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Videowave's direct uploader won't work D8 It stalls before it even begins rendering, which is incredibly frustrating for me, because that means I have to export everything to my computer and take up space before I can upload anything.

Kino 7 is up, Kino 8 is uploading, Thor 14 and 15 are up! 15 is funnier, LOL.

This week, on video discussion! )

My recording hardware also works with the Wii, so if anyone wants me to do something from that system, feel free to ask. ♥

I had a presentation in Spanish the other day, which went better than expected, but the timing was really bad as one of my group members had surgery and the other had undisclosed personal business in Madison, so the latter ended up having to miss it and now I don't know what's up with his grade. I don't know how we're going to sort it out D:

I came depressingly close to accidentally shoving my toothbrush up my nose this morning. I have hand-eye coordination like a boss >> This is clearly why I'm so good at video games, yaaaaay. I've got level 6 on BOII, but the moment I hit 10 I have to actually play in the regular lobbies like a normal person >< Noooo I'm not good enough for that. I keep finishing top five out of twelve in scores and kills for some reason, but it's tragically obvious how terrible I am. Baaaw. I also may have worn out my phone's battery already, which really sucks, because Mom left and now Skype is the only time I get to see her T__T She and Lola should at least be on their way to Japan by now.

...All the responsible people are gone sobbing we are going to die in this house >.>

EDIT: ROFL Robbaz claims he's getting sick because he bought BO2 XD He hates Call of Duty; hates the multiplayer, hates zombies, he prefers Battlefield 3 and Killing Floor for those, LOL.
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Boromir-mun, you have all my love. All of it. I wish you and your growing Fellowship of the Fourth Wall luck.

In other news, I am now on Spring Break and therefore should have little excuse to not get anything done for about a week. YAY. I went to bed at like... five in the afternoon yesterday, and I've been up since five in the morning today. Whoops. But here I am! And I don't need to catch up on non-RP things, I think, since the time I've had has gone to that ahaha sorry. RANDOM THINGS.

Random Things. )

In which RP news takes up a lot of space but says nothing. )

So hopefully I am not dragged out to do something today and can do things at home instead. THEN I WILL BE FREEEEEE.
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First of all, I caved.  I really didn't want to, because I feel bad having them all, but I ended up creating a ton of RP journals, just for the possibility of RPing them, and for the Fourth Wall Event at Luceti.  If you guys wanna fool around with joke characters and such, now's the time to be creating journals for them.  I was originally going to put a huge list of them here, but why spoil the fun?  Just know that there are half a dozen at this moment, and the number is rising as I think of characters I actually have a hope of convincingly pretending to be.

There is one I would like to point out, though:

[personal profile] requiescatinpace  - Ezio, Assassin's Creed.  LOLOLOL YOU GUYS.  LOLOLOL.  I CANNOT BELIEVE I GOT THIS USERNAME.  The entire fandom is going to hate me now, you guys.

And now, two End of Year Memes!  Very blatantly ganked from rose_of_pollux! ♥

Year-End Fandom Meme )

...And, well, I haven't written enough new fic to justify doing this meme, but I'll include the fanfic meme, too.

Year-End Fanfic Meme )
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What better subject for a test entry than something largely pointless but fun? :D

life - 76 uses
tales of phantasia - 70 uses
lol - 69 uses

That sounds about right. LOLOLOL.

The Packers won and I got chocolate and PJs, and as you all know I really like chocolate and PJs, and so this has been a happy Christmas 8D I hope all of you guys have had happy Christmases too, and equally happy Sundays if you don't celebrate Christmas! It is good to be happy whether you celebrate Christmas or not, mmyes.

...The Packers are playing on New Year's, too. I think they're the only team in history to play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's in the same year. LOLOLOL.

I went over a bunch of Dhaos and Grune's old threads today or tried, because you can't even find a thread if it's underneath an enormous one, which... a lot of Dhaos and Grune's threads are, sob, and realized that yes, I have, in fact, somehow managed to pull off the 'developing slowly' thing. XD Although I have also managed to contradict things I said two tags ago, because I have awesome memory like that. It's just, d'aaaaw, these two. They are so cute. My personal favorite thread would have to be the Sleeping Beauty log, though, because alskdjaksjd despite my epic term fail and insistence upon using the words absolutely not it ended up being so hilarious and I just die laughing whenever I read it you guys. So much love.

I need to wriiiiiite something for these two again. Something not hideously sad.  Also you guys, I found a themeset comm centered around one party not speaking.  Lol I should try this.

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Of these two issues, I consider the first to have an infinitely larger impact on my life XD; )

As y'all can see, I have a serious inability to take anything remotely seriously. XD; If I told you the sheer extent of it, you'd all kinda hate me.
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I had a ton of things to say earlier this week, did not say them and forgot.  Baw.  So it is random anecdote day!

Random Anecdote Day! )

So yes!  All I need is a Manny Pacquiao victory, and I'm all set!  ...Hopefully! >>;
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I'm sick.  All the usual symptoms: runny nose, inability to breathe properly due to runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, slight headaches here and there.  At least I'm fulfilling my yearly illness quota before the Wisconsin winter kicks in, though, LOL.  Got infinitely worse last night, resulting in REALLY getting sick and then feeling much better afterwards, so hopefully that was the Obviously Ill portion of it and I'll be fine tomorrow. XD

My sister did her usual run to the library in order to find the movies she wants to watch, and she brought home one called Sunshine.  ...I think live action trauma is a little more difficult for me to swallow, now that I think about it XD It's not even that bad, I'm just wimpy.  LOLOLOL.  She also got Batman Begins again, probably due to her excitement for Arkham City (she's more excited for that than Revelations, which is understandable as it comes out first), and then I realized I have never seen that movie in full either.  WHAT THE.  HOW.

And now, the things you may or may not actually care about. )
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Remember my flowers post from last year?  I think I should do another one soon XD Ever since Lola stopped being the most invincible grandmother in the world ever our garden has been getting a little out of control (especially those roses in front of our house.  ACK.  You can barely see out the kitchen window!), and FLOWERS.  FLOWERS EVERYWHERE.  Including the yellow/red tulips I wasn't fast enough to get pictures of last year!  And where I could only find like a couple Lily of the Valleys last year, now a whole bunch of them have cropped up beside the garage, LOL.  I need to find a way to somehow put them back where I won't step on them/can actually see them, ehehe...  ...Aw, man, all the women in the house are going to the Philippines.  Dad and Kuya won't be watering the flowers or anything, I'm pretty sure ;~~;

Also, there are fewer ants covering the little peony buds than usual.  WORRIED, YOU GUYS.  I'm fairly sure they won't actually bloom unless the ants show up, which is why I refrain from blasting every ant hill in our backyard with water.  I adore them, they're so prettiful and smell awesome, and usually they've got ants covering every inch of the buds.  I'm probably just paranoid, but I will be very sad indeed if something happens to them.

And fandom stuff! )


Dec. 10th, 2010 10:29 pm
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Alrighty, school ends on the 22nd.  And after that, funzies!  And freetime!

Just random catching up. )
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Why were we there back to back?
Why were we there face to face?
I must be the light when you're in the dark
If I lose you somewhere, and I'm still hanging in there
I will ring a bell until you feel me by your side

It would figure that I get back on a school day and immediately proceed to talk about videogames, eh? )

...Also, it is no longer pitch black out when I leave for school. HUZZAH.
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You guys, I really suck at writing action scenes/anything other than talking.  Just saying.

In which I create more work for myself and probably other people both online and offline by talking too much. )

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You can blame [ profile] insaneladybug  for introducing me to BlazeDVD XD Many thanks.

0.98 mb filesize makes uploading these a little irritating. )

...Yeah. Just wait until the Symphonia OVA comes out on DVD, you'll be really tired of these screenshots then XD;


Jun. 26th, 2010 12:30 am
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Guess who needs a new laptop charger >-> Lola came home from the hospital too, which is good, but we have to stay upstairs with her.  I don't mind, I just wish I had a laptop.  LOL.

SO YEAH presence on internet will be sporadic until charger has been purchased.

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Planted those seeds yesterday, and ended up getting some more at the grocery store today XD With luck, we'll have pretty flowers and giant pumpkins in our yard soon. And it's going to be raining a lot, so I won't have to do much work for a while. LOL.

Excuse me a moment while I satisfy my brain's restlessness by ranting about growth rates and stat caps and skill effects and complain about how many useless people I'm forced to take to the Endgame of a game I rarely talk about anymore. )

I GOT NOTHING and so I shall subject you to a random gathering of a bunch of Tales screencaps, and short captions for all of them.  OVAs, mostly, as the games themselves are rarely to be found on Youtube for some reason...  Except that one where the stupid recorder thinks the music doesn't matter and keeps cutting the gaps between the dialogue "to make it more like a movie."  Bah.

...And about half a dozen screencaps. )

...How the heck would you pronounce "Yggy", I wonder?  The Gs are silent!
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Yes, I know this is my second post today, but I just had to get this up.  Just consider it my real April Fool's joke.

I used to wonder how people could possibly think of Mithos as a good guy, until I realized that the same is said about Sephiroth, so I'm exploring my own reasons for what might be an inconsistent opinion.  As pretty much everyone knows Sephiroth's story by now, I guess we'll have to start by explaining Mithos's background.  You'd probably be better off reading this than listening to me.

You knew I'd combine my two favorite fandoms somehow, didn't you? )

TL;DR: Omnicidal Rage induced by alien throwing away your values and making you want it = easier to sympathize with than actually wanting human ranches around because you genuinely value your twisted cause more than your morals.
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Me:I think I'm forgetting something... Oh yeah! Mom told me to eat after I got out of the shower! Well, I can just finish reading this real quick...
Laptop: *runs out of battery*

A friend of mine was over yesterday :) We always end up staying awake for hours and hours on end-- it used to be playing Fire Emblem, and then it was just playing any old thing, and now I don't know what we do, LOL. Caffeine is usually involved. We were fooling around with the photo channel on our Wii, solving puzzles and such. I suggested we take a picture of an empty wall and try to put the puzzle together XD; I don't think we'd have the patience.

Random Dissidia observations and ranting about continuing Child of Chaos. )

FFVII fun.

Oct. 18th, 2009 12:28 am
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Was bored, started coming up with titles for my favorite FFVII characters XD; Titles in italics are ganked from ToS, while titles in bold are of my own creation. The fun part was reasoning with myself on why certain titles belong on certain characters. I had to change a pronoun for the "Empty Soul" title and removed a word from "Elegant Swordsman," but other than those changes they're all the same as in the game.

I really wanted to give Sephiroth the "Judgement" title: He was the ancient hero of yore. But now, he is one of the enemies of the world. But the words "ancient" and "yore" screwed me up XD; He's not THAT old. Still, Kratty-chan and Seph are the same height, so they COULD do a wardrobe change-- except that Kratos's Judgement outfit is all white with craploads of belts XD And Kratos would want a shirt, LOL.

"Alurannai" is from a series on that I liked, a race that is only allowed to change the world by guiding another to do so. I couldn't think of any other name to give the title XD.

The void in his heart is filled not by darkness, but kindness from others )


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