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As it turns out, I was using the wrong warp in Welgaia.  Whoops.

RP stuff. )

Haru-Sari? Where did that come from? )
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So, uh, yeah. Summer vacation. Yay!  You'll be tired of me by August XD;  So I finally got the next part of that silly crossover written, but first!  Something I found.

I really like this fanart... )

YES OKAY.  Crossover tiemz.  In this episode, my writing ability is shot and Denzel's friends start asking questions.  Enjoy!

People meet people. Yeah, that's about it. )

...Yeah, I promise my writing ability will return when things start actually happening.  It's off in Phantasia somewhere, giggling at Klarth's epic "I got teh powahs" laugh in the OVA when he summons Maxwell and blows about half of Dhaos' monster army to pieces.  Can you believe this guy is pushing thirty?  That's absolutely ancient when it comes to playable characters in JRPGs! XD

...Ahem.  Anyway.  Yay, TWEWY cast makes an entrance!  About time.  I don't believe I've written for anyone other than Joshua so far.  I've decided to resurrect the Reapers erased in Week Three, as that never sat well with me.  I loved 777...
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It's hard to make a story set in Demon Fortress Dracula funny XD; Especially when your character prefers to hide his sense of humor.  LOL.  Hopefully it'll get funnier when Lloyd and Seph meet, ha.  Having a little trouble with that, though...

I should probably think of a title XD; Something from a TWEWY song's lyrics, I think...  I love Three Minutes Clapping's lyrics ("I know you can stop its flow on a whim/So I have learned to swim!") But none of them really fit/are too long.  It'll end up being something ridiculous like "Attack of the 50 Foot Whatever," watch X3

Also, my file on TWEWY erased itself D: D: D: All my hard work, gone...  Again!  Now I have to rely on the script alone, and it's just not the same without the sprites to go with it.

Bah, I lost a few paragraphs somehow...  They just disappeared!  Don't you hate it when that happens?  It's like the first version is always the better one when it does happen.  And only when it does happen.

NOT in a New York cemetary, I'm afraid. )

Icon dump.

Feb. 19th, 2010 06:36 pm
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Just got finished rewatching Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.  The animation is beautiful, but the English voice acting is juuuust a little Narmy.  Especially Leila's.  I must say that D's introduction to the Marcus Brothers was really freaking cool, especially when the music started up.

Actually, any time the music starts up is cool.  Why do vampire franchises seem to have really good music?

Anyway, had no school today, and my sister is going to be gone at forensics until about ten at night, so it looks like I'm pretty much free to do whatever I want.  Let's see...  Icon dump?  Sure, why not.

Icons and Spoilers for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Haru-Sari, and TWEWY )

Another Day

Feb. 5th, 2010 10:12 pm
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First, I complain about grown ups. )

OKAY, now we talk about other things.

Still have writer's block, which is lame.


Since I can, I shall share random parts of that TWEWY Bonus Chapter novelization.  Another Day, if you will.  I've found that it's hard to make a novelization of TWEWY-- or anything, really. I'm just adding crap to the script.

WARNING: The characters are not mine, and neither, actually, is the story.  All of the spoken and italic lines are taken directly from the game.  However, I would like to add that because of the nature of Another Day, the personalities of any and all characters are to be taken with a grain of salt and a healthy sense of humor.  Trust me. Most of them aren't actually like that in the real game.

This Day Ends With You! )
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If my hair could talk, it would be threatening not to grow if I leave conditioner in it again XD

The silly Tagalog book has been taking up all my writing time in school. LOL. That's a good thing for me, since I've always wanted to learn Tagalog, but it also means that of course chapter three of Troubled Waters (lamest title ever, but pretty good for something given about fifteen seconds of thought) is currently about... half a page of loose-leaf long. I must work on this.

BTW, I definitely think Mom and Lola speaking Filipino around me all the time has helped, as I'm finding Tagalog a lot easier to learn than Spanish. And by the way, it's pronounced Tuh-GAH-Lohg. It grates on my ears when people pronounce it "TAG-a-Log XD

Fandom stuff! FFVII and TWEWY )
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Dude, where did the last few days go?  That party was everything I thought it'd be which was horribly boring and awkward and caused my sister and I to go home with Dad, and then we went to the mall sometime afterwards...  And Mom ruined our chance to get her a birthday present by suggesting we meet up there.  LOL.

The one blurb about the mako pools is slowly turning into a full fic-- I think I'll post the blurb on FF and add the rest as chapters when I finish them.  I'm almost done with the next part, but I think it should be longer XD;

Aaand videogame rambling! Castlevania is strangely absent today, however )

And [ profile] zilleniose  is awesome for drawing this.

Also, why can changing bedsheets never be a straightforward matter? XD; My bedsheets are so mismatched right now.  Yellos sheets with a red blanket and a blue comforter.  LOL.  But they're all quite comfy, so it doesn't matter.
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TWEWY spoilers ahoy.

I was writing some more Joshua and Denzel hilarity (Post Game, Josh breaks into Denzel's school to talk and meet his friends) and looked up the game script to check his personality, which ended up with me skimming through the entire thing giggling at the memories. Some of these aren't done justice with a script; you have to actually watch the cutscenes and watch their sprites change for the full effect.  That's probably why he turned out a little more joking in my writing than what it looks like here.

The funniest ones in my opinion are from the bonus chapter/parallel universe Another Day, where unlike some characters his personality remains intact. It's pretty hard to joke around when you're on the run for your life, I guess.

But he does anyway. LOL.

Again, TWEWY spoilers are a given!

Josh hilarity, and not-so-hilarity )


Sep. 26th, 2009 02:57 pm
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The laptop overheated --thrice-- while I was making this post.


Anyway, I got some icons for ya!  Half of them are Espio from Sonic X-- made the regular ones while talking to [ profile] insaneladybug, made the animated ones today.  Yoinked off her idea to use the actual Objection!  image.  

   Because these are cool and don't involve TWEWY spoilers >_>

TWEWY Spoilers! And LOL Espio. )
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Was writing some more of the scenes from the Domino City Reaper's Game story. I seem to have lost my copy of TWEWY and haven't played it since school started, but I somehow managed to figure out how I'm gonna do things-- resurrection details in particular, as well as how to squeeze one Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu in there.

I liked Josh-- he was very, very annoying in the game, but he was also the chief source of comic relief.

"W-whoa! You learn fast..."

"You think so?"

"Heehee. That's right, Neku. Show those fifth graders who's boss."

It's because he's doing it on purpose, I guess.

ANYWAY. The more I write him, the more I realize that in real life, he'd easily be the most irritating person I'd ever met. He's so... smarmy. Denzel and Ryan need a certain card, and Josh happens to have one-- but he stole it from another Player. He doesn't tell them this until after giving it to them, so they get into an argument over why they shouldn't steal from the other Players and how everyone deserves to come back to life, and when they get angry over how he stole it Josh suggests they give it back. But they need that card, or else they'll be erased, so Denzel suggests leaving before Josh can anger them any further. This plan fails.

He's not a bad person, it's just that he enjoys pissing other people off. And he never, ever gets worked up. Ever. Honestly, in TWEWY, he and Neku are getting the crap beat out of them and he's all, "You need to do better, Neku." at the end of the battle. He never screws up (really), so he exaggerates his partner's shortcomings for kicks and giggles.

...And when Denz breaks his hand, he's completely nonplussed about it, only saying: "Didn't Cloud teach you better than that? You're supposed to punch with your thumb inside your fist."

He would make a fun Phoenix Wright villain, lol. )


Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:33 am
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Somehow I failed to notice a multi-fandom Reaper's Game comm ([ profile] takanenohana_rp ) that happens to be just the kind of thing I've been looking for.

It starts today (or, uh, yesterday. I need to readjust my sleeping schedule.), so I have a week to scrape together an application and forge a pact before I have to wait a month and join the next game. The application part shouldn't be too hard.

Except that my character (one Alucard Tepes) is six hundred years old and has an alter ego, but whatever.

Only thing is that the only other rp I'm involved in is a dressingroom with no real plot where I play a madman/king/Mad King who enjoys provoking the resident irate dragon, so I'm a little nervous. Added nervousness because the only first-hand Alucard experience I have is from Symphony of the Night (The opening cutscene, by the way, is five kinds of awesome), and that took place two hundred years ago. In 1795, I believe. I should probably be someone I know more about, but it felt like an interesting idea.

Rambling about Al and who else I could be. )

After I join there will be five of us without pacts, which is... quite inconvenient. It would suck if I joined only to be erased on the first day because I don't have a pact. Who's going to inherit Castlevania prevent Dracula's reincarnation in 2035?

I really, really hate to ask, but they seriously need players.

And one person is going to need a partner.  You don't want poor Al to be erased on the first day, do you?

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So I (read: my sister, but I don't really mind) let my good friend and neighbor take my (sister's) DS with her on her trip to South Carolina (lol, forgot) to visit her dad, so I can't play TWEWY.  BUT, I found something I should have remembered that kinda threw a brick wall in my face. 

First of all, many things are capitalized, and entry fee is NOT one of them, lol.

And from Secret Report number 3:

The Composer holds absolute authority over the Underground. By "authority" I mean the right to determine rules. He is the only one who can change the composition of the UG, and sole creator of this Shibuya.

The Underground Shibuya is created and organized by the Composer's rules, which pit Players against Reapers in a struggle for survival.

A new Composer only arises when the previous one is defeated; the victor takes the victim's place. At this juncture, the new Composer rewrites the rules of UG Shibuya.

You know what that means?  The Composer makes up the rules of existence in his/her section of the UG.  I have to come up with my own Game.  Though, considering the setting (Domino City from YGO) that shouldn't be TOO hard XD

I'm pretty sure the Noise, at least, are universal to the entire UG, so there will still be need for partners.  Denzel will probably come home with a buttload of Duel Monsters cards that don't exist :P  He's gonna have a Noise themed deck!  I'm thinking some cards will be weapons that Denzel can summon and wield, so he can be all "I'm a warrior now like Cloud :D"  I'm already having fun coming up with cards and their descriptions.

This powerful dragon attacks its foes with a psyche Reapers fearfully refer to as "Megaflare."

Bahamut Fury
A strain of Bahamut born of envy and betrayal, this beast is known for its awesome speed and power.

Woolly AOR
The woolly mammoth lives again!  Players everywhere fear this infamous Noise and its shockwave attack.

Soul Caliber
This beautiful azure blade has quite a story behind it.  "Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold."

Eternal Sword
Each half of the Material Blades combines with the power of the Origin pact to form this sword.  The sword promises eternity, and its radiance will transcend time and space...

Genesis Blade
Wielded by a ronin possessing legendary magical prowess, the name of this crimson rapier has been lost to the ages.

Yes, the Woolly AOR is, in the opinion of myself and many other TWEWY players, the most frustrating Blue Noise ever.  Seriously!  That shockwave attack even hits you if you're in the air!  And it doesn't just go WOOOSH, it goes BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!  And repeats as soon as the last wave of shockwaves ends <_<  You can never get an attack in.  Except with Velocity Attack/Crash :P

The Bahamut one is partially taken from the TWEWY description of the TinPin Bahamut pin.  It's fun when Square references their other games...  And the tendencies of their character designer XD

"Well then I wish I had more zippers...  So I could tell you to ZIP IT."

Ah, this is going to be fun...  But I suppose I can't use the Seven Days Game either.  Or the mission format.  I mean, it probably lasts seven days at most, but I have to come up with my own way to separate the "worthy" Players from the "unworthy" Players.  I guess I could just use the generic tournament format where everyone duels and the top four or so come back to life...  But that wouldn't be fun.  No, there will be running across the city going "Crap crap I'm out of tiiiiiiiime!" just like the original plan.  And there will still be imprinting and scanning, but they'll be activated by cards instead of pins.

I still can't wait to write the end of the Game, when Denzel learns what the Game is REALLY for (If you haven't read all the secret reports, I won't spoil it for you, but here's a hint: I've decided to go ahead and name it "Lead Me to Heaven."  I've got nothing else <_<).  And his resurrection, and everyone's reactions.  Or lack thereof, rather, with a couple exceptions.

Blah, time to go rewrite stuff...

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Must think of name aaaargh. Denzel Blurb sounds really boring. I'm probably gonna make it a line from the TWEWY soundtrack, as that's what the chapter titles have been so far. It's too bad the theme song's lyrics don't make any sense XD

This is kinda just the explanation chapter, with the "junk mail from hell" as one character puts it, and Denz and his partner figuring out how combat works.

And Denzel's partner was totally not named because my brain is shot and we were watching Saving Private Ryan in history class.

Denzel is not mine, the Game is not mine. And Denzel's last line was totally inspired by my dad responding the same way to the same question from my sister when a thunderstorm knocked out our tv.

That Power is Yet Unknown )

Geez, I think writing for the literary magazine has put my mind on "WRITING BE SHORT" mode >_>  Little to no description/internal monologue.  Granted, there's not much time for that when you're on a clock for your life, but still.

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Denzel Blurb got me thinking about TWEWY, so I went and replayed it.  I could have just jumped to the beginning if I wanted to, but I started a new file instead.  I felt like making an entry about it.  If you don't want any spoilers, you should probably stop reading.  I'll try not to include ending spoilers, or Secret Report spoilers, as those make things much more confusing >_>  And there will be LINKS.

...Ah jeez, this is one long post!  I can really rant when I want to...  Maybe I shouldn't make a next post >_>

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EDIT:  Has been rewritten to reflect the new Game.  I don't think I'll have entry fees either...  Unless I can come up with a good one for Denz.  Right now my only idea is his memories of Gaia.  And, uh, no, Denzel not hating Seph isn't the whole point of the story, just what inspired it.  Said that wrong...

No, I don't plan on waiting until I have two posts to update my Livejournal, it just turned out that way recently XD

Anyway, I was randomly thinking at school today about how Denzel from T&D really dislikes Sephiroth.

"I know it's pretty deep-rooted, but it's been a couple months, by now he'd have gotten over it somewhat and at least begun to look at Sephiroth a little differently, right?  It's not gonna happen overnight unless something drastic happens, but..."

Bam, idea.  I pulled out my notebook and spent most of school today writing, which unfortunately means the most revision this has gone through was while I was typing it up.

Denzel is not mine, Mokuba is not mine, and Sun and Billy are LuckyLadybug's.  Which means they are also not mine.  Hope I did them all justice.

Gravity Ain't an Excuse )

Yeah, it's the Reaper's Game from The World Ends With You.  One week of running around the city with no one able to see you.

Apparently the UG (short for Underground) is run differently in each city, so I don't think I'm being unoriginal unless I steal the whole "You're my involuntary proxy and if you lose, you die, and if you win I get the right to destroy the city and you die anyway" plot thing.  I don't know if I'll ever make this into a full-blown story though, because I know how it begins and how it ends and that's about it XD

For those who don't know, you forfeit the thing you value most when you enter the UG as your Entry Fee (whether you wanted to be there in the first place or not), and when you finish playing the Game, the Big Boss Dude decides whether you get to go back to life based on three variables;

1. Whether or not you survived the Game.  Kinda obvious...
2. How many of the missions you personally completed.  You get awarded points based on this.
3. The Entry Fee system exists to force you to look at how your life would be without it, and determine how important it really is.  You may have survived the Game and finished every single mission, but if you are the same person you were before you played, you're not coming back to life.

Shot for ideas right now, but there you go.
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Most of my classmates at school know about this one already, but only one other person has read it so far.  I think XD

I have little to no inspiration for the first/second chapters, but I have Days1 and almost 2 completely written out in my notebook.  I'd appreciate it if someone could give me a few ideas for Lydia's scene, because her dialogue sucks >_>

"Be my partner!"

Or did Mason say that...?

Matthew: PreGame )I love how Shades doesn't wait for him XD

I'll post Day One today or tomorrow.  I don't want to load too much into one post.


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