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It's [community profile] littlehades , where your character dies and is either:

1. sentenced to Hell
2. gets caught up in bureaucracy and becomes a Limbo Case
3. transfers in from Heaven for... whatever reason

Somewhat predictably, I am playing Abaddon from Darksiders. It should be fun!

There's... not much else to report, to be honest. I've been steadily collecting mythical pokemon from the Mystery Gift events, and I also have a Shiny Xerneas from the event going on right now! I only have three pokemon left for the Hoenn pokedex, so that'll be my next goal. Trade evolutions, argh.

Sun and Moon! I'm so excited! I think maybe I'll go for Moon, because moonbat. I AM THE NIGHT.
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I, er, misplaced my prescription, so I have to get a new one. I've been without my meds for a couple weeks now, I think? So far no disasters (I almost had a panic attack, but I didn't! I was so glad!) but my inability to motivate myself to do even fun things I want to do has returned, and I'm not looking forward to handling actual responsibilities without them. So maybe I'll actually make myself go take care of it. XD;

I got a popcorn popper glass thing to put in the microwave for Christmas, but Mom forgot the whole Glass Is Fragile thing and put it in cold water before it had a chance to cool down and now we don't have it anymore. XD;

My dad got me a SEGA GENESIS! One of the ones with like 80 games programmed in! I was so excited, I can finally play Sonic games with a Genesis controller again! ...Because you know I'll only ever play the Sonic games. It also comes with ones I didn't have already, along with a bunch of other stuff, so more to do on a rainy day.

We got a Cless in Luceti! Oh man! I can finally have my hero villain duo shenanigans! Super excited for that. I hope it turns out with A WHOLE LOT OF DRAMA and the Cless and Dhaos becoming friends. Best ending to Dhaos's character arc in Luceti.

Hm, what else... I got Omega Ruby! I didn't realize the Pokemon Coliseum music was from the Hoenn games, so that was such a nice surprise! There are a whole lot of other post game surprises, too, so be excited for those? Hint: use Extreme Speed instead of Dragon Pulse to make your life easier XD; Also if you enter the code POKEMON497 on the mystery gift menu you get a free Serperior. With its Hidden Ability! I've been having a lot of fun with the game, and my brother has Alpha Sapphire, so we've been able to have things you can only do with both versions. Yesssss.


maybe i should like put it under a cut )


And then the same sort of thing happening with May's other pokemon bringing stuff to other people she's met to tell them she's in danger, including Brendan. By the way, I was relieved to find that their "date" was entirely platonic. I WAS DECEIVED AND I WAS HAPPY ABOUT IT. Norman, of course, would have to be involved and he'd demand to come along because... he's a Gym Leader, you can't stop him from coming to help his child. XD

And then May would have to have something to do while waiting to be rescued. Maybe she can befriend the mistreated pokemon of her enemy and then battle her way out somehow to meet them halfway.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I have to kill someone and then bring them back somehow. Can't forget that. XD Maybe Archie, so that Maxie can be extra sad and then extra happy once he's back, LOLOLOL. Yaaaaaas.

I guess I'll just throw that onto the pile of fic I have to write myself someday if I ever want to read it XD; I DON'T NEED MORE FIC PROJECTS, BUT I WANT TO READ FIC SO...

Lastly, Dwarf Fortress allows you to rename and re-title dwarves! So instead of Iden Crystalletter, Hammerlord, for example, it would say Amihan, Terrible Person or Angie, covered in bees XD So if you would like to make it easier for me to keep track of my dwarves and take part in the adventures of my forts then I have a form for you!

PREFERRED GENDER (male or female)
PREFERRED SKILLSET (with the most preferred one first, no guarantees you'll get any of the other ones)

And I will try to do a better job of posting so you guys can see the results of your dwarves' antics. Warning: you are likely to die in a very bloody and unintelligent manner-- the dwarves aren't very smart, and I'm not actually omniscient, so.

...It's one in the morning. Oops.


Nov. 17th, 2014 05:03 pm
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I finally caught up on Sailor Moon! ...Until the latest episode came out! I really like episodes eight and nine! *__* Awwww, Mamoru and Usagi.... Also, I was really surprised to see Queen Beryl in that flashback. I know about the four kings already pretty much, but I didn't expect to see her there. I wonder where Metalia came from, then...

Also, shout out to Minako for being a fantastic actor and handling everything alone for so long. BABY ;__;

My old journal RP Luceti is ending in a few months! The mods made the announcement about a week ago. Returning characters can come back without an app, so I'm bringing Dhaos back to finish up my Luceti bucketlist and participate in the endgame.

I should feel sad that I'm losing my chance for new Luceti story developments, but I'm also excited because so many people I'd missed are coming back for the finale! I can finally finish up some of the things I wanted to do and have Dhaos talk to people I had no reason to before. It'll be the end, but it'll also be so much fun. And I'm trying to get other people to play Phantasia characters with me so I won't be a lone canon warrior >__> Oh well.

I would really love to try Dungeons and Dragons or something similar sometime, but I'm too shy to try anything new without friends by my side and the only Game Master I know is Angie, who is frequently too busy to spend as much time as we'd need for a single session. But I mean. RP and playing with friends! And speaking of that, I want to get Minecraft because my sister leased an apartment with her friends and Stephanie moved away, so we need something to do together online.

Last week I went five whole days without sleep! But I slept in my sister's bed and then it got better, so hopefully that'll stop now. XD;

I'm also writing a Mass Effect/Metroid crossover. It's tough because Metroid is clearly intended for younger audiences while Mass Effect is more detailed when it comes to the sciencey aspects of the game, but I'm really excited because their main characters share a voice actress despite being much different characters.  It'll be fun!

...If I can think of a plot. Oops.

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I almost posted Dhaos tags with the wrong account twice: once anon and once again as Paarthurnax. >_____________> That would have been awkward, LOL. Speaking of Paarthurnax, I found out what Talos did in his life that made him awesome enough to become a god. What a jerk XD; Apparently Vyc and I caused an attack of feels, which means EY I STILL KNOW HOW TO DHAOS. YAY. Everyone go yell at IB, if not for that I would probably have the time to RP like a normal person >.>

That's me attacking Norma, by the way. Don't tell Roxy, I don't know if she's figured it out yet XD

A certain student at school has been taking his mother's FOR RECTAL USE ONLY stickers and slapping them on random things around the school. My physics teacher is giving him a P-Fine for every one he finds, so I'm taking photos of all the stickers I find XD; Two so far, in addition to the one he slapped on the SNHS bulletin board.

I finally returned that Extended Essay Handbook, which I was not going to do since my sister is doing Full IB, too. But they revised it this year, so I had to anyway XD Apparently practically none of the sophomores this year are doing it? I'm sad, they will not know my pain D8

I actually recorded myself playing 4-E-3 of Radiant Dawn, but it didn't record my voice! I was very sad, I wanted a quick video to post while I procrastinated on the other ones I haven't deleted the Thor file, honest! I just, uh, don't know which one it is... before Die Rise, but it was not meant to be. Also I dunno if I can record Wii games that require extensive motion controls due to being attached to the laptop, but it's not like I need ten feet of space, so I'll poke Corruption sometime when I'm not busy procrastinating >>

On a final note, that feeling when you look back on old stuff

and like it! Finally, LOL.
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This isn't actually long enough to cut, but the entry takes up space if I don't do it, so. XD )

As you might have guessed from me being entirely absent this whole week, I have absolutely nothing of import to discuss. >> This is probably a good thing, LOLOLOL.

EDIT 2: Oh come now, this is getting depressing. No one wanted to play Phantasia characters until I dropped XD
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If you are giving a list of little-known scientific facts and including statements like "It sounds unbelievable, but it's true!", you should probably use actual images pertaining to your subject instead of footage from a well-known movie about Norse gods.

1. and 9. are very definitely true, and the rest sound just as believable, so I'm not saying that this person doesn't know what they're talking about.  It's just, eventually someone is going to assume you're getting the facts from movies, and they don't have a very good reputation in that regard.  LOLOLOL.

Now you may ask, "North, why in the world were you able to recognize a cluster of stars as the credits from Thor from an image less than a square inch in size on your phone while taking a bumpy bus ride?" And that is a very good question. Whoops.

Oh yeah, and I can't hear you over the sound of THE FOO FIGHTERS PLAYING AT THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION. If it were a concert where everyone knew all the songs, My Hero would have been an audience participation song (at Summerfest they stopped playing and let us sing the refrain once 8D), but the lack of audience singing is made up for by WAAAALK~

I was going through the old Hall of Personas thread from last year, and blatantly ignoring all the typos and NORTH THAT IS NOT WHAT THAT WORD MEANS, it's pretty entertaining. For a whole lot of reasons, including IC and OOC hilarity, and sadness. I am about as terrible at writing Present!Dhaos as I was back then, so that part is kind of painful to read, but I can't really complain about my ability to write Dhaos while he's upset.

As usual, though, I repeat myself and use the same phrases over and over a lot. XD But man, I miss Luceti, and RPing in general. Hopefully I'll be able to join back up sooner rather than later, because baaaw I miss playing Dhaos and reading the other Dhaos' threads makes me miss it even more. But again, games are just not happening >>

It was a whole lot of penalties in the Packer game yesterday!  I get a feeling there's going to be a lot of complaining about these new refs, ahaha...

EDIT: I'm sorry, I just found a hilarious video of 11 drunk guys playing Slender.  I feel like my f-list needs to know about this.
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This cut contains no1curr. )

Kino 4 is nowhere near ready, so Co-Op 2 is here instead. SORRY. I also recorded more fun co-op stuff, but I'll be making future recordings into silly compilations unless we have a particularly epic game, since whole recordings seem to be less reliable in the NOT SPEEDED UP department. ...Oh yeah, and a Zombies Campaign is confirmed for Black Ops 2. YESSSS. NUKETOWN AND ZOMBIES CAMPAIGN, THIS GAME WILL BE AWESOME.  Anyway, in this episode, look at the bottom screen on that video at about 6:50.  LOLOLOL.  And so much for not dying on a dog round XD My memory, it is amazing.  And you can hear my sister laughing at us at the end.

I... feel really bad now. Imperial Saga is closing, you guys XD;;; When I reserved, two mods and a bunch of players made a plurk talking about how they were hoping I'd somehow bring over all the Tales players from Luceti (which was not going to happen, given that I know like... five of you, but still XD). Part of the reason it closed is because the two head mods got married and are actually leaving DWRP altogether, though, so at least this makes me feel less guilty about letting the poor Klarth player down. WIGHTY I AM SORRY.


Aug. 18th, 2012 11:42 am
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Never thought we'd get a heartfelt Robbaz video. Apparently he's won King of the Web before, and he really did donate all of his winnings to charity. I really, reeeaaally don't think he's someone anyone on my friend list would like (let's just say you shouldn't watch his videos if you get offended. Not "easily" offended. If you have ever been offended by anything, ever, period, Robbaz is probably not the Youtuber for you), but I just went "d'aaaaaw" so hard I had to share it.

My favorite video on his channel is pretty safe, though! ...Definitely not in the No Cursing sense, but in every other sense. Mostly. So have fun with the Viking Space Program.


Anyway, first week back has been pretty good to me, but it'll pick up before long >> I finally dropped Dhaos from Luceti officially, and I am so sad to not be posting to the HMD this time around. No one ever actually gave me any crit, but it was still fun. And sob, the Symphonia cast is trying to get back into plottiness now that I'm gone XD

As some may know, one of my classes happens every Tuesday and Thursday after all other classes have ended. Welp, on Tuesday, my parents were at a meeting and didn't know I wasn't at home because... I forgot to tell them.


We had no food in the house, so my sister was afraid that they'd go from the meeting straight to the grocery store and leave me without a ride until seven XD;; But fortunately for me, they went home instead and came to rescue me after only a two hour wait. LOL. I had company, though, so the only thing is MY POOR SISTER she was so worried ;__;

I have forgotten to inform my parents of these sorts of things before, since we don't exactly talk about classes much, but usually I flag my sister down and she tells them. ...But obviously she couldn't that time, erm.

I'm uploading the second part of my Zombies run right now. Youtube is doing that annoying thing where it tells you the upload has one minute left and then stalls at 19% for several hours, so it might take a while >> I'll, um, go eat breakfast and check back later, LOL.

S C R E AM I HATE IT WHEN IT DOES THIS. Last time this happened I just pretended the problem didn't exist and it fixed itself, so I guess that's what I'll do now. XD;;;

Yeah, it's working now. LOL.

Click for zombies! )
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I am so lonely in Nazi Zombies ;~~; I'd ask if anyone would play with me, but everyone hates FPSes and my Xbox Live account ran out this month anyway, LOL. Been playing it with Best Friend/Neighbor instead. WE GOT UP TO ROUND ELEVEN YESTERDAY, but that was because I had a Thunder Gun XD Maybe next time we play I'll record it so everyone can see our silliness even when zombies are involved.

My sister and I have gotten back into watching Warrior again. If you thought Bane had all the swag in The Dark Knight Rises, you need to see this movie, and if you didn't you still need to see this movie. IT GIVES US A LOT OF FEELINGS. Just remember that yes, the odds of that happening in real life are terrible and no, that ref is not a good ref, which is why Frank keeps yelling at him. LOLOLOL. (His 'actor' is apparently one of the best refs in real life though!)

...ALSO IT HAS BEETHOVEN. LOTS OF BEETHOVEN. The movie's main theme is Ode to Joy! XDD


I failed the AC again, and without the excuse of exams I rather doubt the mods will let me off for failing it twice in a row. Combine that with school starting on Monday and you've got a whole lot of yeaaaaaaah I should have abandoned ship the first time I failed it, because I'm not spending 90% of the school year on hiatus again. I'll be letting Dhaos get swept on the 17th. I accomplished literally nothing I wanted to do with him while he was in Luceti, but that has nothing to do with my activity and is my own fault for being really slow and not seeking out opportunities to do stuff with him. We have the best Aseliaverse cast and I adore all of Dhaos' CR, but at this point I'm obviously just deluding myself about the RP situation. Imperial Saga ended up falling through for the same reason as my event threads (+ plotting snarl, but that was easily resolved), so clearly organized RP is just not going to happen.

I didn't make it to September like I said I would (looool things I said I would do), so all I can really do is apologize for all the broken promises and missed opportunities. I'd say it isn't forever, but anyone who still believes a word I say on the subject is also deluding themselves XD;

...In completely unrelated news, I realized while listening to music that it is absolutely imperative that everyone understands how awesome it is to hear 21,000 people singing CHOOOOKE! ON A KISS! live. XD;;
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London knew it couldn't possibly top the amazing that is Beijing, so they went in the complete opposite direction and ended up being infinitely more entertaining for the exact opposite reason XD

And what, is gymnastics cursed this time around? The gold medalist for the men fell off the high bar, the gold medalist for the women didn't even make the all-around qualifications, everyone was all stepping out of bounds and falling off balance beams and pommel horses and my sister and I were getting kind of sad >>

And now we have school and movies and videogames and... Nazis. >> )

WOW I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. School starts on the 13th, so I have until then to get freetime-related stuff done.

...What is my life.
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This is... really kind of long? )

...So, um, in a nutshell, nothing is getting better, maybe Imperial Saga, and I'm so sorry >> Take comfort in the fact that I'll stop letting you guys down by September one way or another, LOLOLOL.

...In brief fandom news, TWO NEW CASTLEVANIA GAMES WITH ALUCARD IN THEM YESSSS.  I'VE ALWAYS WANTED GABRIEL/ALUCARD INTERACTION.  Now all we need is to get Crispin Freeman to do his voice somehow, sob sob that's never going to happen.


Jun. 11th, 2012 04:07 pm
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I ended up uploading the ending and credits for NDX to Youtube, so you can go watch them here if you want now. I also uploaded just Rebirth by itself because it's so saaaaaad and alskdjalksdjalksd



It's so unfair ;__; Geez, I like. Still cry at that.

This is all Avengers stuff again )

I done got modly permission to skirt by on AC this time around, so all I gots to do is post before the AC is over \o/ What'll probably happen is it'll be a combo Post Event thing for Grune and present-day Wandering Around the Forest, depending on how soon Yuan finds out about Martel's disappearance.  I have to, like, not fail AC again next time, because wow.

I rewatched the last two Lord of the Rings movies and played a little Battle For Middle Earth II yesterday.  GLORFINDEL WHY YOU GOTTA KEEP DYING.  ALSO GLOIN IS REALLY SLOW.  And I continue to hate the Dane mission with all my (...inconsiderable) passion, because lol I suck at defense (what keeps happening is that I build this huge wall around the city and then they just go through the tunnels and completely bypass all my defenses, so I have to send my men scrambling back to the throne room).  I've... actually gotten worse at this game, considering I first played it when I was like.  Twelve.

Oh yeah SKYRIM DLC.  DAWNGUARD.  YES.  And horseback combat, yay!  I can finally hand it to my enemies without getting off my horse!  ...Although it would still behoove me to do so, because Shadowmere is, hilariously, the most violent horse in the history of ever.  She goes running off to beat up literally everything, up to and including bears.  Bears.

Also, I was recently attacked by a Snowy Sabre Cat (an enemy which, at the beginning of the game, is more powerful than a dragon), and decided to use my awesome new staff the Wabbajack on it.  The Wabbajack turns whatever you point it at into something else, up to and including mudcrabs, sweet rolls, rabbits... and, as I discovered during this particular fight, Dremora Lords.

This is a Dremora Lord.


Fear Itself

Jun. 6th, 2012 02:16 pm
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 Best Friend/Neighbor left for her dad's for two weeks the other day and soooooob at least it's not going to be like last year where she was gone for a month, and then she returned only for us to leave for the Philippines like the next day >> 

Remember how I said I was going to see The Avengers with two of my classmates?  Welp, one classmate had a power outage at her house and could not be reached, so my friend and I had to go by ourselves, baaaaw.  He and I agreed that we have to call her up and say YOU OWE US A DATE, MISSY 8| and go do something awesome to make up for it.  Because it was really fun and she should have been there.  Also The Avengers was awesome but again, story for another time. (I have so many Avengers feeeeeeels you guys.)

IIIII'm doing a Thor playthrough for Skyrim.  So far it's pretty much Unarmed Badass Viking except without the Unarmed part.  I am considering writing a fic to go with it, just for kicks and giggles, and because Thor would fit right in in Skyrim. XD If I get bored of that, I'll try a Loki playthrough, which would actually be a lot funner (mage/Nightingale build! 8D I love the Nightingale build)

I'm going to faaaail the Activity Check for Lucetiiiiii and it's going to suuuuuuuuck because I have literally (literally here having the meaning of LITERALLY) no activity for the month of May, because I am a giant flake.  And no one was surprised.  So unless I can rack up 25 tags in four days (which is certainly possible, mind you), I'mma have to swallow my pride and come up with a decent reason for my suckage for the mods.

Clearly this calls for another Dhaos post (my last one fell through so bad sob I am so sorry everyone ;__;).  Ideas, requests? >>;

OMG WE HAVE FOOD NOW.  There has been almost literally no food in the house for like... three days, LOL.  So now I am just eating all the things.  And they are tasty.


Should I?


...Oh why the heck not, I'll waste less space if I just do it in the same entry.

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I ended up having one more assignment for which today was the deadline, and I didn't get it done in time and so my grade will suck, but that is okay because THE STRESS IT IS GONE >>;;; The event starts tomorrow though ahaha I am not prepared.



So excited! *__* But my mom was being overbearing and we ended up only getting half-decent seats (18 on this diagram!) but that is okay because WE ARE NOT ON THE LAWN AND THAT MEANS WE STRUCK GOLD ANYWAY XDD This is going to be an awesome first concert, guys. Finally I am going to a music festival to listen to music instead of eat food. XD

What else. Oh yeah, we got the second series of Sherlock on DVD! 8D I can now punch myself in the feels whenever I want! Sob this show you guys. I cannot wait another 18 months for the next season >>

...Oh yeah, and we have, in fact, been keeping up with Game of Thrones. Words cannot suffice to describe my sister's shriek of horror at the end of episode seven, but I remain unconvinced. I really ought to know better by now, but whatever XD

I have... too many Avengers feels. Too many. Guys, I have seen this movie twice now, and I'm going to see it a third time this weekend (with my FWENDS. I NEVER GET TO SEE MY IRL FRIENDS OUTSIDE OF CLASSES OMG.) This has got to stop >>

...Also, erm, I was poking around The Mighty Thor comics, and OMG IF THEY MADE THESE INTO MOVIES

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You have been spared my Avengers Feels for a while longer by the arrival of several revelations.

1. I only have to take one final exam XDD I'm free for the summer on Wednesday!





I live in the city that hosts the biggest music festival in the world and yet I've never been to a concert before, but now's as good a time as any to start XD And we JUST obtained enough money to buy tickets for me and my sister.  Like, hours after we found out.  This was meant to happen.

Tickets go on sale on the 25th.  I hope they don't sell out before we get some T__T My sister just about died.  She texted me from school and demanded I come to rescue her XD

Aaaaaaah T__T I didn't realize how much I loved the Foo Fighters until now, really.

...Clearly this was not a coincidence, though.  If they don't play Walk at the concert after THE AVENGERS just came out, they're not very smart. XD

...So. Um.  Hopefully this does wonders for my ability to RP, because I've fallen back into my rut from... the whole past half year, sob.  If anyone wants ADVENTUUUUURE with Dhaos to help with my drive, I am totally open >>

Also PFFTLOL all Loki fans should read this. This is the best explanation of Loki's outrageous offspring ever, and it even manages to induce feelings XD And I found a bunch of posts on Dear Mun with Sleipnir and Fenrir arguing and competing for Loki's attention XD ALSO JARVIS LOL.

Also apparently it is now a thing for me to take all of my fandoms and write Princess Tutu crossovers with them?!
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First off, RP stuff. Tales Teamup Plotting Post! ...Comment! And then there's this entry. And the actual log.

I went grocery shopping with Dad the other day, and it's a good thing I got friend requests from certain plurk people, because I might not have noticed what was going on without 'dem emails XD; But then I had to go back out to buy donuts and could only keep up by phone (which meant no commenting, sob), and ended up not contributing much. ><;;; Still, lololol we have a plot, how did this even. It's going hideously slowly but WHATEVER.

The event, videogames, and nine screencaps from A Study In Pink )
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Video! )

I tried testing out a way to record both my voice and the game's audio at the same time, and it didn't work so well. I mean, it did record my voice, and it did record the game audio, but it seems to have recorded a bunch of other things too. Also I breathe too loudly. I'm guessing this is a problem with the Stereo Mix option I used to record the audio, or that I have too many things being 'listened' to at once or something, because I've never had this problem before. I'll try again next time I have the TV and the laptop at the same time.

Under this cut: videogames, DVDs, RP, and links. )

...Did I mention this before? My friend has a device that turns anything hollow into speakers, so he drew a stereo on a flap from a cardboard box and walked around blasting music from it on his shoulder. XD And we tested it on things like milk cartons and tissue paper boxes and ahaha want you guys.
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Boromir-mun, you have all my love. All of it. I wish you and your growing Fellowship of the Fourth Wall luck.

In other news, I am now on Spring Break and therefore should have little excuse to not get anything done for about a week. YAY. I went to bed at like... five in the afternoon yesterday, and I've been up since five in the morning today. Whoops. But here I am! And I don't need to catch up on non-RP things, I think, since the time I've had has gone to that ahaha sorry. RANDOM THINGS.

Random Things. )

In which RP news takes up a lot of space but says nothing. )

So hopefully I am not dragged out to do something today and can do things at home instead. THEN I WILL BE FREEEEEE.
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Customary TL;DR cut. )

I have been busy, but not stressful busy.  SO IT IS ALL GOOD. 8D


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