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Dec. 12th, 2012 04:37 pm
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Alright, so for those of you who missed my post from this morning (you know that phrase never means good things, LOL), someone got into my Microsoft account and used my parents' credit card to buy $120 of stuff for FIFA '13.  Besides the extremely obvious, I'm kind of screwed because my mom is in the Philippines and getting the card reissued may or may not screw her over, and either way I'm probably getting grounded for life.  I've heard good things about Microsoft dealing with this sort of thing and getting people's money back, but I'll still have to deal with the credit card situation and my mom, which is going to suck almost as much.

Thor 17 is up and 18 is uploading (there are ragequits >>), but 19 and 20 are going to be complete nightmares.  My recording software keeps speeding the footage up!  It's horrible!  And something happened to the recording of my voice as well, so I assume something happened to my computer while I was recording...  Argh!  So annoying!  Dragonborn 2 is coming soon, but be aware that that one's going to be cut more than Thor.

Someday, I will successfully record a game on Verruckt :|

I have new tumblr/DW accounts for Ahiru and Alduin (best combination \o/) and guess what wasn't taken:

[personal profile] baneofkings 

Iconning Alduin is hard XD I can't have just full-body shots...  So since I'm likely to have been kicked out of everything causing me stress and time shortages by January, I'll try to get back into RP by then.  Or try to try.  We know how that usually goes.
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Videowave's direct uploader won't work D8 It stalls before it even begins rendering, which is incredibly frustrating for me, because that means I have to export everything to my computer and take up space before I can upload anything.

Kino 7 is up, Kino 8 is uploading, Thor 14 and 15 are up! 15 is funnier, LOL.

This week, on video discussion! )

My recording hardware also works with the Wii, so if anyone wants me to do something from that system, feel free to ask. ♥

I had a presentation in Spanish the other day, which went better than expected, but the timing was really bad as one of my group members had surgery and the other had undisclosed personal business in Madison, so the latter ended up having to miss it and now I don't know what's up with his grade. I don't know how we're going to sort it out D:

I came depressingly close to accidentally shoving my toothbrush up my nose this morning. I have hand-eye coordination like a boss >> This is clearly why I'm so good at video games, yaaaaay. I've got level 6 on BOII, but the moment I hit 10 I have to actually play in the regular lobbies like a normal person >< Noooo I'm not good enough for that. I keep finishing top five out of twelve in scores and kills for some reason, but it's tragically obvious how terrible I am. Baaaw. I also may have worn out my phone's battery already, which really sucks, because Mom left and now Skype is the only time I get to see her T__T She and Lola should at least be on their way to Japan by now.

...All the responsible people are gone sobbing we are going to die in this house >.>

EDIT: ROFL Robbaz claims he's getting sick because he bought BO2 XD He hates Call of Duty; hates the multiplayer, hates zombies, he prefers Battlefield 3 and Killing Floor for those, LOL.
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Video uploads and videogames! )

My sister got me to go see Skyfall again last weekend. It was just as amazing, and we had the other kind of awesome audience: instead of people who laughed when they were supposed to like last time, we got hilarious people. LOLOLOL. We were going to skip into Breaking Dawn because my sister refuses to let our money go to it but we were all tired and went home instead. But we got to see James Bond again. And it was awesome. Breaking Dawn will have to wait until we can go with BF/N to see Skyfall again, LOL, because NOPE NOT PAYING FOR THAT.

In other news, I have a half-hour presentation in Theory of Knowledge tomorrow as well as a review sheet and I am STRESSED AS EVER but after that it shall be zebra cakes and fiestas and generally amazing things. Yay. I have work to do >>
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Here's my fun speaker toy if you wanted to see it! Recorded and uploaded from my phone, so it's sideways. XD ...I think I broke the cord while unwinding it, though, because it doesn't work anymore for some reason >_________> Baw. No prizes for guessing who wrote the song that's playing, by the way. Especially if you can actually read what's on the iPod/recognize the album cover XD

Best Friend/Neighbor and I are getting better at Nazi Zombies. LOLOLOL. We lasted up to round 6 on Five recently (I managed to revive her 7 times in the same round while being chased by an enormous zombie army in the same room where I died in the one video) and pulled another round 13 yesterday. WE'RE GETTING THERE. I just need to stop dying all the time XD Having machine guns that shoot lasers is amazing, you guys.

Kino actually developed SUDDENLY MUTED problems today, so have the first Co-Op video while I fix that >> Here it is! Co-Op is three parts long (yeah I split it up, for the same reasons I mentioned in my last entry) and Kino should be six, unless it screwed up enough to make it five. LOL. Once again, no worries, I gots permission from all parties involved. Come listen to me repeat myself, laugh stupidly, and talk to offscreen people. And ignore my homework. Which I did end up finishing, just not before zombies.

My sister and I finally put up our posters! We had two already (a Pirates one that's been rolled up for two years now, and a Dark Knight Rises one she bought not so long ago), but she bought an Avengers one and some sticky poster hangers and we put them up. Pirates and DKR are on our closet and The Avengers are above my bed (because the spot above sister's bed is reserved for Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Arkham City XD) Apparently the Avengers don't like the paint me though, because the bottom sticky things frequently unsticky and I get a feeling I'll be sleeping with a poster on my fave (FACE. FAAAACE.) someday soon.

Oh yeah, and that awkward moment when your sister and her myriad friends sit down and talk and realize that every single one of them has been the target of what was probably an attempted kidnapping as a small child. XD; I love my hometown, but honestly. What even is that.
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This is... really kind of long? )

...So, um, in a nutshell, nothing is getting better, maybe Imperial Saga, and I'm so sorry >> Take comfort in the fact that I'll stop letting you guys down by September one way or another, LOLOLOL.

...In brief fandom news, TWO NEW CASTLEVANIA GAMES WITH ALUCARD IN THEM YESSSS.  I'VE ALWAYS WANTED GABRIEL/ALUCARD INTERACTION.  Now all we need is to get Crispin Freeman to do his voice somehow, sob sob that's never going to happen.
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...I actually wrote some of that Thor/Skyrim crossover. Like, a minuscule amount.  This is how I usually write, which is why nothing ever gets done: I write until I get stuck, then I skip to another part, and then I go back and fill in all the gaps.  Of course this tends to lead to... well, nothing getting done, so instead I tend to be all NOPE I SHALL WRITE MY WAY THROUGH THIS IF IT KILLS ME and then I can't, whoops.  I am a winner, you guys \o/

Also, I continue to be unable to write Thor.

...But, um, yeah, here it is.  LibreOffice, why you gotta not let me move text to the post editor nicely.

Technically Alduin has absolutely no reason to attack Helgen if the Dragonborn isn't present, but whatever that's why this is a blurb. )

LOL yeah, I kinda have this whole scene planned out, but there are only so many ways you can say IT WAS LOUD AND THEY RAN AND JUMPED AND YELLED AND SUDDENLY HAMMER AND WHOOPS WHERE'S MY BROTHER, and I can't make it sound less stupid than anything written up there >.< But in the end, I decided that Loki needs to accompany Thor to Skyrim and get up to shenanigans with him.  Which you know is just an excuse to have all the brotherly feels XD;

Technically this means that Tamriel is kind of... doomed... because while Loki could probably teach himself to use the Thu'um, they need Dragonrend to defeat Alduin, and the very nature of Dragonrend makes it the one Thu'um neither of them can possibly use. ...Unless one of them learns what it means to be mortal, ohoho. Or Thor just smashes his face in with Mjolnir, I guess that works too.

Also I'll probably skip right to writing up Honorhall and Sanguine, because one of them is going to be all the feels and the other will be LOLOLOL WHAT IS THIS, I DON'T EVEN, and those are my favorite feelings when it comes to writing ♥

THIS IS A GOOD THING, YOU GUYS.  I CAN WRITE AGAIN, OMG.  These drabbles will be done in no time.  That's a lie, but I'm working on it, which is more than I can usually say <<;;


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Someone is jelly...
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So has anyone read that one Sherlock Holmes parody by one of ACD's friends?  The one he says is the best parody he's ever read? Here, I've even got a link for you! But for those not in the mood for reading/who want a backstory written by a simpleton, the story is in "The Truth About Sherlock Holmes": ACD cowrote a play with one of his friends, and the whole thing flopped really badly.  Aforementioned friend then wrote the best Sherlock Holmes parody ever, where two playwrights visit 221B Baker Street and Holmes recognizes the uglier one as the guy who has been taking the credit for all his hard work (XDDDD), and when they say that it's Holmes' fault their writing has suffered, Holmes vanishes in a poof of smoke with the best final words ever:

"Fool, fool!  I have kept you in luxury for years.  By my help you have ridden extensively in cabs where no author was ever seen before.  Henceforth you will ride in buses!"

It's called "The Adventure of the Two Collaborators", and includes such gems as Watson hitting the ceiling every time Holmes makes a deduction (as well as a hilarious note after fictional!Doyle tells him to stop), Holmes shooting a profile of Watson into the wall instead of the initials V.R., and the single most anticlimatic Climax Deduction in any short story ever. XDDD

I still have yet to even drudge up a decent source for my essay on MAZA and 3GAB, so I was going through the smaller of my Giant Books of Holmes when I rediscovered the parody.  I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED.  BEST PARODY.  EVER.

And speaking of Sherlock Holmes and LOLOLOLing forever, poor Sidney Paget XDD Um, Sherlock, I think you need to go over your names again...


Whelp, that's the best thing about Sherlock Holmes: it's got the most fanfiction of any published work ever.  LOLOLOL.


Jan. 16th, 2012 01:52 pm
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My brother ran some sort of cleaning program he installed on the computer, and now not even reinstalling plugins and Firefox will make anything display correctly >__> 'Anything' here having the meaning of Livejournal (scratch that it seems to be working now), Dreamwidth, Yahoo, and, most unfortunately, Mediafire. SERIOUSLY. MY PSP BROWSER GIVES A LESS ANNOYING DISPLAY THAN THIS. ...Reading pages displayed normally after a little while, but posts are still ALKSJDAKSJ. I dunno, hopefully the mysterious medicine that is time shall fix those too.


EDIT: Firefox, you have failed me. This is unacceptable. I hereby dismiss you as my default browser. EVERYONE SAY HI TO GOOGLE CHROME.

Waaait for it... )

So, um, yeah. I may or may not be kidnapped for a good portion of today, but if not I shall use my awesome deduction skills* to figure out what the heck is wrong with Firefox and return! ...Or maybe I'll just use my PSP. Text entries on that thing have a small character limit, though, so expect a lack of TL;DR if I have to resort to that >>

*As I have perhaps mentioned several times before, I actually am capable of figuring things out by myself, just not quickly enough for the information to be remotely useful.
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Sherlock Holmes spoilers! )

Also you might have seen my entry earlier this morning, and if you have you probably know why it was taken down. GIANT FANART POST LOL. Remember Shizuki Aura, the person who drew the Dhaos Turning Into Tree fanart? Yeah. XD

Alright, gonna stop spazzing now. But you guys, that movie. Awesome.

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Of these two issues, I consider the first to have an infinitely larger impact on my life XD; )

As y'all can see, I have a serious inability to take anything remotely seriously. XD; If I told you the sheer extent of it, you'd all kinda hate me.


Dec. 18th, 2011 09:48 am
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Exams end Wednesday this week, but I am now FREE OF ASSIGNMENTS which means I am infinitely less stressed than before and will hopefully be on more. Yeah, we've heard that one before.  We'll see. >__> My sister only has exams tomorrow, lucky girl.

Also, remember Luceti: this is a personal account.  I'll be PMing any RP peeps who still have me on their F-list later, because while you might not mind having my random musings around I'm unsure how many of you have actually seen my notices.  LOLOLOL.

Speaking of Luceti, will get my draft tags in AND THEN WE CAN HAVE SHENANIGANS.  Hopefully I won't die when Monday comes around >__> I have so much crap to catch up on, you guys, and then I gotta tag all the people on the draft and find a way to make Dhaos hate Giles (who I believe is conveniently also going on the draft >D) and obtain the title of Yuan's Chill Bro somehow.  It shall be awesome.  ...Hopefully.

I'm so sorry, you guys, all the backtags >__>

In other news, between having gotten Batman, Assassin's Creed and Skyrim in the past two/three months, I don't really want anything but cookies and chocolate for Christmas.  LOLOLOL.  Now would be a good time to get those Princess Tutu DVDs, I guess.
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Oh, hey, look!  I am trying to get back into the habit of posting! XD

I saw the draft details and I was like YES LOL DHAOS CAN TRAP HIMSELF/OTHERS IN A DEPLETED MINE OR SOMETHING AND SPEND THE LAST FEW HOURS CURSING HIMSELF.  And then I was like oh yeah, he can teleport.  LOLOLOL.  He could just get out himself or rescue his poor victims, unless they were buried alive.  But I would still giggle if he brought an entire chamber down, despite knowing the mods would never let me do so XD

But anyway, gotta sort out the draft details, then gotta sort out the mind control plot details, then I gotta sort out the vampire plot details... lol I am behind.  Well, at least I'll be free soon!

Aaaand life stuff! )

Uh what else.  THINGS.  REMIND ME OF THEM.
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If you are seeing this from an RP account, it's probably because I friended you by accident.  I put up a note on the OOC comm and I THINK I've removed everyone (I went through the list and changed 'add' to 'remove'), but I realize not everyone may have seen my notice.

Please friend remove [ profile] northeastwind, and I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience!  I'll, uh, try not to do this again >__>

For my other Luceti peeps, who would have seen this anyway, LOL I AM ALIVE I SWEAR.  THERE IS AN ACTIVITY CHECK, I SHOULD TOTALLY COMMENT TO THAT.  I'm sure I have 30 comments lying around somewhere... I was going to be on yesterday, but then sis went LOL NOPE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING and at least I got chocolate.

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Today, I got some stuff my sister and I bought in the mail, including the original score for Arkham City and this FRIKKIN' ENORMOUS book with like a jillion pages of Batman stuff ICly written by Bruce Wayne himself, allegedly as a guide for whoever his successor would be.

Seriously, look at how big this thing is. )

But that's not the point.  The point is, I was inspired to finish Arkham City today.  And apparently this is the week of Traumatizing Video Game Endings.

Obviously major spoilers in that link and under this cut. )

...Anyway, since the best track in the game isn't on the soundtrack ( usual? XD) I took the liberty of recording it for myself.  It plays during a terribly sad little Easter egg in Park Row, where Bruce's parents died.  The song is only about a minute and a half long and doesn't have a title, but I feel like it deserves a spot on my playlist.  Even with the stupid sound effects playing in the background >__>
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I, um, just finished Revelations.

Ubisoft apparently really likes ending the AC games with AKSDFLKAJSDHFKJSDHF things.

Yeah don't worry, it's just Video Game Serious. )
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I was recording more of AC:R (I couldn't resist <__<) when something funny happened.  Watch as I fail to notice the crowd behind me running away until it's too late.  Before you ask, yes, I have had too much Phantasia in my system and apparently my first reaction to anything shocking is PAUSE BUTTON PAUSE BUTTON.

I'm recording the audio and the video separately, so the timing may be off, and the mic is too loud and aaall these issues, but it's fun.  Right after that, I went around stealing from people and was about to shut the system off when some guy punched me in the face, resulting in me somehow managing to fill an entire street with people writhing on the ground after Ezio beat them up for attacking him for stealing from people.  I have video of that, too, but it took ten minutes and I'm not sure anyone would want to sit there for ten minutes and watch me beat people up.

And now my customary pseudo-review thing that is mostly me fangirling. )
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Our good friends over at Artix Entertainment once made an announcement that I believe is very expressive of the way I feel right now.  Here, lemme copypasta that for you.

Cut because I realize that parodies of well-known Bible passages are not always looked kindly upon. )

I am, of course, not in the beta testing stage of creating a new online RPG, but this is pretty much how I feel.  In my infinite wisdom I have managed to miss the birthdays of literally every single friend I have this year-- including my offline friends-- and resolved, as I have before, not to post until I had EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY PRESENT I'd planned done.


You know what, screw this, I'mma just whip up like a million oneshots for y'all.  ACTUAL ONESHOTS.  NOT THESE LAME BLURBS I'VE BEEN DOING.  Don't bother wishing me luck, just boot me in the pants whenever you see me online and say GET TO WORK, MISSY.

Yes, the guys at AE did actually post that.  Here, look for yourself.

...Um.  So, uh, thanks everyone! 8D In lieu of presents for you guys, I suppose I must list my own presents.  SO.  Have some photos:

Read more... )
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I found another Dhaos journal! (Listed below for lols.) And apparently the Klarth from his game is still playing at Polychromatic!

...Except it's a journal-based game and I'm currently using my Dhaos account for one of those already! XDD And of course classes again soon. Still, given how this Dhaos was when he was part of the game, I am now seriously tempted to put Dhaos in there from any number of sadistic spots in the timeline for the sole purpose of freaking poor Klarth out and destroying his soul. SOMEONE PLEASE STOP ME, I DON'T NEED MORE THINGS TO DO. But castmaaaates...

And then there's the problem of me accidentally causing unforeseen problems with any canon point I choose. Or missing opportunities for OMGWTHBBQ. Polychromatic needs a test community or something, LOL.

Hilariously, I found the journals of all the other Phantasia players who used to be at Poly, and guess what?

[ profile] whackadhaos
[ profile] whackapervert
[ profile] whackanarche
[ profile] whackachester
[ profile] whackaspirit
[ profile] whackaninja
[ profile] whackatimeline

I laughed. Very hard.


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