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A classmate of mine skipped his tenth hour class to bring us pizza to eat during Physics. LOLOLOL. Another classmate of mine drank hydrochloric acid o.0 Only .5M, but still... She says it tastes like sour hard candy XD;

I now have Girl Scout cookies \o/ They cost more than school lunch but I'm pretty sure they're still more nutritious, so no regrets. Our district's lunch is rated the least nutritious in the entire state, which ought to tell you something considering I live in the biggest city here. They come in handy during Physics fiestas, LOL.

My sister's friend lends her sweaters whenever it's really cold out, and apparently he keeps forgetting to ask for them back XD The windchill needs to be over 30 degrees below zero for our district to cancel school, so when it was only about -20 yesterday she came home with another one XD It's been a pretty mild winter this year, actually, so I'm betting we'll get one huge snowfall and then nature will call it quits.

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Jan. 19th, 2013 10:39 pm
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"As a general rule, no one cares about Canada."

We'd been studying Canada's role in WWII, and, well... "Please read the blatantly Canadian article and then joyfully answer the blatantly American questions..."

Man, when was the last time I posted? ...I can just check, yeah, but you get the point. )
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I completely and totally forgot everything I was going to say earlier >___> Happy New Year! My mother's birthday is on New Year's Eve, for those who didn't know, so we're usually busy with that, too. Unfortunately the Nazi Zombies Christmas carol album doesn't come with a zombie version of Auld Lang Syne, but I feel like that one would have been slightly harder, so I guess I can forgive them.

Things are pretty much back to normal around here with Mom and Lola back, but my ridiculous 17-day vacation means I'm not going back to school until next week. So, er, I can get all my work done before then, hopefully >> Usually we go back on like, the third of January, but things worked out differently this year.

Did I mention I got to see the Hobbit? My father thought it was dry. LOLOLOL.

Videogame stuff! )
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Also I found a fic where Loki gets his memory wiped and is co-opted by the Men in Black as an agent, and Jay and Kay get to play Seven Degrees of Loki every time they go out on a mission with him.  But that's completely unrelated.

I'm downloading it now, and I'll record my first experience tonight and post it later if I have the opportunity!  I'm so excited!  You get to go to Morrowind, or at least Solstheim, and new shouts and RIDING DRAGONS

Well, we'll see.  But the dudes at my usual Gamestop all say it's worth it, so I have faith.  Check back on this post for updates!

EDIT: The Verruckt map in Nazi Zombies is cursed.  Legit, in real life cursed.  Something always happens to prevent me from recording games in it, up to and including crashing and scrambling my computer for hours on end. >_____________>

Until then, in Real Life news, remember that Martin Luther King Jr. writing contest I entered some time back?  I won third place! *___* SCREAM I have no idea if I win anything, because I only learned via rumors spread by my sister's friends after school (physics \o/), so I'll have a conversation with my English teacher about it tomorrow.  But still, eeee!
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Done in a single go, because my Tales meme is now languishing in purgatory.

EDIT: Screenshot get! Look inside. )
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...I actually wrote some of that Thor/Skyrim crossover. Like, a minuscule amount.  This is how I usually write, which is why nothing ever gets done: I write until I get stuck, then I skip to another part, and then I go back and fill in all the gaps.  Of course this tends to lead to... well, nothing getting done, so instead I tend to be all NOPE I SHALL WRITE MY WAY THROUGH THIS IF IT KILLS ME and then I can't, whoops.  I am a winner, you guys \o/

Also, I continue to be unable to write Thor.

...But, um, yeah, here it is.  LibreOffice, why you gotta not let me move text to the post editor nicely.

Technically Alduin has absolutely no reason to attack Helgen if the Dragonborn isn't present, but whatever that's why this is a blurb. )

LOL yeah, I kinda have this whole scene planned out, but there are only so many ways you can say IT WAS LOUD AND THEY RAN AND JUMPED AND YELLED AND SUDDENLY HAMMER AND WHOOPS WHERE'S MY BROTHER, and I can't make it sound less stupid than anything written up there >.< But in the end, I decided that Loki needs to accompany Thor to Skyrim and get up to shenanigans with him.  Which you know is just an excuse to have all the brotherly feels XD;

Technically this means that Tamriel is kind of... doomed... because while Loki could probably teach himself to use the Thu'um, they need Dragonrend to defeat Alduin, and the very nature of Dragonrend makes it the one Thu'um neither of them can possibly use. ...Unless one of them learns what it means to be mortal, ohoho. Or Thor just smashes his face in with Mjolnir, I guess that works too.

Also I'll probably skip right to writing up Honorhall and Sanguine, because one of them is going to be all the feels and the other will be LOLOLOL WHAT IS THIS, I DON'T EVEN, and those are my favorite feelings when it comes to writing ♥

THIS IS A GOOD THING, YOU GUYS.  I CAN WRITE AGAIN, OMG.  These drabbles will be done in no time.  That's a lie, but I'm working on it, which is more than I can usually say <<;;


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Someone is jelly...
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You know that thing I complain about every (half?) year, where my brother reboots/cleans/generally gets his hands on the laptop and suddenly things are all wonky?

I'm not really as annoyed as this makes me sound, it's just that this gets old after a while XD; )

In other, other news, I killed another housecarl in Skyrim by accident >>; This time it was Argis. By now I'm good enough that having to reboot aaaall the way at the beginning of the dungeon isn't a problem as much as it is an annoyance, so unlike Lydia I reloaded and did the whole thing without him XD; It's gotten to the point where he can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help, so I'm starting to think I should switch over to Cicero permanently. The only thing stopping me really is that Argis... talks less and provides me with an infinite supply of daedric arrows. XD (Lachance never shuts up either, honestly.)

Shadowmere continues to be more useful than most of my available followers.  Look at my horse, my horse is amazing.

...Aight, what else? As long as I am on a Foo Fighters run here, I would like to share this video. Dave is such a huge dork, I swear.  Also LOLOLOL his daughter is the cutest person ever holy crap.

Okay, so tags and drabbles (Rose what have you done, this Carmen Sandiego drabble). I WILL GET THINGS DONE, I SWEAR IT.  The whole cleaning out debacle is annoying, but ultimately just... well, annoying, so don't worry about that.  LOL.


Jun. 11th, 2012 04:07 pm
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I ended up uploading the ending and credits for NDX to Youtube, so you can go watch them here if you want now. I also uploaded just Rebirth by itself because it's so saaaaaad and alskdjalksdjalksd



It's so unfair ;__; Geez, I like. Still cry at that.

This is all Avengers stuff again )

I done got modly permission to skirt by on AC this time around, so all I gots to do is post before the AC is over \o/ What'll probably happen is it'll be a combo Post Event thing for Grune and present-day Wandering Around the Forest, depending on how soon Yuan finds out about Martel's disappearance.  I have to, like, not fail AC again next time, because wow.

I rewatched the last two Lord of the Rings movies and played a little Battle For Middle Earth II yesterday.  GLORFINDEL WHY YOU GOTTA KEEP DYING.  ALSO GLOIN IS REALLY SLOW.  And I continue to hate the Dane mission with all my (...inconsiderable) passion, because lol I suck at defense (what keeps happening is that I build this huge wall around the city and then they just go through the tunnels and completely bypass all my defenses, so I have to send my men scrambling back to the throne room).  I've... actually gotten worse at this game, considering I first played it when I was like.  Twelve.

Oh yeah SKYRIM DLC.  DAWNGUARD.  YES.  And horseback combat, yay!  I can finally hand it to my enemies without getting off my horse!  ...Although it would still behoove me to do so, because Shadowmere is, hilariously, the most violent horse in the history of ever.  She goes running off to beat up literally everything, up to and including bears.  Bears.

Also, I was recently attacked by a Snowy Sabre Cat (an enemy which, at the beginning of the game, is more powerful than a dragon), and decided to use my awesome new staff the Wabbajack on it.  The Wabbajack turns whatever you point it at into something else, up to and including mudcrabs, sweet rolls, rabbits... and, as I discovered during this particular fight, Dremora Lords.

This is a Dremora Lord.


Fear Itself

Jun. 6th, 2012 02:16 pm
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 Best Friend/Neighbor left for her dad's for two weeks the other day and soooooob at least it's not going to be like last year where she was gone for a month, and then she returned only for us to leave for the Philippines like the next day >> 

Remember how I said I was going to see The Avengers with two of my classmates?  Welp, one classmate had a power outage at her house and could not be reached, so my friend and I had to go by ourselves, baaaaw.  He and I agreed that we have to call her up and say YOU OWE US A DATE, MISSY 8| and go do something awesome to make up for it.  Because it was really fun and she should have been there.  Also The Avengers was awesome but again, story for another time. (I have so many Avengers feeeeeeels you guys.)

IIIII'm doing a Thor playthrough for Skyrim.  So far it's pretty much Unarmed Badass Viking except without the Unarmed part.  I am considering writing a fic to go with it, just for kicks and giggles, and because Thor would fit right in in Skyrim. XD If I get bored of that, I'll try a Loki playthrough, which would actually be a lot funner (mage/Nightingale build! 8D I love the Nightingale build)

I'm going to faaaail the Activity Check for Lucetiiiiii and it's going to suuuuuuuuck because I have literally (literally here having the meaning of LITERALLY) no activity for the month of May, because I am a giant flake.  And no one was surprised.  So unless I can rack up 25 tags in four days (which is certainly possible, mind you), I'mma have to swallow my pride and come up with a decent reason for my suckage for the mods.

Clearly this calls for another Dhaos post (my last one fell through so bad sob I am so sorry everyone ;__;).  Ideas, requests? >>;

OMG WE HAVE FOOD NOW.  There has been almost literally no food in the house for like... three days, LOL.  So now I am just eating all the things.  And they are tasty.


Should I?


...Oh why the heck not, I'll waste less space if I just do it in the same entry.



Dec. 21st, 2011 11:45 am
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I AM DONE WITH EXAMS YOU GUYS.  And my dad called in the middle of my Chemistry exam, LOLOLOL.  I don't own a cellphone, so I didn't even think to check if the one he'd lent me was on or not XD; But I think I did fairly well, so we shall cross our fingers.  But yes, exams.  They are over.  I shall hopefully be back now.  Yaay.

My LJ didn't change at all. XD Have yet to check Dhaos' journal, though since I have custom comment pages disabled there I assume it's been affected.  I don't have enough comments for it to be a problem on Dhaos' journal, but it sure makes browsing a pain.  People have already posted workarounds XD Hopefully LJ will consider all the complaints reason enough to change it back.

EDIT: LOOOOL I just went to my Appointments Post to see what navigating long threads was like, and oh boy.  That could put a damper on my SUPER TL;DR LONG THREAD plans XD; ...But I also ran across an epic fail I had in one of 'em, so I'm actually a little more preoccupied with that.  Dhaos must share my memory issues now, you guys. The squished-up-ness was why I disabled the custom comment pages in the first place, LJ!

I finished Skyrim, if I haven't mentioned that already.  My sister, as mentioned, only had one day of exams, so she always got the laptop before me and forced me to do other things XD But that is okay, because Skyrim is so much fun!  I can't find the Favorites List meme I saw floating around, so I'll just have to make one up myself and add to it as I think of things.  ...But not now.  Otherwise it'll eat up the whole post XD Just know that LOK VAH KOOR totally tops FUS RO DAH as the funnest shout ever 8D I like to climb random mountains south of Winterhold and use it at night XD  And the theme song is awesome. And the leader of the Greybeards is the best OLD GUY MEDITATING ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN ever.

Anyway, I gotta tag like the million things I was going to tag earlier, and reply to all the tags in my inbox, and sort out upcoming plot funzies (I have like, less than a week to do that one.  Sob.)  I have so much stuff to do ><

...But it is winter break, and so we shall be happy!  EVERYONE, GO BE HAPPY.  ...AND KICK ME IN THE PANTS WHENEVER NECESSARY. ACK.


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