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Fangirling. )

...Anyway, I'mma gank a meme from Rethira now. WITING, I MUST HAS IT. I have reached that horrible stage where I want to write something but I'm having trouble deciding whether or not I want evidence of the fact that I've written it to exist upon this earth, so maybe this will help. XD;

Needz Moar Fic )
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But first, my return to America!

So here's the final tally for travel time:

-4 hour drive to Manila
-5 hour wait in airport
-3.5 hour flight to Nagoya
-1 hour wait in airport
-11.5 hour flight to Detroit
-8 hour wait in airport
-+1 hour due to delay
-1 hour flight home

The rest is negligible due to it feeling like I was already home. So add that all up, and you've got... 35 hours of traveling! The worst parts were the wait in Manila and the monster flight, though, as Detroit's airport is enormous. The one hallway I was confined to was a mile and a quarter long, with over a hundred stores, and that was just Concourse A.  But that flight!  You guys, why does the Pacific Ocean have to be so big?

Also, it was 1 AM on the 30th when I arrived in Manila, and 10 PM on the 30th when I arrived in the airport at home. Longest day of my life!

Haru-Sari and lolz. )
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And apparently there's also a hidden voice clip of Dhaos going WHAT THE HECK IS THAT too! XDD  Excuse me a moment while I search for a rip of that.

Also, this person telling Lion these things at the end of this thread is like someone telling Meowzy to "actually play" Tales of Symphonia.  Of course there´s no way for this person to know that Lion actually HAS a cross-Tales RP, but seeing this makes me irrationally upset.  They´re not even being rude, they´re just... extremely uninformed. XD I spent a lot of yesterday sadfacing over it as always, but it´s sort of in a character application thread and there´s no place for me in it.  And Lion doesn't need my help anyway XD

...I need an actual screenname for Lion-tachi and Emil-tachi.  I feel weird talking about "that one time Emil, Klarth, Jay and I were talking."  It's certainly a good thing they know MY screenname, though, because most of them know me primarily as "Yuan/Dhaos/Wonder Chef" XD

All the Phantasia/Utena crossover discussion over on a certain other journal is making me LOL my head off.  Dhaos as the Rose Bride and Grune as Utena, you guys.  I'm not even terribly familiar with the show and it's still funny.

I must not claim Dhaos for [ profile] 30_quills. Must not. Everyone, talk me out of this. I still have to finish Lloyd and Kratos!  I should do that while I'm here, actually, even though all the beginnings of those oneshots are at home.  It kinda looks like I'll just have to post blurbs instead of oneshots if I ever want to get them done, because I've had that claim for a year and I'm sure other people are going to want it >__> But I don't want to drop it, because those prooompts.  They just fit Kratos and Lloyd so perfectly.

Once again being dragged off to go swimming, except being a woman is not a problem this time, so I'll probably be getting off early and going to have fun instead!  Good thing I was on early in the first place. And I've got videos of kitties playfighting and being tickled, as well as chickens hanging out in trees for the lulz, so hopefully I'll have those up later. If I can, uh, figure Youtube out. I don't think I've uploaded there since the Phantasia Håll om Mig AMV from last year...

EDIT: While looking at my old videos, I saw my first recorded WLAN Dissidia match, and man did I suck. But I did have a couple XD moments, like 1:17-1:30. LOLOLOL. I remember my friend's reaction to that, it was priceless.
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I was pressing a flower with my epic Holy Hill postcard in my Physics book, and I turned it in without taking either of them out! D8 I hope next year someone finds the flower and the postcard.  LOL.

In Soviet Tellius:

Volug rides the Black Knight!
Butter serves Largo at every table!
The ships raid Tibarn!
Lucia's hair cuts off Ludveck to send to Elincia!
Sanaki imprisons the senate in a room in the Mainal Cathedral!
Weapons forge YOU!
The horses ride YOU!
Hidden Rettard finds YOU!
The units command YOU!

20. Your Favorite Piece of Game Play Music

Goodness, how am I supposed to choose? Well, it's only gameplay music, so I can cut out cutscene music, right?

Uh, lessee... Fighting of the Spirit, Final Destination, Walking on Tethe'alla, Overcome Difficulties (shut up it is cool for a 42 second loop), Symphonia's Derris-Kharlan melody (too many mixes!), The End of a Thought...

Probably Fighting of the Spirit. FFFF. Whenever I fight a summon spirit in Symphonia, I have to pause and listen to the music for a while. It's so awesome *___*
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So Dwight D. Eisenhower survived a round of single combat with the Burger King.

Explanation under cut. )

Oh yeah, and guess what you guys?  Grune-mun and I finally finished that one AU event thread!




18. Your Favorite Quote

I keep putting these off because I keep not knowing what to say. FFFFF. Pretty much anything Kratos says could go here, actually, LOLOLOL. His speech if you bring him to the endgame would probably be my favorite, though.
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They changed the rules at the mall. You need an adult present even just to watch movies now.  I'm guessing it's because of that incident from the day before winter break ended where about fifty kids completely wrecked the Boston Store, but geez.  Now what are all the bored kids supposed to do on their weekends?

I got Arkham Asylum for the XBox 360.  And it is fly.  You guys, I love being Batman!  It's almost as fun as playing Assassin's Creed!  ...I haven't gotten very far, so hopefully they will be equals before I'm done.  the only thing is, my older brother watched playthroughs of it online, and now he insists on telling me everything.

"You know Killer Croc is in that thing?"
"That's not really Gordon."
"That guy you just scanned up there? That's Bane."

I love you, Kuya, but please do me a favor and stop spoiling everything...?

Days Thirteen Through Fifteen )

Oh wow.

Apr. 9th, 2011 01:17 am
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I made a family tree for Encantadia!  I thought, "There aren't that many named characters, so it should be easy," but then I got to work and this happened.  LOLOLOL.  I had to put Raquim twice because it wouldn't let me connect him to both Minea and King Nahq-- he fathers Amihan and is the great (great?) uncle of Ybarro/Ybrahim, who... fathers children with Amihan and her half-sister Alena.  He's not related to Alena at all, and he and Amihan never actually sleep with each other.  Apparently being the Queen of Lireo gives you nifty powers like being able to conceive just by meeting someone in a dream where nothing happens.

Minea isn't actually related to Avria-- she was adopted-- but I had to find a way to fit Cassiopea in there.  LOL.

Also, yes, Nahq's family sure likes to name their children Armeo/Armea.

Days Eleven and Twelve )

In case you haven't noticed, I really like talking about this sort of thing. )
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I have to put the rant off until tomorrow again >> Self, learn proper time management skills.

ALSO. I've decided that as long as I have two of the Phantasia Drama CD tracks, I may as well share them. But they're 20+ minutes long, will probably take forever to upload, and... I've never used anything like Mediafire before. LOL. So, uh, any requests before I do something dumb?

Here is the Present!Dhaos fight!

Here's the Future Dhaos fight!  With Karion in it! ^^

...And Day Seven: Favorite Non-Canon Pairing )

I need to do something about my tags: the Phantasia tag is getting enormous.  LOLOLOL.
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April Fools.

Someone put a stinkbomb in someone else's bag today >__> )

Favorite Canon Pairing )
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But my chemistry teacher knows what she's doing, so it didn't hurt.  LOL.  There was one person who used two hands and went "I am a Firebender!" and it was fun.

Also, sodium and water.  Explosions.  Even more fun.

And now, to force myself to be on more, I give you...

The 30 Day Tales Meme! )

Ganked from [ profile] wingalinged .


Nov. 4th, 2010 08:49 pm
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I have spent 10 and a half of the past 48 hours in that room testing-- nine for my final round of WKCE (Wisconsin's standardized test) and an hour and a half for my driver's knowledge and signs test.  Which I passed, by the way.  On the eleventh we go to the DMV! X3 It was either freezing or toasty in there, but fun, since they stuffed like fifty of us in the same room and we got to fool around after the time ran out.  Played BS/Cheat and that boxes game you do with the dots on paper.  And my friend brought his electric guitar again XD But it's business as usual tomorrow... And the weekend!  Huzzah!

I love how I have a Tales Series tag but create new tags for every new I game I get to talking about anyway. )
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The warp to where Presea and Regal are being held captive in Welgaia by Mithos isn't working.


...I haven't spoken much about Raine and Genis, have I?  I must fix this.

Some character raaaambling. )
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Tales of Symphonia, yaaaay~ )
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First!  Severe thunderstorm the other night.  Not funny.  My sister and I were watching V for Vendetta, and we'd just gotten to the part where Evey pulls the lever on the train at the end-- BAM-- and the power went out.  Hilarious.

Life and Symphonia. But mostly Symphonia. )
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Ganked this from [ profile] insaneladybug .  Man, this was hard to fill out...

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I love Simba's singing voice.  *brick'd*

Good mood has been getting killed a lot recently, which kinda sucks XD; Probably why I ended up linking to the manga so much.  Have to cheer myself up with squee ^0^

...I obviously have a strange obsession with the Aurion family... )
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Not necessarily in that order. )
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*hugs her* :D

Mmmkay.  The first hour and a half of ToS summarized: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. I love Kratos' flatness throughout the whole thing.  "Would you like some fries with that inferiority?"

My profile is no longer ridiculously bare XD I found like a dozen lovebars for TWEWY and Tales.  The number of them is probably going to halve itself when I get back tomorrow and go "TOO MUCH."

Characterization ponderings and lolyuan. )

I'VE BEEN WRITING STUFF I SWEAR.  It just has yet to leave my notebook.  I actually finished my notebook and started a new one.  Exams are coming up on the 25th, and it's crunch time.  This might suck.


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