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Video uploads and videogames! )

My sister got me to go see Skyfall again last weekend. It was just as amazing, and we had the other kind of awesome audience: instead of people who laughed when they were supposed to like last time, we got hilarious people. LOLOLOL. We were going to skip into Breaking Dawn because my sister refuses to let our money go to it but we were all tired and went home instead. But we got to see James Bond again. And it was awesome. Breaking Dawn will have to wait until we can go with BF/N to see Skyfall again, LOL, because NOPE NOT PAYING FOR THAT.

In other news, I have a half-hour presentation in Theory of Knowledge tomorrow as well as a review sheet and I am STRESSED AS EVER but after that it shall be zebra cakes and fiestas and generally amazing things. Yay. I have work to do >>
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Let's Play Thor - Part 9. In case you have ten more minutes to spare.

I finished ACIII, but that deserves an entry all on its own. So I'll just say that I wish they hadn't changed the controls but that's just me being terrible at this game, the writing could have been better, and JUST ONCE UBISOFT. JUST ONCE. XD I very much enjoyed it, though!

...Despite the sheer number of people of color in this game, my favorite character is white. Oops >>

I also saw Skyfall today! BEST BOND MOVIE. BEST. I WANT AVENGERS/JAMES BOND CROSSOVERS STATIM. I managed to sneak a whole thing of McDonald's into the movie theater 20 minutes late and still catch the beginning of the movie. I am clearly secret agent material.

Real Life stories! )

...And that's it! Now excuse me, it's been a while since I've seen The Avengers, and I've got a new CD to listen to. XD

...Oh, while I'm at it, DW people! One of my LJ friends is writing a Sherlock fic. I happen to know a couple of people who enjoy Sherlock, so have at!
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It has come to my attention that there are apparently poorly informed individuals out there who were advised to skip the credits of Thor after watching the movie.

Upon visiting Youtube in an attempt to rectify this problem as quickly as possible, I discovered that it is rather difficult to find any footage of the credits. Having purchased the DVD myself a long time ago, I have taken it upon myself to provide easy access to the best depiction of the World Tree ever.

Click for video! )

I would have included the Foo Fighters bit, but I figured no one else cared. LOLOLOL. Rewatch the bar scene for that instead.
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But first, COD:BO2 news! )

Developments on the whole exam thing have been hilarious. The staff have gone from all saying full price to half saying they've never heard of it, and one teacher outright going NOPE, while the other half still says full price. So what I'm guessing will happen is we'll be paying half price and everything will be cool \o/

I still hate the fifth floor.  There aren't a lot of things in this world that I hate (Scott Walker is actually not one of them, which should give you an idea), but I do hate stairs, and the fifth floor seems to consist entirely of stairs.  And I hate stairs.

The warranty on my speaker toy hasn't run out yet. Muahaha...

The Avengers poster DID fall down, though not on my face. It's lying on the ottoman bench thing in front of my piano until we can figure out how to get it to stick. Since that's not likely to happen, it'll probably lay there forever/until the next time I practice. LOL.

I have decided for the fifty-first time that POTC:TCOTBP (or just Pirates 1, LOLOLOLOLOL) is the best movie ever.  Ever.  It is not up for discussion.  And boy am I glad I posted that Sherlock Holmes crossover fic link in here, or I'd have to go looking for it again.

ROUND 14 GOT DIS. \o/ And Kino 4 is going to be jacked up. Just sayin'.
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This is really getting on my nerves! Here is where the Co-Op video should be, and Kino 3 should be here, but Youtube is all like NOPE 8D and it's been two days. I have to wait until my sister is away at golf before I try again, because she doesn't like slow internet, but WHATEVER WE GOT DIS. In the meantime, have a 20 second Skyrim video to hold you over.

EDIT: I didn't believe people who told me the easter egg songs were really good. Shows how much I know.

In the meantime, I learned something that makes me jelly! Best Friend/Neighbor goes to a private school that teaches a class called Modern Fiction. You want to know who they're studying this mark period?

Christopher Nolan.

She gets to watch the Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and The Prestige and probably write an essay or two about them for a grade. So jelly >>

Speaking of movies, I am seriously thinking of filling one of my own prompts on the Thor Kinkmeme over on LJ just to have something to read. LOLOLOL. There was one fill on like the fourth prompt post where Thor goes back in time and tells his younger self to not be such a dick to Loki all the time, and then when he gets back Loki is a perfectly stable man and everything is all better, but I know in my heart that it's not that simple. SO COMPLICATIONS AND LOKI STILL BEING A MANIPULATIVE DICK LOL. I've been playing this scenario out in my head for a couple weeks now, and and as far as I can see everyone is super confused at Thor's behavior towards his family and his bizarre fixation with Earth. LOLOLOL. Poor Thor, though, I mean think about it. He'd be so paranoid and lonely all the time.

I have to finish all my other projects first, though, LOL. Meanwhile someone convince Robbaz to play the Thor videogame so I don't have to.

Speaking of... nah, I got nothing. Except I would like to know if anyone here either doesn't like George Romero or does like Sarah Michelle Gellar.
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I am so lonely in Nazi Zombies ;~~; I'd ask if anyone would play with me, but everyone hates FPSes and my Xbox Live account ran out this month anyway, LOL. Been playing it with Best Friend/Neighbor instead. WE GOT UP TO ROUND ELEVEN YESTERDAY, but that was because I had a Thunder Gun XD Maybe next time we play I'll record it so everyone can see our silliness even when zombies are involved.

My sister and I have gotten back into watching Warrior again. If you thought Bane had all the swag in The Dark Knight Rises, you need to see this movie, and if you didn't you still need to see this movie. IT GIVES US A LOT OF FEELINGS. Just remember that yes, the odds of that happening in real life are terrible and no, that ref is not a good ref, which is why Frank keeps yelling at him. LOLOLOL. (His 'actor' is apparently one of the best refs in real life though!)

...ALSO IT HAS BEETHOVEN. LOTS OF BEETHOVEN. The movie's main theme is Ode to Joy! XDD


I failed the AC again, and without the excuse of exams I rather doubt the mods will let me off for failing it twice in a row. Combine that with school starting on Monday and you've got a whole lot of yeaaaaaaah I should have abandoned ship the first time I failed it, because I'm not spending 90% of the school year on hiatus again. I'll be letting Dhaos get swept on the 17th. I accomplished literally nothing I wanted to do with him while he was in Luceti, but that has nothing to do with my activity and is my own fault for being really slow and not seeking out opportunities to do stuff with him. We have the best Aseliaverse cast and I adore all of Dhaos' CR, but at this point I'm obviously just deluding myself about the RP situation. Imperial Saga ended up falling through for the same reason as my event threads (+ plotting snarl, but that was easily resolved), so clearly organized RP is just not going to happen.

I didn't make it to September like I said I would (looool things I said I would do), so all I can really do is apologize for all the broken promises and missed opportunities. I'd say it isn't forever, but anyone who still believes a word I say on the subject is also deluding themselves XD;

...In completely unrelated news, I realized while listening to music that it is absolutely imperative that everyone understands how awesome it is to hear 21,000 people singing CHOOOOKE! ON A KISS! live. XD;;
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London knew it couldn't possibly top the amazing that is Beijing, so they went in the complete opposite direction and ended up being infinitely more entertaining for the exact opposite reason XD

And what, is gymnastics cursed this time around? The gold medalist for the men fell off the high bar, the gold medalist for the women didn't even make the all-around qualifications, everyone was all stepping out of bounds and falling off balance beams and pommel horses and my sister and I were getting kind of sad >>

And now we have school and movies and videogames and... Nazis. >> )

WOW I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. School starts on the 13th, so I have until then to get freetime-related stuff done.

...What is my life.

ITT Thor

Jun. 26th, 2012 03:59 pm
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I've decided that the only way all my Avengers feelings are going to get posted is if I split them into several entries. So here are my Thor feelings, because there are... a lot of them. XDD Also because TODAY IS MY BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY and clearly we must do something in honor of big brothers \o/ We went to a restaurant and then we're going to paint my/my sisters room; we deliberately picked out the most vibrant shade of red they had, and this is a terrible idea but whatever.

I had this entry saved as STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM for some reason. )


EDIT: We are done and we paint so unevenly but whatever it looks cool XD
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I ended up having one more assignment for which today was the deadline, and I didn't get it done in time and so my grade will suck, but that is okay because THE STRESS IT IS GONE >>;;; The event starts tomorrow though ahaha I am not prepared.



So excited! *__* But my mom was being overbearing and we ended up only getting half-decent seats (18 on this diagram!) but that is okay because WE ARE NOT ON THE LAWN AND THAT MEANS WE STRUCK GOLD ANYWAY XDD This is going to be an awesome first concert, guys. Finally I am going to a music festival to listen to music instead of eat food. XD

What else. Oh yeah, we got the second series of Sherlock on DVD! 8D I can now punch myself in the feels whenever I want! Sob this show you guys. I cannot wait another 18 months for the next season >>

...Oh yeah, and we have, in fact, been keeping up with Game of Thrones. Words cannot suffice to describe my sister's shriek of horror at the end of episode seven, but I remain unconvinced. I really ought to know better by now, but whatever XD

I have... too many Avengers feels. Too many. Guys, I have seen this movie twice now, and I'm going to see it a third time this weekend (with my FWENDS. I NEVER GET TO SEE MY IRL FRIENDS OUTSIDE OF CLASSES OMG.) This has got to stop >>

...Also, erm, I was poking around The Mighty Thor comics, and OMG IF THEY MADE THESE INTO MOVIES

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Sherlock Holmes spoilers! )

Also you might have seen my entry earlier this morning, and if you have you probably know why it was taken down. GIANT FANART POST LOL. Remember Shizuki Aura, the person who drew the Dhaos Turning Into Tree fanart? Yeah. XD

Alright, gonna stop spazzing now. But you guys, that movie. Awesome.

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First, TV. )

And then, webcomics. )

...Anyway, wow, not getting anything done. Tomorrow we're probably going to go see Sherlock Holmes 2, which I've heard a lot of good and bad things about. And also spoiled myself. But I don't know the general plot, just one giant thing, so it should be good. I know everyone is tired of Sherlock Holmes by now, but I'll have my usual IT WAS AWESOME post tomorrow maybe and we shall all be happy again.

Also you guys, it makes me sad that Dreamwidth only gives inbox notifs for very specific comments. I have two different emails for both of my journals, guys XD
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My outrageous buying streak continues with El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.  AND ALSKDJALKS YOU GUUUUUUYS THIS GAME.

El Shaddai spoilers! )

In RP news, mind control plot is a go!  Watch as Dhaos commits his first genuinely villainous act in Luceti ever and gets away with it XD I'm so nervous though, you guys, even though this is a Giles plot and not a Dhaos plot I still feel like I'm going to mess it up somehow ><; Or that I'm ALREADY messing up, or that I messed up by being a part of this plot, which is kinda horrible since Dhaos is sorta the catalyst for the conflict here.  Confidence issues, yay :D But even if I end up doing something OOC or screwing up, it shall be fun, so it is okay XD

Also, we're moving and there is no plot involved ;__; It's not a problem at all, but I didn't think I'd be this sad about it.  It turns out I'm more attached to LJ than I thought.

...I found a certain Russian blog that has Karion as a maid in Dhaos' palace since he was little.  LOL.  OH GOSH YOU GUYS, GETTING ADORABLE IMAGES OF TINY!DHAOS CRUSHING ON TINY!KARION.  I don't care if this is canon or not, this is totally my headcanon until further notice.  If I ever bring Tiny!Dhaos back, I'm totally going to find a way to get him to tell Grune about it XD Although due to NDX, I had always imagined that Karion was an adviser or even a knight of some sort. XD It doesn't matter, though, because either way I still have to do some serious work trying to imagine Dhaos falling in love with her.  LOLOLOL.  For those who don't already know, I'm kinda.  Partial to the idea of characters who don't need romantic love.  So it's tough for me to imagine a lot of my favorite characters falling in love. XD Already being in love is a whole different story, which is why all of my pairings are of the established canon kind, and probably why Dhaos/Grune happened-- because of Luceti Valley.  LOLOLOL.

I joined [community profile] tales_100  on DW, which is a really relaxed writing comm-- 100 words is way too short for me, but at least I have an excuse to be brief >__>;

Also, my sister bought the DVD for the movie Warrior, which is totally awesome and you guys should watch it.  Just saying.  ...I want to say it's really good even if you're not into MMA, but I'm kinda sorta a former wrestling fan, so I can't make an objective statement about that, LOL.  But it has Tom Hardy and Kurt Angle, and it's awesome, and I'll post about it later because originally this whole post was about it but there are other things to talk about.  So. XD
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I'm sick.  All the usual symptoms: runny nose, inability to breathe properly due to runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, slight headaches here and there.  At least I'm fulfilling my yearly illness quota before the Wisconsin winter kicks in, though, LOL.  Got infinitely worse last night, resulting in REALLY getting sick and then feeling much better afterwards, so hopefully that was the Obviously Ill portion of it and I'll be fine tomorrow. XD

My sister did her usual run to the library in order to find the movies she wants to watch, and she brought home one called Sunshine.  ...I think live action trauma is a little more difficult for me to swallow, now that I think about it XD It's not even that bad, I'm just wimpy.  LOLOLOL.  She also got Batman Begins again, probably due to her excitement for Arkham City (she's more excited for that than Revelations, which is understandable as it comes out first), and then I realized I have never seen that movie in full either.  WHAT THE.  HOW.

And now, the things you may or may not actually care about. )
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I got it for like six dollars at the zoo the other day.  LOL.  I can actually use it, too!  It goes about... thirty feet, ahaha.  I can't pull it back all the way, of course, because contrary to popular belief you need a lot of muscles in places other than your arms to pull back a bow (and I don't trust this bow's integrity enough to do so anyway), but it's fun.  The arrows aren't very pointed, of course, but my sister hit a chicken with one. XD;

Apparently we're going to go see Captain America today.  All I need are my Iron Man and Thor allusions, and I'm good!  I'm pretty sure Tony's father is in it, actually, so it's just Thor.  Yay.

So we're leaving the house in the morning on the 29th, and the plane actually leaves at 6:30 AM on the 30th.  So, uh, that'd be about 4:30 PM on the 29th in my own timezone...  Should get home about 24 hours later.  Ack.  But yeah, I'm going home soon!  And then I'll have properly refrigerated milk and my own bed!  ...But no kittens.  ;___;  Speaking of which, one of the neighbors' dogs showed up and bit Cookie, and he was dragging his leg for the rest of the day.  He was perfectly capable of walking yesterday, though, so I hope it was nothing too serious.  Until then, bad doggies!

And, of course, other things. )
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This is the third day I've spent at a house I am not living in.  Whyyyy.  I want my internets back.

So Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two came out in the Philippines today. Guess what we went to go see?

...Transformers 3! ^0^

Unfortunately, they weren't playing that anymore, so we ended up seeing Harry Potter instead anyway. LOLOLOL.


/cool story bro )

So in the end, my childhood ended quite happily and despite not getting to see Transformers I got my explodey fun times.
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 Guess what?  I has photos! 

...Except my sister refuses to give up the laptop long enough for me to get them anywhere!  So that'll come later today if I have time and opportunity. 

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So my uncle just taught me how to ride a motorcycle. He's planning to do the same for my sister.

My 15-year-old sister is going to learn to drive a motorcycle before she's even driven a car.

I love my uncle.



Jun. 29th, 2011 09:44 pm
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YOU GUYS BEST FRIEND/NEIGHBOR CAME BACK TODAY OMG SUCH AWESOME TIMING 8DD Except now we will not see her again for a mooonth. Aaaaw. But yes, I didn't think I'd even get to see her before we left! ^0^

My sister and I spent today with our dad at Holy Hill. Yes, again. I love that place, man, it's probably the highest spot in our part of the state, and in flat, flat Wisconsin, you can see everything from the top of the Scenic Tower. I've ranted about this place a lot, so I'll just say that we saw an ADORABLE BABY CHIPMUNK and leave it at that.

So yesterday my sister and I went on a GRAND QUEST to go see the third LotR movie at the mall.  Quest because we had no money and no ride, both of which we managed to procure by pleading with our older brother to watch it with us and our grandmother somehow being a psychic and deciding to lend us money.

And so, at seven o' clock, my sister, brother and I set out to watch an awesome four-hour-long movie that we didn't even know existed back when it first came out.  And it was so awesome.  Dude, man, there were tons of extra scenes and the battle of Pelennor Fields and you guys, Theoden's final charge was so epic I could have cried.

Also, my sister has apparently been way more obsessed with Thor than I thought, as she found a pair of awesome fanfics apparently written by Terry Pratchett's Jedi Apprentices, as well as a TON of GIFs.  She's saved a lot of GIFs that have nothing to do with Thor, too, so I have brought them here for you today to enjoy as a farewell gift.  Three guesses who her favorite character is, LOLOLOL.

Cut for LOLs )

I'm leaving the house at eight in the morning tomorrow, so until I arrive in the Philippines I shall be MISSING BAAAW.

See you guys later!
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Six days you guuuuuuys.  I can't decide whether I'm excited or not.  I want to see everyone and go to the Philippines and everything, but... this is sort of going to eat up the rest of my summer.  Classes start halfway through August.

...Aw man, all the pretty flowers are going to bloom while I'm away!  Sadface.

Also, my little sister and I went to go see LotR: The Two Towers in the movie theater the other day.  It was four hours long, LOLOLOL, and as it was the extended version, there were a ton of scenes I'd never seen before.  And also Boromir's Rock Into Mordor scene, LOL.  But yes, Helm's Deep!  I love that battle, and especially the ending.  Theoden is just... the coolest fictional king ever.  Ignoring Aragorn, who spends most of the book not being king.

So yeah, I finished Eternal Sonata.  Some things:


...Man, I really need to decide the outcome of my part in the Mu event, so I can start tagging people again.
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Uh.  So today, since I went out yesterday with Dad, I thought I'd have time to be on more.

But nope, sis dragged me out to go see Midnight In Paris.  Which was good!  Ernest Hemingway and Salvador Dali were hilarious, LOLOLOL.  I would go see that movie again.

Eternal Sonata )


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