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What better subject for a test entry than something largely pointless but fun? :D

life - 76 uses
tales of phantasia - 70 uses
lol - 69 uses

That sounds about right. LOLOLOL.

The Packers won and I got chocolate and PJs, and as you all know I really like chocolate and PJs, and so this has been a happy Christmas 8D I hope all of you guys have had happy Christmases too, and equally happy Sundays if you don't celebrate Christmas! It is good to be happy whether you celebrate Christmas or not, mmyes.

...The Packers are playing on New Year's, too. I think they're the only team in history to play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's in the same year. LOLOLOL.

I went over a bunch of Dhaos and Grune's old threads today or tried, because you can't even find a thread if it's underneath an enormous one, which... a lot of Dhaos and Grune's threads are, sob, and realized that yes, I have, in fact, somehow managed to pull off the 'developing slowly' thing. XD Although I have also managed to contradict things I said two tags ago, because I have awesome memory like that. It's just, d'aaaaw, these two. They are so cute. My personal favorite thread would have to be the Sleeping Beauty log, though, because alskdjaksjd despite my epic term fail and insistence upon using the words absolutely not it ended up being so hilarious and I just die laughing whenever I read it you guys. So much love.

I need to wriiiiiite something for these two again. Something not hideously sad.  Also you guys, I found a themeset comm centered around one party not speaking.  Lol I should try this.

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I've been doing a lot of sleeping this week >__> Note to self, body associates bedroom with sleeping.  Please refrain from doing anything that requires effort in there.

So I got the latest issue of Game Informer in the mail.  ...Yes, I know, it's a bunch of 'professional opinions' which tend to be a waste of time, but when they have articles on games I like, it's pretty interesting.  Unfortunately, so few of the games I like are ever even mentioned in GI, and I pretty much just got the subscription because it was a free bonus.  I mean, it can't hurt, right?

So guess what was on the cover of this month's issue?

In which no one shares my fandoms and I am too impatient to use special characters correctly. Chance of editing is imminent. )
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We got a lot of it, as I'm sure everyone in the U.S. probably knows by now.  LOL.  You could see practically nowhere out the window during the blizzard, and everyone was sent home early.  And the entire city pretty much shut down yesterday.  Was off the past two days, but have to go back to school tomorrow.  Oh well.

My brother took some pictures, let's see if I can get them up here...

Snow photos! X3 )

There are plenty of other photos, but some are blurry.  And there's one of an unoccupied house buried up to its kitchen window, but I'm not sure I should post it.  And there are plenty with my house in it, but as it is generally a bad idea to tell people on the internet where you live, I'm afraid I must take precautions.  You get the idea, though: we got lots and lots of snow.  LOLOLOL.  Gonna be a lot of water when it all melts.  Hopefully it doesn't cause some sort of lake to spring up on our street again.

...Three guesses what's under this cut. )


That's the first Tales game since Vesperia! Namco of America is learning. LOL.
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I don't mean to spam everyone's F-lists, really .__. I'm just... really talkative this week, I guess...

Anyway, I officially love the world.  I loved it before, but now it's official.  Love.

So something awesome happened.  If you google the name of a certain user on the Tales forums that I have quoted before, and add 'tales of phantasia' to it, my LJ appears on the first page.  Apparently her French roommate was searching for one of her old posts... and found my journal.

She contacted me on and sent me a rip of the Tales of Phantasia Drama CD track where Dhaos narrates.


I love strangers, you guys.

'Scuse me while I FANGIRL. And weep. )

All I need now is someone who knows Japanese.  LOL.  Apparently Dhaos and Karion use an old and high type of Japanese that's harder to translate.  Oh well.  You can tell a lot just from how their voices sound.
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First day of Driver's Ed and I forgot my handbook.  Fail.  Pretty good thing I got the nicer teacher...

At this rate, I'm going to need another notebook soon! )

Driver's Ed handbook is now safely in my bookbag, where it is staying regardless of whether I am at Driver's Ed or not.  That's not going to happen again.
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Apparently Sephiroth is skilled at all manner of long pointy objects, including lances. Quite lucky, too since there's like one katana-type weapon in the shop >_> He's got a javelin right now, while Cloud is all over here holding a Zweihander I got in story mode XD  I can actually see this.  Sephiroth wielding a lance in my head looks a lot like a horseless Titania, LOL.

Learned "Octaslash (midair)!"

YES.  Finally, some new moves >_> I'm tired of accidentally nosediving when my opponent is above me.

I like using Cloud better, though.  He learns more moves, faster, and is generally all kinds of awesome.  My friend thinks he should have had an alternate costume that would transform him into Zack XP  And if you activate Ex Mode when he's wearing his Advent Children outfit, he gets the fully-assembled First Tsurugi and his Ex Mode changes from "Ultima Weapon" to "The Power of Mako."  And it's cool.

And battle replay editing is fun.

And I had a random plunnie about one Goddess of Chaos popping up and confusing everyone XD  I already have a fun concept in my head concerning people born with the Spirit/Essence of Order/Chaos.  If you can be born with the spirit of order, why can't you be born with the spirit of chaos?

Basically, people born with the spirit of order are well-attuned to... well, order and balance and harmony and such.  They can touch Lehran's Medallion without fear of going insane, and have a tendency to pass out in situations with extreme amounts of chaos in the atmosphere, depending on how used to it they are.  People born with the spirit of chaos feel right at home in aforementioned situations, though like any other person enough of it will cause them to not think/see straight.  They can also touch the medallion without -completely- losing their minds.  I imagine it still clouds their judgment, but they don't go on an omgkilling spree.  An atmosphere with gratuitous amounts of Order causes them to go stir-crazy, no matter their disposition.

Been bringing my PSP to school lately to fight my friend(s).  Dude has twenty minutes of gameplay and everyone is at lv 100, which means he either cheated or learned of the infamous Exdeath exploit XD; I might keep one character at lv. 1 just to see if that really works.  I lost thrice, but only because we spent the first three battles trying to see if I could beat him anyway.  Though I admit I lost that third one fair and square.  Then we evened out our levels and I won until his PSP ran out of battery.  After which the following occurred:

Friend: *returns from trash can, sits down*
PSP: *runs out of battery*
Friend who was playing: Dang.  *hands it back to owner*
Owner: *jokingly* Hey, Friend, why'd you do that?  This never would have happened if you'd never come over here.
Friend: *also jokingly* No, you just can't afford electricity.
Owner: ... Touche.

And while all this is happening the guy who brought his PSP also brought his DS so he could Pokemon battle another friend, so we were all "Oh crap Ex Burst" and "Dude where the heck are you" and "lololol your darkrai sucks."  We're such geeks.

REMINDS ME.  There's this teacher who won't let us get out of our seats until he looks behind him and sees that the other students are already leaving.  So this was happening as usual when one of my friends said, "Everyone!  If we join forces we can overrun him!" XD  And then we're all like, "We're so weird." and my friend slammed his hands on the table and went "This table is not normal!"

I wuv my friends.

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Rediscovered the city-building Great Empires Collection II today, made by Sierra/Impressions Games.  It includes Pharaoh and it's Cleopatra expansion, Zeus and Poseidon, and Ceaser III.  Oh, and we also have Children of the Nile and Emperor-- but the latter is missing T__T  Another thing to add to the list...

That thing on the left right (Pfft, can't even tell left from right...) is the Control Panel.  Isn't it cool?

Doesn't LJ usually thumbnail huge images by default...? )

I also stumbled upon my Sonic and Knuckles collection disk, in the Okami case of all places.

Pharaoh/Cleopatra was one of the first computer games I really got into (others including Pajama Sam and Spy Fox.  <3 Spy Fox.  I didn't get the Bond jokes until I grew up, LOL).  Due to my youth at the time, however, I never got past the fifth mission and Dad always did better than me.  Recently replaying my family history, I finished the first four missions in less than an hour, LOL.

What I love about it are the sort of continuity nods they use-- you can choose to take on the missions out of order, but if you do them in order/in a campaign and you happen to get the same city you worked on some time before, you can see the city you built is still there.  This is especially rewarding in the Valley of the Kings campaign, where you can see all the tombs you've built in past generations.  Haven't done the Great Pyramid ones yet, though I assume the same holds true there.

On the fourth mission, every harvest, I would always get an ominous "build granaries to store this year's harvest", followed by a metric ton of grain and barley and straw being carted back and forth across the town looking for places to be put XD  I built a Storage Yard and went, "I bet this'll be filled up in a second." and watched my prediction come true as the whole thing was filled up by a single delivery of barley XD  Barley is used to make beer in the game, btw.  Unfortunate Implications?
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Except that it's really small, which sucks. But, eh, what can you do.

In case you're wondering what all that actually says:

The splendor falls on castle walls )
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It's as awesome as it was the last time I was there.

After being able to hang out in Poseidon's Rage longer then ten minutes, I can conclude with greater certainty that it is the best wavepool in the world, period.  The shallow end of the pool is actually more dangerous than the deep end XD  The chance of hurting yourself decreases as the depth increases.  In the deep end, if the wave breaks late enough you can ride to the top and look down at all the people and go "Wow, this wave looks even taller from the top."

We went back to inform our other two cousins that there was another wave pool that was much more awesome than the one they were in, and came back.  My oldest cousin's reaction to getting in the pool and seeing the difference between Tidal Wave! and Poseidon's Rage went something like this:

"WHAT THE @#$%?!  WHAT THE @#$%?!  WHAT THE @#$%?!"

I love that wavepool and stand by my earlier statement that it is actually worth waiting around for the waves XD

Ate us some KFC! :) KFC is tasty, made even tastier by the fact that we were all pooped and seriously couldn't walk anymore.  And then we became un-pooped and let Poseidon's Rage toss us around some more XD  My sister noted that the waterpark was less tiring than the theme park.

Didn't get to go on the Hades again, though ;__;  I wanted to take my sister, but she didn't feel so good after the Zeus, so we left.  Ah well.

Have scrapes on my elbow from sitting in the shallow end of Poseidon's Rage and being blown onto my back about twenty feet.  Ow.

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Got a massive plunnie while reading through

I don't know when this is supposed to happen in Lead Me to Heaven, but it just wouldn't leave me alone, so I broke out the notepad, put on "The Sun Rises" from Okami and started writing.

By this time it should be established within the story that Denzel and Ryan won't be recognized by anyone they might run into, even if they know each other.  They might feel something if they knew each other well, though...

Subarashiki Kono Sekai )


Aug. 9th, 2009 06:52 pm
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Heeeere comes the sun!  Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...

There's been a severe Thunderstorm and Flash Flood warning in my area, and yet the thunder only lasted for... I don't know, half an hour?  The sun is shining now and I'm feeling pretty happy.

Severe weather usually seems to avoid my house for some reason XD  I feel bad for anyone who's lost power or has a flood nearby, though...
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This morning my mom walked into my bedroom, turned on the lights and said:

"You guys better wake up, we're going to Kentucky."

Me: Mmmmfffffwhaaaa?
Sister: Mom, you can't just walk in here and--- why didn't you tell us last night?

Because it wasn't planned until that morning, it turns out XD  So we all jumped into the car(s) with our visiting Aunt and Uncle (the same ones we just visited in New York, ironically) and drove to Kentucky.

There was traffic.

And when we got there at about ten at night, it was really, really dark.  And they live out there.  My family minus my grandma (Lola from now on, same explanation as Kuya and Ate) were following my aunt and uncle's car, and they just kept u-turning and u-turning and u-turning and by the time we actually found their driveway my mom, sister and I were in tears.  From laughing.  Because we had no idea what the heck they were doing.

Well, we're here now, and their house is freaking sweet and they have a piano, and three dogs, and a pool, and so far they've been very generous.   We're leaving tomorrow night, so hopefully the traffic will be better.  Aunt and Uncle are going straight to New York again from here.  Kinda wish they'd brought my cousins with them, but they had to work.

So yeah.  Tomorrow should be awesome fun.

Oh.  By the way, I just wanted to get something off my chest.




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