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In double-edged sword news, my sister was accepted to both NYU and UW-Madison, and therefore mom is trying to guilt her into going to Madison even though she wants to go to NYU because NYU's tuition is about $20K higher than the entire household's income AMERICA YOU ARE CRUSHING MY SISTER'S DREAMS WHY

Also THANKS A LOT ANNA AND ANGIE now I am thinking about Dhaos and Hannibal. It would be so awful. Hannibal is exactly the sort of human that might be able to earn Dhaos' trust, and then he would go and use that trust to make Dhaos even more unstable and alskdjalskjdlaskjd I want it but that requires either another Dhaos (I ALREADY HAVE A TON OF THINGS TO PROCRASTINATE DOING WITH ENDLESS) or for someone to suck it up and watch Hannibal (which you shouldn't do if you have a weak stomach srsly pls this is not a joke)

(no I am serious the second season you will probably hurl it's bad i had to leave nOOO)

I'm surprised at how much I like the show so far, though!  For a show with a lot of BS happening and not a whole lot of action, it's really exciting. I'm torn between wanting to watch Hannibal have the upper hand and wanting everyone to see him for who he truly is.  Also torn between kind of pitying him for his loneliness and laughing because it is his own fault

Like Hannibal, what in the seven hells were you expecting

So it's really good and folks who don't mind body horror should watch. I guess you could look away at the icky parts, but you'll probably be horribly fascinated and unable to look away once you get there >__>

Welp, my probably with cookies not rising has gone away entirely for some reason, so now my cookies are delicious and I am eating them and there is happiness in this house. COOKIES. Dad thinks I like baking but really I just like cookies. Cookies. I want cookies >>;

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I thought that going to bed early would get me more sleep, but instead I took longer to fall asleep and ended up waking up even earlier. I'm running on three hours of sleep and some chocolate, but I'm not feeling it for whatever reason. Must be the cold >>;


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This is... really kind of long? )

...So, um, in a nutshell, nothing is getting better, maybe Imperial Saga, and I'm so sorry >> Take comfort in the fact that I'll stop letting you guys down by September one way or another, LOLOLOL.

...In brief fandom news, TWO NEW CASTLEVANIA GAMES WITH ALUCARD IN THEM YESSSS.  I'VE ALWAYS WANTED GABRIEL/ALUCARD INTERACTION.  Now all we need is to get Crispin Freeman to do his voice somehow, sob sob that's never going to happen.
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[personal profile] ay_16r got hold of Tales of Phantasia: Katararezaru Rekishi somehow, and is working on transcribing the whole novel! You can find what she's got so far here.


Jun. 11th, 2012 04:07 pm
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I ended up uploading the ending and credits for NDX to Youtube, so you can go watch them here if you want now. I also uploaded just Rebirth by itself because it's so saaaaaad and alskdjalksdjalksd



It's so unfair ;__; Geez, I like. Still cry at that.

This is all Avengers stuff again )

I done got modly permission to skirt by on AC this time around, so all I gots to do is post before the AC is over \o/ What'll probably happen is it'll be a combo Post Event thing for Grune and present-day Wandering Around the Forest, depending on how soon Yuan finds out about Martel's disappearance.  I have to, like, not fail AC again next time, because wow.

I rewatched the last two Lord of the Rings movies and played a little Battle For Middle Earth II yesterday.  GLORFINDEL WHY YOU GOTTA KEEP DYING.  ALSO GLOIN IS REALLY SLOW.  And I continue to hate the Dane mission with all my (...inconsiderable) passion, because lol I suck at defense (what keeps happening is that I build this huge wall around the city and then they just go through the tunnels and completely bypass all my defenses, so I have to send my men scrambling back to the throne room).  I've... actually gotten worse at this game, considering I first played it when I was like.  Twelve.

Oh yeah SKYRIM DLC.  DAWNGUARD.  YES.  And horseback combat, yay!  I can finally hand it to my enemies without getting off my horse!  ...Although it would still behoove me to do so, because Shadowmere is, hilariously, the most violent horse in the history of ever.  She goes running off to beat up literally everything, up to and including bears.  Bears.

Also, I was recently attacked by a Snowy Sabre Cat (an enemy which, at the beginning of the game, is more powerful than a dragon), and decided to use my awesome new staff the Wabbajack on it.  The Wabbajack turns whatever you point it at into something else, up to and including mudcrabs, sweet rolls, rabbits... and, as I discovered during this particular fight, Dremora Lords.

This is a Dremora Lord.



Apr. 12th, 2012 10:20 pm
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>Replay the PSP version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
>Reach Dracula as Richter
>Man, I don't care how crappy they were, I wish they kept the old lines and voi--


I got Lords of Shadow the other day, and felt like taking a nostalgia trip, and ahahahaha dying you guys. Dhaos why you always gotta hate humans so much.

In which I repeat myself. )

In other news, I was kidnapped two days in a row to go do things and gallivant about the city with my sister 8D; I bought absolutely nothing (except, um, Castlevania) but DELICIOUS COOKIES AND CINNABONS AND FOOD, but it was fun. And tasty. But it was also a little colder than usual, which sucks because it is nice out right now and we should have gone today T__T BUT WHATEVER.

I NOW HAVE A REASON TO POST WITH DHAOS. He's going to House 8 to ask after Martel, and shall of course be traipsing around running other errands that don't warrant their own post to let other people poke him. I keep saying I'll post and then I don't, BUT I WILL. I'll try to get it up today or tomorrow, then. Looking more like tomorrow at this rate >>;;;;;

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Boromir-mun, you have all my love. All of it. I wish you and your growing Fellowship of the Fourth Wall luck.

In other news, I am now on Spring Break and therefore should have little excuse to not get anything done for about a week. YAY. I went to bed at like... five in the afternoon yesterday, and I've been up since five in the morning today. Whoops. But here I am! And I don't need to catch up on non-RP things, I think, since the time I've had has gone to that ahaha sorry. RANDOM THINGS.

Random Things. )

In which RP news takes up a lot of space but says nothing. )

So hopefully I am not dragged out to do something today and can do things at home instead. THEN I WILL BE FREEEEEE.
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Customary TL;DR cut. )

I have been busy, but not stressful busy.  SO IT IS ALL GOOD. 8D


Mar. 11th, 2012 10:19 pm
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Fangirling. )

...Anyway, I'mma gank a meme from Rethira now. WITING, I MUST HAS IT. I have reached that horrible stage where I want to write something but I'm having trouble deciding whether or not I want evidence of the fact that I've written it to exist upon this earth, so maybe this will help. XD;

Needz Moar Fic )
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First things first: [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me a belated Christmas present!

And so Luceti canon leaves the realm of Luceti-only. Also to be found under this cut: life and fandom things! )
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Well, so much for that real life update, huh? )


Jan. 16th, 2012 01:52 pm
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My brother ran some sort of cleaning program he installed on the computer, and now not even reinstalling plugins and Firefox will make anything display correctly >__> 'Anything' here having the meaning of Livejournal (scratch that it seems to be working now), Dreamwidth, Yahoo, and, most unfortunately, Mediafire. SERIOUSLY. MY PSP BROWSER GIVES A LESS ANNOYING DISPLAY THAN THIS. ...Reading pages displayed normally after a little while, but posts are still ALKSJDAKSJ. I dunno, hopefully the mysterious medicine that is time shall fix those too.


EDIT: Firefox, you have failed me. This is unacceptable. I hereby dismiss you as my default browser. EVERYONE SAY HI TO GOOGLE CHROME.

Waaait for it... )

So, um, yeah. I may or may not be kidnapped for a good portion of today, but if not I shall use my awesome deduction skills* to figure out what the heck is wrong with Firefox and return! ...Or maybe I'll just use my PSP. Text entries on that thing have a small character limit, though, so expect a lack of TL;DR if I have to resort to that >>

*As I have perhaps mentioned several times before, I actually am capable of figuring things out by myself, just not quickly enough for the information to be remotely useful.
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First of all, everyone give a big welcome to rethira! This unfortunate soul made the grave mistake of doing one of those Abandoned Fic Project memes, including a tiny tidbit from a Phantasia fic while mentioning Dhaos being pretty, and must now pay the consequences 8D

And now, witness why even offhandedly mentioning Tales of Phantasia where I can see you is a bad idea. )

Oh yeah, finally got into BBC Sherlock. I was going to recommend it to my sister and see if she liked it, but she beat me to it and is demanding I watch it. It's awesome, guys, go see it if you haven't already. XD
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My outrageous buying streak continues with El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.  AND ALSKDJALKS YOU GUUUUUUYS THIS GAME.

El Shaddai spoilers! )

In RP news, mind control plot is a go!  Watch as Dhaos commits his first genuinely villainous act in Luceti ever and gets away with it XD I'm so nervous though, you guys, even though this is a Giles plot and not a Dhaos plot I still feel like I'm going to mess it up somehow ><; Or that I'm ALREADY messing up, or that I messed up by being a part of this plot, which is kinda horrible since Dhaos is sorta the catalyst for the conflict here.  Confidence issues, yay :D But even if I end up doing something OOC or screwing up, it shall be fun, so it is okay XD

Also, we're moving and there is no plot involved ;__; It's not a problem at all, but I didn't think I'd be this sad about it.  It turns out I'm more attached to LJ than I thought.

...I found a certain Russian blog that has Karion as a maid in Dhaos' palace since he was little.  LOL.  OH GOSH YOU GUYS, GETTING ADORABLE IMAGES OF TINY!DHAOS CRUSHING ON TINY!KARION.  I don't care if this is canon or not, this is totally my headcanon until further notice.  If I ever bring Tiny!Dhaos back, I'm totally going to find a way to get him to tell Grune about it XD Although due to NDX, I had always imagined that Karion was an adviser or even a knight of some sort. XD It doesn't matter, though, because either way I still have to do some serious work trying to imagine Dhaos falling in love with her.  LOLOLOL.  For those who don't already know, I'm kinda.  Partial to the idea of characters who don't need romantic love.  So it's tough for me to imagine a lot of my favorite characters falling in love. XD Already being in love is a whole different story, which is why all of my pairings are of the established canon kind, and probably why Dhaos/Grune happened-- because of Luceti Valley.  LOLOLOL.

I joined [community profile] tales_100  on DW, which is a really relaxed writing comm-- 100 words is way too short for me, but at least I have an excuse to be brief >__>;

Also, my sister bought the DVD for the movie Warrior, which is totally awesome and you guys should watch it.  Just saying.  ...I want to say it's really good even if you're not into MMA, but I'm kinda sorta a former wrestling fan, so I can't make an objective statement about that, LOL.  But it has Tom Hardy and Kurt Angle, and it's awesome, and I'll post about it later because originally this whole post was about it but there are other things to talk about.  So. XD
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First of all, look at what [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me!

Click for picture! )

Um, what else?  ...I've made absolutely no progress in Arkham City.  I never get the TV and the laptop at the same time >__>

Also lol I just realized that not everyone uses 'ugly' as a synonym for 'stupid'.  Oh well, people will just assume I was talking about the moon XD

And now, the Ebay Saga. Cut because it managed to get really long. )
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Yesterday was my dad's birthday! ^^ He, my sister and I went out and did fun things. Oh yes.

Also LOLOLOL I am now in possession of an awesome Japanese Tales of Phantasia 15th Anniversary fanart featuring THE BEST ENGLISH SKILLS EVER. Most of the character names are at least recognizable (Silph, Jamil, Jestona, Ammy, Martell, etc.) but others are like HOW DID YOU EVEN XD (Myrarudo and Kureiaidoru ftw.)  Thanks, Angie.  I'd post it, but I dunno if I should even if I have the artist's name aaaah so paranoid.

But you know, there's one thing I'm not paranoid to share!  Y'all remember those awesome KataReki fanarts Angie found?  The one with RenegaDhaos And Winonacystus?

Welp, I found that person's gallery.




This one is one of my favorites due to being adorable and... yeah, because of the little mini-drawing board additions below it, where Hatsisu seems to have drawn an adorable little comic. LOL DHAOS Y U GOTTA STRANGLE WINONA LIEK DAT XDD

Another one of my favorites features Dhaos and Winona at the beach. With both of them wearing beach-appropriate clothing. And a little comic below that seems to detail how exactly Winona got Dhaos into those clothes.  And it is amazing.

AND BUTLER DHAOS.  Oh geez you guys, I'm just gonna die going through all this XD It's just the first page that's outrageously amusing to my non-Japanese-reading eyes, but still.  I have no idea if it's still as amusing if you can understand all of it, or if Angie failed to link me to it for a reason (lol some of the ones on the later pages), but hey, it was worth it for those ones. XD

Got a Halloween party coming up, but I'll try to GET STUFF DONE while loling at all this. XD

EDIT: Party was fun, home now, decided I needed a Luceti post before the month ended and will therefore hopefully have time to be on tomorrow >__> /awesome at planning
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Only began it in class today, but decided to end it here lest it become a giant black hole of doom and sadness. Sudden endings, apparently I like them.

Inspired by the cookies thread, of all things, and one paragraph extremely blatantly inspired by the [ profile] 30_angsts prompt House of Pain.

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Thunderstorms in Europe, earthquakes on the east coast... and, well, hurricanes on the east coast. Geez, Mother Nature, the east coast never gets earthquakes or hurricanes. All my east coast peeps, stay safe!

Hey look, it's some Phantasia Drama CD links!

Dude, KH Insiders isn't even an obscure site. How did I not find this earlier? XD They also have a ton of other Tales things, so have a look at the main soundtrack list for T and go download all the stuff you didn't already have. LOL.  I'm a horrible fan.

Now I'm pretty sure all the plot-related Phantasia tracks are up there, but just in case, I reupped the two ones I had. So, once again, here is Present!Dhaos and here is Future!Dhaos.

Fun, guys. Have it.
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I literally spent only like thirty minutes on this, but I write so erratically now that I may as well post it.  It was only supposed to be about 300 words, but it was also supposed to be some vague introspection thing, and it took 300 words to get to the introspection part.  LOLOLOL.  Which's why I cut this off short and jump around a lot instead of focusing too much on one topic and using decent transitions (we'll just... handwave that by saying Dhaos fails at thinking in a coherent manner).  Maybe someday I shall expand it and post it on

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