Jun. 21st, 2012 02:44 pm
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Notre Dame is awesome you guys

And huge

I mean seriously

My Epic Tale )

But I am good now, and back!  And I shall get to what tags I have and tag new things, though Dhaos isn't going on the draft and must instead stress over everyone who is.  Backtagging XD;;;

I had a ton of fun, really.  I was flopping around our hotel room and texting my sister and it was really fun and alskdjskdj.
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So my uncle just taught me how to ride a motorcycle. He's planning to do the same for my sister.

My 15-year-old sister is going to learn to drive a motorcycle before she's even driven a car.

I love my uncle.

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Wanted to get this up before I went to bed.  Three guesses who features in this one! >> This was written while waiting for replies to tags, but then I... got distracted.  These crossover blurbs, man.

In which Autor meets a mysterious composer and they have a little chat.  Enjoy!  Here is the song dude plays, along with video of the flowers blooming.

If only one wish comes true, life will sing )
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From last week's [ profile] fannish5 :

Name your 5 favorite/least favorite royal characters.

Now, this one is easy, given that I seem to have an obsession with royalty.  XD;

This post contains massive spoilers, link spam, and the reason Danse Macabre is my favorite piece of classical music ever. )

And Tales Meme Day Seventeen: The Funniest Scene )
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FFFF.  I epic fail at coloring, but I redownloaded and thus lately have found myself wanting to color everything.  'Everything' mostly meaning the beautiful illustrations of This Pendent Heart drawn by [ profile] mangaka_chan .  I already have the chapter 12 one done, and it actually looks marginally pretty, but when I am actually capable of reaching the fanartist and asking for permission I think it'd be rude to post colorings.  And as I have happily proven several times in the past, I fail at working up the courage to contact people I don't know, despite the fact that both she and Luna Sphere have proven to be very friendly.  You can find all of her beautiful PT fanart at her deviantart, if you want!

Must not get plunnied for evil!Cress fic.  Must not. I'd have to finish Danse Macabre first anyway, because then I could do more with Evil!Cress' new sword >__>

Speaking of Princess Tutu, the Dreaming Together on a Moonlit Night doujin and translation is one of the things I lost-- I still have the download link, but due to people abusing the generosity of the PT community here everyone is trying to keep track of how many times the link is used and by whom, and I'd rather not complicate things for them.  LOL.  Even though I know that's not what they mean.  I just love the PT community, they're all so awesome and it's just a doujin.

And I'm just going to start up again where I left off on that meme, because doing the rest of it all at once would be lame:

Day Sixteen: Your Favorite Scene )

...Oh yeah, and I found my notes and the first draft of Danse Macabre: Ch. 3!  PHEW.  Now I can go back and make it... not as lame. >__>
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Title: Like Shattered Glass
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Rating: G
Word Count: 1850
Main Characters: Ahiru, Autor
Summary: Autor is deprived of his glasses as Ahiru decides there's a surprise she would like him to see.

Here on Fanfiction!
'You'll see!' 'That will be rather difficult while I am wearing a blindfold.' )
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Last night, I had a dream where Dhaos was Macbeth.  It was the scene where Macbeth is awaiting the arrival of Malcolm and Macduff's army from England, but instead of Macbeth's huge rollercoaster of emotion and ALSDKJFH, Dhaos was just "I do not even care anymore."  When he called for Seyton, the guy who showed up looked suspiciously like how I imagine the captain of his Royal Guard in my headcanon (Kent from FE7...), and he was going all "Pull yourself together! ><"

And then when I woke up, I remembered that my last exam was British Authors.  LOLOLOLOL...

Also, LOLOLOL at Phoenix opening up a portal right in Chi's shower.  He's still wearing his clothes (he's really shaken up from the full-color two-page spread I linked to earlier...), so it ends up just being dramatic and "Ohhh where is she taking him?"  I wanna know what's inside Alby's vault!

You guys, I'm sick again.  What the heck?  I was just sick in... what, September?  I've filled my quota for this year!  And it's made taking exams really annoying, too.  It seems to be going around the school, as I wasn't the only one.

Hey look, it's a Phantasia/Princess Tutu crossover blurb!  Not the one I've been alkfdjhd-ing over for exactly a month now, but it's something.  ...Excuse the lameness, I'm ill? T__T

Hey look, it's a really lame blurb! T~T )
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I want my laptop back.  School starts on either the 16th or the 17th, I forget (I'm betting on the 16th, it's a Monday).  FB people, I'll try to get my schedule up, but trust me: none of you have math with me.  ;__; And I need to find out where to show up for my bus, LOL.

...That'll actually be good for my output, since I usually write in class.  LOL.

Three dreams recently.  That's a lot more than usual!

Ice cream = win. )

Oh yeah, Las Vegas cousins visiting, so we're going to Six Flags.



Jul. 21st, 2010 11:09 pm
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I love this icon! ^0^ It's from the beginning of Symphonia's intro.  Dem is some pretty wings, Yggdrasill!

So I spent today trying to get some headway on my entries for the Princess Tutu AMV contest, and I... got almost nowhere!  I keep downloading the episodes and they keep disappearing and it's DRIVING ME INSAAAANE.  Argh...  It's worked for two episodes so far, but headache you guys.  Headache.

The music is making me happy however, so we'll focus on that.  Yaaay...

I watched the episode I tried to download and have come to the conclusion that Mytho's frilly prince outfit is awesome, and I want it.  All their clothes are so cool-looking!

Oh yeah, saw Despicable Me, which is the movie whose preview originally led me to believe it was a Carmen Sandiego movie X3 It was so cute, and funny.  For one thing, Gru's space suit gets washed in the same load as the girls' tutus and turns pink, but he still wears it.  LOL.

And all this is sorta overshadowed by return of Best Friend/Neighbor omg.

She goes to North Carolina every year to see her dad, and it's been really boring around here without her T__T Mostly because she's not around to be awesome with and "deal with my [sister's] bull" as my sister puts it, but also in small part because she took our DS, which I forgot to take our copy of Tales of Phantasia out of.  Yes, that means I haven't finished it yet.  Stupid Mars, jacking my equipment.  BUT SHE'S BACK and the rest of the summer will be massive funzies.
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Guess which Tales game is being remade for the... fourth time?  This Phantasia comes with Narikiri Dungeon too this time, so I hope this one makes it to the US.

Here's a Dhaos profile for you, and here's one for Yuan, in case anyone wants to see what they look like or something.  Yes, I wrote them both.  I suck at filling out the Like/Dislike portions, and the Strength/Weakness portions are absurdly fun for some reason.  Yes, I am endlessly amused that Dhaos' last "weakness" passed without notice.

Post a comment asking for five questions, and I'll give them to you!  I got mine from [ profile] insaneladybug  , who was kind enough to make them multi-fandom X3

(Facebook people, that includes you too.)

You know what? I suck at these. )

Exams coming up next week.  Peachy.  Play project due.  Less peachy.  Little plot, no character development, no theme, crappy writing...  But I've no right to complain, as I was on the team, making it my fault too >_< We'll make it.
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Behold my messy handwriting.

Before you ask what prompted such an act of cruelty:

"Our weapons are love!"
"Justice!  And..."
"...Sigh... Hope."

Anyway, see how the first draft is always crap? XD That's why I try to write in my notebook first, so it gets revised while I'm typing.

This morning I had nothing to do, so I got off my butt and watched some more Princess Tutu.  Currently on 21.  Some things:

Femio made me LOL.
Uzura is cute :)
My sister recently got a haircut.  I realized that she now looks like Rue with glasses, except prettier. *hugs*
I read somewhere that the last four heart shards are difficult to obtain.  Dang, I stopped right where things get even more serious, I bet...

Anyway, another mall visit where we bought absolutely nothing and spent the whole time in Barnes and Noble, mostly looking at the journals there.  A lot of them are really cool, and I'm planning on getting one for my sister's birthday/Christmas/middle school graduation ceremony.  Shhh ;)

Also, we went to McDonald's:

Sis: Okay, so we can just sit here and be weird people at McDonald's.
Me: Or, we can go.
Dad: And be weird people at home.


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