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I'm sick.  All the usual symptoms: runny nose, inability to breathe properly due to runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, slight headaches here and there.  At least I'm fulfilling my yearly illness quota before the Wisconsin winter kicks in, though, LOL.  Got infinitely worse last night, resulting in REALLY getting sick and then feeling much better afterwards, so hopefully that was the Obviously Ill portion of it and I'll be fine tomorrow. XD

My sister did her usual run to the library in order to find the movies she wants to watch, and she brought home one called Sunshine.  ...I think live action trauma is a little more difficult for me to swallow, now that I think about it XD It's not even that bad, I'm just wimpy.  LOLOLOL.  She also got Batman Begins again, probably due to her excitement for Arkham City (she's more excited for that than Revelations, which is understandable as it comes out first), and then I realized I have never seen that movie in full either.  WHAT THE.  HOW.

And now, the things you may or may not actually care about. )


May. 27th, 2011 05:15 pm
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It is now summer for me!  I only had three exams for some reason, now that I think about it-- a lot of my teachers gave them early.  Which lead to a hilarious moment during the physics exam when a classmate asked if he could exempt halfway through the whole thing.  LOLOLOL.

Something I neglected to mention Monday because I thought it was a one time thing happened again Tuesday: weapons check.  Apparently someone found bullets somewhere in the building, so instead of spending the last two days before exams going over stuff we've been taking an hour (or two) out of each day to screen everyone in the building.  Despite my tone here, I'm not particularly upset, but it is annoying.

Just to give you an idea of how long it took the first day, that was the day my friend gave me my PSP back; I opened up his last save, beat FFVII, and watched the ending and the credits before it was my turn.  And then they only checked the pocket that I never put anything in for some reason. Aaaand yesterday I wasn't checked at all: they let me through without searching my bag or anything, presumably to save time.

...That's kind of worrying.  XD;  One of my classmates pointed out that it could have just been a really dumb person who hunts like every other male citizen of my city and brought the bullets to school for some reason, but you really gotta wonder.

Also, uh. I walked out of the building and saw a good friend standing around with other friends, so I walked on out and went "Hey! =D" ...And stepped right into a photo another friend was taking of two people I had not seen on the other side of the path. .__.; I'M SORRY YOU GUYS. Now I'm randomly grinning like a dork all on the edge of the photo, so at least you have blackmail on me now? XD

'Crap, I left my fridge open!' )
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I got a new laptop. Yay!  The mousepad is kind of killing my finger, but hopefully after a little while of using it I'll be used to it again.  But yes, that is good news ^^

ALSO ALSO Everyone must totally go here and squee at all the awesome images! ^0^ Hugs, I wish to give them.  Seriously.  Look at all of them!  They're all so... plunny inducing!  Be prepared for a ton of lame, lame, inaccurate and weird blurbs in the near future. Or not, who knows.

The admin from the site where I met Emil tracked me down here on LJ today.  LOL.  And the site she directed me to has the same Duke-mun I played with on the Last Words meme!  It's less of a coincidence and more of an inevitability, since she apparently searched specifically for Vesperia people, but still funny.

I was playing around in Assassin's Creed, and finally finished destroying all of Leonardo's machines. He gave me a parachute! I've been climbing up to high places and jumping off to test it. I'm such a dork >__> But you can get down much faster and just as safely from most high perches using a leap of faith, which is way cooler. If unrealistic. LOL.  I know in the last game there was at least one viewpoint you couldn't Leap of Faith from, though, which I... sort of learned the hard way.  I realized just too late, too, I jumped off and went "...Wait, aren't there usually more birds hanging out on viewpoints?"  Since birds mark things like viewpoints and places where you can Leap of Faith and so on.

Four of my recruits are full-fledged assassins! They grow up so fast.  And geez, they're all but indestructible now.  I remember when I would accidentally kill off a recruit because I left a fight and no one else did and didn't notice until the game told me a recruit was dying o.o I always felt so bad...  But now they probably know better than I do.  LOL.  The only danger is if they fall off a cliff, then they'll still die.

And now to bed. Why am I even still awake?
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I've been doing a lot of sleeping this week >__> Note to self, body associates bedroom with sleeping.  Please refrain from doing anything that requires effort in there.

So I got the latest issue of Game Informer in the mail.  ...Yes, I know, it's a bunch of 'professional opinions' which tend to be a waste of time, but when they have articles on games I like, it's pretty interesting.  Unfortunately, so few of the games I like are ever even mentioned in GI, and I pretty much just got the subscription because it was a free bonus.  I mean, it can't hurt, right?

So guess what was on the cover of this month's issue?

In which no one shares my fandoms and I am too impatient to use special characters correctly. Chance of editing is imminent. )
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Dude, I found a digital copy of the Phantasia OVA artbook!  80 pages of extra Phantasia goodness!  I'm like, bouncing right now.  Have some of my happiness!

Fun and useful images! )

I'll upload a ton of the other stuff that has nothing to do with Dhaos when I have time.  But if you happen to want a Phantasia artbook, ring me up.  LOL.
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I don't mean to spam everyone's F-lists, really .__. I'm just... really talkative this week, I guess...

Anyway, I officially love the world.  I loved it before, but now it's official.  Love.

So something awesome happened.  If you google the name of a certain user on the Tales forums that I have quoted before, and add 'tales of phantasia' to it, my LJ appears on the first page.  Apparently her French roommate was searching for one of her old posts... and found my journal.

She contacted me on and sent me a rip of the Tales of Phantasia Drama CD track where Dhaos narrates.


I love strangers, you guys.

'Scuse me while I FANGIRL. And weep. )

All I need now is someone who knows Japanese.  LOL.  Apparently Dhaos and Karion use an old and high type of Japanese that's harder to translate.  Oh well.  You can tell a lot just from how their voices sound.
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Mmmkay.  Eventful day at school today.

In which students misbehave, I have a narrow miss, and I run into a middle school teacher who offers to be awesome. )

So all in all, very eventful day.  I enjoyed it XD
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Guess what I found?  Again?  It's the IRP/Book Club Project thing I did for English last year!  I saved it on a flash drive so I could print it out at school.  I got a 98/100 on it, so now you all get to reeeeaaad it.

Anyway, it's about a book I just named Silver for short: Best Friend/Neighbor and my sister went to the library one day and brought it home on a whim, and my teacher was all "I have to know what your book for the project is by tomorrow" causing me to go "Crap." and choose that one because it looked awesome.

Which it was, by the way.

WARNING: As I believe I have said once or twice before, I start getting philosophical in assignments when I have no idea what to put next and need to take up room, so some of this might sound gratuitously cheesy.  As I have also said before, teachers seem to like it for some reason.

ANYWAY HERE YOU GO.  Behold my inappropriate-for-school writing style. (This text is my current thoughts.)
Silver: My Own Tale As Written by Me With a Goodly Amount of Murder. Shortened to Silver by yours truly XD )

There was a creative response poem thing I wrote that was required in the project, but I seriously drew it up in about five minutes.  I'd wager a guess that's where those last two points went XD; My teacher wrote "Interesting" on the top of that page, a word which, when accompanied by nothing else, is teacher polite-speak for "I don't know what the heck you were trying to do with this, but here's your kudos anyway."
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So me, my sister and Best Friend/Neighbor all went to the mall today.  My sister was mean and used up like $28 on our friend's Barnes and Noble giftcard T__T She's lucky our friend is really nice!  And I found a Basic Tagalog book and ended up getting it, so that's what I'm doing right now.

In which I rant about Filipino stuff and write an extremely short, undescriptive paragraph on shark dissection. )

Oh, yeah, and Biology is right before lunch.  Fun. But I would totally do it again!
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And in other news, Best Friend/Neighbor and Sis spray painted each other's hair... and got it in my sister's glasses XD;

BRB Playing Dissidia.  Will get around to talking about things later.

EDIT: I really suck at this game XD;

EDIT 2: LOL at Kefka saying that Sephiroth is "nothing but a sadist with a god complex."  But what's this about Sephiroth having taken his own life in the last battle...?

EDIT 3: ;__;

"I guess with that heavy sword you'd rather pick your battles, huh?"

"It's not heavy.  It's... a memento."

*hugs Cloud*

BTW, Jecht.  Why are you impossible to defeat? 

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I'll Make a Man Out of You is in the same key as Blow Bugle Blow.
Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Someone up there loves me very much.

By the way.

"Our weapons are love!"
"Justice! And--"
"*sigh* Hope."

"Stop getting in my way!"
"Same to you!"

Cam Clarke, I love you.

"To the most--"
"SEXY! Dead sexy!"

"Alright, we won!"
"Alright! Let's go!"
"B-But first... Colette... Need-- cure for poison..."
"What? I'm not poisoned!"
"No... I mean... me."

I love the Tales of Symphonia victory quotes-- especially Kratty-chan's Kratos's. Because they often involve either him being awesome or exasperation at the other party members, LOL. In fact, most of his pre-Tower lines do, except the washtub scene. Things involving his family count as him being awesome.

Feel the pain--
Of those "inferior beings"--
As you burn in hell.

Admittedly that last line could have been cooler, but because Cam Clarke is fly it worked. And Kvar is surely burning in hell by now.  I hope he went "Oh crap" when he recognized just who that spiky-haired mercenary on the Chosen's team was.

Curse you, Chikuto, for I cannot think of Kratos Aurion without attaching either "Bastard Mercenary" or calling him "Kratty-chan," LOLOLOL.

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I just recently realized that the "Carmen Sandiego: Clips from Season 1" video was taken off Youtube >_>  Geez I'm late.


As luck would have it, I happen to have the vid saved on my flash drive.  GO ME.

If you want it, just let me know.


Aug. 3rd, 2009 10:07 pm
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First of all, I gots me an AIM: AmihanMonsoon. Because Northeast(ern)Wind was taken.

And due to being accepted, it is now my duty to advertise Takane No Hana. SO.

Go to[ profile] takanenohanamod to read up, and apply. If you have the time. It'll be fun! I'm[profile] tragic_adrian (because Tragic Prince and all its variations were taken >_> This week is Pact Week, so you still have time to apply and have funzies with us!  And if you need a simpler explanation for something from the wiki they link to, you could always ask me.

And thanks to Takane, inspiration for Lead Me to Heaven has hit hard!  Ooooooh, Denzel is going to have a lot on his back when this Game is over...  But life makes up for it, I promise!

And he's going to have an awesome deck too.

And ♥ STEFAN ♥ is going to be in it ^^  And maybe a friend of his ancestor's... or two.

This is going to be fun.

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Noooooooo! ;__;

It's either somewhere along the shore of Lake Taghkanic or in the hands of some random beach-goer who decided to take it along with my slippers and my little sister's shoes >_>

It was the sweater that I swear was gray when I got it, but it got bleached and now if I ask anyone what color it is they say it's pink. In other words, it's the sweater I'm wearing in my profile picture on FB. I've had that thing since the sleeves were way too long for my arms, and I'm really going to miss it. If you know me in real life, you also know that I never go anywhere without a sweater of some sort. I think I have some sort of aversion to showing my skinny friggin' arms to the world XD I need to eat more.

"And the moral of the story is, don't wear sweaters in the summer." -[ profile] helsayx. My little sister has an LJ now, but she doesn't use it. Ah well.

And we didn't even actually go swimming, but I can't complain because I didn't want to.  My sis and I skipped stones instead, which became even more fun when a trio of kids near us went, "What're you doin'?" and we taught them how to skip stones ^^  And we spent our time skipping stones with them.  Must spread the knowledge!

So we went home without shoes. Bleh. I didn't use the computer when we got back because my sister, cousin and I spent the night watching Deadliest Catch. The things those guys get into! It's a pretty interesting show. And our parents went to go see fireworks, because it was the fourth. Me/sister/Cousin happened to know that it was just random people illegally setting off fireworks, but no.

"Okay. I'm going to school to become a police officer, and this--- Here is the best advice I can give you. If you get arrested, don't--say--ANYTHING. They'll say, 'Tell the truth and I can help you--' No. Don't say anything. Just go, 'I want my attorney.'" - Cousin. The younger one.

And no, we did not get the chance to go see Public Enemies bowling. I think the adults planned that XD

Driving from New York to Wisconsin = not fun. I wish this were Germany, where there is no speed limit.   We left for home at about 12:10 the next morning, lunchtime.  I'm pretty sure this was the last time we're going to stay in my cousins' house in New York, because I've been told that they have to move to Florida pretty soon.  The younger cousin has promised to come over here in a year/after December when he gets out of school so he can watch out for us.  Read, beat up any boys that come within three feet of us.  Not that he needs to do that for my sister, she's got it covered on her own.  Still, I'm going to miss them both... 

We got home at 5 this morning, and it was very annoying when I had to change my bedsheets before going to sleep >_> Should've done it before we left. But I'm home!  Woke up at 12 today which is actually par the course whenever I don't have school XD and had nothing to do.


BUTBUTBUT my best friend/neighbor came home from North Carolina two days before we did and we are in the same place for the first time in like a month! ^.^ And she has a sand dollar! And it's so cool! Andandand we are a trio once more! And I ended every sentence in this paragraph with an exclamation point!

...But of course, we emptied out the fridge before leaving, so my sis spent most of today whining about how there was absolutely nothing in the house to eat until Mom and Dad came home from grocery shopping. We had ramen and mac/cheese for breakfast.

Phone: *aringadingding*
Sis: Hello?
Mom: Hi, what's for dinner today?
Sis: Well, that's a good question, Mom!

My sister's whining is usually funny enough for me to put up with, and of course I got to share it with best friend/neighbor, so it was all good.  Best friend/neighbor spends like 50% of her wake time here, so we're all used to each other ^^

I'm home, I have access to all my stuff, I have food, my friend is back, I'm happy, and I can finally say something I'm sure many of my classmates have wanted to hear since I announced it had to be postponed due to the New York trip.

Who wants to go to the Dells with me?!


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