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We (my dad and I without my mom's input) decided that weekends are mine to do with as I please so now all I need is MONEYZ I applied at the coffee place for a job, but since there's no way I'm going to get that I'm looking into other options.  As it happens, the New Frand I mentioned earlier works with the Career Development Center at my college as a resume coach, so hopefully mom will not be the only source of income in this house for long XD

There is apparently a throat virus going around campus and I have apparently caught it, along with some sort of cold, so now I am stuffy and unhappy and I went to bed at seven last night and woke up at ten this morning.  Yesterday I thought I was feeling better but then PAIN happened and I'm glad I didn't have to actually do anything >>; I feel better today, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't play GTA V even if I actually had it.

When I tried taking cold medicine yesterday it BURNED MY THROAT ARGH PAIN AND SUFFERING but I did fall asleep so I can't complain.  It did what it was supposed to do XD 

As mentioned I got an audio splitter, so maybe if I'm up to it I will test it today? I really don't want a headache though, those suck D8 Again, ILL.  ...Actually, I'm going to see if I can get any work done on the Thor playthrough.  I FINISHED THE PLAYTHROUGH, I WILL FINISH THE VIDEOS.  I DON'T CARE HOW PAINFUL IT IS.

OH OH and we discovered what happened to the prom pictures that everyone ordered and no one got.  Apparently the school forgot to tell everyone that you were supposed to go pick them up from the school over the summer, so now they have a giant stack of them in the sports office.  Which is a fortunate place to put them, because my sister found them while she was looking for windbreakers for the golf team (SHE'S CAPTAIN NOW I'M SO PROUD OF HER AAAAH) and brought mine home.  I look pretty, guys.
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Maaany many images under this cut. BUT IT'S WORTH IT I SWEAR. )

Also Juan drew everything else except Stalin and our teacher's face, both of which were drawn by another physics classmate of mine. He did draw the random mustaches though.

Also he still hasn't graded our IAs yet rofl.


Oct. 17th, 2012 07:10 pm
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\o/ Homecomiiiiing!

It was really fun. LOLOLOL. They played all of the staples except Don't Stop Believing (Get Low, Cha-Cha Slide, etc.) along with newer favorites like Gangnam Style. At first I was mostly alone, but thankfully I was rescued by a middle school classmate who pulled me over to some other middle school classmates and we had a lot of fun 8D The line for water never even got that long, which was a lifesaver, but my ears were buzzing for a while and my legs were really sore on Sunday. But yeah, I got to go to my last homecoming, and it was loads of fun!

We also won the Spirit Stick competition fair and square, LOLOLOL. Sometimes creative counting of points happens to ensure the seniors win (because honestly, how much would it suck for the seniors to lose), but we got twice as many points as the next class this year, so none of that was necessary. XD

My Physics teacher's overhead no longer rolls down, so he built a pulley system to raise it up when he needs the board and taped a jolly roger to it. LOLOLOL. I have a photo on my phone, which is with my father at the moment, I'll try to get that up just because it's hilarious XD In related news, one of my senior Latin classmates got Roesched and my freshmen Latin classmates have bizarrely terrible memories, LOL. I finished Don Juan Tenorio for Spanish and continue to have terrible luck when it comes to lunch.

My street is jacked up now \o/ Potholes are an infamous problem in my city, but I guess they gave up, because they seem to be tearing up the whole street and starting over. XD At least we have more prior warning this time, as opposed to last year when they cordoned off the section in front of our driveway (and ONLY our driveway... XD).


Screenies for kicks! )
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So has anyone read that one Sherlock Holmes parody by one of ACD's friends?  The one he says is the best parody he's ever read? Here, I've even got a link for you! But for those not in the mood for reading/who want a backstory written by a simpleton, the story is in "The Truth About Sherlock Holmes": ACD cowrote a play with one of his friends, and the whole thing flopped really badly.  Aforementioned friend then wrote the best Sherlock Holmes parody ever, where two playwrights visit 221B Baker Street and Holmes recognizes the uglier one as the guy who has been taking the credit for all his hard work (XDDDD), and when they say that it's Holmes' fault their writing has suffered, Holmes vanishes in a poof of smoke with the best final words ever:

"Fool, fool!  I have kept you in luxury for years.  By my help you have ridden extensively in cabs where no author was ever seen before.  Henceforth you will ride in buses!"

It's called "The Adventure of the Two Collaborators", and includes such gems as Watson hitting the ceiling every time Holmes makes a deduction (as well as a hilarious note after fictional!Doyle tells him to stop), Holmes shooting a profile of Watson into the wall instead of the initials V.R., and the single most anticlimatic Climax Deduction in any short story ever. XDDD

I still have yet to even drudge up a decent source for my essay on MAZA and 3GAB, so I was going through the smaller of my Giant Books of Holmes when I rediscovered the parody.  I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED.  BEST PARODY.  EVER.

And speaking of Sherlock Holmes and LOLOLOLing forever, poor Sidney Paget XDD Um, Sherlock, I think you need to go over your names again...


Whelp, that's the best thing about Sherlock Holmes: it's got the most fanfiction of any published work ever.  LOLOLOL.


Apr. 12th, 2012 10:20 pm
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>Replay the PSP version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
>Reach Dracula as Richter
>Man, I don't care how crappy they were, I wish they kept the old lines and voi--


I got Lords of Shadow the other day, and felt like taking a nostalgia trip, and ahahahaha dying you guys. Dhaos why you always gotta hate humans so much.

In which I repeat myself. )

In other news, I was kidnapped two days in a row to go do things and gallivant about the city with my sister 8D; I bought absolutely nothing (except, um, Castlevania) but DELICIOUS COOKIES AND CINNABONS AND FOOD, but it was fun. And tasty. But it was also a little colder than usual, which sucks because it is nice out right now and we should have gone today T__T BUT WHATEVER.

I NOW HAVE A REASON TO POST WITH DHAOS. He's going to House 8 to ask after Martel, and shall of course be traipsing around running other errands that don't warrant their own post to let other people poke him. I keep saying I'll post and then I don't, BUT I WILL. I'll try to get it up today or tomorrow, then. Looking more like tomorrow at this rate >>;;;;;

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Boromir-mun, you have all my love. All of it. I wish you and your growing Fellowship of the Fourth Wall luck.

In other news, I am now on Spring Break and therefore should have little excuse to not get anything done for about a week. YAY. I went to bed at like... five in the afternoon yesterday, and I've been up since five in the morning today. Whoops. But here I am! And I don't need to catch up on non-RP things, I think, since the time I've had has gone to that ahaha sorry. RANDOM THINGS.

Random Things. )

In which RP news takes up a lot of space but says nothing. )

So hopefully I am not dragged out to do something today and can do things at home instead. THEN I WILL BE FREEEEEE.


Jan. 16th, 2012 01:52 pm
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My brother ran some sort of cleaning program he installed on the computer, and now not even reinstalling plugins and Firefox will make anything display correctly >__> 'Anything' here having the meaning of Livejournal (scratch that it seems to be working now), Dreamwidth, Yahoo, and, most unfortunately, Mediafire. SERIOUSLY. MY PSP BROWSER GIVES A LESS ANNOYING DISPLAY THAN THIS. ...Reading pages displayed normally after a little while, but posts are still ALKSJDAKSJ. I dunno, hopefully the mysterious medicine that is time shall fix those too.


EDIT: Firefox, you have failed me. This is unacceptable. I hereby dismiss you as my default browser. EVERYONE SAY HI TO GOOGLE CHROME.

Waaait for it... )

So, um, yeah. I may or may not be kidnapped for a good portion of today, but if not I shall use my awesome deduction skills* to figure out what the heck is wrong with Firefox and return! ...Or maybe I'll just use my PSP. Text entries on that thing have a small character limit, though, so expect a lack of TL;DR if I have to resort to that >>

*As I have perhaps mentioned several times before, I actually am capable of figuring things out by myself, just not quickly enough for the information to be remotely useful.
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...'Dem is El Shaddai spoilers! )

Aaaanyway, 'tis Amnesty Week up in [community profile] tales_100 , except it is also Back To the Drill week sob, but only a hundred words guys. I could whip up a hundred words right now if I really wanted to >__> So hopefully there'll be that, and then I gotta tag a bunch of stuff in Luceti (that Joshua post is just BEGGING for a Dhaos reply, seriously), allow Grune to sadface all over Dhaos, fix up some of the text and links in Dhaos' journal (I... don't think there are links on the right anymore. LOL.), aaaaand derp around with other stuff before I have to head back to THE GRIND tomorrow. Baw.

...Amusingly, my body seems to have automatically reset itself. I've been going to bed at about the same hour every day, but despite waking up past noon for the past few days, I inexplicably awoke at five today-- the time I usually wake up in the morning. LOL. It knoooooows.

My mom and grandmother were upset about Best Friend/Neighbor for coming over to our house to bake cupcakes yesterday ><; They were all BUT WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO DO IT HERE AND WHY DIDN'T SHE GIVE YOU ANYYYYYYY.  Not angry about it, but taking a little more issue with it than I really like.  I baked two whole cheesecakes by myself once, you guys.  Baking alone is lonely T__T; No word from her how it went yet, still at school-- but we have to go get a couple dishes we used to get the cupcakes over to her house when she gets home, I think maybe that was the thing that tipped Mom into the Disapproving state about the whole thing.  LOL.
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Let it be known that literally the very first thing I did in the new year was break a glass.

Our combination New Year's celebration and birthday party for my mom was awesome, besides the fact that I BROKE A GLASS SOB, and there were grapes and it was amazing 8D

Also, LOLOLOL YESTERDAY'S PACKER GAME. Since the Packers already have the number one seed in the playoffs, they let all their 'star' players-- Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson, etc. (not Donald Driver, though)-- take a rest, and let all their backups play.

Matt Flynn set a Packers record for most touchdown passes and yards in a game.



RP stuff. But, um, not for Luceti. Also cupcakes 8D )
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First of all, I caved.  I really didn't want to, because I feel bad having them all, but I ended up creating a ton of RP journals, just for the possibility of RPing them, and for the Fourth Wall Event at Luceti.  If you guys wanna fool around with joke characters and such, now's the time to be creating journals for them.  I was originally going to put a huge list of them here, but why spoil the fun?  Just know that there are half a dozen at this moment, and the number is rising as I think of characters I actually have a hope of convincingly pretending to be.

There is one I would like to point out, though:

[personal profile] requiescatinpace  - Ezio, Assassin's Creed.  LOLOLOL YOU GUYS.  LOLOLOL.  I CANNOT BELIEVE I GOT THIS USERNAME.  The entire fandom is going to hate me now, you guys.

And now, two End of Year Memes!  Very blatantly ganked from rose_of_pollux! ♥

Year-End Fandom Meme )

...And, well, I haven't written enough new fic to justify doing this meme, but I'll include the fanfic meme, too.

Year-End Fanfic Meme )
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Of these two issues, I consider the first to have an infinitely larger impact on my life XD; )

As y'all can see, I have a serious inability to take anything remotely seriously. XD; If I told you the sheer extent of it, you'd all kinda hate me.
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Oh, hey, look!  I am trying to get back into the habit of posting! XD

I saw the draft details and I was like YES LOL DHAOS CAN TRAP HIMSELF/OTHERS IN A DEPLETED MINE OR SOMETHING AND SPEND THE LAST FEW HOURS CURSING HIMSELF.  And then I was like oh yeah, he can teleport.  LOLOLOL.  He could just get out himself or rescue his poor victims, unless they were buried alive.  But I would still giggle if he brought an entire chamber down, despite knowing the mods would never let me do so XD

But anyway, gotta sort out the draft details, then gotta sort out the mind control plot details, then I gotta sort out the vampire plot details... lol I am behind.  Well, at least I'll be free soon!

Aaaand life stuff! )

Uh what else.  THINGS.  REMIND ME OF THEM.
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Yesterday was my dad's birthday! ^^ He, my sister and I went out and did fun things. Oh yes.

Also LOLOLOL I am now in possession of an awesome Japanese Tales of Phantasia 15th Anniversary fanart featuring THE BEST ENGLISH SKILLS EVER. Most of the character names are at least recognizable (Silph, Jamil, Jestona, Ammy, Martell, etc.) but others are like HOW DID YOU EVEN XD (Myrarudo and Kureiaidoru ftw.)  Thanks, Angie.  I'd post it, but I dunno if I should even if I have the artist's name aaaah so paranoid.

But you know, there's one thing I'm not paranoid to share!  Y'all remember those awesome KataReki fanarts Angie found?  The one with RenegaDhaos And Winonacystus?

Welp, I found that person's gallery.




This one is one of my favorites due to being adorable and... yeah, because of the little mini-drawing board additions below it, where Hatsisu seems to have drawn an adorable little comic. LOL DHAOS Y U GOTTA STRANGLE WINONA LIEK DAT XDD

Another one of my favorites features Dhaos and Winona at the beach. With both of them wearing beach-appropriate clothing. And a little comic below that seems to detail how exactly Winona got Dhaos into those clothes.  And it is amazing.

AND BUTLER DHAOS.  Oh geez you guys, I'm just gonna die going through all this XD It's just the first page that's outrageously amusing to my non-Japanese-reading eyes, but still.  I have no idea if it's still as amusing if you can understand all of it, or if Angie failed to link me to it for a reason (lol some of the ones on the later pages), but hey, it was worth it for those ones. XD

Got a Halloween party coming up, but I'll try to GET STUFF DONE while loling at all this. XD

EDIT: Party was fun, home now, decided I needed a Luceti post before the month ended and will therefore hopefully have time to be on tomorrow >__> /awesome at planning
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I have the perfect GIF to describe how I feel right about now.

Read more... )

Don't worry, you have not just been spoiled for The Avengers.  LOLOLOL.

My little sister and I reserved Batman: Arkham City and Assassins' Creed Revelations last weekend. We put $25 down total for them, and my sister paid off another $20 for Batman this week. We got the $100 edition of Batman (mostly because it comes with a BATMAN STATUE LOL) and the $80 edition of Assassins' Creed, but only because preordering gave you $20 off. LOL. So we have two games to look forward to!

...Unfortunately, this'll probably use up all the money I specifically did not spend on the trip to the Philippines, unless I can convince our parents to pay the rest of the Batman price for my birthday. XD; Or if I simply don't eat lunch for the next couple of weeks.

Usual fandom things. )

...Dude, I just discovered something that no one will care about but is awesome.

Walter Wireless from Spy Fox is voiced by Tom Brokaw. LOLOLOL. I will never be able to listen to him without giggling again.
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First of all, LOL.

Second of all, LOLOLOL.

Third of all, OH CRAP IT'S DHAOS' EX-WIFE.

I dub this week one of win for RP.  Except for YUBER DROPPED NOOOOOO and I would seriously have Dhaos accidentally teleport himself into the ocean in tribute if I could think of an IC reason for it.  LOL.  But the ocean is ridiculously out of his way and he can fly besides, so nope.  No Yuber tribute.  Sad to see him go, even if ICly someone would probably throw a village-wide party about it when it gets out, LOL.  With mod events only coming once a month, Yuber was the villain of Luceti. Screw the Malnosso and the Third Party, it's THE OTHER VILLAGERS you gotta watch out for! XD

Perhaps someday, I shall app someone equally evil and go around frightening the crap out of everyone.  But not this day.

Anyway, after the beautiful log up there is done, Dhaos will be free to do his usual thing and not talk to anyone, ever.  Aw.  Also, I predict this cycle's HMD will be unkind due to my being around and not RPing.  BUT THAT IS OKAY.  I'm literally just waiting for someone to tell me that I keep trying to shove Dhaos' species issues down everyone's throats to make up for the fact that he's never doing anything remotely suspicious or frown-worthy.  Because I sort of am.  I need practice with actually evil people, LOL.

In this cut, fic. )
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But first, my return to America!

So here's the final tally for travel time:

-4 hour drive to Manila
-5 hour wait in airport
-3.5 hour flight to Nagoya
-1 hour wait in airport
-11.5 hour flight to Detroit
-8 hour wait in airport
-+1 hour due to delay
-1 hour flight home

The rest is negligible due to it feeling like I was already home. So add that all up, and you've got... 35 hours of traveling! The worst parts were the wait in Manila and the monster flight, though, as Detroit's airport is enormous. The one hallway I was confined to was a mile and a quarter long, with over a hundred stores, and that was just Concourse A.  But that flight!  You guys, why does the Pacific Ocean have to be so big?

Also, it was 1 AM on the 30th when I arrived in Manila, and 10 PM on the 30th when I arrived in the airport at home. Longest day of my life!

Haru-Sari and lolz. )
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I found another Dhaos journal! (Listed below for lols.) And apparently the Klarth from his game is still playing at Polychromatic!

...Except it's a journal-based game and I'm currently using my Dhaos account for one of those already! XDD And of course classes again soon. Still, given how this Dhaos was when he was part of the game, I am now seriously tempted to put Dhaos in there from any number of sadistic spots in the timeline for the sole purpose of freaking poor Klarth out and destroying his soul. SOMEONE PLEASE STOP ME, I DON'T NEED MORE THINGS TO DO. But castmaaaates...

And then there's the problem of me accidentally causing unforeseen problems with any canon point I choose. Or missing opportunities for OMGWTHBBQ. Polychromatic needs a test community or something, LOL.

Hilariously, I found the journals of all the other Phantasia players who used to be at Poly, and guess what?

[ profile] whackadhaos
[ profile] whackapervert
[ profile] whackanarche
[ profile] whackachester
[ profile] whackaspirit
[ profile] whackaninja
[ profile] whackatimeline

I laughed. Very hard.
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This is the third day I've spent at a house I am not living in.  Whyyyy.  I want my internets back.

So Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two came out in the Philippines today. Guess what we went to go see?

...Transformers 3! ^0^

Unfortunately, they weren't playing that anymore, so we ended up seeing Harry Potter instead anyway. LOLOLOL.


/cool story bro )

So in the end, my childhood ended quite happily and despite not getting to see Transformers I got my explodey fun times.


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