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I finally caught up on Sailor Moon! ...Until the latest episode came out! I really like episodes eight and nine! *__* Awwww, Mamoru and Usagi.... Also, I was really surprised to see Queen Beryl in that flashback. I know about the four kings already pretty much, but I didn't expect to see her there. I wonder where Metalia came from, then...

Also, shout out to Minako for being a fantastic actor and handling everything alone for so long. BABY ;__;

My old journal RP Luceti is ending in a few months! The mods made the announcement about a week ago. Returning characters can come back without an app, so I'm bringing Dhaos back to finish up my Luceti bucketlist and participate in the endgame.

I should feel sad that I'm losing my chance for new Luceti story developments, but I'm also excited because so many people I'd missed are coming back for the finale! I can finally finish up some of the things I wanted to do and have Dhaos talk to people I had no reason to before. It'll be the end, but it'll also be so much fun. And I'm trying to get other people to play Phantasia characters with me so I won't be a lone canon warrior >__> Oh well.

I would really love to try Dungeons and Dragons or something similar sometime, but I'm too shy to try anything new without friends by my side and the only Game Master I know is Angie, who is frequently too busy to spend as much time as we'd need for a single session. But I mean. RP and playing with friends! And speaking of that, I want to get Minecraft because my sister leased an apartment with her friends and Stephanie moved away, so we need something to do together online.

Last week I went five whole days without sleep! But I slept in my sister's bed and then it got better, so hopefully that'll stop now. XD;

I'm also writing a Mass Effect/Metroid crossover. It's tough because Metroid is clearly intended for younger audiences while Mass Effect is more detailed when it comes to the sciencey aspects of the game, but I'm really excited because their main characters share a voice actress despite being much different characters.  It'll be fun!

...If I can think of a plot. Oops.

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I neglected posting long enough that a whole ton of stuff has happened since my last post. It was going to be a giant photodump, which is why I put it off...

OoOoOoOoooooo. I am the ghost of North's productivity! )

SO I shall get to work on that giant photodump post and maybe buy a notebook as incentive to actually get stuff done and maybe I will be productive this summer.  Maybe.


Sep. 26th, 2012 03:36 pm
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Remember when I predicted that there was going to be a whole lot of complaining about the replacement refs for the NFL this year?


Some background. )

Anyway, I have another three-day weekend coming up, so hopefully that shall be spent lamenting my lack of Avengers and Black Ops II and getting my interwebz business done. DRABBLES ALSKDJALSKJD. Also I am seriously considering skipping the rest of Danse Macabre to go on to Cress-tachi's further adventures, but then it won't make sense to anyone, so I'm rereading certain lovely plotty fics you guys have written in an attempt to get back into it. And I will finish Tales of Phantasia Presents Macbeth, I swear.
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This is really getting on my nerves! Here is where the Co-Op video should be, and Kino 3 should be here, but Youtube is all like NOPE 8D and it's been two days. I have to wait until my sister is away at golf before I try again, because she doesn't like slow internet, but WHATEVER WE GOT DIS. In the meantime, have a 20 second Skyrim video to hold you over.

EDIT: I didn't believe people who told me the easter egg songs were really good. Shows how much I know.

In the meantime, I learned something that makes me jelly! Best Friend/Neighbor goes to a private school that teaches a class called Modern Fiction. You want to know who they're studying this mark period?

Christopher Nolan.

She gets to watch the Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and The Prestige and probably write an essay or two about them for a grade. So jelly >>

Speaking of movies, I am seriously thinking of filling one of my own prompts on the Thor Kinkmeme over on LJ just to have something to read. LOLOLOL. There was one fill on like the fourth prompt post where Thor goes back in time and tells his younger self to not be such a dick to Loki all the time, and then when he gets back Loki is a perfectly stable man and everything is all better, but I know in my heart that it's not that simple. SO COMPLICATIONS AND LOKI STILL BEING A MANIPULATIVE DICK LOL. I've been playing this scenario out in my head for a couple weeks now, and and as far as I can see everyone is super confused at Thor's behavior towards his family and his bizarre fixation with Earth. LOLOLOL. Poor Thor, though, I mean think about it. He'd be so paranoid and lonely all the time.

I have to finish all my other projects first, though, LOL. Meanwhile someone convince Robbaz to play the Thor videogame so I don't have to.

Speaking of... nah, I got nothing. Except I would like to know if anyone here either doesn't like George Romero or does like Sarah Michelle Gellar.
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London knew it couldn't possibly top the amazing that is Beijing, so they went in the complete opposite direction and ended up being infinitely more entertaining for the exact opposite reason XD

And what, is gymnastics cursed this time around? The gold medalist for the men fell off the high bar, the gold medalist for the women didn't even make the all-around qualifications, everyone was all stepping out of bounds and falling off balance beams and pommel horses and my sister and I were getting kind of sad >>

And now we have school and movies and videogames and... Nazis. >> )

WOW I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. School starts on the 13th, so I have until then to get freetime-related stuff done.

...What is my life.
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Give me a first line, or a last line, and a fandom, and I shall write a drabble for you!

My favorite ships are friendships and do you really want me writing romance, honestly, my understanding of romance equals that of a... well, American schoolgirl, but I am totally open to anything!

Except, um, keep it safe for work. Please. >>;

Tales of Phantasia
Tales of Symphonia
Luceti fandoms in general (because really)
Princess Tutu
The Avengers (I have come to the conclusion that I must have a crush on the brothers Odinson or something, because honestly, but I love all of them)
Thor (comicverse)
...Anything this journal has a tag for
Anything in my interests
Heck, any movie/game/show you know I've seen/played (I am very specific in this entry ^^;)

Crossovers and multiple requests very welcome. PT crossovers come so easily it's scaring me a little.

I SHALL TRY TO GET THESE DRABBLES UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. A drabble is supposed to be a hundred words long, but they'll probably be a little longer than that because exactly 100 words is something I kept wanting to punch my brain for when it came to the Tales of 100 comm.

Blatantly ganked from Rose, probably for the second time!


Mar. 11th, 2012 10:19 pm
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Fangirling. )

...Anyway, I'mma gank a meme from Rethira now. WITING, I MUST HAS IT. I have reached that horrible stage where I want to write something but I'm having trouble deciding whether or not I want evidence of the fact that I've written it to exist upon this earth, so maybe this will help. XD;

Needz Moar Fic )
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First of all, everyone give a big welcome to rethira! This unfortunate soul made the grave mistake of doing one of those Abandoned Fic Project memes, including a tiny tidbit from a Phantasia fic while mentioning Dhaos being pretty, and must now pay the consequences 8D

And now, witness why even offhandedly mentioning Tales of Phantasia where I can see you is a bad idea. )

Oh yeah, finally got into BBC Sherlock. I was going to recommend it to my sister and see if she liked it, but she beat me to it and is demanding I watch it. It's awesome, guys, go see it if you haven't already. XD
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First of all, I caved.  I really didn't want to, because I feel bad having them all, but I ended up creating a ton of RP journals, just for the possibility of RPing them, and for the Fourth Wall Event at Luceti.  If you guys wanna fool around with joke characters and such, now's the time to be creating journals for them.  I was originally going to put a huge list of them here, but why spoil the fun?  Just know that there are half a dozen at this moment, and the number is rising as I think of characters I actually have a hope of convincingly pretending to be.

There is one I would like to point out, though:

[personal profile] requiescatinpace  - Ezio, Assassin's Creed.  LOLOLOL YOU GUYS.  LOLOLOL.  I CANNOT BELIEVE I GOT THIS USERNAME.  The entire fandom is going to hate me now, you guys.

And now, two End of Year Memes!  Very blatantly ganked from rose_of_pollux! ♥

Year-End Fandom Meme )

...And, well, I haven't written enough new fic to justify doing this meme, but I'll include the fanfic meme, too.

Year-End Fanfic Meme )
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My outrageous buying streak continues with El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.  AND ALSKDJALKS YOU GUUUUUUYS THIS GAME.

El Shaddai spoilers! )

In RP news, mind control plot is a go!  Watch as Dhaos commits his first genuinely villainous act in Luceti ever and gets away with it XD I'm so nervous though, you guys, even though this is a Giles plot and not a Dhaos plot I still feel like I'm going to mess it up somehow ><; Or that I'm ALREADY messing up, or that I messed up by being a part of this plot, which is kinda horrible since Dhaos is sorta the catalyst for the conflict here.  Confidence issues, yay :D But even if I end up doing something OOC or screwing up, it shall be fun, so it is okay XD

Also, we're moving and there is no plot involved ;__; It's not a problem at all, but I didn't think I'd be this sad about it.  It turns out I'm more attached to LJ than I thought.

...I found a certain Russian blog that has Karion as a maid in Dhaos' palace since he was little.  LOL.  OH GOSH YOU GUYS, GETTING ADORABLE IMAGES OF TINY!DHAOS CRUSHING ON TINY!KARION.  I don't care if this is canon or not, this is totally my headcanon until further notice.  If I ever bring Tiny!Dhaos back, I'm totally going to find a way to get him to tell Grune about it XD Although due to NDX, I had always imagined that Karion was an adviser or even a knight of some sort. XD It doesn't matter, though, because either way I still have to do some serious work trying to imagine Dhaos falling in love with her.  LOLOLOL.  For those who don't already know, I'm kinda.  Partial to the idea of characters who don't need romantic love.  So it's tough for me to imagine a lot of my favorite characters falling in love. XD Already being in love is a whole different story, which is why all of my pairings are of the established canon kind, and probably why Dhaos/Grune happened-- because of Luceti Valley.  LOLOLOL.

I joined [community profile] tales_100  on DW, which is a really relaxed writing comm-- 100 words is way too short for me, but at least I have an excuse to be brief >__>;

Also, my sister bought the DVD for the movie Warrior, which is totally awesome and you guys should watch it.  Just saying.  ...I want to say it's really good even if you're not into MMA, but I'm kinda sorta a former wrestling fan, so I can't make an objective statement about that, LOL.  But it has Tom Hardy and Kurt Angle, and it's awesome, and I'll post about it later because originally this whole post was about it but there are other things to talk about.  So. XD
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The faucet in our bathtub has gone from 'slightly leaky' to 'never completely shuts off', which I predict is going to be the source of another fit from Mom when our bills show up XD;

Videogames, RP, and the usual inability to actually write. )
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My brain is just... not ready for the school year. I've been nothing but completely useless all week, and I think it's putting a lot of people I know off. LOLOLOL. I found my graphing calculator, though, so at least I'm not stuck with the tiny four-function one I've been using instead XD Brain, it is fried. Need to get it back in shape.

My dad found my acting class notebook from two years ago today. The first ten or so pages are the usual acting class stuff, and the rest is all writing. LOLOLOL. It was only a semester class, which explains that, but still. XD I found a little fight blurb based around that old chat RP: the whole crew had... somehow managed to find itself trapped in a Water-Seal type room with a Leviathan, and bad things happened.  They did end up taking out its eyes, but Lion got crushed by a pillar and Dhaos almost got his arm ripped off trying to prevent the Leviathan from making dinner out of Klarth, who was summoning at the time.  Klarth never gets to finish the summon, and instead Jade saves the day with INDIGUNEISHUN, killing the thing with a single spell.

The only healer (...that I was aware of at the time, one of the other characters might be a healer >>) was Zelos, and the only person strong enough to lift the pillar off of Lion other than Dhaos was... Zelos. XD; Poor guy was spread so thin through the whole thing.

Read more... )

...Um, anyway. Clearly this is some sort of sign. Write more, I must.
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First and foremost, while it is in the comments, I must direct your attention to Slasher!Martel. Best thing ever.

Ah, that Luceti kink meme has so much fluff! ^o^ And horribleness too, but the fluff.  It is awesome.  A mysterious someone posted a Grune-hugging-everyone fill, (and a Grune-hugging-Giles fill, buahaha), and an amusing fill about Yuan, Martel, Dhaos and peach pie, and, um... I posted one about Dhaos being all jealous over Grune and Giles' friendship that is not really fluffy.  Unless you find Dhaos' confusion cute.  As Angie and Vyc point out, it really could only have been written by me (because who else knows that much about Dhaos and Grune's relationship, and Karion, and Winona, and all the other tiny details in there, seriously), but it is standard practice on kink memes.  So there.  EXCUSES.

...You know, looking through my writing folder, none of the Dhaos-related ones are fluffy at all.  Dhaos needs more fluff in his life, you guuuys...  ... ...If I get any ideas, I might end up filling that prompt twice.  BUT NO PROMISES >__> I tried the fluffy way and couldn't find a way to make it work.  Guys, I fear Dhaos is doomed to never have fluff or happiness in his life, ever ;__; Someone needs to tell him that Derris-Kharlan gets saved and he can stay in Luceti as long as he wants, or he's going to be beating himself up thinking he still has a world to save and here he is, sitting around not saving it.

Speaking of kink memes, someone finally filled my request on the Thor one! (You know I'd request a G-rated prompt on a kink meme, LOL.)  AND IT IS WONDERFUL.  Eeee, it's just.  So fluffy.  And the ending with the popsicle XD Best thing ever.  Oh man.  Loki.  I liked to think he would use proper grammar, but THAT POPSICLE. XDD

Also, for those who recognize the prompt?  I wanted to write it myself, but felt like I'd be ripping off ideas.  So I decided to ask complete strangers to unintentionally rip off ideas for me >__> I am a horrible person.  I must now clearly go fill other prompts to make up for this.

And, just because this post is way too short:

Brought to you by the mods of Luceti. Also Meowzy. )
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So yesterday I went to State Fair.  And forgot to bring my camera.  But it was awesome!  So much tasty food!  Deep-fried Oreos are actually really good, you guys: it doesn't taste like oil at all, and it's basically like a giant Oreo covered in dough and it's so soft and warm and I want more.  But you have to eat them while they're... actually, warm, LOL.  Also, they were selling flavored milk for 25 cents, and apparently it was really good, because there was a really long line for it. XD And the skyride, yaaaay.

...And there was also this one ride my little sister and I went on, where you sit in a seat in a little cage and of course it goes TWIRLING ALL AROUND HOLY CRAP and the cell phone fell out of my sister's pocket.  She was like "OH CRAP OH CRAP" and apparently kept getting hit in the head with it until the ride stopped.  ...And then went in the other direction.  But she was able to locate it on the ground and keep it there with her foot, so we still have it.  I carried it in my deeper pockets from then on XD

Six Flags' teacup ride is better.  LOL.

I'd woken up a little early yesterday, so I went straight to bed after we got home at about ten.  And guess what I found on Luceti's friend page when I checked it this morning?

I was hoping it'd be like the Thor one where you can actually find a lot of really good gen fic, but apparently not. XD; There aren't a lot of fills yet period, much less safe ones.  But some of the prompts are worth it just for the laughs.  DON'T LET MARTEL TURN YOU INTO A TREE, XION.  It really sucks.

ANYWAY, I am debating doing a G-rated fill for that first Grune/Dhaos prompt, except that will only add to my huge list of things I've yet to do.  Ack.  And I might be going to State Fair again sometime.  And I kind of want to see if someone else will fill it first, admittedly >__> I have to admit I like seeing prompts with Dhaos in them, because it means someone is paying attention.

...I should go make a ton of fluffy prompts, actually.  And watch as everyone guesses who I am immediately/manages to get something kinky out of it anyway XD

EDIT: ...NO SELF.  NO MARTEL/ASELIAVERSE SLASHER FIC.  NONE.  I don't care how interesting an idea it would be! XD;
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First of all, LOL.

Second of all, LOLOLOL.

Third of all, OH CRAP IT'S DHAOS' EX-WIFE.

I dub this week one of win for RP.  Except for YUBER DROPPED NOOOOOO and I would seriously have Dhaos accidentally teleport himself into the ocean in tribute if I could think of an IC reason for it.  LOL.  But the ocean is ridiculously out of his way and he can fly besides, so nope.  No Yuber tribute.  Sad to see him go, even if ICly someone would probably throw a village-wide party about it when it gets out, LOL.  With mod events only coming once a month, Yuber was the villain of Luceti. Screw the Malnosso and the Third Party, it's THE OTHER VILLAGERS you gotta watch out for! XD

Perhaps someday, I shall app someone equally evil and go around frightening the crap out of everyone.  But not this day.

Anyway, after the beautiful log up there is done, Dhaos will be free to do his usual thing and not talk to anyone, ever.  Aw.  Also, I predict this cycle's HMD will be unkind due to my being around and not RPing.  BUT THAT IS OKAY.  I'm literally just waiting for someone to tell me that I keep trying to shove Dhaos' species issues down everyone's throats to make up for the fact that he's never doing anything remotely suspicious or frown-worthy.  Because I sort of am.  I need practice with actually evil people, LOL.

In this cut, fic. )
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And apparently there's also a hidden voice clip of Dhaos going WHAT THE HECK IS THAT too! XDD  Excuse me a moment while I search for a rip of that.

Also, this person telling Lion these things at the end of this thread is like someone telling Meowzy to "actually play" Tales of Symphonia.  Of course there´s no way for this person to know that Lion actually HAS a cross-Tales RP, but seeing this makes me irrationally upset.  They´re not even being rude, they´re just... extremely uninformed. XD I spent a lot of yesterday sadfacing over it as always, but it´s sort of in a character application thread and there´s no place for me in it.  And Lion doesn't need my help anyway XD

...I need an actual screenname for Lion-tachi and Emil-tachi.  I feel weird talking about "that one time Emil, Klarth, Jay and I were talking."  It's certainly a good thing they know MY screenname, though, because most of them know me primarily as "Yuan/Dhaos/Wonder Chef" XD

All the Phantasia/Utena crossover discussion over on a certain other journal is making me LOL my head off.  Dhaos as the Rose Bride and Grune as Utena, you guys.  I'm not even terribly familiar with the show and it's still funny.

I must not claim Dhaos for [ profile] 30_quills. Must not. Everyone, talk me out of this. I still have to finish Lloyd and Kratos!  I should do that while I'm here, actually, even though all the beginnings of those oneshots are at home.  It kinda looks like I'll just have to post blurbs instead of oneshots if I ever want to get them done, because I've had that claim for a year and I'm sure other people are going to want it >__> But I don't want to drop it, because those prooompts.  They just fit Kratos and Lloyd so perfectly.

Once again being dragged off to go swimming, except being a woman is not a problem this time, so I'll probably be getting off early and going to have fun instead!  Good thing I was on early in the first place. And I've got videos of kitties playfighting and being tickled, as well as chickens hanging out in trees for the lulz, so hopefully I'll have those up later. If I can, uh, figure Youtube out. I don't think I've uploaded there since the Phantasia Håll om Mig AMV from last year...

EDIT: While looking at my old videos, I saw my first recorded WLAN Dissidia match, and man did I suck. But I did have a couple XD moments, like 1:17-1:30. LOLOLOL. I remember my friend's reaction to that, it was priceless.
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My sister's classmates came over the other day.  And she made them bike home in the rain XD; I can't decide whether I'm amused or disappointed in her.

I just got a look at the Packers' Superbowl rings.  They're gorgeous XD And have got a ton of diamonds on them, gosh.  It's like those huge graduation rings you get in high school.  Man, you have no idea how excited everyone was when we won the Superbowl.  The entire state went insane, LOLOLOL.

Fandom Stuff! )
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No, seriously, no one. )

Complaining about maybe good things...? )

...In other news, aforementioned add-on is awesome.  So squeeable!  Though Salai kinda angers me, LOL.  I love Ezio and Leonardo's conversation about him, though:

Leonardo: I suppose Salai is out having fun with my hard-earned florins.
Ezio: ...He is safe at home.
Leonardo: *sighs* ...I am glad.
Leonardo: ...About the florins, of course.
Ezio: Do not worry.  You two are a good fit for each other.  I approve.



Ezio and Leonardo have the best bromance ever.  Ever.  I just love it.  They're such good friends!  And so adorable, LOLOLOL.  I'm very sad Leonardo is unlikely to be in the next game, as I very much doubt he ever made it to Constantinople in real life XD;
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Remember my flowers post from last year?  I think I should do another one soon XD Ever since Lola stopped being the most invincible grandmother in the world ever our garden has been getting a little out of control (especially those roses in front of our house.  ACK.  You can barely see out the kitchen window!), and FLOWERS.  FLOWERS EVERYWHERE.  Including the yellow/red tulips I wasn't fast enough to get pictures of last year!  And where I could only find like a couple Lily of the Valleys last year, now a whole bunch of them have cropped up beside the garage, LOL.  I need to find a way to somehow put them back where I won't step on them/can actually see them, ehehe...  ...Aw, man, all the women in the house are going to the Philippines.  Dad and Kuya won't be watering the flowers or anything, I'm pretty sure ;~~;

Also, there are fewer ants covering the little peony buds than usual.  WORRIED, YOU GUYS.  I'm fairly sure they won't actually bloom unless the ants show up, which is why I refrain from blasting every ant hill in our backyard with water.  I adore them, they're so prettiful and smell awesome, and usually they've got ants covering every inch of the buds.  I'm probably just paranoid, but I will be very sad indeed if something happens to them.

And fandom stuff! )


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