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We got a lot of it, as I'm sure everyone in the U.S. probably knows by now.  LOL.  You could see practically nowhere out the window during the blizzard, and everyone was sent home early.  And the entire city pretty much shut down yesterday.  Was off the past two days, but have to go back to school tomorrow.  Oh well.

My brother took some pictures, let's see if I can get them up here...

Snow photos! X3 )

There are plenty of other photos, but some are blurry.  And there's one of an unoccupied house buried up to its kitchen window, but I'm not sure I should post it.  And there are plenty with my house in it, but as it is generally a bad idea to tell people on the internet where you live, I'm afraid I must take precautions.  You get the idea, though: we got lots and lots of snow.  LOLOLOL.  Gonna be a lot of water when it all melts.  Hopefully it doesn't cause some sort of lake to spring up on our street again.

...Three guesses what's under this cut. )


That's the first Tales game since Vesperia! Namco of America is learning. LOL.
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I don't mean to spam everyone's F-lists, really .__. I'm just... really talkative this week, I guess...

Anyway, I officially love the world.  I loved it before, but now it's official.  Love.

So something awesome happened.  If you google the name of a certain user on the Tales forums that I have quoted before, and add 'tales of phantasia' to it, my LJ appears on the first page.  Apparently her French roommate was searching for one of her old posts... and found my journal.

She contacted me on and sent me a rip of the Tales of Phantasia Drama CD track where Dhaos narrates.


I love strangers, you guys.

'Scuse me while I FANGIRL. And weep. )

All I need now is someone who knows Japanese.  LOL.  Apparently Dhaos and Karion use an old and high type of Japanese that's harder to translate.  Oh well.  You can tell a lot just from how their voices sound.


Nov. 4th, 2010 08:49 pm
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I have spent 10 and a half of the past 48 hours in that room testing-- nine for my final round of WKCE (Wisconsin's standardized test) and an hour and a half for my driver's knowledge and signs test.  Which I passed, by the way.  On the eleventh we go to the DMV! X3 It was either freezing or toasty in there, but fun, since they stuffed like fifty of us in the same room and we got to fool around after the time ran out.  Played BS/Cheat and that boxes game you do with the dots on paper.  And my friend brought his electric guitar again XD But it's business as usual tomorrow... And the weekend!  Huzzah!

I love how I have a Tales Series tag but create new tags for every new I game I get to talking about anyway. )
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You guys, I really suck at writing action scenes/anything other than talking.  Just saying.

In which I create more work for myself and probably other people both online and offline by talking too much. )

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Got a massive plunnie while reading through

I don't know when this is supposed to happen in Lead Me to Heaven, but it just wouldn't leave me alone, so I broke out the notepad, put on "The Sun Rises" from Okami and started writing.

By this time it should be established within the story that Denzel and Ryan won't be recognized by anyone they might run into, even if they know each other.  They might feel something if they knew each other well, though...

Subarashiki Kono Sekai )


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