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I got it for like six dollars at the zoo the other day.  LOL.  I can actually use it, too!  It goes about... thirty feet, ahaha.  I can't pull it back all the way, of course, because contrary to popular belief you need a lot of muscles in places other than your arms to pull back a bow (and I don't trust this bow's integrity enough to do so anyway), but it's fun.  The arrows aren't very pointed, of course, but my sister hit a chicken with one. XD;

Apparently we're going to go see Captain America today.  All I need are my Iron Man and Thor allusions, and I'm good!  I'm pretty sure Tony's father is in it, actually, so it's just Thor.  Yay.

So we're leaving the house in the morning on the 29th, and the plane actually leaves at 6:30 AM on the 30th.  So, uh, that'd be about 4:30 PM on the 29th in my own timezone...  Should get home about 24 hours later.  Ack.  But yeah, I'm going home soon!  And then I'll have properly refrigerated milk and my own bed!  ...But no kittens.  ;___;  Speaking of which, one of the neighbors' dogs showed up and bit Cookie, and he was dragging his leg for the rest of the day.  He was perfectly capable of walking yesterday, though, so I hope it was nothing too serious.  Until then, bad doggies!

And, of course, other things. )
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 Guess what?  I has photos! 

...Except my sister refuses to give up the laptop long enough for me to get them anywhere!  So that'll come later today if I have time and opportunity. 

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So my uncle just taught me how to ride a motorcycle. He's planning to do the same for my sister.

My 15-year-old sister is going to learn to drive a motorcycle before she's even driven a car.

I love my uncle.



Sep. 26th, 2010 07:46 pm
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Sis: What's a synonym for "badass?"
Dad: Awesome?
Me: That's too generic.
Dad: ...Stupendous.
Sis: No, it has to be, like, a person...
Dad: Vince Lombardi.

Video game music for the wiiiiin. )
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*hugs her* :D

Mmmkay.  The first hour and a half of ToS summarized: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. I love Kratos' flatness throughout the whole thing.  "Would you like some fries with that inferiority?"

My profile is no longer ridiculously bare XD I found like a dozen lovebars for TWEWY and Tales.  The number of them is probably going to halve itself when I get back tomorrow and go "TOO MUCH."

Characterization ponderings and lolyuan. )

I'VE BEEN WRITING STUFF I SWEAR.  It just has yet to leave my notebook.  I actually finished my notebook and started a new one.  Exams are coming up on the 25th, and it's crunch time.  This might suck.
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Behold my messy handwriting.

Before you ask what prompted such an act of cruelty:

"Our weapons are love!"
"Justice!  And..."
"...Sigh... Hope."

Anyway, see how the first draft is always crap? XD That's why I try to write in my notebook first, so it gets revised while I'm typing.

This morning I had nothing to do, so I got off my butt and watched some more Princess Tutu.  Currently on 21.  Some things:

Femio made me LOL.
Uzura is cute :)
My sister recently got a haircut.  I realized that she now looks like Rue with glasses, except prettier. *hugs*
I read somewhere that the last four heart shards are difficult to obtain.  Dang, I stopped right where things get even more serious, I bet...

Anyway, another mall visit where we bought absolutely nothing and spent the whole time in Barnes and Noble, mostly looking at the journals there.  A lot of them are really cool, and I'm planning on getting one for my sister's birthday/Christmas/middle school graduation ceremony.  Shhh ;)

Also, we went to McDonald's:

Sis: Okay, so we can just sit here and be weird people at McDonald's.
Me: Or, we can go.
Dad: And be weird people at home.
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Olympics yaaaaaay :D  So sad about the Georgian luger, though, dying just hours before the opening ceremony! ;___; Well, even if he's dead, he's still an Olympian.

I'd love to go to the Olympics, but of course that's unlikely.  So I shall instead continue to play soccer and win us a World Cup someday! X3  Watch me!

And sucks about the technical difficulty that prevented the opening ceremony from being completely flawless, but otherwise it was funzies.  And my sister arrived home from forensics just in time to catch the end of the march of countries, and most of the rest of it.

First, my sister. )

And now I talk about Sherlock Holmes: the movie. )
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So me, my sister and Best Friend/Neighbor all went to the mall today.  My sister was mean and used up like $28 on our friend's Barnes and Noble giftcard T__T She's lucky our friend is really nice!  And I found a Basic Tagalog book and ended up getting it, so that's what I'm doing right now.

In which I rant about Filipino stuff and write an extremely short, undescriptive paragraph on shark dissection. )

Oh, yeah, and Biology is right before lunch.  Fun. But I would totally do it again!
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A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

I got tagged by [ profile] insaneladybug ! EDIT: Dude, I tagged seven people and forgot to mention what the meme was.  LOLOLOL.

1. I was right about my little sister's hair being a full foot longer than mine; we measured it, and her hair is 32", while mine is 20". LOL. We didn't measure from the roots, so it would probably be a little longer than that, but eh.

2. I seem to gravitate towards boys more than girls when it comes to the company I keep. One of my fondest memories of elementary school was a field trip to the zoo in fifth grade where we all ate at the tables outside, with all the boys in one half and all the girls in the other, more by our own choice than rules. The boys said, "No girls over here-- except <my real name> " :D

Also, a friend of mine recently said that she also would rather work with boys, and explained that she sometimes asks to be in my group knowing that I hang out with most of them. LOL.

3. I am easily impressed ): But that doesn't have to be a bad thing, since it just means I enjoy more stuff than most people. Right?

4. I'm actually relatively good at soccer, which might be a reason the guys tolerate my presence. LOL. Also, since I have an older brother in RL, I know and care way more about football than I probably should. That said, I'm not very athletic or knowledgeable in the world of sports in general.

Would still rather be taking gym than health, though. Also, ROFL. The school screwed up my Best Friend/Classmate's schedule, and now he has a study hall and has to take health next year. Ah, MPS.

5. Every time I get really thorough in an essay I get a B, but whenever I beat around the bush because I don't know what the heck I'm supposed to be talking about I get full marks and sometimes extra credit o.O Strength in adversity, my subconscious being helpful, or ridiculous amounts of luck?

6. I have really weird taste. As in, nothing tastes good to me. Not hamburgers, not salad, not freaking tacos. It really sucks, too, because besides making me weird it also means my diet probably sucks.

That said, what I do eat I eat all the time, and a friend of mine complains that my sister and I must have light-speed metabolism XD

7. People keep asking me if my dad is Amish.  Yep, the guy who just drove up is Amish XD; He looks it, though; he has an awesome beard/mustache and longcoat and always wears a fedora and is really tall, and he knows lots of stuff and can hold his liquor like... well, like a Wisconsinite.  My dad is awesome.

...Do I even have seven friends to tag? LOLOLOL. Everyone has either been tagged already, has school/a webcomic to keep up with or doesn't check their LJ anymore. So it looks like I'll just have to tag people on Facebook.

Ta, Miela, Keyshawn, Cherif, Kelly, Stephanie and... Mrs. O'keefe-Boettcher (XD), you're up!

WTH why am I still awake.
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It's as awesome as it was the last time I was there.

After being able to hang out in Poseidon's Rage longer then ten minutes, I can conclude with greater certainty that it is the best wavepool in the world, period.  The shallow end of the pool is actually more dangerous than the deep end XD  The chance of hurting yourself decreases as the depth increases.  In the deep end, if the wave breaks late enough you can ride to the top and look down at all the people and go "Wow, this wave looks even taller from the top."

We went back to inform our other two cousins that there was another wave pool that was much more awesome than the one they were in, and came back.  My oldest cousin's reaction to getting in the pool and seeing the difference between Tidal Wave! and Poseidon's Rage went something like this:

"WHAT THE @#$%?!  WHAT THE @#$%?!  WHAT THE @#$%?!"

I love that wavepool and stand by my earlier statement that it is actually worth waiting around for the waves XD

Ate us some KFC! :) KFC is tasty, made even tastier by the fact that we were all pooped and seriously couldn't walk anymore.  And then we became un-pooped and let Poseidon's Rage toss us around some more XD  My sister noted that the waterpark was less tiring than the theme park.

Didn't get to go on the Hades again, though ;__;  I wanted to take my sister, but she didn't feel so good after the Zeus, so we left.  Ah well.

Have scrapes on my elbow from sitting in the shallow end of Poseidon's Rage and being blown onto my back about twenty feet.  Ow.


Aug. 10th, 2009 09:27 am
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I NEVER post two journals ten minutes apart, but I believe this warrants an exception.

Apparently the western part of my state got hit by a hurricane?! I thought it sounded wrong.  My brother meant that the winds were strong enough to produce a hurricane. XD But I heard him telling our grandmother that it was a hurricane, so... Yeah.  Feeling kinda dumb now XD >_>

And not only that, but so did the province of the Philippines where the rest of my family lives!  I heard the words "Zambales" and "Tubig", Zambales being the province where everyone lives and tubig meaning water.  There's flooding, and they showed pictures... and I remember driving past those spots.  *shiver*

They're not close enough to the flood to be too affected, but I'm still worried...
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Nothing to do with anything, but I realized last night that the song I was thinking of while writing the blurb yesterday was the Thank You version of Reset XD  It works with the theme better than The Sun Rises, but that one is pretty awesome too ^^  Most of the Okami soundtrack is.

The only fandom dream I really remember having was this Sonic one where we were all in a volcano and there was a red hedgehog...  I don't remember it much, except for those details.

Anyway, I had one last night X3  And, despite my latest Castlevania/Fire Emblem/TWEWY obsession, it was for FFVII, LOL.

At first it was just a normal dream in some sort of alternate reality where my dad is apparently a really bad driver XD (I mean, IRL he rarely goes near the speed limit, but he's not a bad driver).  So we accidentally hit someone else's car and we all got out of the car.

You know how in dreams you magically jump to another location and pick up where you left off without anyone noticing?  Yeah, all of a sudden we were in a garage, I think, and the FFVII crew was there.  Just Zack, Cloud, Seph, and I think Angeal, though.  In other words, the guys XD  We were waiting for something and Seph ordered pizza.

...But apparently this was some sort of other universe where they either never met Seph or someone is tampering with memories, because at the end of the dream I got a solo Sephiroth reflection on how he'd forgotten to extend the "cold" part of his personality and ended up being unusually nice and normal to Zack and co. ^^ Woke up right then... at eight in the morning?!  I'm proud of myself.  I never wake up early when school isn't in, and I should probably start now.

Cousins from Los Vegas in two days!  I always wondered why all my cousins are either older or younger than myself and my sister; these guys are younger.  The youngest brother is the only one that can get annoying, though, so there will be fun.  Maybe it's because their dad is strict when it comes to respect...  Remember when I was talking about "Ate" and "Kuya"?  We use those for cousins too, and he scolded them sharply for not calling my sister and I "Ate" when we were visiting them.

....Ohohoh And speaking of my uncle, he's one of eight children, and a twin (Romeo/Juliet XD).  When he lived in Wisconsin with us he used to have a car he called the Romeobile XD.  And he helped us write our names and the names of our cousins on the wooden wall we erected in the basement to separate it into two rooms.  And it was fun, and I hope when we move out other people will write their names on the wall ^^.


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