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Malukah apparently sings the new zombie easter egg song for Mob of the Dead?!





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If you are giving a list of little-known scientific facts and including statements like "It sounds unbelievable, but it's true!", you should probably use actual images pertaining to your subject instead of footage from a well-known movie about Norse gods.

1. and 9. are very definitely true, and the rest sound just as believable, so I'm not saying that this person doesn't know what they're talking about.  It's just, eventually someone is going to assume you're getting the facts from movies, and they don't have a very good reputation in that regard.  LOLOLOL.

Now you may ask, "North, why in the world were you able to recognize a cluster of stars as the credits from Thor from an image less than a square inch in size on your phone while taking a bumpy bus ride?" And that is a very good question. Whoops.

Oh yeah, and I can't hear you over the sound of THE FOO FIGHTERS PLAYING AT THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION. If it were a concert where everyone knew all the songs, My Hero would have been an audience participation song (at Summerfest they stopped playing and let us sing the refrain once 8D), but the lack of audience singing is made up for by WAAAALK~

I was going through the old Hall of Personas thread from last year, and blatantly ignoring all the typos and NORTH THAT IS NOT WHAT THAT WORD MEANS, it's pretty entertaining. For a whole lot of reasons, including IC and OOC hilarity, and sadness. I am about as terrible at writing Present!Dhaos as I was back then, so that part is kind of painful to read, but I can't really complain about my ability to write Dhaos while he's upset.

As usual, though, I repeat myself and use the same phrases over and over a lot. XD But man, I miss Luceti, and RPing in general. Hopefully I'll be able to join back up sooner rather than later, because baaaw I miss playing Dhaos and reading the other Dhaos' threads makes me miss it even more. But again, games are just not happening >>

It was a whole lot of penalties in the Packer game yesterday!  I get a feeling there's going to be a lot of complaining about these new refs, ahaha...

EDIT: I'm sorry, I just found a hilarious video of 11 drunk guys playing Slender.  I feel like my f-list needs to know about this.
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The concert was amazing. Best first concert. Ever *__*

I need to get all of this out like... now. Right now. I'm probably forgetting many awesome things, but you know how it is with me and remembering things. )

It was awesome \o/ Also I had corn and amazing waffle fries, but that is for later. Now, I sleep.
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You have been spared my Avengers Feels for a while longer by the arrival of several revelations.

1. I only have to take one final exam XDD I'm free for the summer on Wednesday!





I live in the city that hosts the biggest music festival in the world and yet I've never been to a concert before, but now's as good a time as any to start XD And we JUST obtained enough money to buy tickets for me and my sister.  Like, hours after we found out.  This was meant to happen.

Tickets go on sale on the 25th.  I hope they don't sell out before we get some T__T My sister just about died.  She texted me from school and demanded I come to rescue her XD

Aaaaaaah T__T I didn't realize how much I loved the Foo Fighters until now, really.

...Clearly this was not a coincidence, though.  If they don't play Walk at the concert after THE AVENGERS just came out, they're not very smart. XD

...So. Um.  Hopefully this does wonders for my ability to RP, because I've fallen back into my rut from... the whole past half year, sob.  If anyone wants ADVENTUUUUURE with Dhaos to help with my drive, I am totally open >>

Also PFFTLOL all Loki fans should read this. This is the best explanation of Loki's outrageous offspring ever, and it even manages to induce feelings XD And I found a bunch of posts on Dear Mun with Sleipnir and Fenrir arguing and competing for Loki's attention XD ALSO JARVIS LOL.

Also apparently it is now a thing for me to take all of my fandoms and write Princess Tutu crossovers with them?!
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Today, I got some stuff my sister and I bought in the mail, including the original score for Arkham City and this FRIKKIN' ENORMOUS book with like a jillion pages of Batman stuff ICly written by Bruce Wayne himself, allegedly as a guide for whoever his successor would be.

Seriously, look at how big this thing is. )

But that's not the point.  The point is, I was inspired to finish Arkham City today.  And apparently this is the week of Traumatizing Video Game Endings.

Obviously major spoilers in that link and under this cut. )

...Anyway, since the best track in the game isn't on the soundtrack ( usual? XD) I took the liberty of recording it for myself.  It plays during a terribly sad little Easter egg in Park Row, where Bruce's parents died.  The song is only about a minute and a half long and doesn't have a title, but I feel like it deserves a spot on my playlist.  Even with the stupid sound effects playing in the background >__>
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Why were we there back to back?
Why were we there face to face?
I must be the light when you're in the dark
If I lose you somewhere, and I'm still hanging in there
I will ring a bell until you feel me by your side

It would figure that I get back on a school day and immediately proceed to talk about videogames, eh? )

...Also, it is no longer pitch black out when I leave for school. HUZZAH.


Sep. 26th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Sis: What's a synonym for "badass?"
Dad: Awesome?
Me: That's too generic.
Dad: ...Stupendous.
Sis: No, it has to be, like, a person...
Dad: Vince Lombardi.

Video game music for the wiiiiin. )
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I've never talked about this song, have I?  If you sit in a certain chair in Symphony of the Night with a certain Fairy familiar out, Alucard will fall asleep and the fairy will sing him a lullaby.  And you get to hear it! Apparently the lyrics are a very good translation of the original Japanese, while at the same time keeping the rhythm and melody of the song.

Lyrics~! )

Also, I finally have a name for Kele that isn't suspiciously similar to Keele's: Eirian!  It's Welsh, just like Ailis ^^ And, I also finally decided on the name of Dhaos' country: Fimbulvetr, the event immediately preceding Ragnarok.  Fimbulvetr is three harsh winters with no summer inbetween... and the country's winter lasts three two Aselian years. (I assume Derris-Kharlan has a bit of a wider orbit than Aselia.  XD; Also, I forgot how to do basic math. Blech.)  That gives me the problem of what to name the spell I originally named Fimbulvetr, though... Maybe I'll have it take on Cymbeline's role: the spell that can supposedly only be used by the royal family.

In the "music" section of the journal entry page, where you put whatever you're listening to, I misspelled "Symphony" as "Symphonia" XD;
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The warp to where Presea and Regal are being held captive in Welgaia by Mithos isn't working.


...I haven't spoken much about Raine and Genis, have I?  I must fix this.

Some character raaaambling. )
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So I stayed up until one last Monday night to finish and process a video I had to do as a group project, and then the due date was pushed back to today XD; I was ready to go, too!  And I ended up having to redo it because a groupmate sent me pictures and I didn't get them, and I redid my part while I was at it, and the laptop overheated XD; Fortunately WMM was awesome and saved the project instead of junking it.  Hooray!  The only thing is, I made the music too loud on the remake, and forgot a bunch of stuff on the credits XD;  Watch it here if you want.

Got FFVII to download and man, Cloud is just adorable XD "Pfft, I was in SOLDIER! And I'll prove it to you by telling you what I know!" and then saying he's never had to run away from fights despite the fact that I'd just done it to save time XD I already knew how because of that funny flash video "All About Random Battles" by Legendary Frog. "Press the two shoulder buttons and run away like a little giiiiiiirl~"

Long staircase is long.  I counted 115 flights, but 118 would make more sense, so my counting skills must need work XD

Apparently I've gotten a lot better at Dissidia; besides Inward Chaos not being so intolerable anymore, I've beaten pretty much every person who owns Dissidia at lunch, including my hacker friend.  Fun.

Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime is, once more, giving me Dissidia plunnies!  It's just perfect-- "I'm going to any world you're coming from; Anyplace, anywhere, anytime!"

And the German chorus is my favorite line ever: "Give me a hand; I'll build you a sandcastle; somehow, someplace, sometime." :D *hugs it*  Here are the lyrics:

Because none of the lyrics sites agree, I just grabbed the German from somewhere and wrote the English myself. )
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I spent all of my computer time today listening to VG music XD; I kinda feel like randomly compiling a list of all my favorite tunes, but it would take up a lot of space.  So I'll just list the boss music, LOL.

I hardly expect anyone to click on the links, but I included them anyway.  If you do click on them, I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do ^^

Those Who Fight Further / The Summoned
Beat the Angel
Fatalize (I can just see the duels in my head...)
Fighting of the Spirit (From the first Tales of game. Owns.)
The End of a Thought (This one is my favorite~ Arranged version! Kratos's theme was lame, but then you hear the battle remix XD)
One-Winged Angel (Every version, just sharing one I randomly heard XD;)
Sorrow's Distortion
Order of the Demon (and the arrangement, of course :D But I like the game version better for some reason.)
J-E-N-O-V-A (Every version!)
Final Destination (Took a while to get started and the boss was retardedly easy, but was awesome when it got going.)
The Golden Sun Medley from Brawl (Haven't even played this game XD)
Live and Learn (Hangin' on the edge of tomorrow! X3)
What I'm Made Of
For True Story (<3)
Le Ali Del Principio (Yes, it's a boss theme X3 It's so pretty...)
The True Mirror ~orchestral~ [I REALLY want a new disk 2 now ;__;)
The Valedictory Elegy ~guitar~ (Yes, I know this is the Coliseum theme, but I had to include it X3)
Chaotic Dance II (GIACOMO~)
Keep Your Guard Up (Yes, I remembered another one.  LOL.)
And I'm sure I'll remember some more later XD; But I probably won't post them, since I think you've all had enough here.

This is what happens when the mark period ends and teachers stop giving out homework for some reason XD;

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This commercial plays a lot whenever I'm not watching tv, and the song got stuck in my head even though I don't understand the language, LOL.  From what I can see, it's about people of Filipino heritage around the world.

I'm not very fond of rap, but I kinda like the rapping part in this XD  It's catchy.

Ipagpatuloy mo Kapamilya,
kamtan ang hangad mo,
May karamay ka sa paglalakbay
ano man layo ng landas mo, ho!
Mula noon hanggang ngayon
hindi ka mag-iisa Filipino,
Dahil ang bawa't tagumpay
sabay nating ipagdiwang ng buong todo!

"Oh yeah, another thing about Filipinos: We suck at singing." - my little sister, to our aunt XD

Pinoy ftw.

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I'll Make a Man Out of You is in the same key as Blow Bugle Blow.
Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Someone up there loves me very much.

By the way.

"Our weapons are love!"
"Justice! And--"
"*sigh* Hope."

"Stop getting in my way!"
"Same to you!"

Cam Clarke, I love you.

"To the most--"
"SEXY! Dead sexy!"

"Alright, we won!"
"Alright! Let's go!"
"B-But first... Colette... Need-- cure for poison..."
"What? I'm not poisoned!"
"No... I mean... me."

I love the Tales of Symphonia victory quotes-- especially Kratty-chan's Kratos's. Because they often involve either him being awesome or exasperation at the other party members, LOL. In fact, most of his pre-Tower lines do, except the washtub scene. Things involving his family count as him being awesome.

Feel the pain--
Of those "inferior beings"--
As you burn in hell.

Admittedly that last line could have been cooler, but because Cam Clarke is fly it worked. And Kvar is surely burning in hell by now.  I hope he went "Oh crap" when he recognized just who that spiky-haired mercenary on the Chosen's team was.

Curse you, Chikuto, for I cannot think of Kratos Aurion without attaching either "Bastard Mercenary" or calling him "Kratty-chan," LOLOLOL.

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Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day!  But I will not be celebrating, as my Pirate speak needs work T__T  Instead, you are getting the coolest translation of a website, ever.

And here is the second coolest, by the way.

Anyway, spent most of today out with my sis and my dad and my Best Friend/Neighbor.  We went to the library, Barnes and Noble where we bought me a Mulan Songbook (which is now sitting on my 73 key piano/keyboard), then to the grocery store, then to McDonald's before buying anything when we realized we'd be late delivering Mom's "lunch" (her lunchbreak is at 6 XD;), then back to the grocery store where we bought food, then to McDonald's again to get US food, then home.

After Lola was finished watching tv I spent the next half hour or so fooling around on the piano with my new musical knowledge and a camcorder.  Strangely enough, most of the stuff I recorded was just choir stuff for FB people who'd like to hear it.  Because there's no way I'd be able to play anything after only owning the book for about three hours XD;

Luff playing the piano.  Looking back, I have actually gotten some better at it, even if I'm still not that good, lol.  That's good, I just need more alone time and practice ^^

Alone time with the piano is hard to get when it's in the living room right next to the flat screen tv, though T__T
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I asked Dad if we had a credit card yet this morning-- we don't, but I wanted to buy some sheet music.  I was looking for the Mulan songbook because that is my favorite Disney animated movie ever and "I'll Make a Man Out of You" is totally awesome and found it online, which was why we needed the credit card.  Dad suggested we go look for it after dropping Mom off at work.

So we did.  Never in stock ):

But, I did get Micheal Jackson sheet music! ^0^

I've got Beat It and Billie Jean, and a version of Bad I don't like, because I wasn't looking at it properly T__T  Later, at another store, I found a collection that I probably should have gotten.  But I have MJ sheet music and I am happy, and we ordered the songbook and it should come in a few days and SKLEE.  "Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooooon!"

Can play most of the first page of Beat It.  Maybe I'll actually finish a song for once and post a video bragging about my progress >_^

I'm planning on buying Dance of Pales and Bloody Tears/Simon's Theme soon.  Never gonna be able to do Dance of Pales, but it's really pretty and I want it anyway.

...And I swear, my laptop has started overheating way more often since yesterday o.0 ;__;  It used to only happen when it was laid on a bed, but it was given good ventilation and it shut off anyway >_<  I'm starting to think it's more than just overheating, even though that's a problem.
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Harry: Uh, I was just wondering--
Young Muggle Woman: I get off work at eleven. *winks* *leaves*
Harry: ...
Harry: *pulls out box of Tic Tacs*

Lavender: ;__; Waaah!  *runs away*
Harry, Snape, McGonagall and Dumbledore have not moved since the beginning of the scene.
Dumbledore: ...Ah, to be young again and feel the sting of love.

Aragog: *dead*
Slughorn: Did he, ah...  Have any family?
Harry: Oh yeah.

XD  Lots of randomly funny things.  And awesome fire magic.  Underwater.  Yeah.  Just go watch it, the laughs are worth it.  "She has nice skin" indeed.

Speaking of laughs, I was once again reminded of something I used to think was absolutely awesome; this flash game and its background music.  The game is by Artix Entertainment, and the song is a single by Voltaire.

Aptly called, "When You're Evil."  A youtube search reveals that this is a popular song to make music videos to.  Ah, this is why I LOVE Artix Entertainment!

SO.  Haru-Sari page came out Monday as usual, and I was wrong.  It wasn't Cygnet who blew up our resident pregnant woman/young child duo.  It was Phoenix.

"You looked... different.  You sounded different.  I'll kill as many people as you want... for you.  Please, just don't do it yourself.  I'm scared it might... turn you into a different person."

Argh, little kid logic...  This is why we never give kids psychic powers.  And today's page has little Omi asking why Emily and Francis are "all red" and "not talking or moving" ;__; 


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