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Thor Part 10 (now with subtitles!), and...

Kino der Toten Part 4 and 5! Yeah, I finally got around to editing it. I want to finish putting that video up because my Gamecap folder is taking up 20 GBs at the moment compared to our music folder, which is only about 43 GBs considering how important music is nowadays and I won't delete it before I have it all finished. There should be three more parts max, probably less, and I'll try to get them up alongside the Thor videos. As you've probably noticed, I'm not all that enthusiastic about the Thor vids. LOL.

Also, you can't have more than four perks at a time. Remember, this was back in August. LOL.

I got Black Ops II! AAAAAH you guys! It's so much fun! I've got one video up of us being silly and generally sucking, but we had so much fun and plan to have more tonight. It'll be amazing you guys.

Erm, anyway, I've decided that The Avengers is still the best movie ever. Again. NO REGRETS. I still have yet to see all the deleted scenes though, so I've got to get on that stat. Also, allow me to recommend for the third time: Norsekink! Best kink meme ever. So many amazing fills, many, of course, being entirely gen. There's also apparently a popular Norsekink-exclusive AU where Darcy is Hela, Coulson is Fenrir and Fury is Jormungand, and they like, hold family meetings to discuss what to do when their daddy starts trying to conquer their home because no one is supposed to know they're down there. LOL.

I got off the phone with a friend helping him through his Calculus Internal Assessment and I feel SO HELPFUL you guys. LIKE I FEEL AMAZING. AAAAAH. You guys should totally go walk people through stuff now, I bet your happinesses will all take serious buffs.
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Let's Play Thor - Part 9. In case you have ten more minutes to spare.

I finished ACIII, but that deserves an entry all on its own. So I'll just say that I wish they hadn't changed the controls but that's just me being terrible at this game, the writing could have been better, and JUST ONCE UBISOFT. JUST ONCE. XD I very much enjoyed it, though!

...Despite the sheer number of people of color in this game, my favorite character is white. Oops >>

I also saw Skyfall today! BEST BOND MOVIE. BEST. I WANT AVENGERS/JAMES BOND CROSSOVERS STATIM. I managed to sneak a whole thing of McDonald's into the movie theater 20 minutes late and still catch the beginning of the movie. I am clearly secret agent material.

Real Life stories! )

...And that's it! Now excuse me, it's been a while since I've seen The Avengers, and I've got a new CD to listen to. XD

...Oh, while I'm at it, DW people! One of my LJ friends is writing a Sherlock fic. I happen to know a couple of people who enjoy Sherlock, so have at!
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But first, THOR. )

/le cutscene

Charles Lee: Hey bro, this is Boston, we should go get some horses.
Player: Cool aight
Dog: /walks past
Puppeteer: Pet Animal



AAAAND Assassin's Creed spoilery stuff. )

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We went to celebrate my birthday and my father's birthday yesterday! First my brother and I strolled around the mall (and I agonized over whether or not to get more Foo Fighters CDs or the Avengers DVD, sob), and then we went to Dave and Busters! It was tasty and they give bigger cheesecake portions than our usual restaurant, which was really nice, and then afterwards we went to go play games because it was basically a big kid's Chuck-E-Cheese. There was this one game called Infinity Blade FX with a touchscreen that I won over 500 tickets on, and it was fun, but instead of getting a Pikachu plushie like I should have I got headphones for my sister and a yo-yo, both of which failed to do their job. I did, however, get a huge friggin' Pixie Stick, which did not fail to do its job at all \o/

I also got a new controller so we could play zombies together with BF/N, and while I wanted to pay off ACIII, I saw that they had a certain videogame with a terrible reputation and decided to give myself a challenge. BUT MORE ON THAT LATER.

On my actual birthday my parents got me a watch, a cute little purse thing and two chocolate bars, and Angie got me a song! \o/ She redid 115 from Nazi Zombies! 8D I also got a sticker from my English teacher, LOLOLOL.

OCTOBER IS GOOD. Except now I am a legal adult sob let's face it I am not ready for that, but my sister is extremely jelly because I get to vote in this year's election. YISSS. My state has same day voter registration, too, so I lucked out-- I wouldn't have been able to vote in some states, despite being eighteen. XD;

And now, my self-imposed videogame challenge. I hope you haven't looked at the tags on this entry yet XD )


Oct. 17th, 2012 07:10 pm
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\o/ Homecomiiiiing!

It was really fun. LOLOLOL. They played all of the staples except Don't Stop Believing (Get Low, Cha-Cha Slide, etc.) along with newer favorites like Gangnam Style. At first I was mostly alone, but thankfully I was rescued by a middle school classmate who pulled me over to some other middle school classmates and we had a lot of fun 8D The line for water never even got that long, which was a lifesaver, but my ears were buzzing for a while and my legs were really sore on Sunday. But yeah, I got to go to my last homecoming, and it was loads of fun!

We also won the Spirit Stick competition fair and square, LOLOLOL. Sometimes creative counting of points happens to ensure the seniors win (because honestly, how much would it suck for the seniors to lose), but we got twice as many points as the next class this year, so none of that was necessary. XD

My Physics teacher's overhead no longer rolls down, so he built a pulley system to raise it up when he needs the board and taped a jolly roger to it. LOLOLOL. I have a photo on my phone, which is with my father at the moment, I'll try to get that up just because it's hilarious XD In related news, one of my senior Latin classmates got Roesched and my freshmen Latin classmates have bizarrely terrible memories, LOL. I finished Don Juan Tenorio for Spanish and continue to have terrible luck when it comes to lunch.

My street is jacked up now \o/ Potholes are an infamous problem in my city, but I guess they gave up, because they seem to be tearing up the whole street and starting over. XD At least we have more prior warning this time, as opposed to last year when they cordoned off the section in front of our driveway (and ONLY our driveway... XD).


Screenies for kicks! )
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If you are giving a list of little-known scientific facts and including statements like "It sounds unbelievable, but it's true!", you should probably use actual images pertaining to your subject instead of footage from a well-known movie about Norse gods.

1. and 9. are very definitely true, and the rest sound just as believable, so I'm not saying that this person doesn't know what they're talking about.  It's just, eventually someone is going to assume you're getting the facts from movies, and they don't have a very good reputation in that regard.  LOLOLOL.

Now you may ask, "North, why in the world were you able to recognize a cluster of stars as the credits from Thor from an image less than a square inch in size on your phone while taking a bumpy bus ride?" And that is a very good question. Whoops.

Oh yeah, and I can't hear you over the sound of THE FOO FIGHTERS PLAYING AT THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION. If it were a concert where everyone knew all the songs, My Hero would have been an audience participation song (at Summerfest they stopped playing and let us sing the refrain once 8D), but the lack of audience singing is made up for by WAAAALK~

I was going through the old Hall of Personas thread from last year, and blatantly ignoring all the typos and NORTH THAT IS NOT WHAT THAT WORD MEANS, it's pretty entertaining. For a whole lot of reasons, including IC and OOC hilarity, and sadness. I am about as terrible at writing Present!Dhaos as I was back then, so that part is kind of painful to read, but I can't really complain about my ability to write Dhaos while he's upset.

As usual, though, I repeat myself and use the same phrases over and over a lot. XD But man, I miss Luceti, and RPing in general. Hopefully I'll be able to join back up sooner rather than later, because baaaw I miss playing Dhaos and reading the other Dhaos' threads makes me miss it even more. But again, games are just not happening >>

It was a whole lot of penalties in the Packer game yesterday!  I get a feeling there's going to be a lot of complaining about these new refs, ahaha...

EDIT: I'm sorry, I just found a hilarious video of 11 drunk guys playing Slender.  I feel like my f-list needs to know about this.
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I have exactly 34 posts liked on Tumblr.

...Yeah, I'd say that's pretty representative of my interests. )

As long as we're on that topic, have my hilarious plurk commentary on Thor: Tales of Asgard from three months ago. My sister walked in on the Odin Acid Trip scene during the last fifteen minutes and I wasn't able to get any plurking done for that time period, but the only notable thing that happened was this:

Thor: You are my friend, and I can forgi--
Sister: Bitch.

My sister makes everything better.

Also, Co-Op 3. Once again my sister makes everything better, and you finally get to see why all I could come up with for the video description was DEE DEH DOH.

Several classmates of mine have decided that they hate Norwegian surnames now because of me by the way, LOLOLOL.
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It has come to my attention that there are apparently poorly informed individuals out there who were advised to skip the credits of Thor after watching the movie.

Upon visiting Youtube in an attempt to rectify this problem as quickly as possible, I discovered that it is rather difficult to find any footage of the credits. Having purchased the DVD myself a long time ago, I have taken it upon myself to provide easy access to the best depiction of the World Tree ever.

Click for video! )

I would have included the Foo Fighters bit, but I figured no one else cared. LOLOLOL. Rewatch the bar scene for that instead.
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...I actually wrote some of that Thor/Skyrim crossover. Like, a minuscule amount.  This is how I usually write, which is why nothing ever gets done: I write until I get stuck, then I skip to another part, and then I go back and fill in all the gaps.  Of course this tends to lead to... well, nothing getting done, so instead I tend to be all NOPE I SHALL WRITE MY WAY THROUGH THIS IF IT KILLS ME and then I can't, whoops.  I am a winner, you guys \o/

Also, I continue to be unable to write Thor.

...But, um, yeah, here it is.  LibreOffice, why you gotta not let me move text to the post editor nicely.

Technically Alduin has absolutely no reason to attack Helgen if the Dragonborn isn't present, but whatever that's why this is a blurb. )

LOL yeah, I kinda have this whole scene planned out, but there are only so many ways you can say IT WAS LOUD AND THEY RAN AND JUMPED AND YELLED AND SUDDENLY HAMMER AND WHOOPS WHERE'S MY BROTHER, and I can't make it sound less stupid than anything written up there >.< But in the end, I decided that Loki needs to accompany Thor to Skyrim and get up to shenanigans with him.  Which you know is just an excuse to have all the brotherly feels XD;

Technically this means that Tamriel is kind of... doomed... because while Loki could probably teach himself to use the Thu'um, they need Dragonrend to defeat Alduin, and the very nature of Dragonrend makes it the one Thu'um neither of them can possibly use. ...Unless one of them learns what it means to be mortal, ohoho. Or Thor just smashes his face in with Mjolnir, I guess that works too.

Also I'll probably skip right to writing up Honorhall and Sanguine, because one of them is going to be all the feels and the other will be LOLOLOL WHAT IS THIS, I DON'T EVEN, and those are my favorite feelings when it comes to writing ♥

THIS IS A GOOD THING, YOU GUYS.  I CAN WRITE AGAIN, OMG.  These drabbles will be done in no time.  That's a lie, but I'm working on it, which is more than I can usually say <<;;


Click for GIFs! )

Someone is jelly...

ITT Thor

Jun. 26th, 2012 03:59 pm
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I've decided that the only way all my Avengers feelings are going to get posted is if I split them into several entries. So here are my Thor feelings, because there are... a lot of them. XDD Also because TODAY IS MY BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY and clearly we must do something in honor of big brothers \o/ We went to a restaurant and then we're going to paint my/my sisters room; we deliberately picked out the most vibrant shade of red they had, and this is a terrible idea but whatever.

I had this entry saved as STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM for some reason. )


EDIT: We are done and we paint so unevenly but whatever it looks cool XD


Jun. 21st, 2012 02:44 pm
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Notre Dame is awesome you guys

And huge

I mean seriously

My Epic Tale )

But I am good now, and back!  And I shall get to what tags I have and tag new things, though Dhaos isn't going on the draft and must instead stress over everyone who is.  Backtagging XD;;;

I had a ton of fun, really.  I was flopping around our hotel room and texting my sister and it was really fun and alskdjskdj.


Jun. 11th, 2012 04:07 pm
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I ended up uploading the ending and credits for NDX to Youtube, so you can go watch them here if you want now. I also uploaded just Rebirth by itself because it's so saaaaaad and alskdjalksdjalksd



It's so unfair ;__; Geez, I like. Still cry at that.

This is all Avengers stuff again )

I done got modly permission to skirt by on AC this time around, so all I gots to do is post before the AC is over \o/ What'll probably happen is it'll be a combo Post Event thing for Grune and present-day Wandering Around the Forest, depending on how soon Yuan finds out about Martel's disappearance.  I have to, like, not fail AC again next time, because wow.

I rewatched the last two Lord of the Rings movies and played a little Battle For Middle Earth II yesterday.  GLORFINDEL WHY YOU GOTTA KEEP DYING.  ALSO GLOIN IS REALLY SLOW.  And I continue to hate the Dane mission with all my (...inconsiderable) passion, because lol I suck at defense (what keeps happening is that I build this huge wall around the city and then they just go through the tunnels and completely bypass all my defenses, so I have to send my men scrambling back to the throne room).  I've... actually gotten worse at this game, considering I first played it when I was like.  Twelve.

Oh yeah SKYRIM DLC.  DAWNGUARD.  YES.  And horseback combat, yay!  I can finally hand it to my enemies without getting off my horse!  ...Although it would still behoove me to do so, because Shadowmere is, hilariously, the most violent horse in the history of ever.  She goes running off to beat up literally everything, up to and including bears.  Bears.

Also, I was recently attacked by a Snowy Sabre Cat (an enemy which, at the beginning of the game, is more powerful than a dragon), and decided to use my awesome new staff the Wabbajack on it.  The Wabbajack turns whatever you point it at into something else, up to and including mudcrabs, sweet rolls, rabbits... and, as I discovered during this particular fight, Dremora Lords.

This is a Dremora Lord.


Fear Itself

Jun. 6th, 2012 02:16 pm
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 Best Friend/Neighbor left for her dad's for two weeks the other day and soooooob at least it's not going to be like last year where she was gone for a month, and then she returned only for us to leave for the Philippines like the next day >> 

Remember how I said I was going to see The Avengers with two of my classmates?  Welp, one classmate had a power outage at her house and could not be reached, so my friend and I had to go by ourselves, baaaaw.  He and I agreed that we have to call her up and say YOU OWE US A DATE, MISSY 8| and go do something awesome to make up for it.  Because it was really fun and she should have been there.  Also The Avengers was awesome but again, story for another time. (I have so many Avengers feeeeeeels you guys.)

IIIII'm doing a Thor playthrough for Skyrim.  So far it's pretty much Unarmed Badass Viking except without the Unarmed part.  I am considering writing a fic to go with it, just for kicks and giggles, and because Thor would fit right in in Skyrim. XD If I get bored of that, I'll try a Loki playthrough, which would actually be a lot funner (mage/Nightingale build! 8D I love the Nightingale build)

I'm going to faaaail the Activity Check for Lucetiiiiii and it's going to suuuuuuuuck because I have literally (literally here having the meaning of LITERALLY) no activity for the month of May, because I am a giant flake.  And no one was surprised.  So unless I can rack up 25 tags in four days (which is certainly possible, mind you), I'mma have to swallow my pride and come up with a decent reason for my suckage for the mods.

Clearly this calls for another Dhaos post (my last one fell through so bad sob I am so sorry everyone ;__;).  Ideas, requests? >>;

OMG WE HAVE FOOD NOW.  There has been almost literally no food in the house for like... three days, LOL.  So now I am just eating all the things.  And they are tasty.


Should I?


...Oh why the heck not, I'll waste less space if I just do it in the same entry.

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I ended up having one more assignment for which today was the deadline, and I didn't get it done in time and so my grade will suck, but that is okay because THE STRESS IT IS GONE >>;;; The event starts tomorrow though ahaha I am not prepared.



So excited! *__* But my mom was being overbearing and we ended up only getting half-decent seats (18 on this diagram!) but that is okay because WE ARE NOT ON THE LAWN AND THAT MEANS WE STRUCK GOLD ANYWAY XDD This is going to be an awesome first concert, guys. Finally I am going to a music festival to listen to music instead of eat food. XD

What else. Oh yeah, we got the second series of Sherlock on DVD! 8D I can now punch myself in the feels whenever I want! Sob this show you guys. I cannot wait another 18 months for the next season >>

...Oh yeah, and we have, in fact, been keeping up with Game of Thrones. Words cannot suffice to describe my sister's shriek of horror at the end of episode seven, but I remain unconvinced. I really ought to know better by now, but whatever XD

I have... too many Avengers feels. Too many. Guys, I have seen this movie twice now, and I'm going to see it a third time this weekend (with my FWENDS. I NEVER GET TO SEE MY IRL FRIENDS OUTSIDE OF CLASSES OMG.) This has got to stop >>

...Also, erm, I was poking around The Mighty Thor comics, and OMG IF THEY MADE THESE INTO MOVIES



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