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...Let's sort out my RP headcanons for Dhaos!  Yes, I clearly have nothing better to do.  And Emil may be interested in reading it.

Another bill from a killer turned a thriller to a tragedy~ )
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First off: Sephiroth apparently has crap luck with dice.

Ahem.  Alright, so, guess what happened to my computer again?  It's been freezing a lot lately-- when my sister was using it this morning, it froze for a few seconds every time she clicked.  It's cleaned up now for some reason, but I'm not expecting it to last long... Dad rebooted the computer again-- erasing everything, again, though I'm not angry this time as I had the sense to save everything on my flash drive when I discovered the computer going bonkers-- and now my backup computer is being lame.

Sad, you guys ;~; But I can still use it, which is a massive relief.

More fangirling-- but not for the Tales Series this time. )

I guess I'd better get working while I still have an edge, huh? X3
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Yes, I know this is my second post today, but I just had to get this up.  Just consider it my real April Fool's joke.

I used to wonder how people could possibly think of Mithos as a good guy, until I realized that the same is said about Sephiroth, so I'm exploring my own reasons for what might be an inconsistent opinion.  As pretty much everyone knows Sephiroth's story by now, I guess we'll have to start by explaining Mithos's background.  You'd probably be better off reading this than listening to me.

You knew I'd combine my two favorite fandoms somehow, didn't you? )

TL;DR: Omnicidal Rage induced by alien throwing away your values and making you want it = easier to sympathize with than actually wanting human ranches around because you genuinely value your twisted cause more than your morals.
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Today I sat down and spat out a 3500+ word oneshot in one sitting.  And I bet it shows.  I suppose, though, that we can take this as proof that I'm better with Tales of Symphonia than I am with Final Fantasy VII, and I'm not exactly unhappy.  *hugs ToS*

LOTS of oyako squee-ing. ToS spoilers! )

Yes, I am, eventually, going to end up punking myself into writing a oneshot sequel thing where Kratos gets his happy ending.  Because he and Lloyd deserve it.
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As opposed to rambling with a purpose. )

I'd talk more, but I should probably go to bed now XD I have to wake up earlier than usual, as my mother has decided to go to college some more and I have to go to school earlier so she isn't late.  I'm some sort of idiot or masochist or something...
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Me:I think I'm forgetting something... Oh yeah! Mom told me to eat after I got out of the shower! Well, I can just finish reading this real quick...
Laptop: *runs out of battery*

A friend of mine was over yesterday :) We always end up staying awake for hours and hours on end-- it used to be playing Fire Emblem, and then it was just playing any old thing, and now I don't know what we do, LOL. Caffeine is usually involved. We were fooling around with the photo channel on our Wii, solving puzzles and such. I suggested we take a picture of an empty wall and try to put the puzzle together XD; I don't think we'd have the patience.

Random Dissidia observations and ranting about continuing Child of Chaos. )
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I spent most of class today working on a plunny I've recently gotten... The Warriors of Chaos aren't really that "chaotic" when seen from a certain perspective. One Goddess of Chaos is not impressed with their idea of the term. She ends up following the one she finds the most interesting-- three guesses who >_>-- and getting him to release her from Lehran's Medallion. And then cool stuff happens.

And now, a partial list of the characters and my opinions on them. And an edited video of one of my battles, but it's probably not worth watching since I didn't really do much to it except switch battle cams and pull some Advent Children camera stuff whenever either Black Materia or Starfall was cast.

BTW, I changed my mind. Sephiroth is the easiest villain to use T__T
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Okay, first.  People I like for no apparently obvious reason.

Volke.  I don't even know why I love the guy.  He just makes me smile for some reason, even though he makes sure to display the personality of a brick.  Probably the way he talks, and answers questions or rather, avoids answering questions and how he seems to be embarrassed when Ike thanks him for telling him his father's secret.

Elincia: And, one more thing.  What do you need all this gold for?
Volke: One hundred thousand.

BASTIAN.  Especially his entrance!

Tibarn: The ancient songs say that it is a crime against the goddess for a beorc and laguz to procreate.  If a couple breaks the taboo, the punishment is dealt to the laguz parent.  They lose their powers and become something that is neither beorc nor laguz.
???: If the ancient songs are true, then it is my solemn duty to prevent the honorable hawk king from being alone with my bewitching queen!

LOLOLOL.  That's Geoffrey's job, my friend.  And the entire base conversation with the Crimean Trio, Elincia and Renning is just all kinds of awesome.

Geoffrey: I will not yield my position as head of the Royal Knights, not even to you.
Renning: Let's take it outside, then, and I'll show you why you have never won a match against me.
*they leave*
Elincia: What?!  Bastian, do something!
Bastian: Oh, I shall have to!  After all, a battle between such couragous souls requires a proper judge.  I believe I shall offer my services.  Excuse me.

What happened?  I hated him in the last game, but now it feels like he's...  chilled out.  Obtained a proper sense of humor.  In any case, I can't hate him now, after reading that XD

AND RENNING.  I also love Renning.

And Yune, just for being the coolest fictional goddess I've ever seen.  Wonder if she can possess other people's bodies.

And Stefan.  Love him.  Again, no idea why.  He seems to have gotten more bitter since the last game.  He used to sound more cheerful, and the base conversation with Ike was interesting.  Only thing I hate is that he comes in desert levels.

I am the desert, and I brook no intrusion. )

Pray For Victory, by the way, is perfect endgame preparations music.


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