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...Boxing and videogames, what else. )

I have no life or RP news, so I shall end this entry wiiiith... another complaint about how I'm not creating any life or RP news for myself.  XD  I was planning to tag Raine's post, but I can't think of a way to make it interesting, and I want to tag Genesis but there is literally nothing for Dhaos to do there, and.  It looks like I just have to go around tagging random action posts XD

Ganondorf's entry makes me think, actually-- without his angelic strength, Dhaos may not actually be all that strong.  So I'll probably end up giving him a hideous run-in with a Shifter at some point and having him decide to take a leaf out of Ganondorf's book and train in the Battle Dome after he recovers.  I don't like to get rid of one of his few weaknesses, but it's something to do, LOLOLOL.

...Um, also, YAY CHOCOLATE WAFER STICKS.  Oh geez I haven't had these in such a while.
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Switched to Photobucket halfway through. Ehe. )

In other news, I fail timing forever and still need to get my sleeping schedule back on track.  I have a new laptop charger, which is awesome.  Classes start on the 17th, which is less awesome.

...I had way more to say, but then I forgot it all.  WELL.  Time to... go be productive now.  Hopefully.  >__>
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This entire post is just RP stuff. Seriously. )

In non-RP-related news, I can't believe I'm saying this, but with regards to temperature, I'm so glad I'm in the Philippines right now.  Apparently it's cooler in my awesome tropical archipelago in the Pacific than in my home state in the north right now.  Everyone back home gets my hugs!
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 Guess what?  I has photos! 

...Except my sister refuses to give up the laptop long enough for me to get them anywhere!  So that'll come later today if I have time and opportunity. 



Jul. 4th, 2011 06:21 am
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 Why am I awake at six in the morning.

So yesterday we drove for like an hour and a half to get to the nearest grocery store (no, seriously) in Subic Bay Freeport.  And ate lunch there.  Some questions I never thought I would have to ask (again):

"If this island is smaller than Lake Michigan, why is it taking so long to drive across?
"Are speedbumps usually a foot and a half tall?"
"You mean your dogs will eat your goats if you don't tie them up?"
"Why won't they eat your chickens instead?"
"Why the heck did they put all the chips in the American Food section?"
"So your speedometer is broken?" 
"Why isn't there a speed limit?"
"Was that a 13-year-old kid on a motorcycle just now?"
"But he doesn't have a license...?"
"What, so that's legal?"
"Can I drive yours? 8D"
"Why do they put signs with such blatant lies around here?"
"They don't refrigerate milk in the grocery store?"
"How come cell phones are like a hundred dollars cheaper here?"
"...Wait, why are the prices in American dollars in the first place?"
"So in this country, it's legal to walk into a public restaurant in full military uniform carrying a machine gun bigger than you are?"

Yes, lunch was... kinda distracting with those soldiers around.  LOLOLOL.  My sister ended up taking a photo of them for laughs when we got home, but yeah. XD

Also, being attacked by mosquitoes! XD; Tropical islands in the Pacific, man.  I'll try to have photos of things up later.


Jun. 29th, 2011 09:44 pm
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YOU GUYS BEST FRIEND/NEIGHBOR CAME BACK TODAY OMG SUCH AWESOME TIMING 8DD Except now we will not see her again for a mooonth. Aaaaw. But yes, I didn't think I'd even get to see her before we left! ^0^

My sister and I spent today with our dad at Holy Hill. Yes, again. I love that place, man, it's probably the highest spot in our part of the state, and in flat, flat Wisconsin, you can see everything from the top of the Scenic Tower. I've ranted about this place a lot, so I'll just say that we saw an ADORABLE BABY CHIPMUNK and leave it at that.

So yesterday my sister and I went on a GRAND QUEST to go see the third LotR movie at the mall.  Quest because we had no money and no ride, both of which we managed to procure by pleading with our older brother to watch it with us and our grandmother somehow being a psychic and deciding to lend us money.

And so, at seven o' clock, my sister, brother and I set out to watch an awesome four-hour-long movie that we didn't even know existed back when it first came out.  And it was so awesome.  Dude, man, there were tons of extra scenes and the battle of Pelennor Fields and you guys, Theoden's final charge was so epic I could have cried.

Also, my sister has apparently been way more obsessed with Thor than I thought, as she found a pair of awesome fanfics apparently written by Terry Pratchett's Jedi Apprentices, as well as a TON of GIFs.  She's saved a lot of GIFs that have nothing to do with Thor, too, so I have brought them here for you today to enjoy as a farewell gift.  Three guesses who her favorite character is, LOLOLOL.

Cut for LOLs )

I'm leaving the house at eight in the morning tomorrow, so until I arrive in the Philippines I shall be MISSING BAAAW.

See you guys later!


May. 20th, 2011 09:50 pm
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After about three months of delay while my mom tried to convince my sister to come, we finally bought plane tickets to the Philippines!  Apparently all of my aunts and uncles living in the US are coming this time around, like a huge family reunion, and it's going to be awesome.  I really enjoyed our last trip (was that two years ago already?) and had a lot of fun with all my cousins and their friends, and I'm looking forward to it.  We're leaving on the 30th of June, and returning on the 30th of July.  But I'll probably neglect to do anything until like the second of August, because the last time we went to the Philippines I slept for twenty straight hours after the return trip.  LOL.  Classes tend to start around the 15th of August for me, so that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for... well, summer.  But that's alright!  Tropical islands in the Pacific are worth it!

I had internet access last time, but I'm sure this time everyone will be dragging me away from their computer, LOL.  So no month-long disappearances here, but I might be scarce.  Might.  Knowing myself, I'll find a way.  And after that, instead of being seven hours behind everyone, I'll be six hours ahead of everyone.  LOLOLOL.

Seriously, all of my LJ friends live in Europe except for Faye, Crystal and Kathleen.  No really, go check.  Excluding the people who never use their LJs, who are mostly my RL classmates and Keiiii XD

Anyway, exams from the 25th-27th.  I need to get all the stuff I lent out to my classmates back before then: one of my friends is borrowing my PSP so he can play FFVII.  LOL.  He's known for finishing games ridiculously quickly, so my main concern is that we only have one class together.

Fandom stuff )
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So me, my sister and Best Friend/Neighbor all went to the mall today.  My sister was mean and used up like $28 on our friend's Barnes and Noble giftcard T__T She's lucky our friend is really nice!  And I found a Basic Tagalog book and ended up getting it, so that's what I'm doing right now.

In which I rant about Filipino stuff and write an extremely short, undescriptive paragraph on shark dissection. )

Oh, yeah, and Biology is right before lunch.  Fun. But I would totally do it again!
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This commercial plays a lot whenever I'm not watching tv, and the song got stuck in my head even though I don't understand the language, LOL.  From what I can see, it's about people of Filipino heritage around the world.

I'm not very fond of rap, but I kinda like the rapping part in this XD  It's catchy.

Ipagpatuloy mo Kapamilya,
kamtan ang hangad mo,
May karamay ka sa paglalakbay
ano man layo ng landas mo, ho!
Mula noon hanggang ngayon
hindi ka mag-iisa Filipino,
Dahil ang bawa't tagumpay
sabay nating ipagdiwang ng buong todo!

"Oh yeah, another thing about Filipinos: We suck at singing." - my little sister, to our aunt XD

Pinoy ftw.

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Of one Former President of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino.

I feel a little ashamed; upon hearing her name and being told that she'd died the only thing I really knew about her was that she was somehow related to Kris Aquino, who hosted a Filipino game show I still watch despite not understanding the language XD  The funny sound effects and various other things made up for it.  I was right, she's her mother.

For the uninformed, Cory Aquino came to power after the death of her husband Ninoy; he'd been running for president against the then-dictator Ferdinand Marcos when the latter ordered a hit on him and tried to blame it on someone else.  Of course, no one believed it for a minute, and there was a huge uprising of not only the people but the freaking military as well.

You know you've really screwed up when your own army abandons you.

So Cory overthrew Marcos with the help of the citizenry and appointed people to draft a constitution for the Philippines.  A lot of people say that she was a weak and indecisive president, as the reporters on tv put it, but she cemented her spot in history by overthrowing a dictatorship.  Not on her own, but still.

She died in the hospital at 3:18 in the morning, which means it was about 2:18 in the afternoon over here.  Which means I'd just seen Mom off to work and had gone back to doing whatever I was doing.  The funeral is on Wednesday.

...And you know, the convoy is really a sight.  School is out, everyone's been given an impromtu day off and the streets are just PACKED and PACKED with people.  And the moment the convoy rolls around, the crowd parts like the Red Sea.  And behind the convoy, there are a lot of civilian cars.

It gets me thinking...  Wouldn't you be so touched, if your death caused the entire country to rise up and rebel, or if everyone dropped everything and stood out in the rain and searing heat to pay their respects?  I'm smiling for some reason.

Rest in peace.


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