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...I actually wrote some of that Thor/Skyrim crossover. Like, a minuscule amount.  This is how I usually write, which is why nothing ever gets done: I write until I get stuck, then I skip to another part, and then I go back and fill in all the gaps.  Of course this tends to lead to... well, nothing getting done, so instead I tend to be all NOPE I SHALL WRITE MY WAY THROUGH THIS IF IT KILLS ME and then I can't, whoops.  I am a winner, you guys \o/

Also, I continue to be unable to write Thor.

...But, um, yeah, here it is.  LibreOffice, why you gotta not let me move text to the post editor nicely.

Technically Alduin has absolutely no reason to attack Helgen if the Dragonborn isn't present, but whatever that's why this is a blurb. )

LOL yeah, I kinda have this whole scene planned out, but there are only so many ways you can say IT WAS LOUD AND THEY RAN AND JUMPED AND YELLED AND SUDDENLY HAMMER AND WHOOPS WHERE'S MY BROTHER, and I can't make it sound less stupid than anything written up there >.< But in the end, I decided that Loki needs to accompany Thor to Skyrim and get up to shenanigans with him.  Which you know is just an excuse to have all the brotherly feels XD;

Technically this means that Tamriel is kind of... doomed... because while Loki could probably teach himself to use the Thu'um, they need Dragonrend to defeat Alduin, and the very nature of Dragonrend makes it the one Thu'um neither of them can possibly use. ...Unless one of them learns what it means to be mortal, ohoho. Or Thor just smashes his face in with Mjolnir, I guess that works too.

Also I'll probably skip right to writing up Honorhall and Sanguine, because one of them is going to be all the feels and the other will be LOLOLOL WHAT IS THIS, I DON'T EVEN, and those are my favorite feelings when it comes to writing ♥

THIS IS A GOOD THING, YOU GUYS.  I CAN WRITE AGAIN, OMG.  These drabbles will be done in no time.  That's a lie, but I'm working on it, which is more than I can usually say <<;;


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Someone is jelly...
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I literally spent only like thirty minutes on this, but I write so erratically now that I may as well post it.  It was only supposed to be about 300 words, but it was also supposed to be some vague introspection thing, and it took 300 words to get to the introspection part.  LOLOLOL.  Which's why I cut this off short and jump around a lot instead of focusing too much on one topic and using decent transitions (we'll just... handwave that by saying Dhaos fails at thinking in a coherent manner).  Maybe someday I shall expand it and post it on

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Wanted to get this up before I went to bed.  Three guesses who features in this one! >> This was written while waiting for replies to tags, but then I... got distracted.  These crossover blurbs, man.

In which Autor meets a mysterious composer and they have a little chat.  Enjoy!  Here is the song dude plays, along with video of the flowers blooming.

If only one wish comes true, life will sing )
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Title: Danse Macabre, Chapter Three
Fandom: Tales of Phantasia
Rating: T
Word Count: 4646
Main Characters: Cress Albane, Mint Adenade, Chester Barklight, Arche Klein
Supporting Characters: None!
Summary: Arche.  That is all.

Laaate. I'm sorry! I had it almost done and then... March. And then I lost my notes on the group everyone talks about!  Watch, I’ll find them and then be forced to revise this whole thing tomorrow or something…

Also, I fail at scene transitions and all but gave up on most of them >__> I'll probably look over it later and realize there's a lot more wrong with it than I thought... But I've tarried long enough!

I'd like to thank OffCenterFold for pretty much irrevocably setting up the way I think of Present!Arche. And also, the GFAQs Radiant Dawn board, for entertaining me with their hilarious injokes.  If anyone is offended by anything Chester says, I humbly apologize!

This chapter contains things I do not own, large amounts of summaries, and Arche. If you have any tips or comments, I'd love to hear them. Enjoy!

Find it here on or here at Solution 9!

Reunion )


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Title: Danse Macabre, Chapter Two
Fandom: Tales of Phantasia
Rating: T
Word Count: 2778
Main Characters: Cress Albane, Joanne Albane
Supporting Characters: Mint Adenade, Chester Barklight
Summary: Cress-tachi returns from their task, and Cress has a talk with his aunt.

Find it here on or here at Solution 9!

This chapter contains things I do not own, exposition, and a lot of talking. Enjoy!

Heart to Heart )
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If I find a decent image editing program and some time, I'm probably going to make a Ninja!Dhaos icon and switch it out with this one again >___> Done. LOL.

: Danse Macabre, Chapter One
Fandom: Tales of Phantasia
Rating: T
Word Count: 2804
Main Characters: Cress Albane, Mint Adenade, Chester Barklight, Joanne Albane
Summary: The party reunites with Arche, only to find the hundred year curse of the mausoleum raining on their parade. And there's a very important detail they're missing.

Find it here on or here at Solution 9!

You know it's time to start posting a fic when you really want to write the sequel. LOL. This fic actually has a prequel set in the past and starring Klarth, Arche and Milard, but I wanted to write this one first T_T They're completely separate besides one thing, so that shouldn't be a problem. I use Cress and Klarth, in case that bothers anyone. Everyone will now behold my epic fail pacing skills.

This fic contains things I do not own, crap description, and hastiness. Enjoy anyway!

Jane Doe )
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Title: Tales of Phantasia Presents Macbeth
Fandom: Tales of Phantasia, Macbeth
Rating: M (Come on, it's Macbeth!)
Word Count: 1140
Main Characters: Klarth F. Lester, Chester Barklight, Cress Albane, Ami Barklight, Arche Klein, Suzu Fujibayashi, Dhaos, Edward D. Morrison, Trinicus D. Morrison, Brambert.  Don't make me list them all again next time.
Summary: In which the Tales of Phantasia characters put on their own production of Macbeth.  Casting issues, commentary, personal grudges, and general cluelessness abound.

Once upon a time, the night before my British Authors exam, I had a dream that Dhaos was Macbeth. (And most of you have heard that story at least twice by now.) Dhaos does not play Macbeth, but the dream did inspire this nonsense. I may rewrite it in prose form and submit it to in the future. Either way, tips and comments are appreciated. Please enjoy the first part!

Dialogue in italics indicates that the speaker is offstage.

Disclaimer: The Tales of Phantasia and Macbeth characters are not mine. Macbeth belongs to our good friend Shakespeare, though it's so well known that I'd laugh at anyone who tried to plagiarize it.

'I love how he adds an ellipsis to every line.' )
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Because there isn't enough of it.

Holy crap, this is a long entry. )

TL;DR: I do love Phantasia's fandom, even if it's really small and tends to be ArChester-centric X3

Nemici, 1/1

Jan. 3rd, 2011 10:31 pm
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And this is how I spent the last day of my winter vacation.

Title: Nemici
Fandom: Assassin's Creed II (No, really.)
Rating: T (Italian swearing, mostly)
Word Count: 4,471
Main Characters: Ezio Auditore, Leonardo da Vinci (Gah, writing that feels so weird...)
Summary: Ezio and Leonardo discuss what it means to be an Assassin, what it means to be a Templar, and what it means for them.

Here on Fanfiction!

'Yes. I was wondering when we would be having this conversation.' )
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Title: Like Shattered Glass
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Rating: G
Word Count: 1850
Main Characters: Ahiru, Autor
Summary: Autor is deprived of his glasses as Ahiru decides there's a surprise she would like him to see.

Here on Fanfiction!
'You'll see!' 'That will be rather difficult while I am wearing a blindfold.' )
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Last night, I had a dream where Dhaos was Macbeth.  It was the scene where Macbeth is awaiting the arrival of Malcolm and Macduff's army from England, but instead of Macbeth's huge rollercoaster of emotion and ALSDKJFH, Dhaos was just "I do not even care anymore."  When he called for Seyton, the guy who showed up looked suspiciously like how I imagine the captain of his Royal Guard in my headcanon (Kent from FE7...), and he was going all "Pull yourself together! ><"

And then when I woke up, I remembered that my last exam was British Authors.  LOLOLOLOL...

Also, LOLOLOL at Phoenix opening up a portal right in Chi's shower.  He's still wearing his clothes (he's really shaken up from the full-color two-page spread I linked to earlier...), so it ends up just being dramatic and "Ohhh where is she taking him?"  I wanna know what's inside Alby's vault!

You guys, I'm sick again.  What the heck?  I was just sick in... what, September?  I've filled my quota for this year!  And it's made taking exams really annoying, too.  It seems to be going around the school, as I wasn't the only one.

Hey look, it's a Phantasia/Princess Tutu crossover blurb!  Not the one I've been alkfdjhd-ing over for exactly a month now, but it's something.  ...Excuse the lameness, I'm ill? T__T

Hey look, it's a really lame blurb! T~T )
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First of all, Assassin's Creed.  You keep up a regular correspondence with Leonardo da Vinci, and the guy is so... adorkable.  I'm not even kidding, he's such a sweetheart!  Seriously!  Every time you hear his voice it's just like, "Aaaaw," and I seriously want to give him a hug.

You get an in-game chance to do so, but I missed the prompt T__T

And you get to use his flying machine and it's awesome and Cam Clarke voices a bunch of people and there's nothing like hearing Kratos put on an Italian accent.


Earth!Dhaos blurb!  Told from Seph's point of view because I find it's a little dry told by Dhaos. 

Also, the coworkers' complaint about the heat is a true story-- my school didn't have a furnace for the longest time this year, and until last week it was freakin' freezing in half the school.

I still maintain that I am not obsessed with that word. )

...The second half wasn't pre-written, so that part may be a little blech. And it ended up less "lolwut is this I don't even" and just "Hey I met someone new." BUT YES. I'll probably write up the dinner from Dhaos' point of view, just to include Karion. LOL.
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First day of Driver's Ed and I forgot my handbook.  Fail.  Pretty good thing I got the nicer teacher...

At this rate, I'm going to need another notebook soon! )

Driver's Ed handbook is now safely in my bookbag, where it is staying regardless of whether I am at Driver's Ed or not.  That's not going to happen again.
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Guess what I found?  Again?  It's the IRP/Book Club Project thing I did for English last year!  I saved it on a flash drive so I could print it out at school.  I got a 98/100 on it, so now you all get to reeeeaaad it.

Anyway, it's about a book I just named Silver for short: Best Friend/Neighbor and my sister went to the library one day and brought it home on a whim, and my teacher was all "I have to know what your book for the project is by tomorrow" causing me to go "Crap." and choose that one because it looked awesome.

Which it was, by the way.

WARNING: As I believe I have said once or twice before, I start getting philosophical in assignments when I have no idea what to put next and need to take up room, so some of this might sound gratuitously cheesy.  As I have also said before, teachers seem to like it for some reason.

ANYWAY HERE YOU GO.  Behold my inappropriate-for-school writing style. (This text is my current thoughts.)
Silver: My Own Tale As Written by Me With a Goodly Amount of Murder. Shortened to Silver by yours truly XD )

There was a creative response poem thing I wrote that was required in the project, but I seriously drew it up in about five minutes.  I'd wager a guess that's where those last two points went XD; My teacher wrote "Interesting" on the top of that page, a word which, when accompanied by nothing else, is teacher polite-speak for "I don't know what the heck you were trying to do with this, but here's your kudos anyway."
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Bought some flower seeds, going to plant them in front of the house next to a whole bunch of other flowers I can't identify~  In the backyard we have these really big flowers that are just... POOOF.  Big.  And fluffy-looking.  And the ants crawl all over them! ): But they're pretty, yesh.  Pictures below.  I know the poppies and what look like roses, but if anyone knows what all the other flowers are called please tell me.  LOL.

The flower in the fourth picture, and all the palette-swap flowers that look like it?  They're like five inches across.  Biiiig.

And we also bought giant pumpkin seeds, so we're going to try and grow giant pumpkins for Halloween.  I think we're actually a month early, but I want a giant pumpkin.  And if we have an extra, we'll give it to Best Friend/Neighbor and we can carve giant Jack-O-Lanterns! :D Though they'll probably end up just being normal sized.  But pumpkins.  Yay.

Fear my crummy photography skills. And off-topic-ness. )
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In other words, school is being strange and I love Tales of Symphonia.  LOL.

As you can see, I did in fact end up making Tales Series its own tag XD But I'll still use the individual tags for when I'm talking about just one series.

This cut contains truth. )
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So we have to make a play for American Authors.  Fun!  Got the assignment yesterday, but we had about three weeks of warning, so I had my idea all planned out.  Was rejected, though, and we're doing something else.

An epic journey across the streets of... I dunno, Milwaukee is closest. LOL. )

Also, Deadliest Catch is awesome.  Fishing show my left sock.
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Title: Attack of the 50 Foot Whatever
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: K
Word Count: 1,467
Main Characters: Zack, Aerith
Summary: While on an excursion at the grocery store, Zack and Aerith bravely confront every little girl's worst enemy.  So much for being off-duty!

Read it here at!

I was working on other stuff when this thing sprang out and attacked me and forced me to write and upload it today. I've given up on trying to get it right on LJ... Maybe I'll try again when I have time.
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Behold my messy handwriting.

Before you ask what prompted such an act of cruelty:

"Our weapons are love!"
"Justice!  And..."
"...Sigh... Hope."

Anyway, see how the first draft is always crap? XD That's why I try to write in my notebook first, so it gets revised while I'm typing.

This morning I had nothing to do, so I got off my butt and watched some more Princess Tutu.  Currently on 21.  Some things:

Femio made me LOL.
Uzura is cute :)
My sister recently got a haircut.  I realized that she now looks like Rue with glasses, except prettier. *hugs*
I read somewhere that the last four heart shards are difficult to obtain.  Dang, I stopped right where things get even more serious, I bet...

Anyway, another mall visit where we bought absolutely nothing and spent the whole time in Barnes and Noble, mostly looking at the journals there.  A lot of them are really cool, and I'm planning on getting one for my sister's birthday/Christmas/middle school graduation ceremony.  Shhh ;)

Also, we went to McDonald's:

Sis: Okay, so we can just sit here and be weird people at McDonald's.
Me: Or, we can go.
Dad: And be weird people at home.
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Title: Ain Soph Aur
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: K+
Word Count: 2,003
Main Characters: Sephiroth, Angeal
Summary: With Angeal's help, a young and friendless Sephiroth comes one step closer to breaking away from the soulless soldier he is supposed to become.

Formatting on LJ is being irritating and I'm tired, so just read it here at for now.

I had the same problem Angeal describes finishing this one T___T


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