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So here's something that happens while Denz is in the mall Day Five. There are no Taboo Noise out to kill them, and they got a mission instead. Hopefully it makes sense without craploads of explanation...?

Didn't Cloud teach you anything? You're supposed to punch with your thumb INSIDE your fist. )

I'll leave Zack's reaction to Josh's response up to you XD  I feel worried about Joshua's personality here, he's really a unique kind of extremely irritating.

Looooots of dialogue, now that I look over it >_<

By the way, as the good people of AE so kindly reminded me in their weekly newsletter, tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day! Be afraid.

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Got a massive plunnie while reading through

I don't know when this is supposed to happen in Lead Me to Heaven, but it just wouldn't leave me alone, so I broke out the notepad, put on "The Sun Rises" from Okami and started writing.

By this time it should be established within the story that Denzel and Ryan won't be recognized by anyone they might run into, even if they know each other.  They might feel something if they knew each other well, though...

Subarashiki Kono Sekai )


Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:33 am
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Somehow I failed to notice a multi-fandom Reaper's Game comm ([ profile] takanenohana_rp ) that happens to be just the kind of thing I've been looking for.

It starts today (or, uh, yesterday. I need to readjust my sleeping schedule.), so I have a week to scrape together an application and forge a pact before I have to wait a month and join the next game. The application part shouldn't be too hard.

Except that my character (one Alucard Tepes) is six hundred years old and has an alter ego, but whatever.

Only thing is that the only other rp I'm involved in is a dressingroom with no real plot where I play a madman/king/Mad King who enjoys provoking the resident irate dragon, so I'm a little nervous. Added nervousness because the only first-hand Alucard experience I have is from Symphony of the Night (The opening cutscene, by the way, is five kinds of awesome), and that took place two hundred years ago. In 1795, I believe. I should probably be someone I know more about, but it felt like an interesting idea.

Rambling about Al and who else I could be. )

After I join there will be five of us without pacts, which is... quite inconvenient. It would suck if I joined only to be erased on the first day because I don't have a pact. Who's going to inherit Castlevania prevent Dracula's reincarnation in 2035?

I really, really hate to ask, but they seriously need players.

And one person is going to need a partner.  You don't want poor Al to be erased on the first day, do you?

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So I (read: my sister, but I don't really mind) let my good friend and neighbor take my (sister's) DS with her on her trip to South Carolina (lol, forgot) to visit her dad, so I can't play TWEWY.  BUT, I found something I should have remembered that kinda threw a brick wall in my face. 

First of all, many things are capitalized, and entry fee is NOT one of them, lol.

And from Secret Report number 3:

The Composer holds absolute authority over the Underground. By "authority" I mean the right to determine rules. He is the only one who can change the composition of the UG, and sole creator of this Shibuya.

The Underground Shibuya is created and organized by the Composer's rules, which pit Players against Reapers in a struggle for survival.

A new Composer only arises when the previous one is defeated; the victor takes the victim's place. At this juncture, the new Composer rewrites the rules of UG Shibuya.

You know what that means?  The Composer makes up the rules of existence in his/her section of the UG.  I have to come up with my own Game.  Though, considering the setting (Domino City from YGO) that shouldn't be TOO hard XD

I'm pretty sure the Noise, at least, are universal to the entire UG, so there will still be need for partners.  Denzel will probably come home with a buttload of Duel Monsters cards that don't exist :P  He's gonna have a Noise themed deck!  I'm thinking some cards will be weapons that Denzel can summon and wield, so he can be all "I'm a warrior now like Cloud :D"  I'm already having fun coming up with cards and their descriptions.

This powerful dragon attacks its foes with a psyche Reapers fearfully refer to as "Megaflare."

Bahamut Fury
A strain of Bahamut born of envy and betrayal, this beast is known for its awesome speed and power.

Woolly AOR
The woolly mammoth lives again!  Players everywhere fear this infamous Noise and its shockwave attack.

Soul Caliber
This beautiful azure blade has quite a story behind it.  "Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold."

Eternal Sword
Each half of the Material Blades combines with the power of the Origin pact to form this sword.  The sword promises eternity, and its radiance will transcend time and space...

Genesis Blade
Wielded by a ronin possessing legendary magical prowess, the name of this crimson rapier has been lost to the ages.

Yes, the Woolly AOR is, in the opinion of myself and many other TWEWY players, the most frustrating Blue Noise ever.  Seriously!  That shockwave attack even hits you if you're in the air!  And it doesn't just go WOOOSH, it goes BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!  And repeats as soon as the last wave of shockwaves ends <_<  You can never get an attack in.  Except with Velocity Attack/Crash :P

The Bahamut one is partially taken from the TWEWY description of the TinPin Bahamut pin.  It's fun when Square references their other games...  And the tendencies of their character designer XD

"Well then I wish I had more zippers...  So I could tell you to ZIP IT."

Ah, this is going to be fun...  But I suppose I can't use the Seven Days Game either.  Or the mission format.  I mean, it probably lasts seven days at most, but I have to come up with my own way to separate the "worthy" Players from the "unworthy" Players.  I guess I could just use the generic tournament format where everyone duels and the top four or so come back to life...  But that wouldn't be fun.  No, there will be running across the city going "Crap crap I'm out of tiiiiiiiime!" just like the original plan.  And there will still be imprinting and scanning, but they'll be activated by cards instead of pins.

I still can't wait to write the end of the Game, when Denzel learns what the Game is REALLY for (If you haven't read all the secret reports, I won't spoil it for you, but here's a hint: I've decided to go ahead and name it "Lead Me to Heaven."  I've got nothing else <_<).  And his resurrection, and everyone's reactions.  Or lack thereof, rather, with a couple exceptions.

Blah, time to go rewrite stuff...

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EDIT:  Has been rewritten to reflect the new Game.  I don't think I'll have entry fees either...  Unless I can come up with a good one for Denz.  Right now my only idea is his memories of Gaia.  And, uh, no, Denzel not hating Seph isn't the whole point of the story, just what inspired it.  Said that wrong...

No, I don't plan on waiting until I have two posts to update my Livejournal, it just turned out that way recently XD

Anyway, I was randomly thinking at school today about how Denzel from T&D really dislikes Sephiroth.

"I know it's pretty deep-rooted, but it's been a couple months, by now he'd have gotten over it somewhat and at least begun to look at Sephiroth a little differently, right?  It's not gonna happen overnight unless something drastic happens, but..."

Bam, idea.  I pulled out my notebook and spent most of school today writing, which unfortunately means the most revision this has gone through was while I was typing it up.

Denzel is not mine, Mokuba is not mine, and Sun and Billy are LuckyLadybug's.  Which means they are also not mine.  Hope I did them all justice.

Gravity Ain't an Excuse )

Yeah, it's the Reaper's Game from The World Ends With You.  One week of running around the city with no one able to see you.

Apparently the UG (short for Underground) is run differently in each city, so I don't think I'm being unoriginal unless I steal the whole "You're my involuntary proxy and if you lose, you die, and if you win I get the right to destroy the city and you die anyway" plot thing.  I don't know if I'll ever make this into a full-blown story though, because I know how it begins and how it ends and that's about it XD

For those who don't know, you forfeit the thing you value most when you enter the UG as your Entry Fee (whether you wanted to be there in the first place or not), and when you finish playing the Game, the Big Boss Dude decides whether you get to go back to life based on three variables;

1. Whether or not you survived the Game.  Kinda obvious...
2. How many of the missions you personally completed.  You get awarded points based on this.
3. The Entry Fee system exists to force you to look at how your life would be without it, and determine how important it really is.  You may have survived the Game and finished every single mission, but if you are the same person you were before you played, you're not coming back to life.

Shot for ideas right now, but there you go.


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