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It's getting better though! On Tuesday Tales of Zestiria comes out for the PC, which I have preordered. That means I also get Symphonia PC for free, so I shall livestream it and get all my other friends into the Tales series as well. Muahahaha. Anyway, I'm really, super excited for Tales of Zestiria-- my first Tales since Vesperia! ...I also watched about five minutes of Tales of Xillia 2, and now I want to play that as well HAHAHA sob I need a PS3.

I made an RP account for Uriel from Darksiders (an arbitrary choice, since there are already like five of each Horseman around) and my regard for her skyrocketed accordingly. She spends the entire game doing nothing but getting in your way and trying to kill you, and then in about two seconds in the ending she solves every single problem she helped create alongside several she had nothing to do with.

Out of context it sounds hilarious: she murders the hero and then starts the apocalypse, and it's one of the most triumphant moments in the series XD She swore a Death Oath against War earlier in the game because she thought he'd started the apocalypse and gotten her crush killed, and when War informs her that it was in fact her crush who did that (and then became a demon haha sob) she does a complete 180 and never looks back. She gets over that guy so quickly XD; And then she fulfills her Death Oath while the Watcher is torturing War, and then shatters the Seventh Seal, starting the apocalypse properly and resurrecting War/giving him his power back. It's great. Uriel is great.

ANYWAY an idle thought resulted in a full-blown AU fanfic about Uriel and her crush basically re-enacting the tale of Beren and Luthien from Tolkien mythos, which I am still in the process of writing. Fortunately the tale gives me a pretty good outline, which makes writing the thing a whole lot easier, ahahahaha. Should be 16 chapters. I'm on chapter 6. It's 9000 words long. I'm really on a roll here. It's so nice to be writing again.

Hm, what else... Provided I pay attention, I should have less trouble keeping my grades up than usual this semester. XD; So that's good! I think things have been going pretty well for me lately. The big thing happening is Tales of Zestiria right now, so if I post again expect some of that next time XD;
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I thought that going to bed early would get me more sleep, but instead I took longer to fall asleep and ended up waking up even earlier. I'm running on three hours of sleep and some chocolate, but I'm not feeling it for whatever reason. Must be the cold >>;


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Nov. 16th, 2013 12:48 pm
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I have a 3DS and Pokemon Y. At first it was like "EH I'll go play ME2 after this" and then it was like MY PRECIOUS BABIES ARE YOU HUNGRY OOOH BUTTERFREE YOU ARE MY FAVORITE DO NOT EVER DIE and I spent like an hour tracking down a Pikachu and I still haven't used it yet whoops. Also Polar Vivillon is amazing no other vivillon can compare.

My Butterfree has a docile nature (I HAVEN'T PLAYED SINCE CRYSTAL ALL OF THIS IS NEW TO ME) and he is the most amazing thing ever. He's more powerful than my Greninja. And Venasaur. And Lucario. I need to get either Beedrill or some other awesome butterfly/moth pokemon and have them be an amazing trio.

...So basically it's really fun, but I am super insecure and how does I trade pokemon and interact with people HELP I don't actually know if my Butterfree is awesome, but he serves me well

College continues to be an adventure, although now it is becoming a very cold adventure because SOB I can't wait until snow happens. At least all of my classes are pretty bunched up in the same place, otherwise my life would be pain and suffering. Also there are two people who have Pokemon Y. Sob I hope they don't mind me taking time to, you know, train up my pokemanz first >> But classes are going well and not killing me, which is always nice.

HAHA actually, the area between two of my college's buildings acts like a wind tunnel, so when it was snowing the other day instead of snowflakes lightly falling down, it looked like a blizzard. It was nice. But cold >>;

I uploaded two more of the Let's Play Thor videos, with the first one having a pretty spectacular explosion at like... four minutes? Can't be bothered to check. It's not really all that fun to edit, especially because the footage speeds up independent of the audio. Why >>;

Other fandom news includes The Search: Part 3, and Mass Effect: Foundation.  All I'm gonna say is that if they can't get Brooks' skin color or Thane's hands right, I highly doubt they can get either of their personalities right.  Just sayin'.  Also Thor 2, which I haven't seen yet, but I saw a REALLY HUGE SPOILER on Tumblr and now I'm sad.  Baw.

In more serious life news, all of my family in the Philippines has been accounted for except for two cousins and a niece (that one time I talked about how all tiny children were annoying except my niece Maricel? That's her) who were in Visayas at the time.  Hopefully they are all okay. ;__;
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omg i hate it why can't it be like ten minutes away I KNOW YOU PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIVE IN CITIES ARE USED TO HOUR-LONG COMMUTES BUT SERIOUSLY.  At least there's a bus line that goes straight there really close to my house, though, that's a lifesaver.  Next year I will save up enough money to pay for a dorm.

Also I have stopped waking up in the morning when my sister comes into my room to get clothes.  We have a shared closet for our clothes and my bed has the drawers for our socks and undies, so there's no avoiding it.  At least when I woke up there wasn't a danger of oversleeping for anything, but now that that would be useful I've stopped... XD

My homework is impossible to do at home.  Or, more accurately, it is possible to do it at home but impossible to check, and there is a LOT OF TRIAL AND ERROR INVOLVED matlab I hate you please go away I can solve that on paper in the time it takes me to write a program to solve it for me

All of my classes are conveniently located on the same block, which is nice, and also I have discovered several shortcuts through buildings.  There is this one other student that I have no classes with that I KEEP RUNNING INTO EVERYWHERE IN UNRELATED PLACES so we finally exchanged names and decided to leave our friendship in the hands of fate.  I have also made another friend in my mechanical engineering class, and when I turned out to be the only student with a flash drive and had to pass it around for other people to use she went WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH HOODRAP

I miss all my friends in Madison T__T YES ANGIE LET US EMBRACE AND BE SAD TOGETHER.  But I've heard that a whole lot of my elementary school friends are going to my college, so I get to see where they ended up? ...But my high school buddies D8 They're becoming smart without me....

New developments at my old high school include the students deciding to not care about the new rules because it prevents them from getting to class on time, the principal trying to ban a third of the school from Homecoming and being politely told that that was not in her best interest XD Also apparently something stupid happens every other day in lunch now, including the cheerleading team making pyramids.  The principal can't exactly push them over, so there's no way to stop them... I don't think the students like their new principal. XD

(The seniors asked my sister not to go to the senior meeting because she would just get angry and swear and generally be unhelpful XD)

I also got an audio jack splitter for my new laptop, and I bought The Brigmore Witches last weekend.  Nice way to end the story, but I still feel like they could have done more with it.

Speaking of things that cost money, I've also started feeling hungry again which is BAD
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My sister started going back to school the other day, so we exchanged stories about what's changed.  The teachers voted unanimously to kick our old principal out. so they got a new principal from another school in the city who is really big on punctuality, which is nice when you don't have to go from the basement to the fifth floor in four minutes, but otherwise it's kind of just trippin'?  Also they added another bell that rings when there's one minute left in passing time, so my sister says that every single hour the bell will ring and the dozens and dozens of students still in the halls will simultaneously jerk and give each other alarmed looks XD

She also already has golf matches to go to, so I will probably get the house all to myself a lot until classes \o/ ...At which point I will be clear across town until seven SOB but that is okay morning classes and I would probably not get along.

The weirdest thing happened when BF/N and I were playing Minecraft!  We had started up a new world a few minutes before when the game froze and crashed.  We reset the Xbox and loaded it back up, and not only were we not where we'd been before the crash

but we were at the bottom of the ocean, on an entirely different map.

The game literally just changed the map to nothing but oceans with a couple mushroom islands and dumped us on the ocean floor.  It took us a couple seconds to notice the air meter and start swimming up XD There is nothing on this map except water and giant mushrooms.  Nothing. LOLOLOL.

New laptop!

Aug. 8th, 2013 11:03 am
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...Yes, again.  Depending on how long we've known each other this may start to look like a pattern to you >>; But I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP


It is a 14" Lenovo Ideapad, with 8 GB memory, an i7 processor, a TB of space and a touchscreen.  I am currently in the process of moving all my stuff from the old laptop to this one (about... 22 GB of music to go.  SOB) and I'm pretty sure my sister has used it more than I have.  LOLOLOL.  If it's going to be mine for four years she may as well take advantage of my laziness now, so she's been catching up on Deadliest Catch, among other things.  Also watching Attack on Titan.  I have seen the first episode and lol it's even faster than PMMM.

I also have a 16 GB flash drive and a wireless mouse, which is great because the mouse buttons on the touchpad on this thing drive me crazy a little.  Also I sometimes forget that this thing has a touchscreen and try to point to stuff on the display with my fingers, causing the computer to go HERE LEMME CLICK ON THAT FOR YOU and generally being more complicated than necessary.  And the Start menu is ??? AND SHUTTING DOWN IS WAY MORE COMPLICATED THAN IT NEEDS TO BE GEEZ

All things considered, I feel like I got an unnecessarily good laptop XD; I'm SPOILED.  I also have a Steam account now if you want to add me, but being broke and all I'm afraid my fun is limited to free-to-play games.  Also only until September, since I'm not supposed to be playing videogames while I'm taking classes XD; This is good advice, but that doesn't mean I can't whine about it.

...I need to find a job.  I am legal adult, all I need is money XD
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I neglected posting long enough that a whole ton of stuff has happened since my last post. It was going to be a giant photodump, which is why I put it off...

OoOoOoOoooooo. I am the ghost of North's productivity! )

SO I shall get to work on that giant photodump post and maybe buy a notebook as incentive to actually get stuff done and maybe I will be productive this summer.  Maybe.
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Drumroll? )
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I guess now I shall has more free time? ...More time to do what? )
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For those of you who didn't know, yesterday was my last full day of high school. AND IT WAS SO EMOTIONAL SOB

...I need an Apples to Apples deck. )

...Also I finished Mass Effect 3 and I've decided to start using the term Precious Babies because MY PRECIOUS BABIES
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This was going to be an awesome post about ETHNIC FEST YEAH but I feel the need to dedicate this post to something else.

SEE WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS, I was trying to leave the school building by my usual exit, which is the west stairwell leading out to my bus's street. Because of Ethnic Fest, there were a WHOLE lot more people there than usual, and it was taking a much longer while, which ended up being a good thing >>

So suddenly everyone starts surging back into the building all at once, with a bunch of dudes yelling GO BACK and DON'T GO OUT and such, and I wondered if someone had set off a stinkbomb or something outside, as I could see that a large area of the pavement had been cleared. One of the school administrators pushed through the crowd and in his wake I was able to go outside because I am an intelligent human being who doesn't like heeding warnings without knowing what's going on for some reason sob.

What had apparently (APPARENTLY!) happened was, a bunch ...I dunno how many, for all I know it was just one of students from our rival school were driving by throwing water balloons with bleach in them at people, and they crashed into a parked truck. They got out and ran, and apparently no one saw them probably because they'd all come back inside. No one was in the parked car, though! The name of the student who owned it was passed around, poor girl...

...So, uh, that's what I know so far. That truck was done and there were fire engines and everything I'm pretty sure half the school missed their bus. This will definitely improve our reputation as the ghetto-est district/school in the state \o/

Games between us and our rival school do get rowdy, but unless they were behind the bleach ballooning the last three years too, I think this is the first time anything like this has ever happened outside sports events. I have friends who go there!

REMIND ME TO POST ABOUT ETHNIC FEST. Or don't, I'll remember when I look at this entry.
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NO SPOILERS BUT FLAILING OVER THE PACK A PUNCHED AK47'S NAME also lol at Syndicate finishing everything by round 21.

EDIT: PFFFFT-- "I don't think it's a one hit kill anymOSHI--

...Nevermind, it is still a one hit kill."



We also got our IB folders yesterday! I'm taking all my exams this year, so I have a pretty busy schedule, but I do have off days, which is nice.  OH AND I HAVE A FIVE DAY WEEKEND LOL.  My parents insist on making a big deal out of prom, so I'm taking the day off on Friday.  Monday is Senior Skip Day, and Tuesday is Junior ACT day, so I get off anyway.  YAY.
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Maaany many images under this cut. BUT IT'S WORTH IT I SWEAR. )

Also Juan drew everything else except Stalin and our teacher's face, both of which were drawn by another physics classmate of mine. He did draw the random mustaches though.

Also he still hasn't graded our IAs yet rofl.
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For once the real life portion of this entry is bigger, so that's what gets cut today. )

I also got Dishonored! It's so much fun! But really hard if you don't want to actually kill anyone, sob. I do have stuff recorded, but as usual that didn't work out quite as planned, so we'll see how that goes. I still have other video projects to work on.




Use the Heart on the Empress's assassin. Go on, do it.
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A classmate of mine skipped his tenth hour class to bring us pizza to eat during Physics. LOLOLOL. Another classmate of mine drank hydrochloric acid o.0 Only .5M, but still... She says it tastes like sour hard candy XD;

I now have Girl Scout cookies \o/ They cost more than school lunch but I'm pretty sure they're still more nutritious, so no regrets. Our district's lunch is rated the least nutritious in the entire state, which ought to tell you something considering I live in the biggest city here. They come in handy during Physics fiestas, LOL.

My sister's friend lends her sweaters whenever it's really cold out, and apparently he keeps forgetting to ask for them back XD The windchill needs to be over 30 degrees below zero for our district to cancel school, so when it was only about -20 yesterday she came home with another one XD It's been a pretty mild winter this year, actually, so I'm betting we'll get one huge snowfall and then nature will call it quits.

Alla dis is videogames )


Jan. 19th, 2013 10:39 pm
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"As a general rule, no one cares about Canada."

We'd been studying Canada's role in WWII, and, well... "Please read the blatantly Canadian article and then joyfully answer the blatantly American questions..."

Man, when was the last time I posted? ...I can just check, yeah, but you get the point. )
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I have to be doing stuff for my exams but quick updates: Thor 19 is up and I have successfully recorded a Verruckt game. It ends intensely.

Photos! ...Yes, stupid photos of silly things are more important than exams. )
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Also I found a fic where Loki gets his memory wiped and is co-opted by the Men in Black as an agent, and Jay and Kay get to play Seven Degrees of Loki every time they go out on a mission with him.  But that's completely unrelated.

I'm downloading it now, and I'll record my first experience tonight and post it later if I have the opportunity!  I'm so excited!  You get to go to Morrowind, or at least Solstheim, and new shouts and RIDING DRAGONS

Well, we'll see.  But the dudes at my usual Gamestop all say it's worth it, so I have faith.  Check back on this post for updates!

EDIT: The Verruckt map in Nazi Zombies is cursed.  Legit, in real life cursed.  Something always happens to prevent me from recording games in it, up to and including crashing and scrambling my computer for hours on end. >_____________>

Until then, in Real Life news, remember that Martin Luther King Jr. writing contest I entered some time back?  I won third place! *___* SCREAM I have no idea if I win anything, because I only learned via rumors spread by my sister's friends after school (physics \o/), so I'll have a conversation with my English teacher about it tomorrow.  But still, eeee!
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Videowave's direct uploader won't work D8 It stalls before it even begins rendering, which is incredibly frustrating for me, because that means I have to export everything to my computer and take up space before I can upload anything.

Kino 7 is up, Kino 8 is uploading, Thor 14 and 15 are up! 15 is funnier, LOL.

This week, on video discussion! )

My recording hardware also works with the Wii, so if anyone wants me to do something from that system, feel free to ask. ♥

I had a presentation in Spanish the other day, which went better than expected, but the timing was really bad as one of my group members had surgery and the other had undisclosed personal business in Madison, so the latter ended up having to miss it and now I don't know what's up with his grade. I don't know how we're going to sort it out D:

I came depressingly close to accidentally shoving my toothbrush up my nose this morning. I have hand-eye coordination like a boss >> This is clearly why I'm so good at video games, yaaaaay. I've got level 6 on BOII, but the moment I hit 10 I have to actually play in the regular lobbies like a normal person >< Noooo I'm not good enough for that. I keep finishing top five out of twelve in scores and kills for some reason, but it's tragically obvious how terrible I am. Baaaw. I also may have worn out my phone's battery already, which really sucks, because Mom left and now Skype is the only time I get to see her T__T She and Lola should at least be on their way to Japan by now.

...All the responsible people are gone sobbing we are going to die in this house >.>

EDIT: ROFL Robbaz claims he's getting sick because he bought BO2 XD He hates Call of Duty; hates the multiplayer, hates zombies, he prefers Battlefield 3 and Killing Floor for those, LOL.


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