY WHY DO I HAVE TO PAYYYYY

(sidenote I thought I wouldn't like Zaeed, but then like all squadmates I initially didn't like he SUPER GREW ON ME LIKE WHOA. Seriously, him, Jack, Miranda, Thane? JAMES? I AM SO SORRY GUYS also I did not appreciate Legion for a long time, Legion is the best. Someday I will have to bring Kaidan to ME2 so I can learn to appreciate him, too.)

.......also i am told conrad verner is in me3, conrad where are you i needs it

So basically I have done absolutely nothing fandomwise for about a year now except get a few new fandoms to get into (HANNBIAL), SORRY Someday I will continue to write fanfiction like the half decent writer I know I am. But it is not this day >>

EDIT: Having eaten, I shall now inform my audience that when I said I would enjoy any pairing as long as it was well-written, I meant it. I just didn't know I meant it as sincerely as I apparently did >__> Shepard/Nihlus/Saren is now my favorite OT3, God help me. I found a wonderful No Reapers AU fanfic about them, and now I ship it so hard. Along with every possible combination of just two of them. Someone help me.
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I am starting to hate chem lab less because the labs are not tedious anymore, but we only have one left and then the lab practical. I'm suspicious >__>; I've been having less problems than in high school (and even then it was the pretty average UGH SLEEP high school problems), but I still wish sometimes that my body would fall asleep in a timely fashion when I want it to. Whenever I flop over on top of the sheets with my day clothes and leave the lights on specifically so I don't fall asleep, I'm out in ten minutes tops. Body pls.

Kerbal Space Program is still the best thing ever and I have a mighty need to do science in all the places omg omg omg. I don't think I've talked about it here yet-- it's a silly game where you build rockets for the space program of a species called the Kerbals, and they fly them off to space (YOU fly them off to space, they sit in the cockpit but they're not much help ahaha), and you can do anything you want. There's a career mode where you have to unlock parts by doing ~SCIENCE~ and despite how silly the graphics look, you need at least a basic understanding of orbital mechanics, or you're never going to get your rockets anywhere XD; It's so much fun!

Also, landing a Kerbal on his helmet is more likely to save his life than keeping him in the cockpit-- cockpits can usually only survive impacts of up to 12 m/s, while a Kerbal landing on his head can survive up to 45 m/s XD

I keep being torn between possible romances in Mass Effect, because while I realize the point of replaying it is to do something different... Garrus. Garrus is hilarious, and his lines get better if you romance him. XD I am also incapable of being mean to people, which my sister is quick to point out. She says I'm boring ):

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In double-edged sword news, my sister was accepted to both NYU and UW-Madison, and therefore mom is trying to guilt her into going to Madison even though she wants to go to NYU because NYU's tuition is about $20K higher than the entire household's income AMERICA YOU ARE CRUSHING MY SISTER'S DREAMS WHY

Also THANKS A LOT ANNA AND ANGIE now I am thinking about Dhaos and Hannibal. It would be so awful. Hannibal is exactly the sort of human that might be able to earn Dhaos' trust, and then he would go and use that trust to make Dhaos even more unstable and alskdjalskjdlaskjd I want it but that requires either another Dhaos (I ALREADY HAVE A TON OF THINGS TO PROCRASTINATE DOING WITH ENDLESS) or for someone to suck it up and watch Hannibal (which you shouldn't do if you have a weak stomach srsly pls this is not a joke)

(no I am serious the second season you will probably hurl it's bad i had to leave nOOO)

I'm surprised at how much I like the show so far, though!  For a show with a lot of BS happening and not a whole lot of action, it's really exciting. I'm torn between wanting to watch Hannibal have the upper hand and wanting everyone to see him for who he truly is.  Also torn between kind of pitying him for his loneliness and laughing because it is his own fault

Like Hannibal, what in the seven hells were you expecting

So it's really good and folks who don't mind body horror should watch. I guess you could look away at the icky parts, but you'll probably be horribly fascinated and unable to look away once you get there >__>

Welp, my probably with cookies not rising has gone away entirely for some reason, so now my cookies are delicious and I am eating them and there is happiness in this house. COOKIES. Dad thinks I like baking but really I just like cookies. Cookies. I want cookies >>;

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I have been trying not to fall behind and methinks it is definitely doable as long as I fail to procrastinate (haha... ha). I feel like I am the most proficient with written Spanish in my class, but LOL LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SPEAKING... Also can nobody place accent marks correctly. Which is excusable for the native speakers, since probably they haven't actually written in Spanish very much, but... oh my god, why did your teacher not at least tell you the difference between estar and the indirect pronouns........

So in other words college is not stressful right now. This is good.  This is a good thing.

psst thursday is liddle sisters birthday shhh don't tell i wrapped a thing I DID IT MYSELF I AM SO PROUD 

Apparently today is some sort of video game day on campus, and it's still going on, but I don't live on campus and I can't be bothered to attend. They are apparently doing a Geek Week sort of thing, which was why Bill Nye happened yesterday. I thought maybe he wasn't actually there and it was just a broadcast, but apparently he's going to be at Mall of America on like, the 23rd, and that's not so far from here, so maybe I actually did miss my chance. Aw...

Ugh what else. I have a lot of ESO beta screenshots that I cannot show anyone, but I can say that I mostly thought of how much I wanted to play Skyrim while I was playing, oops. I have girl scout cookies, which are delicious as always! And also I decided to take a leaf out of Faye's book and put Danse Macabre on hiatus and write sequels for it first >___> Friendly reminder that I never write anything anyway so you're still not likely to see any Phantasia fic from me for a while. The status quo doesn't change all that much, except that Cress' sword (which I have to rename, ugh me and naming things) gains a few, uh. New powers.

I want to try to keep this thing updated! I will do better than last year! I will! T__T But I try to have lengthy-ish posts and I always forget what I have to say...
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I thought that going to bed early would get me more sleep, but instead I took longer to fall asleep and ended up waking up even earlier. I'm running on three hours of sleep and some chocolate, but I'm not feeling it for whatever reason. Must be the cold >>;


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I went paintballing last week! We wanted to get ten people so it would be a private party, but we could only get seven, and then two people backed out because of the increased cost and one person wasn't feeling well T__T But it was still fun!

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