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First of all, look at what [ profile] rhapsody14 drew me!

Click for picture! )

Um, what else?  ...I've made absolutely no progress in Arkham City.  I never get the TV and the laptop at the same time >__>

Also lol I just realized that not everyone uses 'ugly' as a synonym for 'stupid'.  Oh well, people will just assume I was talking about the moon XD

And now, the Ebay Saga. Cut because it managed to get really long. )
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So this was originally going to be a giant post about something that happened like two months ago at Ad Lib, but I decided to hold off on posting it after typing it all up. And then my friend list came to the rescue with awesome things for me to post instead XD First of all! If you happen to like the actor Simon Oakland, [ profile] rose_of_pollux and [ profile] insaneladybug have a tribute website up! They've got a blogspot blog thing going at the bottom, too, so Simon Oakland fans should definitely check it out.

Second!  If anyone is looking for an LJ RP (...unlikely, LOLOLOL), apps open at [ profile] luceti tomorrow!  And someone made an awesome AMV with all of the Luceti characters in it!  Those are all the characters that are already taken, of course, but it's much more fun checking for castmates this way than looking at the Taken Characters page.  LOL.


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Happy. I am happy today.
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My brain is just... not ready for the school year. I've been nothing but completely useless all week, and I think it's putting a lot of people I know off. LOLOLOL. I found my graphing calculator, though, so at least I'm not stuck with the tiny four-function one I've been using instead XD Brain, it is fried. Need to get it back in shape.

My dad found my acting class notebook from two years ago today. The first ten or so pages are the usual acting class stuff, and the rest is all writing. LOLOLOL. It was only a semester class, which explains that, but still. XD I found a little fight blurb based around that old chat RP: the whole crew had... somehow managed to find itself trapped in a Water-Seal type room with a Leviathan, and bad things happened.  They did end up taking out its eyes, but Lion got crushed by a pillar and Dhaos almost got his arm ripped off trying to prevent the Leviathan from making dinner out of Klarth, who was summoning at the time.  Klarth never gets to finish the summon, and instead Jade saves the day with INDIGUNEISHUN, killing the thing with a single spell.

The only healer (...that I was aware of at the time, one of the other characters might be a healer >>) was Zelos, and the only person strong enough to lift the pillar off of Lion other than Dhaos was... Zelos. XD; Poor guy was spread so thin through the whole thing.

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...Um, anyway. Clearly this is some sort of sign. Write more, I must.
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Thunderstorms in Europe, earthquakes on the east coast... and, well, hurricanes on the east coast. Geez, Mother Nature, the east coast never gets earthquakes or hurricanes. All my east coast peeps, stay safe!

Hey look, it's some Phantasia Drama CD links!

Dude, KH Insiders isn't even an obscure site. How did I not find this earlier? XD They also have a ton of other Tales things, so have a look at the main soundtrack list for T and go download all the stuff you didn't already have. LOL.  I'm a horrible fan.

Now I'm pretty sure all the plot-related Phantasia tracks are up there, but just in case, I reupped the two ones I had. So, once again, here is Present!Dhaos and here is Future!Dhaos.

Fun, guys. Have it.
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I can already tell this year is gonna be a lot of work XD; The other day, I accidentally fell asleep for an hour until about 9 PM, and didn't sleep again until that time the next day.  Internal clock, please work properly.  LOL.  Hopefully if it does next week won't be as long.  Classes, I am not ready for them.  And lunch is 45 cents more expensive.  Terrific.  SCOTT WALKER I SWEAR.

Dude, I just realized I haven't finished Arkham Asylum yet.  This must be rectified before Arkham City comes out!  CATWOMAN IS IN IT.  And I also have to get everything I missed in Brotherhood, man.  I can't wait for Revelations.  I'd seriously believed Brotherhood was the end of Ezio, but NOPE.  MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED.  My only beef is Ezio's new potential love interest.  I never liked the romance thing in Assassin's Creed, but obviously all of the characters have to have had children, otherwise Desmond would never have been born.  LOL.

...Everyone is so excited for new consoles and new JRPGs, and here I am geeking out about Arkham City and Assassin's Creed.  Ehe.

I had a dream where Grune died fighting Schwartz, and Dhaos decided to just screw everything and seal away his memories because FFFFFF I GIVE UP, and of course True!Grune came back and found him like that.  And it was a strange combination of sad and kind of adorable. XD; Because while Dhaos was the same serious, linefaced stoic guy as always, he was still all sad and lonely... and had obtained some Grune-like tendencies.  Like wandering off randomly while Grune wasn't looking. XD

I hope Dhaos gets drafted again.  Poor guy XD

Also, an awesome Thor/Avengers doodle by [ profile] aceryth !

Loki and Steve. LOL. )
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 Guess what?  I has photos! 

...Except my sister refuses to give up the laptop long enough for me to get them anywhere!  So that'll come later today if I have time and opportunity. 

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So I have been scarce for really dumb reasons lately.  Wanna know what they are?

Because I fail birthdays forever and have yet to finish certain people's birthday presents-- one of which is almost a month late now-- and didn't want to make another post on this journal until I'd finished.

AHA BUT NOPE, here I am anyway.  I'm a crap friend.

And also because siblings and parents like to hog the computers.  Yes, both of them.

But mostly because of Eternal Sonata.  Mmmmph.

You ever get a response to a tag that causes you to go "That's not what I meant!" and fall over being an irrational combination of amused and annoyed?  LOLOLOL.  I really am too vague in my descriptions, man.  Next time I'll just outright say "OH HURF DURF DHAOS SOUNDS LIKE MITHOS HERE" or something, LOL.

Also, Eternal Sonata?

Prince Crescendo is voiced by Cam Clarke.

Prince Crescendo is voiced by Cam Clarke.

Dhaos and Kratos' voice actors in the same game, talking to each other.

No but really, apparently America's Namco Bandai really loves recycling voice actors, because every single main character's VA also does someone from the Tales series.  Here, let's have a (relatively, not really) brief plot summary with all their names subbed in!

Huge, HUGE HUGE Eternal Sonata spoilers. )

...So yeah.  You see why I laugh sometimes.
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I turned IM sound notifications off because they annoyed me and interrupted music, and then discovered I missed a whooole lot of stuff.  Whoops.

Day Eighteen: The Saddest Scene )

...Does anyone know how to change my tag list from cloud to list?  >__> /doesn't tag this properly to prevent Phantasia tag from becoming an all-devouring black hole of doom
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I got a new laptop. Yay!  The mousepad is kind of killing my finger, but hopefully after a little while of using it I'll be used to it again.  But yes, that is good news ^^

ALSO ALSO Everyone must totally go here and squee at all the awesome images! ^0^ Hugs, I wish to give them.  Seriously.  Look at all of them!  They're all so... plunny inducing!  Be prepared for a ton of lame, lame, inaccurate and weird blurbs in the near future. Or not, who knows.

The admin from the site where I met Emil tracked me down here on LJ today.  LOL.  And the site she directed me to has the same Duke-mun I played with on the Last Words meme!  It's less of a coincidence and more of an inevitability, since she apparently searched specifically for Vesperia people, but still funny.

I was playing around in Assassin's Creed, and finally finished destroying all of Leonardo's machines. He gave me a parachute! I've been climbing up to high places and jumping off to test it. I'm such a dork >__> But you can get down much faster and just as safely from most high perches using a leap of faith, which is way cooler. If unrealistic. LOL.  I know in the last game there was at least one viewpoint you couldn't Leap of Faith from, though, which I... sort of learned the hard way.  I realized just too late, too, I jumped off and went "...Wait, aren't there usually more birds hanging out on viewpoints?"  Since birds mark things like viewpoints and places where you can Leap of Faith and so on.

Four of my recruits are full-fledged assassins! They grow up so fast.  And geez, they're all but indestructible now.  I remember when I would accidentally kill off a recruit because I left a fight and no one else did and didn't notice until the game told me a recruit was dying o.o I always felt so bad...  But now they probably know better than I do.  LOL.  The only danger is if they fall off a cliff, then they'll still die.

And now to bed. Why am I even still awake?
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FFFF.  I epic fail at coloring, but I redownloaded and thus lately have found myself wanting to color everything.  'Everything' mostly meaning the beautiful illustrations of This Pendent Heart drawn by [ profile] mangaka_chan .  I already have the chapter 12 one done, and it actually looks marginally pretty, but when I am actually capable of reaching the fanartist and asking for permission I think it'd be rude to post colorings.  And as I have happily proven several times in the past, I fail at working up the courage to contact people I don't know, despite the fact that both she and Luna Sphere have proven to be very friendly.  You can find all of her beautiful PT fanart at her deviantart, if you want!

Must not get plunnied for evil!Cress fic.  Must not. I'd have to finish Danse Macabre first anyway, because then I could do more with Evil!Cress' new sword >__>

Speaking of Princess Tutu, the Dreaming Together on a Moonlit Night doujin and translation is one of the things I lost-- I still have the download link, but due to people abusing the generosity of the PT community here everyone is trying to keep track of how many times the link is used and by whom, and I'd rather not complicate things for them.  LOL.  Even though I know that's not what they mean.  I just love the PT community, they're all so awesome and it's just a doujin.

And I'm just going to start up again where I left off on that meme, because doing the rest of it all at once would be lame:

Day Sixteen: Your Favorite Scene )

...Oh yeah, and I found my notes and the first draft of Danse Macabre: Ch. 3!  PHEW.  Now I can go back and make it... not as lame. >__>
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They changed the rules at the mall. You need an adult present even just to watch movies now.  I'm guessing it's because of that incident from the day before winter break ended where about fifty kids completely wrecked the Boston Store, but geez.  Now what are all the bored kids supposed to do on their weekends?

I got Arkham Asylum for the XBox 360.  And it is fly.  You guys, I love being Batman!  It's almost as fun as playing Assassin's Creed!  ...I haven't gotten very far, so hopefully they will be equals before I'm done.  the only thing is, my older brother watched playthroughs of it online, and now he insists on telling me everything.

"You know Killer Croc is in that thing?"
"That's not really Gordon."
"That guy you just scanned up there? That's Bane."

I love you, Kuya, but please do me a favor and stop spoiling everything...?

Days Thirteen Through Fifteen )

Oh wow.

Apr. 9th, 2011 01:17 am
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I made a family tree for Encantadia!  I thought, "There aren't that many named characters, so it should be easy," but then I got to work and this happened.  LOLOLOL.  I had to put Raquim twice because it wouldn't let me connect him to both Minea and King Nahq-- he fathers Amihan and is the great (great?) uncle of Ybarro/Ybrahim, who... fathers children with Amihan and her half-sister Alena.  He's not related to Alena at all, and he and Amihan never actually sleep with each other.  Apparently being the Queen of Lireo gives you nifty powers like being able to conceive just by meeting someone in a dream where nothing happens.

Minea isn't actually related to Avria-- she was adopted-- but I had to find a way to fit Cassiopea in there.  LOL.

Also, yes, Nahq's family sure likes to name their children Armeo/Armea.

Days Eleven and Twelve )

In case you haven't noticed, I really like talking about this sort of thing. )
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I will not fall behind. I will not fall behind. I will not...

Musiiiiic~ )
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I have to put the rant off until tomorrow again >> Self, learn proper time management skills.

ALSO. I've decided that as long as I have two of the Phantasia Drama CD tracks, I may as well share them. But they're 20+ minutes long, will probably take forever to upload, and... I've never used anything like Mediafire before. LOL. So, uh, any requests before I do something dumb?

Here is the Present!Dhaos fight!

Here's the Future Dhaos fight!  With Karion in it! ^^

...And Day Seven: Favorite Non-Canon Pairing )

I need to do something about my tags: the Phantasia tag is getting enormous.  LOLOLOL.
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April Fools.

Someone put a stinkbomb in someone else's bag today >__> )

Favorite Canon Pairing )

Day Five

Mar. 31st, 2011 10:33 pm
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But first, just a little Encantadia thing that's been bothering me.

I'll have everyone wondering why I love this series before long. LOL. )

Day Five: Favorite Side Female Character )

Tomorrow is Friday and if no one hogs the computer I'll try to get the next installments of Danse Macabre and Tales of Phantasia Presents Macbeth up. I'll be working harder on getting the former done than the latter, though, for obvious reasons. LOL.

Oh yeah, and one of my classmates from middle school won an Earthwatch scholarship!  She's planning on going to Trinidad and Tobago to help out sea turtles, she says.  We're having a potluck tomorrow to celebrate.  X3 We're all so proud of her.
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...Eh, we'll talk about Encantadia first, get to the meme later.

Wow, and I didn't even mention all of the children and grandchildren and relatives and parents and things. )

Yeah, this daily meme thing is not a good idea.  LOL.  But I started it, so here we go.

Favorite Male/Female Main Hero )
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Tomorrow is the last day of Driver's Ed.  Finally!  I was getting a little tired of going home, thinking "Yay, the day is ove-- oh, man."

Suddenly I have a ton of projects in school.  LOL.  Spanish, Chemistry, History...  And another student teacher for History, AND Spanish.  Aw.  Well, this is the last year for it, since student teachers can't be assigned to IB classes.  I do like them, but I would rather not switch teaching styles halfway through the year.

My sister and I had to walk home from the bus stop today, which tends to not be fun in the winter.  It wasn't as cold as it was last time, though.  Brrr.  My brother is going to be the only one home at that time for a while, so hopefully we'll have a ride tomorrow X3

And now videogame stuff. )


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