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I ended up having one more assignment for which today was the deadline, and I didn't get it done in time and so my grade will suck, but that is okay because THE STRESS IT IS GONE >>;;; The event starts tomorrow though ahaha I am not prepared.



So excited! *__* But my mom was being overbearing and we ended up only getting half-decent seats (18 on this diagram!) but that is okay because WE ARE NOT ON THE LAWN AND THAT MEANS WE STRUCK GOLD ANYWAY XDD This is going to be an awesome first concert, guys. Finally I am going to a music festival to listen to music instead of eat food. XD

What else. Oh yeah, we got the second series of Sherlock on DVD! 8D I can now punch myself in the feels whenever I want! Sob this show you guys. I cannot wait another 18 months for the next season >>

...Oh yeah, and we have, in fact, been keeping up with Game of Thrones. Words cannot suffice to describe my sister's shriek of horror at the end of episode seven, but I remain unconvinced. I really ought to know better by now, but whatever XD

I have... too many Avengers feels. Too many. Guys, I have seen this movie twice now, and I'm going to see it a third time this weekend (with my FWENDS. I NEVER GET TO SEE MY IRL FRIENDS OUTSIDE OF CLASSES OMG.) This has got to stop >>

...Also, erm, I was poking around The Mighty Thor comics, and OMG IF THEY MADE THESE INTO MOVIES

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First off, RP stuff. Tales Teamup Plotting Post! ...Comment! And then there's this entry. And the actual log.

I went grocery shopping with Dad the other day, and it's a good thing I got friend requests from certain plurk people, because I might not have noticed what was going on without 'dem emails XD; But then I had to go back out to buy donuts and could only keep up by phone (which meant no commenting, sob), and ended up not contributing much. ><;;; Still, lololol we have a plot, how did this even. It's going hideously slowly but WHATEVER.

The event, videogames, and nine screencaps from A Study In Pink )
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So has anyone read that one Sherlock Holmes parody by one of ACD's friends?  The one he says is the best parody he's ever read? Here, I've even got a link for you! But for those not in the mood for reading/who want a backstory written by a simpleton, the story is in "The Truth About Sherlock Holmes": ACD cowrote a play with one of his friends, and the whole thing flopped really badly.  Aforementioned friend then wrote the best Sherlock Holmes parody ever, where two playwrights visit 221B Baker Street and Holmes recognizes the uglier one as the guy who has been taking the credit for all his hard work (XDDDD), and when they say that it's Holmes' fault their writing has suffered, Holmes vanishes in a poof of smoke with the best final words ever:

"Fool, fool!  I have kept you in luxury for years.  By my help you have ridden extensively in cabs where no author was ever seen before.  Henceforth you will ride in buses!"

It's called "The Adventure of the Two Collaborators", and includes such gems as Watson hitting the ceiling every time Holmes makes a deduction (as well as a hilarious note after fictional!Doyle tells him to stop), Holmes shooting a profile of Watson into the wall instead of the initials V.R., and the single most anticlimatic Climax Deduction in any short story ever. XDDD

I still have yet to even drudge up a decent source for my essay on MAZA and 3GAB, so I was going through the smaller of my Giant Books of Holmes when I rediscovered the parody.  I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED.  BEST PARODY.  EVER.

And speaking of Sherlock Holmes and LOLOLOLing forever, poor Sidney Paget XDD Um, Sherlock, I think you need to go over your names again...


Whelp, that's the best thing about Sherlock Holmes: it's got the most fanfiction of any published work ever.  LOLOLOL.
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Video! )

I tried testing out a way to record both my voice and the game's audio at the same time, and it didn't work so well. I mean, it did record my voice, and it did record the game audio, but it seems to have recorded a bunch of other things too. Also I breathe too loudly. I'm guessing this is a problem with the Stereo Mix option I used to record the audio, or that I have too many things being 'listened' to at once or something, because I've never had this problem before. I'll try again next time I have the TV and the laptop at the same time.

Under this cut: videogames, DVDs, RP, and links. )

...Did I mention this before? My friend has a device that turns anything hollow into speakers, so he drew a stereo on a flap from a cardboard box and walked around blasting music from it on his shoulder. XD And we tested it on things like milk cartons and tissue paper boxes and ahaha want you guys.
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Customary TL;DR cut. )

I have been busy, but not stressful busy.  SO IT IS ALL GOOD. 8D
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First things first: [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me a belated Christmas present!

And so Luceti canon leaves the realm of Luceti-only. Also to be found under this cut: life and fandom things! )
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Well, so much for that real life update, huh? )
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Our good friends over at Artix Entertainment once made an announcement that I believe is very expressive of the way I feel right now.  Here, lemme copypasta that for you.

Cut because I realize that parodies of well-known Bible passages are not always looked kindly upon. )

I am, of course, not in the beta testing stage of creating a new online RPG, but this is pretty much how I feel.  In my infinite wisdom I have managed to miss the birthdays of literally every single friend I have this year-- including my offline friends-- and resolved, as I have before, not to post until I had EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY PRESENT I'd planned done.


You know what, screw this, I'mma just whip up like a million oneshots for y'all.  ACTUAL ONESHOTS.  NOT THESE LAME BLURBS I'VE BEEN DOING.  Don't bother wishing me luck, just boot me in the pants whenever you see me online and say GET TO WORK, MISSY.

Yes, the guys at AE did actually post that.  Here, look for yourself.

...Um.  So, uh, thanks everyone! 8D In lieu of presents for you guys, I suppose I must list my own presents.  SO.  Have some photos:

Read more... )
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Today was Celebrity Day at school today.  However, most students who participated cross-dressed instead over outrage at the removal of Gender-Bender Day XDDD Some people did both.  LOL.

Let's see... I saw like five Keshas, at least one Lady Gaga, an Alicia Keys, an Usher, a GI Joe, an Ozzy Osbourne, a few Taylor Swifts, I heard there were a bunch of Mickey Mouses (Mice?) around, and... one of my classmates dressed up as Jesus, complete with robes and Bible. XD; He was walking around touching random people on the shoulder and saying, "Bless you, my child."  I try to imagine video game characters doing things like this regarding their gods, and I now realize that we have an incredibly lax opinion of what is and is not religiously acceptable. XD;  Also, as it happens, I've had my hair in a braid for the past two days, so today as usual I let it down, making it insanely curly.  One of my friends asked if I was the Filipino Rapunzel, and another said I should have been the princess from the One Thousand and One Nights/Arabian Nights XD Maybe I'll try that next year.

Driver's Ed starts next Tuesday.  And I love the tone of voice the Motorist's Handbook takes when explaining why you need to use a seatbelt.  "Your chances of escape will be better if you are conscious." XD

Haven't heard much about Knights in the Nightmare lately, have we?  As it turns out, the mysterious new protagonist is a woman named Mellia.  She takes Maria's role, obviously, with a couple differences... including the fact that she's axe crazy, and starts out with her Loyalty stat at a whopping zero.  Whereas Maria was Marietta's good half, Mellia is apparently either the dark half, or the part that just wants to be her own person.  In the middle of the game, Maria throws herself into the path of the villain's attack to protect the Wisp, so I wonder how that'll work out.  Also, I've been told NOT to look for the Ancardia, which, considering I don't know where it is, shouldn't be too difficult.

It's... Wednesday?  I've written 30 pages of that story I mentioned earlier so far, not including that 10 page summary.  ...Ten pages by composition notebook standards, but still.  I might end up posting a list of the Royal Knights and their quirks and relationships to pass the time.

My little sister informs me that Stephen Fry has been cast as Mycroft in the next Sherlock Holmes movie! :D HAPPINESS.
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I've just decided that I absolutely adore mythology gags.  But first, the past two days.

TL;DR: Weekend was five kinds of Fly. )

Catching up on stuff and leaving to play DotNW.  I certainly hope it's better than the LJ community's reviews would imply.

Oh, before I forget, there's a store called "Egyptian International Art" at our local mall.  Gotta get the pictures up soon.


Feb. 24th, 2010 10:27 pm
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First and foremost: my little sister found Radiant Dawn.  JOY~

Comment on this post saying you want to do this. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

I got Sherlock Holmes, Kingdom Hearts, Mulan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phoenix Wright, Yu-Gi-Oh, and FFVII from rose_of_pollux!

Meme stuff. And an awesome fanart drawing. )
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As opposed to rambling with a purpose. )

I'd talk more, but I should probably go to bed now XD I have to wake up earlier than usual, as my mother has decided to go to college some more and I have to go to school earlier so she isn't late.  I'm some sort of idiot or masochist or something...
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Olympics yaaaaaay :D  So sad about the Georgian luger, though, dying just hours before the opening ceremony! ;___; Well, even if he's dead, he's still an Olympian.

I'd love to go to the Olympics, but of course that's unlikely.  So I shall instead continue to play soccer and win us a World Cup someday! X3  Watch me!

And sucks about the technical difficulty that prevented the opening ceremony from being completely flawless, but otherwise it was funzies.  And my sister arrived home from forensics just in time to catch the end of the march of countries, and most of the rest of it.

First, my sister. )

And now I talk about Sherlock Holmes: the movie. )
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"Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne'er succeed
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need."

- Emily Dickinson, "Success is counted sweetest"

You should see the live feed on my Facebook. It's full of my friends' commentary on the Superbowl. My congratulations go out to the Saints! I bet New Orleans is going relatively insane right now-- relatively because I've heard it's always going insane over there.

Another mall visit, and I discover what is probably going to become another one of my favorite book series. )


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