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Thunderstorms in Europe, earthquakes on the east coast... and, well, hurricanes on the east coast. Geez, Mother Nature, the east coast never gets earthquakes or hurricanes. All my east coast peeps, stay safe!

Hey look, it's some Phantasia Drama CD links!

Dude, KH Insiders isn't even an obscure site. How did I not find this earlier? XD They also have a ton of other Tales things, so have a look at the main soundtrack list for T and go download all the stuff you didn't already have. LOL.  I'm a horrible fan.

Now I'm pretty sure all the plot-related Phantasia tracks are up there, but just in case, I reupped the two ones I had. So, once again, here is Present!Dhaos and here is Future!Dhaos.

Fun, guys. Have it.
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I turned IM sound notifications off because they annoyed me and interrupted music, and then discovered I missed a whooole lot of stuff.  Whoops.

Day Eighteen: The Saddest Scene )

...Does anyone know how to change my tag list from cloud to list?  >__> /doesn't tag this properly to prevent Phantasia tag from becoming an all-devouring black hole of doom
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I will not fall behind. I will not fall behind. I will not...

Musiiiiic~ )
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Finished Tales of Vesperia.  Some notes.

Click here~ )


Mar. 26th, 2010 11:09 pm
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Side view.  These are really easy to make, but aren't they pretty?  I would love to have Cruxis wings...  On the right I tried to recreate a certain Eternal Swordsman's wings, but I ran out of room >___> They're so huge!  And they look more like actual wings than anyone else's, not like these.


A warning: my English teacher says she is going to check out my FF tomorrow and give me her professional opinion.  You know what that means?  Finish the one fic closest to completion and upload it, which I did.  I shouldn't have.  Melodrama, rantage, lack of description, sudden ending, me not knowing how to write for people my own age for some reason...  And me needing sleep.

I... completely and utterly forgot that my sister was staying at a hotel for tonight.  Bad older sister! D:

I remember having a lot of stuff to say, but I've forgotten it all o.O So I'll just make the rounds and see everyone tomorrow.
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The one thing I regret about restarting my TWEWY save file is that I have to face this monstrosity all over again.  He has an earthquake move that knocks Joshua out of the air.

Awesome tattoos, though.

Lunch today: school gives out tiny, tiny oranges-- like, marble sized-- as a "fruit serving."  My friend had several.  Name has been replaced for privacy reasons.

Other Friend: Where did you get those?
Friend: *points*
Other: *looks* Jonathan?
Yet Another: *amused* Yeah, from Jonathan's underground orange market.

Also at lunchtime!  I was facing a friend in Dissidia; circumstances led to a Sephiroth (Me) vs Cloud (Her) match, where I then proceeded to defeat her and add insult to injury by doing an Ex Burst when she hit 0 HP.  Everyone watching us pretty much went "Oh yeah, you're dead."

And then someone said, "This never happened in Final Fantasy VII."  LOLOLOL.  I love my classmates.

At the beginning of the year, someone pointed out that our school looks like a prison.  Today, someone made the same comment about another school in our city.  I decided to make a Facebook group about it today, and it already has 50+ members XD I guess Wisconsin schools look like jails.

Speaking of our school, end of mark period tomorrow!  Yay!  But it kinda sucks that everyone else has no school tomorrow XD; Laugh while you can!  We get out of school half a month earlier than you do!


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